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(Concord Monitor)   Asshat dimantling a gun while driving manages to shoot himself in leg and hit a minivan which topples a 7-11 sign. Faints before shouting "Ta Da!"   ( divider line
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4400 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jan 2007 at 2:20 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-01-05 12:28:57 PM  
He seems to have gotten the "s" out of it already.
2007-01-05 12:36:23 PM  
Real life Rube Goldberg. Dunno what he was trying to accomplish, but by God, it appears he did it.
2007-01-05 12:47:17 PM  
Now THAT'S what I call multi-tasking!
2007-01-05 12:54:18 PM  
That i one enational accomplihment he ucceeded in!
2007-01-05 01:00:29 PM  
Typo or not, I chuckled.
2007-01-05 02:23:21 PM  

2007-01-05 02:25:44 PM  
I wished this dumb@ss had removed himself from the gene pool.
Come on who cleans a gun while driving? REALLY!

"well yess officer i was just cleaning my gun...."
2007-01-05 02:25:54 PM  
Is it just me that read that as "topless"?
2007-01-05 02:25:58 PM  
Nuts! I just submitted this story, refreshed the mainpage, and this is right at the top of the list...

I'll agree with the Dumbass tag, but of course my headline was FAR superior.
2007-01-05 02:26:25 PM  
Didn't Joe Diffie write a song about this back in the 90s?
2007-01-05 02:26:32 PM  
score. a new cliche.
2007-01-05 02:28:30 PM  
It would have really been impressive if he were also blind-folded.
2007-01-05 02:29:35 PM  
stupid people make my so farking angry!
can we please get a breeding policy in place that sterilizes stupid people?

//unfortunately I do realize that it is a recessive trait and not generational
///Angry Slasshies!
2007-01-05 02:30:55 PM  
Darwin must have been in the can ...
2007-01-05 02:30:55 PM  
*adds this to list of things not to do while driving*

Got it!
2007-01-05 02:31:30 PM  
It's too bad the article didn't say what gun it was. Now I can't help but imagine a Beretta 92, since that is what every person in any movie or television show uses now. Even while I'm sitting here petting my Glock 21 and trying to plant it in a garden so I can have more of them, I can't help but imagine a Beretta 92.
2007-01-05 02:32:32 PM  
wow, just wow. At least now I can defend shaving on the way to work. "Hey, at least I ain't trying to clean my gun!"

/was his quote along the lines of "Dude it just went off and then this sign jumped out at me!"
2007-01-05 02:32:49 PM  
When I was a teenager, I hung out with this guy who had a spectacularly wierd family. His dad was already in his late 60's and had drank himself into a permanant stupor by then.

I went over there one afternoon and there were ambulances outside. They wheel out his dad on a gourney, bleeding. He is wearing nothing except for a grey "old man" fedora and a pair of Florshiem's with black socks. No other clothing to speak of.

Ends up dear ol' dad had been sitting on the toliet, mostly naked (except as stated above) and had decided that just taking a dump was an inefficient waste of time, so he decided to CLEAN HIS .38 REVOLVER while he was on the throne.

He promptly shot himself in the thigh. It went through his wrinkly legstick and into his foot, ruining a perfectly good Florshiem shoe.

The lesson here: NEVER clean a gun without clean drawers on, or any drawers at all in this case. Or maybe the lesson is just shiat or get off the pot. Whichever.

/True story
/for real
2007-01-05 02:33:22 PM  

Damn you...I came in here to say that.
2007-01-05 02:36:43 PM  
At least now I can defend shaving on the way to work.

Depends, male or female? Or worse, metrosexual "down there" grooming?
2007-01-05 02:38:13 PM  
When will gun owners learn - the best way to flick the safety on is with your teeth. Then check by peering down the barrel and depressing the trigger. If you have done it correctly, the gun will not fire.
2007-01-05 02:41:09 PM  
Shatner's Toupee: /True story

Thanks for sharing.
2007-01-05 02:41:26 PM  
wrinkly legstick FTW!

