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(Fox News)   So it begins - obese man sues four fast food restaurants for making him fat.   ( divider line
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2002-07-24 08:32:23 PM  
Now fast food places will, in order to protect themself from suing asshats, deny service to people who are considered "overweight".
2002-07-24 09:00:54 PM  
Yeah, but then they get sued for discrimination.

They should make a condition that if fatty loses the lawsuit, not only does he pay the court costs, he also has to lose 100lbs.
2002-07-24 09:13:24 PM  
blahblahblahthey need to offer healthier options on their menusblahblahblah

No, they don't. That is what supermarket produce departments are for.
2002-07-24 09:22:34 PM  
I want to sue the fat farks for using more than their share of our medical resources. I'm going to need them sooner or later when 30 years of smoking catches up with me.
2002-07-24 09:53:27 PM  
Drew, come on, there've GOTTA be better ways to pay for FARK.

On another note, I'm gonna run and hide now.
2002-07-24 10:04:51 PM  
Damn them fattys. I way 330 pounds and you don't see me biatching about the fast food restrauants. Hell if any one I should sue my mom. It's her fault. All this is stressing me out. I need a milkshake.
2002-07-24 10:08:53 PM  
I wonder if the defence will call in Subway's Jared as an expert consulant saying that not all fast food is bad. I gotta go. My shake is melting.
2002-07-25 01:12:15 AM  
While I disagree stronger than is probably healthy (gee, do I get to sue someone now too?) with *why* they're filing the lawsuit(s), I do agree with what they're trying to get the restaurant chains to do, namely putting more vegetarian options on menus (and no, salad does NOT count, thank you). Hey, we non-meat-eaters have to be able to eat just as poorly as everyone else. =)
2002-07-25 03:48:17 AM  
And he isn't suing himself because????
2002-07-25 03:49:03 AM  
In a related story, obese man's belt sues him for undue stress. Belt's lawyer said his client buckled under pressure.
2002-07-25 03:49:26 AM  
probably the same guy whining that pres. bush is taking away all his rights. i guess he doesn't need the right to decide what to eat.
2002-07-25 03:50:50 AM  
They aren't trying to get more vegetarian options, all these lawsuits are just to pull money from another big corporation. Same crap as you saw in Govt vs. Tobacco.

So...uhhh... what's personal responsibility again?
2002-07-25 03:51:04 AM  
I'm sueing (suing?) Fark for using up so much of my time that I haven't got a job. Therefore Fark should reimburse me for every hour I spend on the website.

Please, give me a break. Nobody said you had to eat there. Like somebody else posted, Subway is fast food AND healthy for ya.
2002-07-25 03:51:43 AM  
My genes made me fat. Does that mean I can sue my parents?
2002-07-25 03:51:45 AM  
"Most people are aware if eating double cheeseburgers, it's not the same as celery"

I should seriously hope so
2002-07-25 03:53:24 AM  
MemePost, I should not have laughed at that, but nevertheless I did. Damn puns.. ;-)
2002-07-25 03:53:39 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-25 03:54:15 AM  
My jeans make me look fat. Does that mean I can sue Anchor Blue?
2002-07-25 03:54:56 AM  
If I ate a pound of french fries every week on top of who knows how many burgers and soda I'd be overweight too.

Fast food resturants should have treadmills built into the floor infront of their registers.
2002-07-25 03:55:34 AM  
Its people like this that makes me want to start a webpage called where I'd put their name, address, phone number, email address, etc., so you can contact them and tell them just how F*CKING STUPID they are.
2002-07-25 03:55:50 AM  
This just goes to show you, morons should not have rights. Because if a moron is allowed to choose, and chooses the worse option, they'll sue you for letting them do it. and they win!
2002-07-25 03:55:52 AM  
"Hopefully it will change the eating habits of the American public," he said.

If by public he means HIM.
so fat he'll have his own farking zip code, bizz-nitches.
2002-07-25 03:57:57 AM  
Hehe, in college we had a Carl's Jr. on campus. I ordered a 9 pc chicken strips meal about 3-4 times a week along with fries or onion rings. I gained no weight, but I think I'm gonna have a heart attack before I hit 20.
2002-07-25 03:58:09 AM  
And how long is it until people start suing Budweiser, Smirnoff, for drunk driving deaths and accidents?
2002-07-25 03:58:19 AM  
For a dollar more would you like me to supersize your lawsuit?
2002-07-25 03:58:25 AM  
I hope all you idiots that were celbrating the 20% increase in cigarette taxes are happy. This is what happens when you arbitrarily decide that something is "bad". It's about damn time that people stand up and say that they make PERSONAL choices and it's not some evil corporation that makes you fat/gives you cancer etc. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! YOU ARE DOING THIS TO YOURSELF!
2002-07-25 03:59:49 AM  
You could sue Krispy Kreme though because they mix in crack along with their sugar glaze.
2002-07-25 04:00:15 AM  
Christ, just PUT DOWN THE SPOON.
2002-07-25 04:00:27 AM  
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>>> Last update of whois database: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 16:45:14 EDT

/sounds of me cybersqautting on Mister9000's domain suggestion.
2002-07-25 04:01:12 AM  
"I trace it all back to the high fat, grease and salt, all back to McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King - there was no fast food I didn't eat, and I ate it more often than not because I was single, it was quick and I'm not a very good cook," Barber said in an interview with

"It was a necessity, and I think it was killing me, my doctor said it was killing me, and I don't want to die."

