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2002-07-24 07:51:46 PM  
-they did the best they could at the time, VT

-i am merely saying that star wars is a ripoff of star trek.

-kirk "had" the force on "Platos Stepchildren"

-spock was telepathic

-phasers and photon torpedoes


-do you really want me to type them all?
2002-07-24 07:52:47 PM  
Let's compare the top combat badasses of all three.

Wars: Yoda - Jedi Master

Great with a lightsaber, fast, furious, very hands-on.

Trek: Worf - Klingon Warrior

Gets his ass whipped whenever called for, but is otherwise the "strongest" fighter in Trek. Data could be backup.

B5: Lyta Alexander - Psychic Megaweapon

... She just farking kicks ass. Remotely controlling large numbers of psychic "sleepers" to defeat a fleet of starships, easily forcing people to blow their own brains out just by looking at them funny...

B5 takes it in a walk. Lyta could just -look- at Yoda and his mind would be cleanly erased.
2002-07-24 07:53:49 PM  
And if you don't want to accept Lyta as a choice for a fighter, how about Marcus? One man, 30 unconscious bar brawlers.
2002-07-24 07:54:18 PM  
Buck Rogers would kick all their asses.
2002-07-24 07:57:44 PM  
Space:1999 had bell bottoms.
2002-07-24 07:59:30 PM  
Because someone mentioned a quote, I must follow with:

Aliens ownz you!

Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?

No, have you?
2002-07-24 07:59:32 PM  
And on the Grudge Match record

Enterprise vs. Death Star - Death Star takes it.
Redshirts vs. Stormtroopers - Stormtroopers take it.
Chewbacca vs. Worf - Chewie does Worf in.
Babylon 5 vs. Deep Space 9 - DS9 got smacked down.

And in the free-for-all brawl between the leading women, Commander Susan Ivanova beat the holy hell out of Leia -and- Seven of Nine.

With all due respect to Wil, Trek might be good fun, but as Sci-Fi it gets smoked by Babylon 5 in the end.
2002-07-24 08:00:38 PM  
2002-07-24 08:01:58 PM  
TellarHK...he was a badmother...that much is certain.

-i watched it from beginning to end....lived it.

-if nasa would get off their collective asses, we would have a B5 now.

-sorry know it to be true.
2002-07-24 08:03:33 PM  
Naw, Star Wars was in no way a ripoff of Trek. Star Wars wasn't that well thought out, being simply a "swords and sorcery" flick with lightsabers and the Force instead of swords and sorcery.
2002-07-24 08:08:51 PM  
07-24-02 07:59:32 PM TellarHK

"Enterprise vs. Death Star - Death Star takes it."
-the planet killer would destroy the death star...unless
the emperor has a guy like scotty to rig it to blow up upon entry.

"Chewbacca vs. Worf - Chewie does Worf in"

-chewie would have been a cloak on "Trelanes" back.
2002-07-24 08:11:31 PM  
-ep 2 on now.
2002-07-24 08:13:02 PM  
Actually, no it wouldn't, Bauer. See, the Doomsday Machine's big weakness was the inability to handle high-powered blasts right into the maw. The Death Star was a giant, mobile high-powered blast weapon.

Now, check the reference. You'll see that the only way to take on the Death Star is with a small strike from inside. Hence, the John McClane victory.
2002-07-24 08:14:04 PM  
naw...i'm on dial-up.

type "nemesis" get a link to heather deep throat...funny....if you haven't seen will thank me. all of you.
2002-07-24 08:14:26 PM  
Star Trek is cool and all, but The Empire Strikes Back kicks any ST movie ass.


/sci-fi geek mode
2002-07-24 08:16:28 PM  
If they want sex appeal, they need to go back to having the mini-skirts.

Warp 9...on that ass!
2002-07-24 08:17:06 PM  
-even the death star could not withstand Paul Atraides.

-wait...i'm drifting...
2002-07-24 08:18:15 PM  
Dune Sucks.

'nuff said.
2002-07-24 08:21:36 PM  
-time to put the dream particular...Metropolis 2 Scenes from a memory, and the bong away. wife...gone for the night...hell no.
2002-07-24 08:23:29 PM  
....ah fantasies about spice eh?

-too bad.
2002-07-24 08:25:24 PM  
Sweater Girl: Such blasphemy will not be tolerated!

Besides, everyone knows Return of the Jedi is the best one. :D
2002-07-24 08:26:44 PM  
Star Wars is the casual geeks Star Trek. More cgi less acting.

( Point is not up for debate ) :P
2002-07-24 08:29:21 PM  
-is it safe too say we all, in this thread would like to see nasa build something half as cool as the shiat in these movies.

-we are a sad space race.

-i think the majority of people would rather fight over the resources of this planet than explore space.

-waiting for the four horsemen. now that will be some special effects......
2002-07-24 08:29:26 PM  
Sometimes, Farkers scare me.

This is one of those times.
2002-07-24 08:31:40 PM  
Is it just me, or does Patrick Stewart starting to really show his age now?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-24 08:33:05 PM  
Besides, everyone knows Return of the Jedi is the best one. :D

You're kidding...right????


Please say you are kidding. Please.
2002-07-24 08:37:11 PM  
-i will probably go to the movie though.

-if anything, i'll be hoping troy will get zapped.

2002-07-24 08:38:37 PM  
Bauer: Troy looked great in first contanct. In fact they all did.

"I'd hit it"
2002-07-24 08:42:02 PM  

you're just here to stalk Wil, aren't you?
2002-07-24 08:44:38 PM  
No Sweater Girl, I'm not kidding. RoTJ wasby FAR the best one. Sorry to burst your bubble... ;)
2002-07-24 08:47:41 PM  
-her "look" did improve with time...but the first season...arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

-not to mention her acting...or was it a combo of bad acting/direction?