The way I preach it to n00bs is simple. There is NO SUCH THING as an unloaded gun.
2007-01-05 02:43:19 PM  
It's not spelling, it's Fark
2007-01-05 02:43:29 PM  
It would be a shame if he shot himself with a Beretta because you can take that appart with one hand blindfolded.

/Saw Jet-Li do it
//then tried it
///it works
2007-01-05 02:54:41 PM  
I can't seem to find where in the article it said he was cleaning the gun.

2007-01-05 02:55:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2007-01-05 02:55:44 PM  
Sounds like a Joe Diffie song.
2007-01-05 02:55:58 PM  
im_naked_right_now: I can't seem to find where in the article it said he was cleaning the gun.

That's good, because he was dismantling it, not cleaning it.
2007-01-05 02:56:55 PM  

can we please get a breeding policy in place that sterilizes stupid people?

We could; Buck v. Bell ("Three generations of imbeciles is enough") is still good law.

/was cited by Roe v. Wade
//which would make it "super-duper-duper precedent"
2007-01-05 02:58:54 PM  
Tell the others in this thread that can't read
2007-01-05 03:03:00 PM  
No state requires an IQ test to drive a car or buy a firearm. That's where we come in.

[image from too old to be available]
2007-01-05 03:06:10 PM  
The "Ta-da!" cliche needs to end right about... now.
2007-01-05 03:08:52 PM  
"faints *before* shouting Ta Da"

/do what with the who now?
2007-01-05 03:10:55 PM  
It took a few minutes, but I finially figured out how to rank this idiot's stupidity.

LART-worthy: Cleaning the gun with a loaded magazine.
Darwin-worthy: Cleaning the gun with a round in the chamber.
FARK-worthy: Cleaning the gun while driving.

/Loves guns.
//Doesn't own any.
///Loves these threads, because moron-bashing is fun.
2007-01-05 03:11:18 PM  
"...because you can take that appart with one hand blindfolded."

those things aren't for your hands. they're for your eyes.
2007-01-05 03:14:06 PM  
Me type good someday...

2007-01-05 03:18:26 PM  
Why was he so damn anxious to clean his firearm?
2007-01-05 03:19:15 PM  
Ta da! A new Fark cliche is born!
2007-01-05 03:20:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2007-01-05 03:36:39 PM  
rustycrowe, ya beat me to it....
2007-01-05 03:42:08 PM  
Wow wow wow, this reminds me of the story a week or so ago where the woman sat up in bed and was shot in the head from a house over while the man was cleaning his gun.

But while driving? O.o
2007-01-05 04:22:39 PM  
I'm just here to read the inevitable moronic comments about why guns should be illegal.
2007-01-05 04:43:02 PM  

I'm just here to read the inevitable moronic comments about why guns should be illegal.

Doesn't seem like it's going to happen today. People are more interested in lauding or complaining about the new "Ta Da!" cliche.

Not that that's a bad thing.
2007-01-05 04:51:01 PM  
mount.diablo, normally you'd be spot on... but I think the dumbass factor is outweighing nearly everything else on this one, including the anti-gun argument.

This idiot probably could've hurt himself just as bad with kitchen utensils given enough time and the right circumstances. Dumb is dumb.
2007-01-05 04:51:44 PM  
Hey ASSHATS..he wasn't cleaning his gun. Learn to read.

/Some Farkers are just as dumb as the ones they mock
2007-01-05 05:11:25 PM  
Can we charge people who do stupid stuff like this with reckless endangerment? Please?
2007-01-05 05:11:33 PM  
I still don't get it...says he was trying to secure the gun in a safe mode while he went to lunch...what was his plan, hide bits and pieces throughout the car?

Our laws don't allow us to leave guns just laying around one's chariot...what's the procedure for those that can....just unload it (not into one's leg) and lock it in the trunk?
2007-01-05 05:23:20 PM  

Some people remove the slide from the frame and put the two pieces in different locations. The guy is definately an r-tard for not making sure the weapon was unloaded.
2007-01-05 05:27:51 PM  
This would be a PERFECT candidate for next years Darwin Awards, were it not for the inconvenient fact that it actually happened, so is therefor disqualified.
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