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(Some Writer)   Men have 9 inch penis', and other erotic story clich�s   ( divider line
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20133 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Jul 2002 at 3:59 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-27 07:22:17 PM  
Penii's got teh funnay, though, so penii it is.

Ratfarker: Sorry, I don't do ferrets anymore (long story).
2002-07-27 07:27:07 PM  
Men never lose their erection in the middle of things, for no reason.

I just did.
2002-07-27 07:38:59 PM  
"Men have 9 inch penis', and other erotic story cliches"

Men have 9-inch penises, and other erotic story cliches

your use of the comma here is suspect too, but not totally wrong.

-your grammar nazi, stanfan114 (a.k.a. "mr. girth")
2002-07-27 07:40:27 PM  
My favs:
-Men who know women's bra sizes from outside their dresses.
-If a woman has small breasts, she will always have dark, pointy, otherwise amazing nipples.
-Getting ass on campus is easy...just like it was in high school.
-Any story told with a male first-person narrator will describe any other penii in the story (if mentioned at all) as being "somewhat smaller". Optionally: "...smaller but thicker".
2002-07-27 08:16:29 PM  
My cock is only 4 inches long, but it's 7 inches thick.
2002-07-27 08:22:14 PM  
Dear Penthouse Forum: You won't believe what happened to me last weekend. I know everybody says their story is true, but this one really happened. Okay, I know people say that too, but I'm not shiatting you - this one actually... oh, hell. Never mind. Here's a good jackoff fantasy I had about my secretary. Well, not really my secretary. i don't have a secretary, so maybe my boss's secretary. No, wait. She's a dog. Here's something that I wish would happen if I had a secretary better-looking than that old hag my boss is porking.
2002-07-27 08:30:07 PM  
So, it isn't a myth about having sex for around 12 or so hours?

I guess I have to work on my 4 hour trysts then, huh?
2002-07-27 08:36:18 PM  
Let me guess, Bonobo... you named it Danny DeVito?
2002-07-27 09:18:37 PM  
if 9 inches is considered very big, i suddenly feel very good about myself and big.
2002-07-27 09:25:47 PM  
Bnobo62, I think you may be looking at it wrong.
2002-07-27 09:28:39 PM  

Well, taking all the women who have been goodly (lucky? ;) )enough to sleep with me as a basis, I can't refute this.
2002-07-27 09:29:30 PM  
oh good lord, someone take my beer away from me. Ahem.

Every woman, no matter what age, has perfectly trimmed or shaved pubic hair.

Well, taking all the women who have been goodly (lucky? ;) )enough to sleep with me as a basis, I can't refute this.

*crosses fingers*
2002-07-27 09:32:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-27 11:23:47 PM  
Okay, Dobbs-knobbers, "X-Day" has long since come and gone and the Rev. Ivan Stang's weird mail-order book is 15 years out of date. Time to bury the pipe.

In '92 I rented a Subgenius video collage of bad atomic sci-fi and other junk for 50 cents and still ended up apologizing to those who sat through it. They in turn, summed up the Church of the Subgenius in a single succint sentence: "Idiots who got a hold of a lot of good footage."
2002-07-27 11:28:05 PM  
that's "succinct"--stupid keybored
2002-07-28 12:12:39 AM  
I've seen it spelled 'penes'. In one of the more vile Sailormoon lemons I've read.
2002-07-28 01:01:31 AM  
pppppp eeeeeeee nn nn ii ii
pp pp ee nnn nn
pp pp ee nnnn nn ii ii
pp pp ee nn n nn ii ii
ppppppp eeeee nn n nn ii ii
ppp ee nn nnn ii ii
pp ee nn nn ii ii
pp ee nn nn ii ii
pp eeeeeee nn nn ii ii
2002-07-28 01:50:48 AM  
One of my articals got posted. o_O

The terrorists have allready won...
2002-07-28 02:18:20 AM  
Two or more high school girls left alone all weekend in a big house will invariably engage in lesbian sex. And when little sis complains about being left out, she is immediately introduced to every sex act imaginable.

This ones true, and I haven't complained about being left out since.
2002-07-28 02:49:34 AM  
2002-07-28 03:24:29 AM  
For verification purposes I spent hours at Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository> and Erotic Mind Control Story Archive>. I'll be damned! The site was right!
I'm going to have another cigarette and then go wake up my husband again.
2002-07-28 09:50:37 AM  
So I guess that means I'm a cliche.
2002-07-28 12:17:05 PM  
I am happy with my 5 the floor!!!!!
2002-07-28 06:32:16 PM  
mmmm, a 9 inch penis...

Hey, girls kill kittens, too, you know!
2002-07-28 07:32:50 PM  
07-28-02 06:32:16 PM The_cheerful_slut
mmmm, a 9 inch penis...

Those don't really exist - it's just an urban legend ... yeah.

Love the bio btw.
2002-07-28 08:59:13 PM  
9"? That's it? Seriously? Well, I certainly feel better about myself now.
2002-07-29 12:07:51 AM  
Spanish for "penis" = "pene"

Just a little FYI....
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