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(Reuters)   First Canadian cosplay restaurant opens in Canada, complete with waitresses in French maid outfits and fishnets   ( divider line
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12659 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Dec 2006 at 4:50 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-12-15 02:10:19 PM  
You know how I know you're gay?
2006-12-15 02:18:31 PM  
This thread useless without pics of hot Japanese women in zentai suits.

I don't care how off topic it is, I want those pics, dammit!!!
2006-12-15 02:19:02 PM  
Why would gay guys go to a restaurant with chicks in little maid outfits and fishnets?
2006-12-15 02:21:55 PM  
Darn, I thought the first Canadian cosplay restaurant would open in Florida.

Damn you, Canada, for disappointing me again.
2006-12-15 02:25:02 PM  
as long as it's better than that fondue place run by furries.
2006-12-15 02:30:00 PM  
Well, I've been threatening to move to Canada for a while, looks like I got one more good reason.
2006-12-15 02:30:03 PM  
Crap. Now my husband is really going to want to visit T.O.

/dislikes T.O.
//might just have to sacrifice my dislike for this cause
2006-12-15 02:34:24 PM  
Is there a counterpart restaurant with whisper-thin bishonen waiters for us female anime fans?

/really doesn't go for bishonen guys
//prefers big guys
///like Batou from GITS
2006-12-15 02:40:59 PM  
Yea but it's way out in the sticks (Scarborough).
I ain't driving out there.
2006-12-15 03:11:32 PM  
This is offensive to French maids!
2006-12-15 03:15:51 PM  
I hate cosplay. You know why I hate cosplay? Because it reminds me of LARPers. And I hate LARPers more than almost anything.
2006-12-15 03:57:08 PM  
dahmers love zombie: I hate cosplay. You know why I hate cosplay?

You know why I hate cosplay?

Because some people have no business wearing certain costumes.

You know why I love cosplay?

Because some people do.
2006-12-15 04:28:18 PM  
This is really just a maid cafe, a true "cosplay" cafe would have a wider variety of costumes.

/going to the one in Akihabara where the maids will play videogames with you
2006-12-15 04:36:32 PM

With Canadian cosplay you get all worked up and by desert the waitress has left with your horse.
2006-12-15 04:48:10 PM  
Gah! My kingdom for a peace of s.
2006-12-15 04:52:51 PM  
Owner Aaron Wang

Yeah, I thought as much. I watched this movie with my babysitter and my plumber
2006-12-15 04:57:32 PM  
I don't know what the hell cosplay is, but man, am I in favor of French maid outfits and fishnets.
2006-12-15 04:57:36 PM
2006-12-15 04:58:25 PM  
JESUS CHRIST! Those f'in furries are ruining our way of life.

2006-12-15 04:58:32 PM  
there used to be a restaurant in Denver called Bobby Mcgees where the waiters and waitresses were dressed up as characters from movies/books/tv. They had to act the part as they served you. It was a very fun place to go. It was sold many years back and is now a 80s rock nightclub.
2006-12-15 04:59:24 PM  
It has been my experience that the only chicks who willingly dress up for cosplay functions in sexy cheerleader/schoolgirl/maid outfits are the ones who should be barred by law from doing so.
2006-12-15 04:59:42 PM
Looks like some real-life Dr. Seuss scene.
2006-12-15 05:00:05 PM  
Can I give them erotic bare bottomed spankings as a tip?
2006-12-15 05:01:40 PM

not impressed.
2006-12-15 05:02:00 PM  
If by bare bottomed spankings you mean 100 dollar bills, they won't protest.

Of course, if by erotic you mean sweat stained... then maybe they would protest.

2006-12-15 05:04:00 PM  
2006-12-15 05:05:30 PM  
feh, it's in Scarlem, not Toronto. nuts to that....
2006-12-15 05:06:35 PM  
In related news, sudden kitten die-off reported in greater Toronto ...
2006-12-15 05:09:02 PM  
I came for the pictures of ladies in fishnets and I get fruitcakes dressed like elves. This is truly disappointing.
2006-12-15 05:09:11 PM

I am into costumed business, not costumed play.
2006-12-15 05:09:28 PM  
Apparently there is a fondue restaurant in Atlanta that's in a pirate ship... I would LOVE to go eat there, if it is really there... I have never had fondue, always wanted to try it, AND I luv pirates...
2006-12-15 05:11:44 PM  
Booo Scarberia.
2006-12-15 05:13:31 PM  
2006-12-15 02:25:02 PM kingMountain [TotalFark]
as long as it's better than that fondue place run by furries.

kM wins teh internets.

"Excuse me, there's a hair in my fondue..."

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I'll go get you some more."
2006-12-15 05:13:40 PM
2006-12-15 05:16:08 PM  
I'd like to see Princess/Jun from Battle of the Planets/Gatchaman....
2006-12-15 05:19:44 PM  
damnit, broberds you beat me to it.
2006-12-15 05:23:58 PM

I think I'm in love.
2006-12-15 05:24:59 PM  
"I want somebody cute like the characters from cartoons -- big eyes, long hair and young."

This will not end well.
2006-12-15 05:26:44 PM  
Raw_fishFood: I think I'm in love.

Robots do it for you, do they? :D
2006-12-15 05:27:23 PM  
TallAsFark: "I want somebody cute like the characters from cartoons -- big eyes, long hair and young."

I seem to remember this being mentioned in NYC's Museum of Sex's exhibit on Japanese porn through history...
2006-12-15 05:28:02 PM  

Robots do it for you, do they? :D

There's a robot in that picture?
2006-12-15 05:28:43 PM

She is my angel of destruction
2006-12-15 05:28:53 PM  
Dandy, but is there really such a thing as a "hot Canadian chick?"

I don't think so; but then again I'm in love with the girls two countries down - Latina's.
2006-12-15 05:29:19 PM  
Right across from my old high school...
2006-12-15 05:30:48 PM  
Ditto, if she's 18, I'd stab the next three people that post to this thread in the eye in order to hit that.

/Especially the second person...
//That jerk...
2006-12-15 05:32:18 PM  
2006-12-15 05:38:43 PM  
The first Canadian cosplay restaurant opened in Canada...

I submitted this with a better headline.
2006-12-15 05:41:16 PM

-What the...?
2006-12-15 05:41:39 PM  
Please be Toronto, please be Toronto...[RTFA]..YES! I know where I am eating when I go there for New Years.
2006-12-15 05:42:00 PM  
"I want somebody cute like the characters from cartoons -- big eyes, long hair and young."

...and countdown to inevitable protest and discrimination lawsuit begins... now.
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