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(Deadspin)   After 18 years, Ben Johnson says that he has figured out that Carl Lewis spiked his beer so Ben would test positive for steroids   ( divider line
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2006-12-05 09:54:47 AM  
Those two were the toxic twins of the running world.
2006-12-05 10:03:20 AM  
How do you like your blue-eyed boy now, Dick Pound?
2006-12-05 10:04:12 AM  
Lake "I don't care" pic in 3..2..1..
2006-12-05 10:05:14 AM  
Whoa...gayest video ever. He is sure he didn't inject the testosterone via another route?
2006-12-05 10:05:20 AM  
You've got steriods in my Ben Johnson!

You've got Ben Johnson in my steroids!
2006-12-05 10:06:04 AM  
I would highly recommend sticking around and playing the Carl Lewis youtube music video

2006-12-05 10:07:38 AM  
In other news: Carl Lewis to receive honorary french citizenship and job at Chatenay-Malabry lab.
2006-12-05 10:07:44 AM  
I wouldn't put that past Carl Lewis
2006-12-05 10:07:51 AM  
dsade: Whoa...gayest video ever

seconded. For other Carl Lewis Singing goodness, check out this (no pops)
2006-12-05 10:09:59 AM  
The freaky thing is that his 'roid-boosted time was only beaten in 2006. If he hadn't gotten busted, he would've been holding the world record for a decade.
2006-12-05 10:10:21 AM  
Detour: Lake "I don't care" pic in 3..2..1..

[image from too old to be available]
2006-12-05 10:14:45 AM  
Pxtl: The freaky thing is that his 'roid-boosted time was only beaten in 2006. If he hadn't gotten busted, he would've been holding the world record for a decade.

From what I understand, the time WAS pretty dramatic and therefore immediately suspect.
2006-12-05 10:17:01 AM  
Shut up Ben and go back to endorsing cheap energy drinks.

[image from too old to be available]
2006-12-05 10:17:35 AM  
Cheaters never win and winners never cheat.
Cry me a river of maple syrup.
2006-12-05 10:17:46 AM  
Anyone else remember when Ben Johnson raced a horse?
2006-12-05 10:18:30 AM  
I cheetah all the time!

/had to be said
2006-12-05 10:18:31 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

It has recently come to my attention that Carl Lewis murdered my ex-wife and her husband.

/That is all.
2006-12-05 10:19:29 AM  
Why does Carl Lewis look like Zhoul in Ghostbusters?
2006-12-05 10:20:21 AM  
From what I understand, the time WAS pretty dramatic and therefore immediately suspect.

I remember seeing it on TV - his win was very dramatic and even watching him in the starting blocks was weird. His body was practically quivering all over. I remember thinking he was either more psyched then anyone on earth to be in the Olympics, or was on something. I thought it would be speed or crack.
2006-12-05 10:20:40 AM  
Cheetah sucks.
2006-12-05 10:20:58 AM  
That for which all virtue now is sold,
And almost every vice - almighty gold.

[image from too old to be available]
2006-12-05 10:21:22 AM  
I saw the race in question, and his time was astounding, but not as astounding as the color of his eyes. Looked like two burn holes in a horse blanket.

Just a tad suspicious there, Ben.
2006-12-05 10:21:46 AM  
The only thing Ben Johnson didn't beat was the test.

They are all drugged-up losers who cheat. Big deal. That's what makes it exciting. Who wants to see someone run a 12+ second hundred metre dash, anyway?

Ginseng was said to mask certain substances in the test results to hide a positive test, and Linford Christie (default to second place when Ben was disqualified) had MASSIVE amounts of Ginseng in his commentator said that he would have had to have eaten a 1/4 pound a day to have that much appear in his bloodstream... hummmm....
2006-12-05 10:22:09 AM  
StinkyFiddlewinks: I wouldn't put that past Carl Lewis

That and his new 'If I spiked Ben Johnson's beer' biography...
2006-12-05 10:22:43 AM  
Bullshiat. They're all smoking hot from 'roids, and I very much doubt the delivery method is a spiked drink.
2006-12-05 10:23:54 AM  
2006-12-05 10:20:58 AM platypusjones

That for which all virtue now is sold,
And almost every vice - almighty gold.

