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17894 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jul 2002 at 6:33 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-21 08:31:46 PM  
"actually, superior isn't spelled superiour in any situation. Unless my english dictionary doesn't reference to it, and it's an oxford.. go figure."

Heh... an Oxford Dictionary printed in America has all of the spelling changed. Just like Harry Potter printed in America has all of the words Americanized. Very few books that you buy in America will have British spellings, even if written by British authours. Especially within the past ten years. I have copies of 'A Little Princess' from ten years ago and one from now, and one has Americanized spellings while the other doesn't.

"Americans with French attitudes...."

Ah ha ha. So I like Josephine Bonaparte and prefer to use the original spellings of things. It's a habit now. Doesn't mean I'm going to try change my voice like Madonna did. If I lived in England for a few months, I'd probably start to sound British, but if I moved back I'd go right back to my original accent.

Can't guarantee that I would if I lived there for years and years...
2002-07-21 08:31:54 PM  
SAT's are fine to a point, I have a friend who scored a 1600 and went on to an Ivy league school, graduated #2 in his class. He's super book smart but when it comes to common sense he's dumb as a box of rocks. There is more to intellegence than just a test score.
2002-07-21 08:32:06 PM  
SUPERIOR IS SPELLED 'SUPERIOR'. SUPERIOUR IS NOT A -proper- WORD, MORON. With your 'superior educational system' go learn basic grammar and spelling.

Yes, superiour isn't even a British spelling. He just mispelled it (or slang, either way--it's like saying ain't or reck'on or something).
2002-07-21 08:32:21 PM  
And no, I have no idea why I went into that last little rant.
2002-07-21 08:34:01 PM  
My favorite standardized test was one we had to take every other year in high school. One of the questions was (and I'm paraphrasing everything EXCEPT the first answer):

The Civil War happened because-
A)The South liked the slaves music
B)blah blah blah
C)Economics blah blah blah
D)blah blah blah

Teachers don't like it when you bust out laughing during tests like this. They are especially unamused when they are black and you show them the test question.

Naturally I chose A. both years I had to take the test.
2002-07-21 08:34:07 PM  
07-21-02 08:29:19 PM Bugdog
I dunno about the whole .0002x=.0002 because where I went to school the answer would have been 0.
Why? Because 0 is correct. Now, if it's written .0002(x)=.0002, then the answer is 1.
We had to have the () in there for it to actually be multiplication.
But then again, I only got a 600 on the math part of the SAT. I've always sucked at math.

With or without the parenthesis, it still means multiply. I don't even think there are any math problems where part of a number is missing....2x2 = 242....what is X?
2002-07-21 08:34:53 PM  
Crack addicted crook holds up my quick stop, steals $49 AFTER ruffin me up. 0+49= $49 more dollars for crack than before. Obvious again.
2002-07-21 08:34:56 PM  
blah blah blah...

you could still be a genius, get perfect scores on the SAT and ACT, make fabulous grades in high school and college, and still be an ASSHAT.

the people i admire most are those that, regardless of their backgrounds, become amazing people. there's a ton of CEO's, managers, artists, inventors, scientists, etc., that didn't even graduate from high school. and they're more "intelligent" than most because of the decisions they made.

for example: will smith. i heard somewhere that the kid got really high scores on his entrance exams, got accepted to MIT with some badass scholarship, and decided to pursue rapping and acting instead. now that's cool.
2002-07-21 08:35:47 PM  
"I dunno about the whole .0002x=.0002 because where I went to school the answer would have been 0.

Why? Because 0 is correct. Now, if it's written .0002(x)=.0002, then the answer is 1. "

I guess the question would be when you went to school. I know in my algebra book, my chemistry book, and my geometry book, when you had 100x, it was a given that it meant 100(x). A variable next to any number or variable was a multiplication. And I just got out of high school two years ago.
2002-07-21 08:36:52 PM  

I don't know where you went to school but when you have an equation with variables such as 3x = 6 it's understood to be the same as 3*x = 5. The () is not needed although it is ok to put them in.
2002-07-21 08:37:31 PM  
He's super book smart but when it comes to common sense he's dumb as a box of rocks. There is more to intellegence than just a test score.

And there's more to life than college as well. However, you don't need common sense in college; so it isn't tested.

And to all you naysayers - my lab partner in chemistry, trying to clear more space, pushed his beaker of ether next to our Bunsen burner. Of course, his shirt caught on fire. So he decides to grab the beaker next to him and put out the fire. It, too, was full of ether. Now 0 for 2 in the common sense department, the professor stepped in. He survived, and will graduate next year with his degree in chemistry.

