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(Fresno Bee)   Man Accused of Stealing Truck Caught After Demanding Air at Gas Station   ( divider line
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2325 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jul 2002 at 6:05 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-21 04:35:30 PM  
"air-head" comes to mind. Or maby "Stupid-Farking-Moron". You don't pull a gun on a gas station employee, they have nothing left to lose.
2002-07-21 06:10:06 PM  
Are people really this stupid? Maybe I don't get out enough.
2002-07-21 06:10:12 PM  
Maybe the thought that he would get caught "blew" his mind.
2002-07-21 06:10:25 PM  
"Vacaville police officer"

Vacaville? heh
2002-07-21 06:11:07 PM  
Too... much... capitalization...

Doesn't it say it right on the submit form to not capitalize every word?
2002-07-21 06:11:24 PM  
To this ass I leave behind................................................................​.......
a boot to the head!
2002-07-21 06:11:55 PM  
Why would anyone have to steal air?

Who couldn't afford it? I mean, it's 50 cents. I make more money than that taking a Shvitz.
2002-07-21 06:14:53 PM  
I don't want $180! I want 50 cents damnit!
2002-07-21 06:23:44 PM  
Now THAT's a real American hero.
2002-07-21 06:25:33 PM  
I Find The Headline Of This Article So Annyoing That I Refuse To Even Read It.
2002-07-21 06:28:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-21 06:31:07 PM  
I've just got a high speed internet connection.

More boobies per minute
2002-07-21 06:31:12 PM  
It's people like this who make criminals look bad. I think all decent, intelligent criminals should do their utmost to keep morons out of the business. Maybe a supervillain can take a break from running their crime empire to wipe out these bumbling amateurs.
2002-07-21 06:42:56 PM  
Sometimes people really are that dumb I guess. A great show to watch is Cops: Stupid Criminals. Funny stuff.
2002-07-21 06:59:43 PM  
I hope Shane V. Cavalin gets ass cancer!!
2002-07-21 07:43:51 PM  
Why Is Every Word In The Headline Capitalized?
2002-07-21 07:44:26 PM  
Why Must I Beat A Dead Horse?
2002-07-21 07:46:51 PM  
From reading the news, it seems to me that MOST criminals get caught because of lapses of intelligence. In other words... most criminals are stupid
2002-07-21 07:53:04 PM  
Just steal the air machine, lots of quarters in there.
2002-07-21 08:29:45 PM  
KingOFthePOOPeaters:I hope Shane V. Cavalin gets ass cancer!

I grin now because of you, but I don't know why.
2002-07-21 09:36:01 PM  
There should be get into jail free coupons in the newspaper for people like this. No need to dream up some stupid crime that won't work anyway. Just cut out the coupon and take it to the nearest police station.
2002-07-21 10:18:13 PM  

Ugh, what the hell is that quote from?
2002-07-21 11:37:31 PM  
This has got to be the stupidist man on the planet.....or?
Maybe he WANTED to go to jail!....yeah! that's it!...he's really very smart!....everyone knows how good the food is there in jail!....and the companionship!!...
2002-07-22 12:35:55 AM  
At least he wasn't demanding fire-retardant spooge.
2002-07-22 12:36:15 AM  
Farker Accused of Capitalizing Almost Every Word in Post. Chobicus surrenders.
2002-07-22 06:06:11 PM  
MajorMajorMajorMajor: I beg to differ with your assessment of the headline. The words "of" and "at" are not capitalized. Please apologize.
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