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(Some Voter)   Results of Web Blog Awards voting. Fark won with 54 percent. Thanks to all those who voted   ( divider line
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6496 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Dec 2006 at 2:08 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-12-17 10:38:17 PM  
Had to submit a different URL. If an admin wants to fix the link, here it is:

Otherwise, click the "Best Online Community" link at top.
2006-12-17 10:55:44 PM  
This is a blog now? And an award-winning one?
2006-12-17 11:02:12 PM  
there's no such thing as a web blog.
2006-12-17 11:15:42 PM  
Typo. ;(
2006-12-17 11:23:54 PM  
Would now be a good time to ask for a different way to pay instead of Paypal, since it means more company might be coming?
2006-12-17 11:24:39 PM  
with The Daily Kos and Free Republic near the top of the list its sort of hard to get excited about this.
2006-12-17 11:36:43 PM  
Yes. Different/non-invasive/self-managed way to pay instead of paypal.
2006-12-18 12:11:37 AM  
I took the 1960 Chicago Democratic strategy... vote early and vote often. Good jorb, folks.
2006-12-18 12:12:27 AM  
You're welcome.
2006-12-18 12:18:16 AM  
I didn't know I blogged. Hummmm.
2006-12-18 01:04:06 AM  
40below: This is a blog now? And an award-winning one?

I thought blogs were things that contain the ramblings of nutbags, drunks, religious zealots, perverts and basement dwellers who have no real expertise on the items they are whining about.

Oh.....I guess Fark is a blog.
2006-12-18 01:36:09 AM  
Current mood: flamewarry.
2006-12-18 02:13:56 AM  
Looking at the competition, I'm not sure Fark should be bragging.
2006-12-18 02:13:58 AM  

/air guitar
2006-12-18 02:15:00 AM  
First I'm Time's person of the year, now this!!

Everythings coming up Matt!
2006-12-18 02:17:21 AM  
Vote early, vote often.
Fark rules.
Duke sucks.
2006-12-18 02:19:03 AM  
Fark: 27,812 votes
2nd place blog: 7580 votes

/Also known as winning by a landslide
2006-12-18 02:19:03 AM  
Huzzah! Someone post the squirrel nuts pic as our banner of triumph!
2006-12-18 02:22:26 AM
2006-12-18 02:23:01 AM  
The name of the entire awards are the "Weblog Awards", but Fark was in the "online community" section.

Relax, people, nobody is calling us a blog.
2006-12-18 02:24:06 AM
2006-12-18 02:30:09 AM  
Quick, someone complete the 54% trifecta.
2006-12-18 02:31:23 AM  
I can't believe that stupid award site is begging for donations. For what, linking to blogs and having people vote on them? Wow, such a great service they provide.
2006-12-18 03:49:28 AM  
2006-12-18 02:30:09 AM myboredpants

Quick, someone complete the 54% trifecta.

I read 54% of today's Totalfark links.

ONE MORE and we have Trifecta.
2006-12-18 03:50:03 AM  
Behold the power of Fark?
2006-12-18 03:51:45 AM  
I am not sure if my vote was counted or not... I may have left a "hanging chad"... or the Diebold machine I voted on was hacked...
2006-12-18 03:58:14 AM  
elwood1972: I am not sure if my vote was counted or not... I may have left a "hanging chad"... or the Diebold machine I voted on was hacked...

No, that's not how it works. You only say that if who/what you voted for lost.

/you DID vote for fark, right?
///i voted for slashies!
2006-12-18 04:00:43 AM  
Web blog.

ATM Machine.

PIN Number
2006-12-18 04:00:49 AM  
Where is our reward of free totalfark for one month?
2006-12-18 04:07:44 AM  
Free Rebublic was voted in as #3!

Democracy. Does. Not. Work.
2006-12-18 04:15:00 AM  
FTA: Prize: Winner will receive one complimentary basic registration to the Blog World & New Media Expo. we all get one? or just Drew? more importanly, what is the "Blog World & New Media Expo?" Does anyone give a shiat?
2006-12-18 04:16:04 AM  
Democracy. Does. Not. Work.

Actually, it did; in "Best Blog" category, Daily KOS only won because conservatives were split between LGF, Instapundit, Malkin, Powerline, and NRO.

Had they picked one blog in advance and thrown all their votes to it, they'd've had 48.39% of the vote.
2006-12-18 04:30:03 AM  
Fark should be #1. Where else can 5 dollars make you part of something special and make you more civilized and neat. Oh sure some people might thing TFers are sanctimonious farkfaces...
2006-12-18 04:46:35 AM  
I really should buy myself some of that $5 TFer superiority. I voted so many times, and get so bored waiting for new greenlights, especially on Sundays.

/*runs around trying to do all the housework*
//perhaps i may find time later today.
///yay fark!
2006-12-18 04:46:41 AM  
FarkinFarker: Web blog.

ATM Machine.

PIN Number

NIC Card
2006-12-18 04:48:12 AM  
We'r in ur site, votin ur blogz.
2006-12-18 05:14:38 AM  
Stiff competition there.

It's like entering yourself in a quadriplegic 100 metre dash.
2006-12-18 05:24:39 AM  
Hey, does anybody know how Drew came out in that "greatest man" competition a few weeks ago? He was in first place last I saw.
2006-12-18 06:31:50 AM  
HA! HA! All you web logs are belong to us!!1!!eleventy!!
2006-12-18 06:56:30 AM  
Stiff competition there.

Hope ya got 10 bux...?

/how do i shot web blog?
2006-12-18 07:20:49 AM  

We could have really run up the vote if there had been a main page reminder everyday.

All's well that ends well.
2006-12-18 07:41:32 AM  
Well, it's official.

Fark is definitely a blog. You all voted for it as such.

Suck it, TFers.
2006-12-18 07:50:31 AM  
RocketRod: I took the 1960 Chicago Democratic strategy... vote early and vote often. Good jorb, folks.

Maybe a Freeper will use the 2000 GOP strategy, and have their brother the admin "fix" things for them!!

/b-b-but Kennedy!!!!
2006-12-18 07:52:16 AM  
I probably should have put Florida in my previous post, somewhere.
2006-12-18 08:29:04 AM  
Mission Accomplished
2006-12-18 08:35:00 AM  
kissing suzy kolber and thinkprogress both won their respective categories. i guess i am a blog conniseur.
2006-12-18 09:25:54 AM  
How did Kissing Suzy Kolber beat Deadspin?
2006-12-18 09:36:58 AM  
UNC_Samurai: How did Kissing Suzy Kolber beat Deadspin?

Is that a lesbian pron site?

/suck it, freepers.
2006-12-18 10:10:03 AM  
Copythat: FarkinFarker: Web blog.

ATM Machine.

PIN Number

NIC Card

SAT Test.
2006-12-18 10:25:01 AM  
Web blog.

ATM Machine.

PIN Number

NIC Card

SAT Test.

PTC coonts.
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