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(C|Net)   Sorry, no flying cars yet. You'll have to settle for a personal blimp   ( divider line
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9685 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Dec 2006 at 11:36 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-12-14 09:05:13 PM  
Ugh, a hotship.

For $200k? You could design one from scratch for $50k... Of course, it's a hot ship, so it'll still suck.
2006-12-14 11:40:48 PM  
But i have already been riding subby's mom for years!
2006-12-14 11:41:50 PM  
zahal couldn't think of anything better to say, could he?
2006-12-14 11:42:58 PM  
So imagine the non-existant insurance claims for a blimper bender.

/No relation to a penis bender when you go long on the out stroke.
2006-12-14 11:43:17 PM  
But i have already been riding zahal's mom for years!
2006-12-14 11:43:27 PM  
Whatever. I would say: "Slow news day", but there is the story about the rectum 'phone homo' guy...
2006-12-14 11:43:36 PM  
That's just not a compromise I'm willing to make, subby.
2006-12-14 11:43:50 PM  
Similar to the options for most farker's girlfriends/wifes.
2006-12-14 11:44:31 PM  
But I have already been riding Hydrostatic_Equilibrium's mom for years!
2006-12-14 11:44:58 PM  
theeagle: So imagine the non-existant insurance claims for a blimper bender.

Hey, did you hear the Irish Republican Army hijacked the Goodyear Blimp? They bounced it off of Big Ben 10 times in the last hour.

/post 9-11 joke
2006-12-14 11:46:08 PM  
AND I have been riding Humean_Nature's mom for, like forever. You cums hard too.
2006-12-14 11:47:31 PM  
Yeah, but what about hoverboards?
2006-12-14 11:50:59 PM  
Subby's mom could be a BILF.
2006-12-14 11:52:14 PM  
No flying cars? Pfft. It's a government cover up. I SAW one on Google Earth.

/tinfoil hat at the ready
2006-12-14 11:53:12 PM  
If I could afford the blimp then maybe I could afford to drop money on people.

You see, back in those days, rich men would ride around in Zeppelins, dropping coins on people, and one day I seen J. D. Rockefeller flying by. So I run of the house with a big washtub and I just used it that morning to wash my turkey, which in those days was known as a "walking bird". We'd always have walking bird on Thanksgiving with all the trimmings: cranberries, injun eyes, yams stuffed with gunpowder. Then we'd all watch football, which in those days was called "baseball"...
2006-12-14 11:55:52 PM  
A personal blimp? I get my very own Farker?
2006-12-14 11:57:12 PM  
I have an idea. Fill it with hydrogen. What could possibly go wrong?
2006-12-14 11:57:47 PM  
Gas for land based transportation is costly enough. How much would it cost for a flying car?
2006-12-14 11:57:52 PM  
Personal blimp?

No thanks, I'll pass.
2006-12-14 11:58:16 PM  
Oh great. Now the planet's going to be overrun by Cybermen.
2006-12-15 12:01:45 AM  
Zemeckis promised us flying cars in 2015. Just 9 years away.
2006-12-15 12:02:05 AM  
Better get my marksmanship skill up before 08.
2006-12-15 12:03:59 AM  

"although the company calls it a blimp, it's essentially a steerable hot-air balloon. "

Sorry, how's that not a blimp?
2006-12-15 12:09:47 AM  
Isn't the term "steerable hot-air balloon" redundant? If a normal hot-air balloon isn't steerable, that's like setting out in the ocean with only the currents guiding you. Sort of hit-or-miss, isn't it?
2006-12-15 12:09:47 AM  
To enter my own personal blimp, would I have to throw flour on it and look for the wet spot?
2006-12-15 12:10:38 AM  
Sorry, how's that not a blimp?

Blimps have a steel frame inside. Balloons don't.
2006-12-15 12:11:51 AM  
DangerLaef: Sorry, how's that not a blimp?

Blimps contain a lighter than air gas that is sealed in, hot air balloons are a big balloon thing that gets filled with hot air.
2006-12-15 12:12:30 AM  
joepac1: If a normal hot-air balloon isn't steerable, that's like setting out in the ocean with only the currents guiding you. Sort of hit-or-miss, isn't it?

Normal hot-air balloons kinda just go with the wind I believe.
2006-12-15 12:13:27 AM  
"I was promised flying cars!"

/my man Avery Brooks
2006-12-15 12:15:44 AM  
And I have been riding Captain Iceballs' mom for decades!
2006-12-15 12:17:41 AM  

You're right. According to Wikipedia, they only steer by crossing into different wind paths.

/The more you know...
2006-12-15 12:18:47 AM  
And I've been riding Funkmaster Frank's mom since we were trilobites!
2006-12-15 12:21:18 AM  
Zeppelins, not blimps. Simply everyone will have them.

(Drat you, Foaming, you beat me to the reference!)
2006-12-15 12:23:29 AM  
Seriously, though, I've heard worst excuses to spend $200,000. Not that I'd spend that much for this. I'd rather get a airplane.
2006-12-15 12:24:15 AM

flying cars have been around for a while, in fact, it was about ten years ago I heard about this one.

video at
2006-12-15 12:30:19 AM  
I want. I need. That is all.

2006-12-15 12:32:44 AM
2006-12-15 12:37:00 AM  
Didn't some nutjob predict the day when "everyone will have personal blimps" back in the 1880's, before the concept of flying cars or Back to the Future"?
2006-12-15 12:45:37 AM  
Blimps contain a lighter than air gas that is sealed in, hot air balloons are a big balloon thing that gets filled with hot air.

In fact, A blimp is a NON-RIGID derigible, as opposed to an airship, which is a rigid derigible.

A blimp can be inflated with hot air.

\Thanks for your help about balloons though, I wasn't sure :P
2006-12-15 12:48:42 AM  
Is it only a blimp if you have walleye vision?
2006-12-15 12:50:10 AM  
Blimps have a steel frame inside. Balloons don't.

That would be a dirigible...

The name "blimp" came from the early type of airships:

Type "A" - Rigid, with an internal framework supporting gasbags, covered with a protective skin.

Type "B" - Limp. No internal framework.

2006-12-15 12:50:19 AM  
I totally want my own personal airship.
2006-12-15 12:50:49 AM  
2006-12-15 12:55:50 AM  
Yet another idea of mine "they" stole.

Dammit, I need startup capital ...
2006-12-15 01:25:25 AM  
Why is it electric? Slap a gas engine on that thing and then you can vent the hot exaust into the baloon portion and save some propane. Batteries are heavy.
2006-12-15 01:32:12 AM  
The price is outrageous but there has to be a cheaper way to make them. I'm sayin, if these were mass produced like cars are they would be cheaper than cars.
2006-12-15 01:40:54 AM
2006-12-15 01:42:46 AM  

I...just- that....can't...

2006-12-15 03:07:56 AM  
How fast do these go and how far? And how high up incase I want to commute over a mountain?

/hates driving on windy highways
2006-12-15 04:13:18 AM  
You could pick up some women in that thing.
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