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(Fark)   If you could pick one song for aliens to stumble upon, which one would it be?   ( divider line
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7577 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Dec 2006 at 10:37 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-12-10 12:48:45 PM  
I can't decide...

"hey asshole" by 1,000 Homo DJs

"Come to Daddy" by Aphex Twins

"I Like 'em Big and Stupid" by Julie Brown

"I Wanna Sleep With You" by Psychedelic Furs

"Let It Be Me" by Hasselhoff
2006-12-10 12:50:04 PM  
Cat Food- King Crimson

Lady supermarket with an apple in her basket,
Knocks on the manager's door.
Grooning to the muzak from a speaker in the shoe rack,
Lays out her goods on the floor.
Everything she's chosen is conveniently frozen.
"Eat it and come back for more"

Lady window-shopper with a new one in the hopper
Whips up a chemical brew.
Talking to a neighbor while she polishes her sabre,
Knows how to flavor a stew.
Never needs to worry with a tin of Hurry-Curry.
"Poisoned especially for you."

No use to complain if you're caught out in the rain.
You're mother's quite insane.
Cat food, cat food, cat food, again!

Lady yellow stamper with a fillet in the hamper,
Dying to finish the course.
Goodies for the table with a fable on the label,
Drowning in Miracle Sauce.
Don't think I am that rude if I tell you that it's cat food,
"Not even fit for a horse."
2006-12-10 12:50:38 PM  
the opening to carmina burana...they'd turn around and go back where they came from.
2006-12-10 12:50:39 PM  
A whale song.

Captures the essence of this planet. Incomprehensible to both. Something to start with after all.
2006-12-10 12:52:17 PM  
A lot of people are mentioning every song from the Guitar Hero games. Not an accident I'm sure.
2006-12-10 12:52:40 PM  
Well, personally, if aliens do decide to come over here, or accept our trasnmissions, I don't really think they are going to care what we listen to.

But, If I had to pick something to send to the aliens, I would probably pick...

Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon

I want London to go first. Then, I have plenty of time to escape in my Incom 'hopper.
2006-12-10 12:53:46 PM  
"Kiss My Ass" by Uncle Ted Nugent
2006-12-10 12:54:25 PM  
I'm surprised noone's mentioned Sun Ra yet. "Rocket No. 9" or "Nuclear War" oughtta do nicely. Sun Ra, a fella who spent a lotta time out there.
2006-12-10 12:56:43 PM  
Torn between,

South of Heaven - Slayer
Farking Hostile - Pantera
2006-12-10 12:56:56 PM  
How about the Doctor Who theme song ?
2006-12-10 12:59:57 PM  
After two thousand years of art, literature, culture, and you know the ONE song that nearly all humans sing to their children at some point or another?

You put your right hand in, you put your right hand out, you put your whole self in and you shake it all about. You do the Hokey Pokey, you give a little shout. That's what it's all about.

It does not mean anything! I have been studying it for seven days. I had the computer analyze it. I swear to you. It does not mean A THING!

/I'll make some hot Jhala.
2006-12-10 01:00:38 PM  
"Children of the Sun" by Billy Thorpe or any of those 1970's aliens will save us songs
2006-12-10 01:01:46 PM  
Tie My Pecker To My Leg - Mojo Nixon
2006-12-10 01:02:02 PM  
Could there be any doubt?
It's Walk Like An Egyptian.
2006-12-10 01:02:11 PM  
I'm caught between these two:

Loving the Alien by David Bowie


Praying to the Aliens by Gary Numan/Tubeway Army
2006-12-10 01:02:59 PM  
Two words "Sun Ra"
2006-12-10 01:03:51 PM  
Starship Troopers by Yes
2006-12-10 01:03:57 PM  
Ray Lamontagne - Forever My Friend
Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away (or anything else by Floyd)
James Taylor - Shower The People
2006-12-10 01:05:46 PM  

Excellent, I vote for Dark Side of the Moon - the entire album.
2006-12-10 01:07:12 PM  
Anything by Wyld Stallyns because it brings piece and harmony to the universe.
2006-12-10 01:07:45 PM  
2006-12-10 01:07:54 PM  
Third Rock From The Sun - Joe Diffie

oh yeah...

