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(Arizona Star)   Arizona Daily Star discovers what could possibly go wrong when sites let Internet users comment on news stories. "Instead of offering constructive criticism, too many posts are just plain coarse"   ( divider line
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2006-12-19 12:27:54 PM  
Welcome to the internets.

/Didn't know Ric Romero'd gone there to work
2006-12-19 12:28:47 PM  
That Debbie Kornmiller. What a farking ho-bag.
2006-12-19 12:52:33 PM  
Quite a modern journalist we have here.
The internet is only the most powerful news and information resource in history, and she knows about as much about it as Terrell Owens know about class.
2006-12-19 01:30:06 PM  
Internet = Faceless.

2006-12-19 01:30:08 PM  
2006-12-19 01:30:21 PM  
"Oh my freakin' ears!"
2006-12-19 01:30:24 PM  
They obviously haven't heard of FARK.
2006-12-19 01:30:33 PM  
Its all Jon Stewarts fault.

*Sacrifices lamb*
2006-12-19 01:30:39 PM  
Oh, if only there were a website where I could read news articles and post comments on them.

How do we keep it so civil here? Is it just effective moderation?
2006-12-19 01:31:49 PM  
What a bunch of Nazis.
2006-12-19 01:31:53 PM  
FTA: Where is the review of Sunday's André Rieuconcert at the Tucson Convention Center?

I know that a question we've all been asking.
2006-12-19 01:32:14 PM  
Hey! the local paper banned me.

This is just like FARK!
2006-12-19 01:33:24 PM  
Dear Debbie,
Please shampoo my crotch.

Your pal,
2006-12-19 01:33:53 PM  
Quick! Someone send her a TF sponsorship!
2006-12-19 01:34:14 PM  
"Instead of offering constructive criticism, too many posts are just plain coarse"

Yeah, well fark you in your oil hole, cockmunch.
2006-12-19 01:35:10 PM
2006-12-19 01:35:34 PM  
Also from further down the article:
"Readers woke up Dec. 13 to a retooled Star. Most noticeable was a bolder headline typeface. Body type did not change. The new fonts give copy editors a little bit more space to write headlines that are more noticeable at the newsstand. Maybe a dozen readers weighed in. Bernard Ury said "You snuck it through. It was like having a stranger show up at the breakfast table.'' Berni Briefer said he found the headlines easier to read. "

Slow news day?
/I think every one who reads the star is called Bernie.
2006-12-19 01:35:49 PM  
Never has there been a more appropriate use of the [Obvious] tag.

/Can we get a hyperbole tag in here?
//Just for me
///Never use hyperbole!
2006-12-19 01:36:48 PM  
Instead of offering constructive criticism, too many posts are just plain coarse

You don't farking say, douchehole.
2006-12-19 01:37:24 PM  
Let's be honest.
Just looking at her profile.
It looks like Debbie needs to get laid.
2006-12-19 01:37:39 PM  
Farkgitty Fark Fark. Read news. Think (sometimes). Post Comment. Read comments. Flame war. Think. Post reply.

/endless circle
//fun here
2006-12-19 01:37:51 PM  
Didn't the LA Times or something do this a while back to the same result? Don't these newspapers follow their own industry?
2006-12-19 01:38:02 PM  
Just goes to show that freedom of speech isn't such a good idea after all.
2006-12-19 01:38:43 PM  
she must have tried posting in one of the Jew v Muslim threads.

oye vey
2006-12-19 01:39:18 PM  
And our editors and staff simply do not want guests who make vulgar, abusive, obscene, defamatory and hateful comments. If you want to live in that kind of neighborhood, go create your own online forum.

I think someone has.....that's why I love FARK!!!
2006-12-19 01:39:25 PM
2006-12-19 01:39:59 PM  
Let's be honest.
Just looking at her profile.
It looks like Debbie needs to get laid.

I'd say she's been hitting the Little Debbie's pretty hard.

/oatmeal creme pies... mmmmmm
2006-12-19 01:39:59 PM  
BTW, the whole Intarwebs is not this way. I moderate a group of discussion boards on Battlestar Galactica elsewhere, and it's quite a civilized, encouraging group. So was PocketPCPassion when it was around. And then there was the awesome NewtonTalk group...

So, yeah, maybe it's just here that we're a bunch of poo-flinging chimps...
2006-12-19 01:40:38 PM  
"The Star created the comments feature to give readers a place to exchange ideas and information that would make us all smarter and build community.

Stupid + More Stupid != Smarter.

/Living proof
2006-12-19 01:40:44 PM  
I'm in your fourmzz
Violatin' UR TOSzzz

/Sorry, no cat picture.
//Flame away....
2006-12-19 01:40:47 PM  
runchkin thus saieth:
"...It looks like Debbie needs to get laid."

By that pic, I was think she needs to get some Tae-Bo and a stomach stapling.
2006-12-19 01:41:10 PM  
Instead of offering constructive criticism, too many posts are just plain coarse.

Awww... did someone hurt your little feelings? Poor baby. Tell Papa Al Gore what's wrong and he'll make it all better.

King 'o da Intarnets!
2006-12-19 01:41:16 PM  
runchkin: It looks like Debbie needs to get laid.

2006-12-19 01:42:09 PM  
Mor Beal

Hyperbole? That's for UltraFa*----------
2006-12-19 01:42:35 PM  
HL:Arizona Daily Star discovers what could possibly go wrong when sites let Internet users comment on news stories. "Instead of offering constructive criticism, too many posts are just plain coarse"

Fark you. Sack of shiat.
2006-12-19 01:42:49 PM  
Freedom isn't free, people!

/ it costs folk like you'n'me
2006-12-19 01:44:58 PM  
Say it isn't so, Ethel!!!
2006-12-19 01:45:08 PM  
Craptastic wins the thread.
2006-12-19 01:46:10 PM  
If yiz can't stands the heat, get the hell outta Nagasaki!
2006-12-19 01:46:31 PM  
Most people are very polite though, bitach.
2006-12-19 01:46:36 PM  
There's some absolutely hilarious graffiti in that picture.

/Scream tacos!
2006-12-19 01:47:29 PM  
sharp knees
2006-12-19 01:50:40 PM  
They are probably a Gannet paper. Most of them went to this interactive format a few months ago. It is the worlds easiest way to make someone look like an arsehole. Post a civilly worded comment that supports something liberal, gay rights, pro choice, religious diversity or against the death penalty in a related story. Sit back and wait for the far right frothing folks to come in and start spewing all sorts of angry horrid things that will make most people cringe. It works for our red state paper. Makes the other side look like the hateful creeps that they really are. Lather rinse repeat.
2006-12-19 01:51:14 PM  
f--- you all.
2006-12-19 01:51:15 PM  
I always wondered when sites that open themselves to readers' comments would realize they hadn't thought their cunning plan all the way through.
2006-12-19 01:52:39 PM

Two Weeks.
2006-12-19 01:53:33 PM  
I used to know the woman who wrote this article. She was known for a lot of unethical newsroom practices. Many at the Arizona Daily Star jumped ship to work at the Tucson Weekly because of her bullshiat.
2006-12-19 01:53:35 PM  
Your mom's coarse.
2006-12-19 01:53:54 PM  
Yeah, I think the newspaper was pretty naive to have thought otherwise, but it still makes me sad.
2006-12-19 01:56:14 PM  
too bad they shut down the yahoo boards where the real fun is at
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