They protect you from lack of common sense. You're on your own for intelligence.
2002-07-21 08:38:04 PM  
I think Wobbly-Headed Bob summed it up best:

Guy: "I did it! I got a perfect score on my SAT! Why, I must be the smartest person in the entire universe! Wow."

WHB: "If you actually believe your true intelligence is determined by some standardized system, well, then you can't be THAT smart. The abililty to quote memorized information is hardly worth such joy."
2002-07-21 08:38:33 PM  
Crack head returns to fill up stolen car with gas, and then drive off without paying. $12,000 free car + $27 free gas = I didnt have to pay for sh*t. So many examples FARK doesnt have enuf room to print them all.
2002-07-21 08:38:35 PM  
Misspudding is right, I'm a total friggin asshat
2002-07-21 08:40:12 PM  
This superior vs. superiour debate is a bit funny to me. One of my room mates said that "Because I am not properly educated, I spelled the word 'humour' incorrectly." The mindset where a person who has not had a "proper education" is stupid, or what-not, really irks me. Just to be an ass, I make SURE to point out every mistake he makes in life, saying that his 8-year *yes, EIGHT years in an art major!* art design degree is USELESS. I'm such a pal.
2002-07-21 08:40:20 PM  
well, Voodoospork, i didn't mean you, personally. i just meant you could be a genius and still be an asshat. you could be an idiot and be an asshat. the qualifications for being an asshat don't depend on intelligence alone.
2002-07-21 08:41:18 PM  
Crap, now I'm a stupid asshat
2002-07-21 08:41:33 PM  
<insert amusing chemistry story here> Heh that's great. I havn't talked to him for a while last I heard he was working on some government contract that he couldn't totally talk about, and it pissed him off because he had to actually work and not play Starcraft or EQ anymore. He was asian too, so he helped contribute to thier higher test scores. I took the ACT scored alright then got into the computer thing and didn't goto college, though I'm planning on it once I get a full ride from the .mil in the national gaurd.
2002-07-21 08:41:57 PM  
With or without the braket, it still indicates multiplication.
2002-07-21 08:42:00 PM  
So sue me, JDignan . It's been over 10 years since I had to take a math class. Ya know what? I don't use algebra in everyday life. I really think the original guy just left out the (). Anyway, I'd have gotten it wrong and no amount of telling me otherwise could convince me I was (am) wrong. I'm just annoying like that.
2002-07-21 08:43:42 PM  
it pissed him off because he had to actually work and not play Starcraft or EQ anymore.

I'm scared of that too. Tell him I send my condolences.
2002-07-21 08:44:18 PM  
Hey, I never said anyone was a moron because of the spelling. I said someone was a moron because they thought it couldn't be spelled both ways. Which it can. But hey, I guess they're just a moron in the ways of wordage, which certainly does not a total moron make. Though it surprises me that some people who read constantly and are extremely intelligent can't seem to spell or write a single paragraph on their own. Just a funny way that the human brain works...
2002-07-21 08:45:47 PM  
Bugdog, That's the spirit....insist you're right when faced with facts showing otherwise....That actually is really fun to do to people, I will admit.
2002-07-21 08:45:53 PM  



2002-07-21 08:45:53 PM  
I wasn't faulting you, or anyone else, J_B. I was just relating a personal account to a totally trivial argument that's been going on too long.
2002-07-21 08:47:22 PM  
Put that is obvious that Bugdog is my philosophy professor
2002-07-21 08:47:42 PM  
Having already said too much, I'll be off to eat some pizza and play some Tekken.
2002-07-21 08:48:04 PM  
Josephine, Ok...I never said it wasn't correct to spell it with a U...the statement was somewhat facetious....and used to point out how ridiculous it is to cling to ridiculously outdated spellings. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get to my job at the Malt Shoppe.
2002-07-21 08:48:47 PM  
Well, JimmyJones, like Misspudding said, "you could be a genius and still be an asshat." Sounds like your former roommate was just one of those folks.

I may prefer to spell things with a 'u', but that doesn't mean that people who use the Americanized spelling are idiots for doing so.
2002-07-21 08:49:02 PM  
Having already said too much, I'll be off to eat some pizza and play some Tekken.

The sign of true intelligence! Why wasn't THIS on the ACT?
2002-07-21 08:50:03 PM  
(Before I leave)
Actually, my (current) roommate is just an asshat. He is, and I don't say this lightly, the dumbest person I have ever met.

Good night.
2002-07-21 08:50:11 PM  
Somewhat off-topic, but relevant for the younger Farkers:

If you don't do well on the SATs and it prevents you from going to the "college of your dreams", go to the best state school you can (even if not in CA) -- you'll pay 1/10th what you would for an elite university, you can get just as good an education (if you try), and you'll probably have a hell of a lot more fun. Take it from me, a piece of paper after 4 years at an elite institution probably isn't worth the cash. If you want to go to grad school at one of them, that's a whole different issue.