2006-12-10 01:08:03 PM  
Either Why or Why Not by Yoko Ono

I don't like aliens. These songs might ward them off.
2006-12-10 01:08:48 PM  
weird Al, Slime Creatures from Outer Space
2006-12-10 01:09:14 PM  
Mmmmm Bop
2006-12-10 01:09:59 PM  
Botsuraku_Hato: Mozart's Fifth Symphony

The Hague? I can only assume you meant Beethoven's Fifth, or you have some rather intersting taste in Mozart.

2006-12-10 01:10:37 PM  
No Billy Thorpe?
2006-12-10 01:11:09 PM  
"Land of Confusion"-Genesis/Disturbed
"Wu-tang clan aint nuthin to fark with"-Wu tang
"Beware"-Panjabi MC
"You are always on my mind"-Willie nelson (mom's suggestion)
"Straight outa compton"-N.W.A

/Gotta be diverse, ya know.
2006-12-10 01:11:22 PM  
Devynals - I touch Myself
2006-12-10 01:12:38 PM  
Space dementia---by Muse why we'll be around for longer than most people think
2006-12-10 01:13:24 PM  
Dona nobis pacem, from Bach's Mass in B-minor. Grant us peace.
2006-12-10 01:13:32 PM  
Beethoven's 9th. Shows that we have some intelligence.
2006-12-10 01:14:40 PM  
Iron farking Maiden.
2006-12-10 01:15:42 PM  
Something with a funky groove.

Aliens won't understand our language so it doesn't matter what the lyrics are.
2006-12-10 01:15:53 PM  
the chicken dance. with diagrams on how to do it.
2006-12-10 01:15:55 PM  
99 Red Ballons, of course. It so elegantly captures the downfall of our civilization.
2006-12-10 01:17:35 PM  
Only one song comes to mind: the Beatles' "Why Don't We Do It in the Road."

And the only version worth hearing is the one by the Three Tenors.
2006-12-10 01:17:58 PM  
Throw the Jew down the well - Borat
2006-12-10 01:18:32 PM  
Everybody Wants to Rule the World

/Tears for Fears
2006-12-10 01:18:36 PM  
I concur.. Supersonik Elektronik or uhnmmmmm. Everybody Wang Chung Tonight.....

or uhhh #1 You Tube song.. Yakety Sax!
2006-12-10 01:22:17 PM  
All Apologies

Excellent choice, but it gives too much about human nature away... if you analyze the song it's clear that it's about something we idealize and want, but cannot and do not have.

Might as well just show the aliens "American Beauty" without telling them that it's a satire (...kind of).
2006-12-10 01:22:32 PM  
2006-12-10 01:22:44 PM  
"Anthem to the Estranged" by Metal Church
Oh yeah
2006-12-10 01:22:51 PM  
"Run Like Hell" by Pink Floyd

/You were warned, Aliens
2006-12-10 01:24:00 PM  
You're Pretty When I'm Drunk. Bloodhound Gang.

/How can there be so much truth in one song?
2006-12-10 01:24:21 PM  
The Imperial March
2006-12-10 01:24:24 PM  
I'm thinking that the aliens would probably turn out to suck, so we should pre-emptively defend ourselves by blasting them with The Slinky Song over and over and over and....

/everyone knows it's slinky
2006-12-10 01:25:48 PM  
My first greenlight!

I'll throw another "danger: humans" song in the mix.

Canibal Corpse - Relentless Beating
2006-12-10 01:25:59 PM  
"You Farked Up"

2006-12-10 01:26:46 PM  
I was going to come in to say Rock around the Clock for the first dose of Rock n Roll, but

Nerdlinger [TotalFark]

Mars: The Bringer of War by Holst.

That way, they'd know not to f*ck with us.

Definitely for the win.

In all honesty, an alien friend is already working out on the invasion plan, and I LOVE hirs (his and hers, not hemaphrodite, long story)list of the first 20 to be exterminated.​did=1278 29858​858&blog ID=199594150
(if you cant get it, merely look up IAmFoki
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