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(YouTube) Video Bad: You're stuck on Space Mountain. Worse: Disney's rescue crew is a bunch of dorky kids. Bright side: You get to walk all the way down and see the place with lights on   ( divider line
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7445 clicks; posted to Video » on 01 Dec 2006 at 1:49 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-11-30 11:17:11 PM  
That's like being rescued by the high school AV club.

OK what?
I don't know, but OK>
Don't just randomly say OK!

Nerd fight!
2006-12-01 01:01:57 AM  
Either way, I'd hit either of the camera crew.

/good humor, good fun, not acting like assholes
//it doesn't take much
2006-12-01 01:11:59 AM  
Yep she sound hitable. The kind of girl you could call a coont and she'd still suck you off. I bet she has a tatoo above her ass. You know the kind of girl i'm talking about.
2006-12-01 01:28:17 AM  
Robo73: I'd hit either of the camera crew.

PatMcCroch: Yep she sound hitable

If you go to her profile on Youtube and check out her favorites, there's a short clip of her dancing.(p)
2006-12-01 01:43:16 AM  

Yep hittable
2006-12-01 02:22:47 AM  
I hate coasters and the first time I was in line to go on that damned contraption at Disney World something happened and all the lights came on and all the cast members ran around in a panic. Then everything calmed down and the ride started moving again. Just as we were about to get in the car, the lights came back on and everyone ran around again. My ride went off without a hitch but it was a hundred times scarier than it would have been.
/later that day the ferry crashed into the dock right in front of me
//can't wait to go back.
2006-12-01 02:35:16 AM  
This vid is beyond decent!
2006-12-01 03:51:12 AM  
So I wasn't the only one who watched the clip thinking, "Mmmm, Space Mou....woah, she's cute..."
2006-12-01 04:19:02 AM  
Meh, it only goes 27 mphwhen it works, you might as well just walk around your house with the lights off...
2006-12-01 06:55:43 AM  
Big deal...

Try getting stuck on the It's a Small World ride... for two hours...
and they refuse to turn off the damn song...

/was 8 at the time
//still have nightmares
2006-12-01 07:20:36 AM  
The end of Part 3 reminded me of the "backstage in Cleveland" scene from Spinal Tap.

/Hellllooooo Cleveland!
2006-12-01 07:27:52 AM  
Part three was the best because she's climbing the stairs and filming the ass of the girl in front of her.
2006-12-01 08:27:28 AM  

Part three was the best because she's climbing the stairs and filming the ass of the girl in front of her.

Same wavelength as me my friend... I was thinking I'd much rather have watched 3 minutes of that than 3 minutes of "the lights are on in a ride I've never heard of".

And thanks 2xhelix for the link, I really wanted to put a face to the annoying yet hittable voice.
2006-12-01 08:47:17 AM  
The chick sounds like Daria, I am turned on!
2006-12-01 08:57:36 AM  
Am I the only person that finds her really farking annoying? I have people who commentate what is going on when they film though, yes we can see what is going on that's why you are filming it. We don't need you to narrate.

I wish someone had just started screaming uncontrollably and wouldn't stop. Those nerds would flip out.
2006-12-01 09:23:42 AM  
Big deal...

Try getting stuck on the It's a Small World ride... for two hours...
and they refuse to turn off the damn song...

archie leach
The same thing happened to me, except it was Pirates of the Caribbean. (Admittably, a far better fate than It's a Small World.) My mom told me to be on the lookout for a pirate who sits on an archway with really hairy legs. We ended up getting stuck underneath him for 2 hours. I even rewrote some of the lyrics:

Yo-ho-ho-ho it's a pirates life for me!
We had some bad luck
Because we got stuck
Because it is power they lack

And now we're sitting here waiting
'Neath a leg that is shaking
But they gave us a pass to come back.

