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(Some Clone)   We're normal people. We just want our baby to be a clone.   ( divider line
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2717 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Jul 2002 at 8:49 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-20 08:53:24 PM  
2002-07-20 08:54:15 PM  
why does this headline not make any sense:

Why we're trying to give birth to the world's first human clone

birth? to a clone? isn't cloning something done in a lab? or am i missing something here...?
2002-07-20 08:54:40 PM  
If you create a clone, then kill it... is it murder, or suicide?
2002-07-20 08:55:19 PM  
They've tried everything. Except adoption.

Why not just adopt?
2002-07-20 08:55:23 PM  
Too many people in the world already.
2002-07-20 08:55:27 PM  
Human clones are soulless husks that will one day turn on us. Mark my words.
2002-07-20 08:55:40 PM  
If we're going to clone anyone, it should be someone with big boobies.
2002-07-20 08:57:46 PM i clone in the lab and then they stick into a surrogate mother.

how weird would that be to have a kid that looked exactly like you? and had all of the same genes as you? and developed exactly the same way as you?

2002-07-20 08:57:56 PM  
What in the hell makes her think a cloned embryo will survive her whacked-out uterus any better than a non-cloned embryo? Go adopt a kid, you assbaskets.
2002-07-20 08:58:05 PM  
i wouldnt mind my own lil clown of J LO
2002-07-20 08:58:58 PM  
2002-07-20 09:00:08 PM  
so many orphans and so many would-be parents. my SO doesn't want to think about adoption even though she's got a wacked-out uterus herself.. any ideas?
2002-07-20 09:01:01 PM  
Misspudding: isn't cloning something done in a lab? or am i missing something here...?

Clones are regular baby-folk, but they have some other guy's DNA. There are no external, out of body, non-womb, incubator chambers yet.
2002-07-20 09:01:04 PM  
Ahhh...I can see it now, little Boba running down the beach waving and laughing.
2002-07-20 09:01:12 PM  
Draugluin - have you considered a pet?
2002-07-20 09:01:19 PM  
Misspudding- Not a test tube baby. Cloned just means, basically, embyro gene-swapping. How it develops is irrelevant.
2002-07-20 09:01:32 PM  
Anyone willing to try to clone a human at this early stage of technological development has no concern for human life.

What about all the purported signs of early aging in dolly, potentially due to genetic imperfections?

These two people are selfish assholes.
2002-07-20 09:01:32 PM  
this is a legit reason to clone, if someone wants to raise a baby and can't

i say, let them have their baby

and they can splice the clone to be a mix of the two parents so it wont look the same, it'll be just a normal child
2002-07-20 09:02:12 PM  
Send in the clones!

I think I'm a clone now...there's always two of my just a-hangin' round.
2002-07-20 09:02:27 PM  
Misspudding: We've got a couple cats already :)
2002-07-20 09:03:04 PM  
yeah, Klippoklondike and Bisifiniti, i figured it out already. thanks, though.
2002-07-20 09:04:09 PM  
I'm going to laugh my ass off when the lab gets the DNA mixed up, and she gives birth to a goat.
2002-07-20 09:05:44 PM  
whatever happened to the couple that had the switched babies, you know the white couple had a black kid and vice versa?
2002-07-20 09:05:52 PM  
GamingNoiseRadio: this is a legit reason to clone, if someone wants to raise a baby and can't

That's really arguable. There is still adoption, test-tube babies, rental wombs.

and they can splice the clone to be a mix of the two parents so it wont look the same, it'll be just a normal child

Then it's not a clone.
2002-07-20 09:06:11 PM  
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
07-20-02 09:04:09 PM Bonobo62
I'm going to laugh my ass off when the lab gets the DNA mixed up, and she gives birth to a goat.

And, when the other little kids at daycare ask him if he knows why he is different, he'll answer NAAAAAH

/bada boom....pshhhh
2002-07-20 09:06:18 PM  
This is why they're really doing it.
2002-07-20 09:07:47 PM  
Bonobo62:...I could give birth to a goat, or puppies for that matter...not to long ago a cow gave birth to baby gnars

[image from too old to be available]

For some reason this reminds me of a scene from dogma...anyone follow?
2002-07-20 09:08:00 PM  
Cot: This is why they're really doing it.

Soylent Green is ME!
2002-07-20 09:08:35 PM  
I think a lot of people hear the word "clone" and automatically think "exactly copy". Perhaps the word is misused in this case.. I mean, the only thing that is the same between the donor and the clone is the DNA. Like identical twins, they'll have the same physical features but that's about it. I don't see what the hubbub is against "cloning".
2002-07-20 09:09:02 PM  

The couple had considered adoption but, due to their age, they would not succeed in adopting a new-born baby in the US. They did not want to adopt a baby from abroad because they believe the child would be around one year old by the time they completed the arrangements and paper work. By that time they say the baby would already have spent a long time in care or in an orphanage and may have been neglected or maltreated. They do not want to adopt a baby who has had a troubled start in life.

