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(Wired)   Reaching a new high in journalistic standards, Wired News using a dating site that features women fluent in Klingon as a metric for rating a city's technology savviness   ( divider line
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2007-01-05 08:41:49 AM  
It's not news; it's!
2007-01-05 08:41:54 AM  
Any other farkers suddenly imagining what Fark Personals would be like?

Even if it was a TF feature, the $5 a month would be worth it for the accompanying thread.
2007-01-05 08:42:23 AM  
I think I would be afraid of any woman that could speak Klingon. Probably a fatty.
2007-01-05 08:45:09 AM  
I thought you would use lumberjack women to determine sawiness.
2007-01-05 08:45:42 AM  
I hate klingy girls.
2007-01-05 08:47:25 AM  
Wired has steady followed the road of suck.
2007-01-05 08:47:48 AM  
Hah! They should be fluent in Javascript AND Klingon!

/ see the video
// I want a Segway
2007-01-05 08:49:52 AM  
??? There are girls that know Klingon????
2007-01-05 09:00:40 AM  
Journalism has standards?
2007-01-05 09:05:26 AM  
Anyone have a pic with Johnny Depp as the pirate saying "Savvy"?
2007-01-05 09:05:43 AM  
It's astounding how hard it is to find good pictures of the Kahass sisters.
2007-01-05 09:08:37 AM
2007-01-05 09:09:09 AM
2007-01-05 09:09:53 AM  
1. Set up Web site
2. Profit

/hangs head in shame ...
2007-01-05 09:13:23 AM  

I think I would be afraid of any woman that could speak Klingon. Probably a fatty.

It has been scientifically proven (Powers & Yakamoto, 2005) that women who speak Klingon have the following characteristics:

- "unique" appearance (fat, moustache, third eye, etc. [in most cases, all of these attributes])
- "unique" standards of personal hygene
- "issues" with members of the opposite sex
- "issues" with members of the same sex
- "issues" with their father
- an unjustified conviction that speaking Klingon makes them somehow unique and "better" than those boring "normies"

In any case, they should be treated like one of those "just-one-of-the-guys" girls... in other words, fellas, run like hell!!!
2007-01-05 09:13:47 AM


/found it on YTMND
2007-01-05 09:18:38 AM  
TFA reminded of the SNL "Sex Hotline for Dorks" skit that had subtitles in Klingon.

"Oh, yeah, call me a herf-herder."
"Have you been a bad hobbit?"
2007-01-05 09:19:45 AM  
Suddenly the image of that old photoshop contest "o" of the Russian mealhead woman in leather holding up a beer came to mind.
2007-01-05 09:31:28 AM

Someone please kill me before I grow up in this family.
2007-01-05 09:34:06 AM  
Uh, anyone have the link to the dating site referenced in the headline?

/Surprised that hasn't been asked before now.
//would hit all the klingon ladies featured so far in the comments.

2007-01-05 09:35:54 AM  
i suddenly feel more nerdy reading that article.
2007-01-05 09:40:56 AM  
i feel so pathetic for saying this, but it's Qua'pla!

/goes off to die in a fire
//hopefully i won't find Fek'lhr and Gre'thor
2007-01-05 09:42:40 AM  
Women that can speak Klingon make my unit act like a scared turtle.
2007-01-05 09:51:08 AM  
Actually, Diss, it's "Qapla!"

No "Q".

Although, what would NextGen have been without Q?
2007-01-05 09:52:20 AM  
Oops, I left out the apostrophe.

2007-01-05 09:52:47 AM

I see nerd people. Some of them don't even know they're nerds.
2007-01-05 10:20:04 AM  
What's a Klingon?

/Michael Dorn is hawt.
//not a fattie.
///or a nerd! (or self-deluded...) *sigh*
2007-01-05 10:31:36 AM  
feepness: Someone please kill me before I grow up in this family.

I wasn't going to post Dad's picture, but what the heck...
2007-01-05 10:55:59 AM  
I usually go for women who speaks Jafaa.

/Jafaa Kree!
2007-01-05 10:58:56 AM  
Yaaaay, go DC!!! Oh, wait. I live in the suburbs. Right.


Any other farkers suddenly imagining what Fark Personals would be like?

uhm, a lot like the Fark Personals Forum? Perhaps?!

/I guess greatwhiteslark doesn't look left that often...
2007-01-05 03:49:00 PM

/sign me up
//stampa stampa
///horny slashies !
2007-01-05 08:19:56 PM  
Well, they mention Geek2Geek, but there's also Consumating (started by Ben "Internet Rockstar" Brown, but it's not really a dating site.
2007-01-05 08:47:11 PM  
Klingon pictures - rub the eyes

Soft core fan art - EYE BLEACH, PLEASE
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