12 years ago and I still can't forget those lyrics.
2006-12-01 10:09:25 AM  
Why is she scared? She is walking on a lit walkway with railings on both sides. If that is scary to her, what would she have done if the ride actually worked?
2006-12-01 10:13:22 AM  
Yay, roller coaster stories!

Space Mountain -

Got to the end of the ride and there was a dude there from the ride previous (if you've never been, you exit at a different point than where you enter) saying that his glasses flew off and he can't see anything without them.

The guy's telling him that there's nothing they can do, they'll have to wait until the end of the day when they turn the lights on.

Any way you shake it, dude, your glasses are toast. Get in a cab and go to Pearl Vision.

Black Widow - (the whole ride is one loop, which you do forwards, stop at the top, then go through again backwards) We stopped at the top, and stayed stopped. Eventually park security and the cops appear and haul this dude off the ride and arrest him. They just followed him around the park and then nabbed him when they had him trapped on the ride. Sweet.
2006-12-01 10:15:11 AM  
how exactly does one "COMMENTATE?"

//get off my lawn
2006-12-01 10:18:59 AM  
Space Mountain is just as awesome a ride with the lights on.

/Former Disney cast member
//I'm getting a kick out of most of these replies...
///slashies pwn Small World... but then so does just about everything else
2006-12-01 10:21:44 AM

The oldest ride in the park, but it's still got the longest line. WHOOOOO!!!
2006-12-01 11:05:10 AM  
still sharing stories with the original designer. Good joke subject was first day of unemployment, 6/6/66. Saved by a single extra six from NUMERO EL DIABLO.

Good times.
2006-12-01 11:35:11 AM  
Is that Space Mountain in Disney land (the one in Cali)? I ask because I just got back from Disney World in Orlando, and the Space Mountain I rode on only had cars that were a single seat wide...
2006-12-01 11:44:16 AM  
Rogue: yup, Disneyland. Tokyo also has the double wides, but somehow, I do NOT think it is Tokyo...
2006-12-01 12:09:03 PM  
That looks like more fun than the actual ride, they should pay extra.
2006-12-01 03:13:00 PM  
doh...she took part 3 off the site.
2006-12-01 03:33:24 PM  
video is gone, Disney must of unleashed their lawyers
2006-12-01 05:42:44 PM  
bleah, only saved part 1 :(
2006-12-01 06:32:29 PM  
video has been removed?

/linky no goodie
2006-12-01 07:50:34 PM  
Better video here (pops)
2006-12-01 09:28:16 PM  
Space Mountain at Disneyland just re-opened this summer after major renovations, too.
2006-12-02 02:38:58 AM  
2006-12-02 10:14:59 PM  

commentate (pops)

-verb (used with object) deliver a commentary on: to commentate a fashion show. write a commentary on; annotate: to commentate the Book of Job.

-verb (used without object) serve as a commentator: The senior staff member will commentate, as usual. make explanatory or critical comments, as upon a text: the manuscript on which I am commentating.
2006-12-03 02:17:20 AM  
Wasnt simply major renovations. Old track was having to be welded fairly constantly and was falling apart. It was much cheaper to rip out the entire track structure and put in a brand new one.

Track stock is different in design. Original was a triangle of 4 inch pipe stock and it used a varying depth backbone for curves. Think of the Timberline Twister at Knotts or Orphan Rocker. Old track stock was built at WED.

New track stock built in Canada, I forget the company name offhand. It uses a rectangular backbone and resembles Bolliger & Mabbilard track except that instead of using welds, the track stock is bolted to the gussets to the backbone.

Layout is identical, thankfully.
2006-12-05 06:37:16 AM  
odd I've had the small world experience and the pirates experience with the rides breaking down. On Pirate we had to be walked out of the ride after waiting 2 hours. Small World thankfully was only about 40 minutes.

I've also been stuck on Splash Mountain at that portion where you go by the river boat with everything singing. Sat there for 3 hours not knowing what the hell was going on and that song really got old fast.
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