I'll do you one better:

Adieu, farewell earth's bliss!
This world uncertain is:
Fond are life's lustful joys,
Death proves them all but toys.
None from his darts can fly;
I am sick, I must die--
Lord, have mercy on us!

Rich men, trust not in wealth,
Gold cannot buy you health;
Physic himself must fade;
All things to end are made;
The plague full swift goes by;
I am sick, I must die--
Lord, have mercy on us!

Beauty is but a flower
Which wrinkles will devour;
Brightness falls from the air;
Queens have died young and fair;
Dust hath closed Helen's eye;
I am sick, I must die--
Lord, have mercy on us!

Strength stoops unto the grave,
Worms feed on Hector brave;
Swords may not fight with fate;
Earth still holds ope her gate;
Come, come! the bells do cry;
I am sick, I must die--
Lord, have mercy on us!

Wit with his wantonness
Tasteth death's bitterness;
Hell's executioner
Hath no ears for to hear
What vain art can reply;
I am sick, I must die--
Lord, have mercy on us!

Haste therefore each degree
To welcome destiny;
Heaven is our heritage,
Earth but a player's stage.
Mount we unto the sky;
I am sick, I must die--
Lord, have mercy on us!

Thomas Nashe FTW

/Not emo, but maybe my tastes in poetry are
2006-12-05 10:25:44 AM  
I still remember seeing that race. It was so obvious that Ben Johnson was doing steroids as he looked more like a body builder than a sprinter yet still ran away from everybody.
2006-12-05 10:32:31 AM  
syberpud: I remember seeing it on TV - his win was very dramatic and even watching him in the starting blocks was weird. His body was practically quivering all over. I remember thinking he was either more psyched then anyone on earth to be in the Olympics, or was on something. I thought it would be speed or crack.

Well, I remember watching the same race. I remember how the commentators going on and on about how amazing his time was. I don't recall call if any of THEM got immediately suspiscious or not.

I remember his coach said after he got busted that if Johnson didn't take steroids, he'd be at a disadvantage w/all the other runners as everyone took steroids. Maybe so, but that still doesn't excuse his own cheating.

leroux: Cheetah sucks.

Heh. I remember watching The Tonight Show and some girl group called "The Cheetah Girls" came on. They were OBVIOUSLY lip syncing!!! Embarassingly so!!!
2006-12-05 10:34:09 AM  
Canadians are retarded....

ok..not all, but this one sure is!
2006-12-05 10:39:22 AM  
My name is Ben. I was a very sad little child when Ben Johnson lost his medals. This is also when I started to lose interest in the Olympics.

\then a little more when they split them to one every 2 years
\\then a little more when they let the US wear shark skin
2006-12-05 10:44:43 AM  
Ben Johnson was the Canada Parade Marshal a couple of years after this happened in the town I live in. Dozens of people were yelling BenROIDs at him. He was visibly pissed off.
2006-12-05 10:47:30 AM  
Next up, Carl Lewis' book and Fox special.."If I Did It.."
2006-12-05 10:53:41 AM  
"Stereos? I never took no stereos!"

Ben never actually won that event. The tasks necessary to win are:

1) train hard and take lots of performance-enhancing drugs
2) run the fastest time
3) pass the urine test

There's little doubt all the fastest runners (especially in '88) were on the juice. Ben (and his coach) messed up on #3. There's no need to take steroids for quite some time before a meet. They are useful in recovering from training-related muscle damage and increasing muscle growth during intense training. Not so much right before you compete.
2006-12-05 10:55:32 AM  
and then there was Marion Jones.
2006-12-05 10:59:00 AM  
Speaking as a Canadian, and all kidding aside, I remember very clearly how euphoric and proud we were watching that race. Finding out he cheated afterwards was heartbreaking. I haven't looked at big business sports the same since.
2006-12-05 11:03:41 AM  
And now every time i watch Hockey Night In Canada i have to watch those "Cheetah" commercials. They are an embarassment to my country and should be banned. I swear its like Richard Nixon endorsing "I Am Not A Crook" brand beer. On our national, government funded network. A disgrace.
2006-12-05 11:07:43 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
....and the second shooter has now been identified as one "Carl Lewis"...
2006-12-05 11:10:15 AM  
platypusjones beat me to it.
2006-12-05 11:40:35 AM  
Carl Lewis also knows where Jimmy Hoffa is.
2006-12-05 11:42:41 AM  
Ben Johnson is a douche! He admitted taking steroids on the Australian TV show, INSIGHT, on October 17, but claims it wasn't cheating because "everyone was doing it."

