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2002-07-21 08:21:23 PM  
2002-07-21 08:49:43 PM  
2002-07-21 08:55:01 PM  
2002-07-21 09:03:55 PM  
Lovin the seal, but it doesn't get more obvious than this.
2002-07-21 09:38:54 PM  

tastes like chicken?
2002-07-21 09:53:57 PM  
2002-07-21 10:01:08 PM  
Oh no childrens, Chef won't eat THAT kinda raw fish.
2002-07-21 10:16:56 PM  
2002-07-21 10:28:40 PM  
Oops, let's try that one more time:
Gilroy was there!
2002-07-21 10:57:38 PM  
2002-07-21 11:56:26 PM  
2002-07-22 12:08:38 AM  
I'll bet this has been done by now, but...

2002-07-22 01:13:10 AM  
Mod--would you please remove my 12:43 post? Thanks.

Okay...I posted this one, then thought better of it after I looked at it. It looked like he might be doing something I didn't intend him to be doing after I looked at it again. I got censored last week for 4 days and I sure don't want it to happen this soon again...The pic's not really that bad, better to be safe than sorry...

Probably Not Safe for Work
2002-07-22 01:21:04 AM  
Actually...that should of said "Might Not Be Safe for Work"...No boobies, no one nekkid, nothing gross...just a pic with a SFW Angelina Jolie in it, but I think you'll see what I meant by 'looks like he's doing something I didn't intend him to be doing'...
2002-07-22 01:35:56 AM  
Everyone should be able to have fun with this now, took for farking ever. So vote for the word I did for you. Jackass. :-D
2002-07-22 01:39:21 AM  
2002-07-22 01:56:17 AM  
2002-07-22 03:11:56 AM  
This took too damn long. Enjoy, even if it's meaning is obscure.

2002-07-22 04:40:58 AM  
2002-07-22 05:39:57 AM  
This took too long, but I'm pleased with the results.

2002-07-22 07:50:18 AM  
I figured it'd be obvious, but I guess not. Wish it hadn't taken so long, but that fat bastards arms are hard to manipulate. Pun intended.

2002-07-22 08:52:44 AM  

first totalfark photoshop
2002-07-22 09:18:03 AM  
Oh boy! A Photoshop where I can use my own photos.

This is Iron Chef Morimito a little more recently, taken at his Philly restaurant with my crappy digicam. I'm in the original, of course but you farkers don't want to see me, right?
2002-07-22 02:28:39 PM  
Stephen Notley, you are a genius. Plus I want that shirt.

Image is from this NSFW comic
2002-07-22 02:43:21 PM  

Yes, rushed job
2002-07-22 02:43:31 PM  
2002-07-22 02:48:56 PM  
2002-07-22 02:53:59 PM  


2002-07-22 02:59:16 PM  

Subway Tokyo Style
2002-07-22 03:00:50 PM  

2002-07-22 03:01:04 PM  

I know the Little Mermaid theme's been done, but hopefully this is different enough.
2002-07-22 03:04:21 PM  
Ozawa's next masterpiece: the spicy coelacanth roll.

2002-07-22 03:05:57 PM  

a little tako nigiri would be nice. . .
2002-07-22 03:09:05 PM  

2002-07-22 03:13:34 PM  

2002-07-22 03:14:23 PM  
with apologies... ;)

2002-07-22 03:17:38 PM  

"Here, the challenger is actually putting the sushi onto a bed of rice!"
2002-07-22 03:20:05 PM  

PSA: Raw fish can contain bacteria and viruses. Handle with care!
2002-07-22 03:20:49 PM  
subtle...probably too subtle

2002-07-22 03:20:56 PM  

Julia always did love the monkfish.
2002-07-22 03:22:12 PM  

Mmmmmmm, sushi... (know what I mean? :-))
2002-07-22 03:22:40 PM  
Akbar sushi...

2002-07-22 03:22:49 PM  

George says: "Whooweee! Stop bein' a chump, and cook ya damn food in one of mah grills!"
2002-07-22 03:24:19 PM  
2002-07-22 03:24:37 PM  
2002-07-22 03:24:47 PM  
2002-07-22 03:25:15 PM  

Blah. Bored. Quick one.
2002-07-22 03:25:17 PM  
Finger sandwiches... er... sushi...

2002-07-22 03:26:10 PM  
2002-07-22 03:26:15 PM  

i hope some people remember this :D

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