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(Edmonton Sun)   Tragedy this morning as an unknown gunman opens fire into a residence of a family of four, gravely wounding a TV and a couch   ( divider line
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2006-12-17 11:40:39 PM  
This is why I live in the basement.
2006-12-17 11:48:39 PM  
well at least one of the reasons right?
2006-12-18 01:59:54 AM  
If we weren't such pussies and let our couches and TVs be armed, we wouldn't be facing these sort of issues.

Armed inatimate objects are safe and polite inatimate objects.
2006-12-18 02:02:30 AM  
that's what happens when you clean your Gatling gun in a moving vehicle without unloading it first.

/merry Christmas.
2006-12-18 02:03:03 AM  
Gee... shots fired in Millwoods. Ya don't say.
2006-12-18 02:03:48 AM  
Tragedy today, a giant fireball has struck france, and Gerald Ford is dead.
2006-12-18 02:06:10 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-12-18 02:16:49 AM  
"Tragedy today, as former President Gerald Ford was eaten by wolves. He was delicious."
2006-12-18 02:16:52 AM  

I don't get it...
2006-12-18 04:10:49 AM  
Witnesses heard five gunshots and went back to sleep, eh?

Welcome to the City of Champions.....
2006-12-18 04:18:53 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"I think to living in the city myself, if I woke to find a bullet hole myself, I would find it concerning."
2006-12-18 05:45:15 AM  
Only a few hundred more tvs to go until bullets catch up to Wiimotes.
2006-12-18 07:31:04 AM  
The only reason this is a story is because the tv was a Sony - Goddamned lirul bias media!
2006-12-18 07:44:51 AM  
There is NO way this is true!! This is a fabricated story trumped up by the local paper for political manipulation of the population.

The Media is OBVIOUSLY trying to get the gun-laws off the books with this yellow journalism!!

Everyone knows it is illegal to own a gun in Edmonton!! SO, there is absolutly no farking way some brainless idiot could have fired a gun... he would have dropped-off his illegal weapon at the nearest Mounty Station and continued to live in peace and harmony (and outrageously high taxation) with his fellow Canadians!!

OBVIOUSLY... I mean, look at Detroit!! You never hear of anyone dying there..and it is because NO ONE would even think of breaking the law by even looking at a firearm!
2006-12-18 08:44:37 AM  
Oh my God. They killed the TV. Without a TV they maybe forced to get a life.
2006-12-18 08:46:01 AM  
"I think every police officer would consider it an alarming situation," said MacNeil. "I think to living in the city myself, if I woke to find a bullet hole myself, I would find it concerning."

An amazing use of crappy grammar. Concerning what?
2006-12-18 09:49:17 AM  
I don't think the TV's gonna make it.
2006-12-18 10:10:17 AM  
Pray for Omarion
2006-12-18 10:11:46 AM  
That's one family that won't be potato-ing on the couch to watch the Christmas Story Marathon this year.
2006-12-18 12:25:42 PM  
The horro. The horro.
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