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(Chicago Sun-Times)   Fans looking to hold Harry Potter-themed convention in Chicago in 2008. Plans to have Quidditch match at Soldier Field if they can figure out how to make brooms fly   ( divider line
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2920 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Dec 2006 at 10:07 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-12-04 10:08:59 AM  
Stupid stupid people.
2006-12-04 10:09:13 AM  
2006-12-04 10:09:26 AM  
Since when are little kids capable of organizing a large convention?
2006-12-04 10:10:42 AM

2006-12-04 10:10:44 AM  
William Shatner unimpressed...
2006-12-04 10:11:24 AM  
\Obligatory Emma Watson 'Hit It' comment.
2006-12-04 10:12:05 AM  
Call me a muggle, but that sounds pretty gay.

2006-12-04 10:12:15 AM  
Mekongcola; CLASSIC!!!

I say once the party starts they just bomb the field, problem solved.
2006-12-04 10:13:27 AM  
where's the SAD tag?
2006-12-04 10:17:46 AM  
I saw something on TV (or maybe Fark?) a few weeks back about people running a Harry Potter day camp sort of deal where they played "quidditch" on a soccer field. It looked really, really lame...
2006-12-04 10:17:50 AM  
Just drop them from a helicopter. It worked for WKRP.
2006-12-04 10:18:10 AM  
I say once the party starts they just bomb the field, problem solved.

I say we just bomb the field period

/Hates what they did to Soldier Field.
2006-12-04 10:18:37 AM  
and this was greenlit because...?

and we give a fark because...?

and that headline is amusing because...?

/what the fark?!
2006-12-04 10:19:23 AM  
My ex-wife could fly a broom.

2006-12-04 10:19:36 AM  
Mekongkola wins.
2006-12-04 10:19:49 AM  
Funniest Fark tag line in days.

I though about putting up a banner that said "Quiddich Tryouts" at 'Lynchburg's finest' (Liberty) University a couple of years ago, when I drove by. It was "Welcome Week." Bet Jerry would have loved that. I'm still debating putting something like that up at FBC Jax at the next SBC Convention. Just because I'm crazy like that.
2006-12-04 10:19:50 AM  
Actually, it's going to be a six month planning process of convoluted plot devices, stilted dialogue and characters seeming made up on the spot before the entire convention comes together during the last 10 pages and Rowling shows up to flimsily explain that a bunch of stuff went on behind the scenes that no one knew about.
2006-12-04 10:19:53 AM  
Cue the sexy Hermione pics.
2006-12-04 10:20:24 AM  
For crying out loud, get a life, people.
2006-12-04 10:20:40 AM  
I saw something on TV (or maybe Fark?) a few weeks back about people running a Harry Potter day camp sort of deal where they played "quidditch" on a soccer field. It looked really, really lame...

It was on the daily show...
2006-12-04 10:21:54 AM

Nuke'em from space?
2006-12-04 10:23:39 AM  
Badger: William Shatner unimpressed...

It's just a BOOK, people!

/and movies, etc.
2006-12-04 10:23:40 AM  
"Mekongkola wins."

2006-12-04 10:24:48 AM  
Timon of Athens; "sexy Hermione pics."

isn't she like 14 or 15 or something... little young for "sexy" pics...
2006-12-04 10:25:21 AM  
will there be any of this:
2006-12-04 10:27:25 AM  
Obligatory "Goth Potter" Pic:

I'd hit a Goth Hermione

(And if you are reading this my dear, I mean by 'hit it', that it would only apply if I was not happily married to such a wonderful wife as you, and had never met you, and she was living in Canada or Georgia, where that is not considered a crime, and my love was not considered stalking.)

Please don't kill me. Please? I'll rub your feet...
2006-12-04 10:27:44 AM  
In the Muggle (the word for humans in the book) version, players run around and try to throw a mini-soccer ball through a raised hula-hoop, all the while avoiding dodge balls batted at them with whiffle-ball bats.

I'll be the Sports and Tech/Geek section editors at the Tribune will be fighting a duel over who gets to cover this one ...
2006-12-04 10:31:12 AM  
Neeeeerds !

/I am a fan of HP, but my fandom limits itself to buying the books
//Well, that includes the "Quidditch through the ages" and "Fantastical beasts and where to find them" booklets
///It's for a good cause, all proceeds go to Comic Relief
2006-12-04 10:31:44 AM  
keetz02: isn't she like 14 or 15 or something

I was thinking more along the lines of that SNL skit with Lindsay Lohan, or a college girl dressed up for Halloween.

But I love that when I said sexy Hermione you immediately thought of a 14 year old.
2006-12-04 10:35:44 AM  
Timon of Athens;

"But I love that when I said sexy Hermione you immediately thought of a 14 year old"

actually the first thing I thought was "geezz this guy is a pedophile"... sicko! good luck keeping your hands off the kiddies... perv!
2006-12-04 10:39:16 AM  
GIS for "sexy hermione":

/might hit that
2006-12-04 10:43:17 AM  
I *think* that Hermione bint is 16... If so, I would hit it (if she plucked her eyebrows).
2006-12-04 10:44:05 AM  
16, actually.

IMDb file
2006-12-04 10:45:31 AM  
jakech: I would hit it (if she plucked her eyebrows).

What? you don't like the early Brooke Shields look? She was hittable at 16 too. Of course, I was 13 at that time...
2006-12-04 10:46:38 AM  
how old are you people that are saying you would have sex with a 16 year old???? thats just wrong...
2006-12-04 10:48:13 AM  
2006-12-04 10:48:49 AM  
Not saying I would hit it at 16....

/would wait till she's 18 tho.. ;)
2006-12-04 10:49:49 AM  
I'm 21, so I think her being 16 makes her legal, at least in New Jersey.
2006-12-04 10:51:40 AM  
spartacus_prime; legal and morally right are often 2 different things... but at least you aren't like a 35-40 year old or something saying it...
2006-12-04 10:52:09 AM  
Let it ripen a couple years,
Then hit it.
2006-12-04 10:53:35 AM  
You mean you wouldn't hit that?
2006-12-04 10:56:13 AM  
Pedaphiliacon '07!
2006-12-04 10:56:16 AM  
spartacus_prime; no I would not have sex with a 16 year old girl, regardless, if she was 18-20 that would be a different story...
2006-12-04 10:56:52 AM  
keetz02: how old are you people ...thats just wrong...
Really old.
Old enough to know better, but in the world of Fantasy, does it really matter? Old enough to bleed is old enough to breed!
Really, really old sick farkers, in other words, your near-typical Farker. At leat your typical older farker, since we only come in 3 classes: Basement-dwelling young Farkers, Dirty Old Farkers, and the rest of the Female Farkers, who tend to be strange just by being here, in a faethe-like way.

/Eagerly awaits getting beat up by faethe, 'cause I dig that.

2006-12-04 11:01:30 AM  
Plans to have Quidditch match at Soldier Field...

Ditka 88, Hogwarts 3.
2006-12-04 11:02:04 AM  
thespindrifter; if you fantasize about "hitting" a 16 year old girl, then yeah I would say it matters... do you have kids? would you want an old man to have sex with your 16 year old daughter??
2006-12-04 11:02:51 AM  
Gulper Eel; almost shait myself, hilarious!!
2006-12-04 11:04:52 AM  
if they can figure out how to make brooms fly

/ no problem
2006-12-04 11:05:16 AM
2006-12-04 11:05:35 AM  
Gulper Eel I lol'd.
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