What the fark??? Necessity?? Because you can't cook?? And this is who's fault???
2002-07-25 04:01:34 AM  
NO! Bad fat man! No biscuit!
2002-07-25 04:01:58 AM  
So somebody can sue a company because they decided to purchase the companies product even though they knew it was bad for them?

What hogwash! Next thing you know people will be sueing cigarette companies!
2002-07-25 04:02:03 AM  
Was he forced to go to these fast food places?
Was he forced to eat their food?
Was he forced to be sedentary?
Was he never allowed to go to a supermarket?

If so, he'd be suing for other reasons.

Don't even try to use that "I'm not a good cook" excuse. There are plenty of quick meals you can just pop in the microwave for a couple of minutes, and they are probably healthier than fast food. It's also not very hard to cook most simple meals. Nobody is expecting you to be a master chef, and you don't have to cook some grandiose meal all the time.

There's also a little thing called "exercise". Yes, it's hard for fattys, but you start off small and work your way up as you become more fit.

Me, I'm taking my superfast metabolism for granted...
2002-07-25 04:02:38 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-25 04:04:11 AM  
More options? Go to a freakin' supermarket asshat! Yes you can eat an apple without a pimply faced teenager handling it!
(unless, your into that)
2002-07-25 04:04:52 AM  

They already have....The "tobacco settlement" is the result. Stupid courts awarded people billions because they bought the company's product. It's pathetic extortion. And yes, I'm writing this with a Marlboro Light between my lips. And it's my choice. No one forced me to buy cigarettes or to eat at McDonald's yesterday.
2002-07-25 04:06:22 AM  
I almost started laughing at this pathetic money-grabbing attempt, but then I remembered the McDonalds case where they had to pay a customer something like $6,000,000 because she herself spilled her cup over her lap but they made it 20 degrees hotter then your average at-home cup of coffee....
2002-07-25 04:06:36 AM  
College students can't cook either most of the time (No skill, no stove, or both). There's plenty of foods you can make if you can a)boil water, b)add things to the boiling water, and c)not forget that you're cooking.
2002-07-25 04:07:06 AM  
I'm fvcking lazy as hell, and I just eat vegan frozen dinners when I don't feel like getting off my ass. They have few calories and some of em are pretty good.
2002-07-25 04:07:49 AM  
(This thread is filling up fast!)

Thanks for the pic LordChaos... quite fitting, and I've not seen that in a long, long time!
2002-07-25 04:09:26 AM  
Christ , who is the dipshiat lawyer who takes this case? Aren't there penalties for taking on such a frivolous lawsuit? Here in TX, if you sue someone and lose, you will end up paying the other party's lawyer bills, and the court costs as well. How many orders of fries is in a pound, anyway?
2002-07-25 04:09:47 AM  
I can live off of 6 dollars a day...Three words: Budweiser half rack.

Anyhoo, it's called self control. If you have it, you don't eat yourself into a fat piece of shiat, if you don't have it, you don't have the right to sue the people who make the food you gorged yourself on...Pretty simple. Of course, this is the get-rich-quick 21st century version of the USA, so I could be wrong.
2002-07-25 04:10:29 AM  
i guarantee you that these people would still get that quadruple mclardburger even if there was a sensible alternative on the fastfood menu. they don't keep coming back because colonel sanders puts vials of crack in the food mix...they like it because its tasty!!! oh, and god forbid these people actually eat at other restaurants! must have been those McTractor-beams pulling them towards the food..all aginst their will!

these are just sad pathetic people just looking for free handouts....
2002-07-25 04:11:33 AM  
I think an order of fries is about 6 ounces.
2002-07-25 04:13:33 AM  
They should chop off his fat ass and make him eat it. He can salt it like pork and keep it as leftovers for years.
2002-07-25 04:16:47 AM  
farking brilliant.
2002-07-25 04:18:19 AM  
Someone should sue hollywood for always glamorizing that being fat makes you popular, funny and having a great personality.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-25 04:21:19 AM  
What an idiot! HELLO is it really that hard to NOT go to a fast food restaurant? It's easy... when you get in your car to drive down the street to get a lard burger... instead of going to the restaurant... how bought you go to the grocery store and heat up a can of soup??? Or is this guy such an idiot, that he puts the whole can in his microwave and blows it up? Probably... you have to be really stupid to sue someone else for making you fat. Perhaps he should sue his mother, for not teaching him about a little thing called WILLPOWER. If you don't want to get fat, don't eat fatty foods WHAT IS SO FARKING DIFFICULT ABOUT THAT?! OH but I'm single and lazy and too stupid to cook, and even too stupid to take the time to LEARN to cook, so I will sue the fast food restaurants for pandering to my idiotcy! What a loser... hell, I'm slightly overweight, and the only person I blame is myself, for eating that extra donut, or giving in and buying several hashbrowns. If I wanted to loose that weight badly enough, I would, instead of sueing someone over my own behavior and making an a$$ of myself!
2002-07-25 04:24:47 AM  
Uh, yeah...What whoever that is above me said.
2002-07-25 04:25:31 AM  
what happened to the fat chicks eating fries?
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