Oh yeah, and LawyersRock, I sure hope they didn't have a spelling section on the LSATs...
2002-07-21 08:50:38 PM  
You missed the point, JDignan. It's not an outdated spelling. It's still currently used in several English-speaking countries. In fact, I think America may be the only English-speaking country who doesn't use it...
2002-07-21 08:53:01 PM  
this is kind of silly.

a superiour brit
2002-07-21 08:53:45 PM  
and the poor white remains
at the caboose of the train
but it ain't him to blame
he's only a paaaawn in thar game
2002-07-21 08:54:37 PM  
Josephine, Really? Where do you live? Then stop trying to fool everyone with your pretentious spelling. Spelling something with an unneeded U doesn't make you look fact, it's something Mike Tyson would insist on doing.
2002-07-21 09:01:42 PM  
Actually, JDignan, it's an homage to the real spelling. Especially since I learned to read on British-printed books and that's initially where I learned to spell. I just opted never to change my habits when I got to school (yes, I was reading British-printed books before first grade), and none of my teachers seemed to mind. In fact, after writing little notes to them or telling them that I spell that way, most responded with either a statement of "so do I" or "I like that spelling."

Soo... nyah. Don't get your panties in a riot twist because someone spells something differently.
2002-07-21 09:09:00 PM  
What's going on here? Superiour is not a word. Superior is a word. Just because "humour" and some other words are spelt differently in Britain and America, doesn't mean it's supposed to be "superiour". That's just wrong. Look it up in a dictionary.
2002-07-21 09:10:34 PM's been at least what, 20 years? It wasn't American or current when you LEARNED it, and now twenty years later, you're still clinging to it? And of course your teachers would say that....teachers get all hot over the English language....that's akin to a nerd telling you he loves it when you write him letters in binary.
2002-07-21 09:11:27 PM  
Look it up an a British-printed dictionary, Torgeir.

Enough. No more. This is stupid.
2002-07-21 09:13:02 PM  
Sweetie, I'm going to be a teacher. I'm also a geek. Alright. Really now. Enough. I'm going to go watch The Simpsons.
2002-07-21 09:14:57 PM  
07-21-02 09:11:27 PM Josephine_Bonaparte
Look it up an a British-printed dictionary, Torgeir.
Enough. No more. This is stupid.

Go to lists all British variants....and doesn't get any hits on "superiour"
2002-07-21 09:15:05 PM  
I looked it up on, which lists British spelling variants. But I guess I could be wrong, so I'll check it out some other places. It's just that I've never ever seen it spelt like that.

I like fighting over language. I don't know anyone else who does. By the way, I use British spelling as well, because that's mainly what's taught here in Norway.
2002-07-21 09:15:33 PM  
07-21-02 09:13:02 PM Josephine_Bonaparte
Sweetie, I'm going to be a teacher. I'm also a geek. Alright. Really now. Enough. I'm going to go watch The Simpsons.

You left out "pretentious"....but yeah...that is enough.
2002-07-21 09:16:23 PM  
Blacks is the dumb :D
2002-07-21 09:16:28 PM  
Torgeir, I like fighting about anything on a boring night...even stuff I don't care about. Case in point.
2002-07-21 09:17:55 PM  
I won the SAT.
2002-07-21 09:18:03 PM  
As a freshman I took my SATs when applying to a boarding school. I scored a 700 verbal, 650 math. I felt neat.

Also, at Maine Central Institute, members of the Post Grad basketball team happened to have their SATs read to them in a private room and they could take as long as they liked on them. I think it was required to get a 1000 or such to play NCAA ball. When a player couldn't get listed as learning disabled then they were simply sat next to a student who had a history of testing well and the magically had the same test booklet.

I loved high school so much.
2002-07-21 09:20:41 PM  
This study and many people on this thread (and in the public at large) are not examining the correct statistics. What they should be looking at is a correlation between scores and family income, condition of schools, and similar attributes. I don't think that a standardized test that asks Algebra questions is racially biased.

At the same time, it is hard to deny that people (of all races) who attend better funded schools and have a family who afford to pay for Princeton review courses will do better on average than those people (of all races) who attend inadequate schools and can't afford supplements or tutors.

This isn't to say that is impossible to come from a terrible school situation and do well, only that on average, a worse educational experience will leave someone less prepared for the tests.
2002-07-21 09:22:36 PM  
Theseus, That is generally true...but its not like there aren't plenty poorass white folk in the country. I personally would like to see the state-by-state breakdown...I just wouldn't like to see it enough to go out and search for it on my own.

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