JENNY BROCKIE: Tonight, Insight is joined from Canada by the world's best known drug cheat as well as Olympians, sports physicians, footballers and other athletes in our studio here. Thank you very much, everybody, for joining us tonight. Ben Johnson, I do want to start with you, though, in Toronto. It's been 18 years since you were stripped of your gold medal at the Seoul Olympics for taking steroids. Why did you cheat?

BEN JOHNSON, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST: Well, number one, I'm not a cheater. And that's the way the game is being played.

JENNY BROCKIE: What do you mean?

BEN JOHNSON: Drugs was in sports long before Ben Johnson came on board and drugs will be there long after Ben Johnson is gone.

JENNY BROCKIE: So you didn't consider taking drugs was cheating?

BEN JOHNSON: No, I don't call it a cheat. It's just a drug that helps me to recovery.

JENNY BROCKIE: Now, you argued that it helped you to recover from an injury, the drug that you took in '88, but then you were caught five years later for high levels of testosterone. How long had you been doing this? How long had you been taking drugs?

BEN JOHNSON: Not very often. I just take what I need.

JENNY BROCKIE: What does that mean, taking what you need?

BEN JOHNSON: It means, like, you cannot take so many drugs and then your body have to absorb it. The body use what it needs.

JENNY BROCKIE: So you took as much as your body could handle, that's what you're saying?

BEN JOHNSON: Well, at the time, back in my days, I was taking only 5 milligrams. Only 5 milligrams.

JENNY BROCKIE: Does that make any difference, how much it was? There were people racing against you who weren't taking anything.

BEN JOHNSON: Well, not what I know of. because I know that, you know, in Seoul Olympics, during the Games, that most of the people was in my race test positive and their federation or their country protect them.

JENNY BROCKIE: You were the only person at that time who was found guilty. There were other people in your race who subsequently tested positive and there were people, you know, I think there were four other people I know of in that race who certainly at various stages tested positive, but you were the only you're the only one who was actually proven to have taken drugs.

BEN JOHNSON: Well, you're exactly right that I was the only one that tested positive in 1988 but we have some really hard evidence coming out in about a few more months from now and it's going to show the world once and for all that Ben Johnson was not the only one using performance-enhancing drugs.

JENNY BROCKIE: Let's have a look at you in action in that 100 metre sprint final at the '88 Seoul Olympics now.

COMMENTATOR OF THE JOHNSON RACE: All set. Away. Johnson a great start. Lewis not too bad. Stewart away well. Johnson in front. Lewis coming at him. Johnson has got a great lead. He is going to win. Ben wins. Johnson! And the time is 9.79.

JENNY BROCKIE: At that time, Ben Johnson, when you crossed that line, did it feel to you like you'd won that race fairly?

BEN JOHNSON: I won the race fairly and squarely, like every many millions of people around the world is on my side.

JENNY BROCKIE: How can it be fair and square if you'd taken a performance-enhancing drug?

BEN JOHNSON: Because everybody knows that to be on the highest level in this field everybody is doing something.

JENNY BROCKIE: So let's have a look now then at what you said at first when you were stripped of your gold medal.

BEN JOHNSON, DENIAL STATEMENT: I just want to say I would never do such things as they said I did do. You know, to embarrass my family and the whole of Canada and the whole world, and for mostly of the kids who look up on me as a great hero.

JENNY BROCKIE: Ben, why did you deny it at first?

BEN JOHNSON: Well, number one, that day The drugs that they find in my system was not the drugs that I was using. Number two, Ben Johnson was sabotaged in Seoul.