There ya go.
2002-07-20 09:09:50 PM  
LMAO, good one cot ^_^
2002-07-20 09:09:52 PM  
Actually, the couple isn't that pro-cloning. The article implied they had reservations, and even then, it was a last choice after multiple IVF attempts.
2002-07-20 09:10:28 PM  
EQAddict: Thanks for posting that.
2002-07-20 09:10:34 PM  
Demosthenes42_0 not to long ago a cow gave birth to baby gnars

2002-07-20 09:11:55 PM  
No problem, Draugluin.
2002-07-20 09:12:20 PM  
Demosthenes42_0- Uh, yeah, it's called being laid as an egg into a cow's crapper, hatching, and flying out. The miracle of life.
2002-07-20 09:12:56 PM  
Assuming you meant 'gnats', that is
2002-07-20 09:13:57 PM  
"...Bill and Kathy, who describe themselves as a religious couple, had exhausted all other possibilities and saw this as their only hope."

Take it as a sign your deity doesn't want you to breed and give up.
2002-07-20 09:23:05 PM  
Ok... They don't look to be in the world's greatest shape. And they want to be dealing with a high school senior when they're in their early 60s and 70s?
2002-07-20 09:32:41 PM  
Although I have issues about the rest of the content in this article, I feel the overwhelming urge to turn [nitpicking] on...

Once again I'm astounded at the lack of geographic knowledge Americans possess (considering elsewhere in the article she professes to be intelligent and from a long line of intelligent people)

I quote:
"As the US will not give permission for cloning and the practice is banned in the UK, the experiment will take place in a developing country."
" Kathy said: '... We don't know if we will be flying off to Hong Kong or South Africa. '"

I know one thing, if it's a developing country you're going to, it won't be Hong Kong. And if it's a developing country you're going to, you better hope Dr Z does his homework, cos developing countries are not nice places to into hospital.


As for the rest of it, I'm pretty sure same DNA means same looks, same everything. Only the things about the way you're raised would be different, maybe personality to a certain extent.

But who honestly believes they can hide this from the worlds media?
2002-07-20 09:49:27 PM  
Hmm, I would otherwise agree that adoption would be the best thing for this couple, considering the ethical concerns of cloning.

But I'm not going to. I'd rather these two not have kids at all.
2002-07-20 09:50:20 PM  
If they want to clone a kid, so be it.

The technology now exists. Somebody is going to do it.

And this is going to sound really cold but, the technology is not going to be able to improve unless we get a few astounding failures in the begining to learn from.
2002-07-20 09:51:46 PM  
Ghost_who_walks: "But who honestly believes they can hide this from the worlds media?"

I actually think that's the whole reason they're doing it. They're willing to use a surrogate mother, but not for any of their Kathy+Bill embryos. They'll use one for the Kathy clone embryos, though. They don't want to adopt a child with a troubled beginning, but they're ready and willing to subject one to the unwanted attention, fame, prejudice, and possible medical problems that would result from being the world's first human clone. On the one hand, they say it's "very important" to them that they have genetically-related children. On the other hand, they considered adoption but rejected it not because they wanted genetically-related children, but because they wanted a healthy white baby (let's not mince words).

The pieces aren't fitting together here. I smell bullshiat. I smell middle-class, middle-age Americans with a thirst for fame.
2002-07-20 09:54:19 PM  
Actually, the couple isn't that pro-cloning.

Great to see how tenaciously they stand by their principles. fark these shiatheads.
2002-07-20 09:54:50 PM  
I thought about cloning myself for a little while, then I realized I'd really get on my nerves. One of us would end up killing the other, and nobody would know who did it.
2002-07-20 09:58:08 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

2002-07-20 10:10:03 PM  
I wonder if they've considered that all this trouble might be nature's ways of saying "Don't Breed".

They're probably horribly defective in some way. Evolution works.
2002-07-20 10:23:09 PM  
cloning is ethically wrong, even if you don't consider a human human until birth. Out of 1000 clones, 1 has a chance of not being born deformed, and that doesn't factor in intelligence or psychological health. About 3/4 are lucky enough to die before being born, and the rest have sick, horrible deformations and undoubtedly suffer greatly before their deaths usually a few hours to a few days after their births.

they are born without limbs, vital organs (hearts, kidneys, livers), a fully formed skeleton, a blocked/nonexistent/malfunctioning respiratory system, and/or underdeveloped organs. This is hardly ethical in animals, and anybody who would dare try it on humans is right up there with Hitler and Stalin on my scale of megalomaniacal subhuman monsters with no regard for human life.
2002-07-20 10:25:13 PM  
..........Hey mister, do you sell GUM?
...One of us one of us...heeheeheeheeheeeheee!!!
2002-07-20 10:28:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Family vacations were becoming increasingly surreal for Bill and Kathy.
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