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(Some Clone)   We're normal people. We just want our baby to be a clone.   ( divider line
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2717 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Jul 2002 at 8:49 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-20 10:39:50 PM  
Bisifiniti: no dude, I meant a's an gator/fish thing
2002-07-20 10:53:13 PM  
Demosthenes42_0: I think you mean a gaur. It's an endangered type of wild cattle, more like a buffalo or an ox than an alligator.
2002-07-20 10:54:10 PM  
2002-07-20 10:55:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2002-07-20 11:02:11 PM  
Please...all I keep imagining is this little ten year old kid pushing his 65 year-old dad around in a wheel chair. Grandpa? No, that's Dad.

While we're on the topic: look, don't try to have kids when you're that old. He's in his mid-fifties. She's in her mid-forties. She's practically going through menopause. I personally think it's really unfair for a little kid to have parents that old. You have to figure that they both might be dead by the time that kid is in college. Dad will be in his seventies and mom will be in her sixties.

People like this make me sick. Having children is not a person's right. Whatever, if they do this and it works, that kid's gonna be farked up.
2002-07-20 11:03:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-20 11:05:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-20 11:05:59 PM  
"I shall call him...Mini Me"

[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-20 11:06:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Lowered Ex-pect-ta-a-ations.
2002-07-20 11:07:52 PM  
There's also guar, but that's a plant, and nobody gives a crap if they clone plants. They really should clone Teri Garr, though. Having a cow give birth to her would be a little strange, though.
2002-07-20 11:08:43 PM  
They should also clone a </i>
2002-07-20 11:11:29 PM  
Heh...thats what was going through my head when I saw the pic Mr_crash_davis.

Bring back Nicole Sullivan!!
2002-07-20 11:13:44 PM  
I can't believe nobody else thought of this

"They're raising a clone army!"
2002-07-20 11:15:00 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Now with image (me and my rusty HTML)
2002-07-20 11:15:28 PM  
I just learned what a smaug was the other day. When can we start cloning those? They're kewl!
2002-07-20 11:30:19 PM  
"Begun this clone war, has"

[image from too old to be available]

Okay I'll stop now, it was just that......oh nevermind you had to be there.
2002-07-20 11:54:48 PM  
aaaach a beeehbeee

geet in mah belleh!
2002-07-21 12:01:10 AM  
Damn Lucas and his CGI fetish, DAMN HIM!
2002-07-21 12:05:15 AM  
Don't get your underpants in a knot. Human cloning is a loooooong way off. They'll both be dead by then.
2002-07-21 12:05:43 AM  

Nice post. Point taken.

They stll should not do this though, wherever they're going to do it. Just my opinion....
2002-07-21 12:17:51 AM  
Ooitburns: they could clone a human tomorrow is it was legal and someone was dumb enough to try it.

The reasons for not cloning youself are threefold:

1. We already have enough farking people, thank you
2. A clone is not an exact copy, and nowhere near identical psycchologically (Dolly doesn't act like her clone mother)
3. If you can't get knocked up normally, perhaps this means that you shouldn't be having children.
2002-07-21 12:33:05 AM  
Natural selection has not selected this couple.

And another reason cloning is a bad idea, Dolly. Dolly was one "success" out of hundreds of failures. There may still be something really farked up about her that we don't yet know. And I don't think society is going to tolerate human cloning once the first really horrific deformities and other birth defects appear.
2002-07-21 12:59:07 AM  
Well, cloning has always been a hot issue. I agree with most Farkers (and I mean people who use Fark, not literally) here that if you cant breed normally, then dont go about it another way. Ah well, I wont have to worry about having kids for ohh... another 10 years, so whopee! Oh yeah, on that tons of people issue, scientists estimated that in a perfect planet (ie, people sharing, no one being an arse, etc), the Earth could hold around 40 billion people... but of course that would never happen.
2002-07-21 01:09:18 AM  
isn't the main reason cloning isn't what we, as humans, use for reproduction because there are no mutations between the DNA? therefore, a clone is identical in DNA, except for later mutations by the environment?

therefore, the reason sexual reproduction is good, other than the obvious reasons, is because you get DNA from both parents, and chances for mutations...therefore, more different, and evolutionarily speaking, more chances for survival.
2002-07-21 01:10:10 AM  
These people's excuses for not wanting to adopt sound really farking lame to me. So, a child has had it rough for the first year of its life. Isn't that even more reason you should open up your life to it? odd.
2002-07-21 01:19:03 AM  
Of course, the baby will probably have the same problems as she does. Not to mention that nobody is talking about Dolly being excessively fat, despite constant care by veterinarians. She is also rapidly aging.

My cousin just completed adopting two beautiful girls, 8 and 9. She averages 4 other foster children with her at any one time. It's a shame that people would rather try unproven, dangerous methods of sharing a childs life than take the ones that are deperately waiting.
2002-07-21 01:46:54 AM  
1. Cloning will not proceed without people like these.

2. Babies are born retarted and disabled everyday, who cares about a disabled clone? Who knows, retarded clones may hold the key to solving birth defects coz they will be closely monitered.

3. A clone is just the later-born-twin-of-the-first. Its more like pulling your twin sister/brother from the past to the future.
2002-07-21 02:06:02 AM  
a lot of people suck. here are two of them.

2002-07-21 02:13:59 AM  
also, i want to know if someone can clear up some doubts I have had about cloning. doesn't it follow that your DNA grows old just like everything else in the body? I mean, isn't our DNA's constant state of flux the very reason that we get cancer and stuff like that?

that said, doesn't it stand to reason that when you put old DNA into a young body (or egg in this case), the cells of that young body will deteriorate as if it were a forty year old body? seems to me that it why Dolly the sheep is getting stricken with arthritis, weight problems, and other things.....her body is acting like she is much older than she is, and this is reflected by joint problems and a slower metabolic rate.

i don't know, seems to me that unless you have some of your DNA far earlier in the game of life, there won't be any really good way to have a cloned kid (is there a good way at all? why not just take one of those Romanian kids, i hear they need families pretty badly), unless of course they use the human genome project as a future reference for a tabula rasa approach to cloning, thereby wiping the slate clean of all age effects, but that seems really far off to me.

regardless, i will probably feel really sorry for the first human clone. talk about civil rights issues! we haven't even begun to see the conflict regarding that, if cloning ever becomes a real option.
2002-07-21 03:23:38 AM  
Farking wannabe breeders.
They did not want to adopt a baby from abroad because they believe the child would be around one year old by the time they completed the arrangements and paper work. By that time they say the baby would already have spent a long time in care or in an orphanage and may have been neglected or maltreated. They do not want to adopt a baby who has had a troubled start in life.
That reasoning disgusts me - I suppose that babies like that don't deserve families or any chance for a better life than their first year.

Assuming that they have any knowledge whatsoever about the successful clones so far (which without exception as far as I know All show some forms of rapid degeneration or disfigurement) then they demonstrate an astounding lack of respect for life with their willingness to attempt a human clone with our current technology.

I'm hoping that reproductive cloning is banned while therapeutic cloning flourishes.
2002-07-21 09:40:17 AM  
If they're willing to use a surrogate for a clone, then why not just use a surrogate to carry a "natural" embryo like they used with their previous IVF attempts? (I know, natural's not really the word for something created in a lab, but...ya get the point)

Seems to me that there's something weird about these two. They're so hell-bent on having a child that's biologically related to them, why not do it that way instead of cloning? Either these two really ARE media seekers, or they have more money than brains.
2002-07-21 04:12:13 PM  
Freckled_fiend: That was part of my question too. These people are full of shiat. They don't want a baby - they want publicity.
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