-either way...if you did throw one in her...could you imagine the bull shiat after?

-"you're hurting me...telepathically.

-gawd...the humanity of it all.
2002-07-24 08:48:20 PM  
Patrick Stuart old nothin, look at friggen BRENT SPINER! Poor flabby faced guy..... I think he might actually be older than Patrick Stuart.
2002-07-24 08:50:05 PM  
Data sure is looking old

How can that possibly be?
2002-07-24 08:55:09 PM  
Acting? neither one is about acting. Star wars is about kicking mind out of gear, and suspending all suggestion of disbelief, enjoy the FX. Star trek is about emoting, during action sequences imbedded in plots that look interesting to people who have never read science fiction.

SciFi only works completely on paper (with very few exceptions)

Lucas' effects cant compare with what I see in my head while reading Heinlein or Niven
2002-07-24 08:55:21 PM  
Star Trek 2 had the ugly vulcan, and Kirk's old flame... but the sex was merely post implied.

[image from too old to be available]
This is not an "ugly vulcan".

[image from too old to be available]
This is an "ugly vulcan".

(Can't believe you people let that comment go this far without saying anything.)
2002-07-24 08:56:54 PM  
-got one comment for all you jedi lovers out there.

-if yoda is soooo bad, why didn't he lift that huge pillar and crush dooku with it. I would have expected more from a "Jedi Master".

-i mean, come on, if your "yoda"...why all the stress?

-he could lift lukes' ship, the one with the disapearing ladder on the side, (That's a bad on dagoba, with little effort...but not that falling rock?

-he dies when he's 900 or so...this is only 30 or so years earlier.

-lucas got lucky on the first movie...but he can't tell a story to save his ass.
2002-07-24 09:01:47 PM  
Githerax...i'd buy that.
2002-07-24 09:08:10 PM  

Seriously, I have never understood the Star Trek phenomenom. I'm inmune I guess.
2002-07-24 09:09:15 PM  

"Star Wars is the casual geeks Star Trek. More cgi less acting."

Well, if being a "geek" is your aspiration in life then I suppose you may have some sort of point. I'll conceed on the acting point, but in contrast Star Trek has less character development.

With Trek it's a whole new episode™ every week or few years, with Star Wars we're following a continuous story-line. The characters must develop into other things, and simply not be stale and "the same" every time we see them.

But hey if that's what you're into then more power to ya'

Star Wars will always be better simply because it's of more epic proprtions and has a real message. It transcends a 1 hr TV show or 2 1/2 hr movie. It's bigger than that. It's too much information to just tell in a 1 hr weekly TV serial.

So, yeah that's the end of that discussion..........NEXT!!!!
2002-07-24 09:09:49 PM  
Dune pwns

I think i re-read the 3 prequals, 6 originals again :D (and soon to be new 7th to bring it to a close)
2002-07-24 09:10:40 PM  
btw...sweatergirl...tesb had alot of shiatty editing in it.

-in the first few moments of the film, when luke is chopping up the ice creature...listen for his lightsaber closing as he leaves the is still lit.

-it is a minor thing...but hey...if you were lucas, wanting to perfect "his" story, wouldn't you be a little harder on the sound editing people?

-i mean...their making millions on this stuff...right?

-it is soooooo obvious.
2002-07-24 09:14:15 PM  

On behalf of all people everywhere, I must say this to all of you...


Now go on about your business.

(Nothin meant by this, I to am a trekker,and a dork.)

2002-07-24 09:23:12 PM  
I don't know whats worse, the nerdy debates going on in this thread...or the fact that I took the time to read it all. *sigh*
2002-07-24 09:25:16 PM  

A minor sound editinbg error? You must have watched Empire like 5 million times more than the average Star Wars fan to pick-up on something so lame.

You're just digging for validation, because you can't face the fact that Star Trek sucks.

You win the asshat of the year award

Thank you I'm here all week
2002-07-24 09:25:51 PM  

-the original series had 79 one hour adventures.

-that equals 79 hours. way more than the star wars movies...even if they make ep 7,8 and 9.

-lets see 9 times 2.5..and i'm being generous....that equals 22.5

-79 plus hours vs 22.5 give or take...

-there was a continuity to kirk, spock, mccoy and the gang.

-maybe you missed it.

-btw...there is no timeline to lucas' folley....just marketing.
2002-07-24 09:28:03 PM  
-no...actually..i caught it the first time....bud.
2002-07-24 09:29:47 PM  
Sweater Girl, I'm not kidding. RoTJ wasby FAR the best one. Sorry to burst your bubble...

You burst my bubble all right, but only in my opinion of you.


1. Empire
2. Star Wars
3. Clones
4. Jedi
17. Phantom Menace
2002-07-24 09:31:28 PM  
One thing both ST and SW have in common: the second movie is by far the best. Khan, and Empire. None of the others in either series can compare.
2002-07-24 09:33:54 PM  
Why did Klingons used to look Mexican but now have turtle shells sticking out of their foreheads now?
That always bothered me.
2002-07-24 09:36:15 PM  
-all of the star wars movies have bad editing....even return of the jedi...on jabbas' barge...luke is shot in the remind all of the stupid people that he lost his hand in "empire". watch the movie...there was no reason for him to even have his hand raised. watch the movie.

-yes...later when fighting vader, luke contemplates the dark side...looking at vaders chopped off hand...but come on....he is a jedi!...capable of repelling laser blasts and everything...right? it was a stupid thing to put in the movie.

-a true jedi would be too much for you or any kids to handle.

-truth hurts.....i'm here for infinity + one.
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