JENNY BROCKIE: Sabotaged meaning what?

BEN JOHNSON: Somebody set me up.

JENNY BROCKIE: But you were admitting that you were using other drugs. Even by your own admission now you're saying you were caught for the wrong drug, so you're not denying you were taking drugs.

BEN JOHNSON: No, I'm not denying at all that I was taking drugs, but that's the drugs that I was using that they claiming.

JENNY BROCKIE: Are you saying that it's OK to take drugs if everyone's cheating? Is that the way you see it? If everyone else is cheating, it's OK for you to cheat?

BEN JOHNSON: No, it's not saying that, you know, I should go there and take drugs because everybody's cheating, but on the other side it's not fair for me to train the right way, then have everybody else who's cheating aren't doing the same thing. So the Games doesn't play fair.

JENNY BROCKIE: So for you it was a case of whatever it takes, whatever it takes in the end was what you were prepared to do?

BEN JOHNSON: It's not whatever it takes to win. But you can't just jump into a sports and try to be a great athlete and then the other side, or the next guy beside you is cheating or doing something to enhance his performance.

INSIGHT Website:

Entire transcript of show:
2006-12-05 11:47:27 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-12-05 12:17:43 PM  
Ben screwed things up for us Canucks but Donovan Bailey more than made up for it in Atlanta when he destroyed the 4x100 Trash Talking Go-USA Dream Team.

/all track runners take 'roids so it's an even playing field.
2006-12-05 12:42:45 PM  
The funny part is that Carl Lewis was coked up on 'roids too. Unlike Ben, though, he was lucky enough to run for a country that regularly covers up the doping results of their "athletes".

Dr Exum said there were more than 100 positive tests for US athletes who won 19 Olympic medals between 1988 and 2000, but many were allowed to keep competing.
2006-12-05 01:04:04 PM  
Ben Johnson Cheetah all of the time
2006-12-05 01:21:22 PM  
The freaky thing is that his 'roid-boosted time was only beaten in 2006. If he hadn't gotten busted, he would've been holding the world record for a decade.

Actually Johnson's 9.79 was equalled in 1999 by Maurice Greene (USA). Since then the record has dropped to 9.77, run by Asafa Powell (JAM).

I have always thought that drugs have no place in sport. I still do, really, but sometimes I catch myself wondering if it's maybe time to say "what the hell".

Of course it's cheating, and of course it gives an unfair advantage. It ruins the health of the cheater and makes it almost impossible for a "clean" athlete to win. On the other hand, it's unfair that some people have a natural ability to bounce back after injury, or to train hard, or have a natural ability in a particular sport. Is it fair that I can't run in the Olympics? I could train my legs off and there is no way I'd ever be on a national team. Why can't I take a drug or two to increase my ability. If it harms me, oh well. How much more harm am I really doing to myself compared to a top athlete that trains 24/7?

Out of curiosity I checked the progression of the world record times for men's 100m.

1968 - 9.95s - Jim Hines - USA
1983 - 9.93s - Calvin Smith - USA
1988 - 9.92s - Carl Lewis - USA
1991 - 9.86s - Carl Lewis -
1996 - 9.84s - Donovan Bailey - CAN
1999 - 9.79s - Maurice Greene - USA
2005 - 9.77s - Asafa Powell - JAM

Those are some serious time reductions in the 80s/early 90s! While I don't believe that Carl Lewis doped Ben Johnson, I do believe Lewis himself ran juiced more than a few times. To drop 0.06 seconds in 3 years - when you're that much older, no way that happens without a) drugs or b) taking a shortcut to the finish line.
2006-12-05 05:18:13 PM  
Nothing worse than a loser who can't admit he's a loser.
2006-12-06 12:17:25 AM  

"Nothing worse than a loser who can't admit he's a loser."

Why do you hate Carl Lewis ?
2006-12-06 07:56:37 AM  
What actually happened is here in an interview with his coach. Yes, he had taken drugs, but he was also set up.
2006-12-08 05:43:52 AM  
Anyone competing at that level is taking every damn drug there is. True then, true now.
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