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12634 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jul 2002 at 9:28 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-20 06:36:58 AM  
Links to a forum that requires registration.

2002-07-20 02:02:22 PM  
That's a good story. I like the part where he said handling technical support problems
2002-07-20 04:40:49 PM  
10 bucks for forum registration? Sheesh! IS that 10 bucks a day? 10 bucks a month? what?
2002-07-20 07:42:04 PM  
Even better than the $10 you have to pay is the forum rules. Read them if you get a chance.
2002-07-20 08:30:24 PM  
LOL! Yeah I read the SA Forum rules. Basically if you post anything they don't like...they ban you. "Mod" rhymes with "God" which is descriptive of their authority.
2002-07-21 08:24:42 AM  
"You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page. Check with the loser that posted this link."
2002-07-21 09:32:54 AM  
(cue rubber chicken on string falling from ceiling)

2002-07-21 09:35:37 AM  
More evidence for my continuing file of contemporary incompetence.
2002-07-21 09:36:59 AM  
$10 a month? To cover costs? Costs of what, his new Miata?
2002-07-21 09:39:45 AM  
I'm glad fark is nothing like that.

oh and vote for me, because I'm so dead sexy!
2002-07-21 09:39:52 AM  
Shame on this submitter.

But not even a cheap copy and paste of the forum content ?

Perhaps this is fark trying to get SA to make some money.
2002-07-21 09:40:27 AM  
Let's all bill the scripts to the moron that posted this link.
2002-07-21 09:40:42 AM  
Interesting... to change the little custom title you get under your name on the messageboard, you can pay 5$. Apparently, you can also change the title of another user for 10$.
So not only do you have to pay to post on the message board, you have to pay every time some wanker decides to change your title? Or am I missing something?
2002-07-21 09:41:12 AM  
No, you fools. It's a $10 one-time payment. Stop whining.
2002-07-21 09:43:51 AM  
now who's the dumbass?
2002-07-21 09:44:10 AM  
$10? no way, very stupid of them. loverboy you got my vote, lol
2002-07-21 09:44:47 AM  
Does this mean I'm awful, or not awful enough?
2002-07-21 09:45:27 AM  
Pfft! You'd never catch me pay money to use a website, no Sir...
2002-07-21 09:45:31 AM  
wow I read SA alot and have never checked out their forums, and now I never will. They have a butt load of rules for a site that would seem to biatch about the same thing on another site. weird.
2002-07-21 09:46:00 AM  
whoever submitted this link is a dumbass!
2002-07-21 09:47:01 AM  
Let's keep this in perspective. SomethingAwful charges more than the New York Times, but less than the Wall Street Journal to subscribe.

Oh, and vote for Loverboy.
2002-07-21 09:47:45 AM  
My List of charges:


Antivirus software subscription for my wife's windoze computer.

Web hosting company

sites that want my membership :



something awful


f**cked company


a whole bunch of adult content sites

and the list goes on. But if I were to subscribe to each site I would have no money. Oh well.
2002-07-21 09:53:52 AM  
What the fark? 10 bucks of my hard earned money to register on awful forums? Not happening. The submitter should be burned. Second, why the hell is there voting?
2002-07-21 09:54:23 AM  
$10 for thread after thread of the funniest shiat you will ever read? $10 for sucking away a full workday of boredom. Come on you farking morons, it's not like you are paying to see the hardforums or something.

The strict rules will only bite you if you act like a total moron. You have got to be a farking idoit to get banned. So most farkers will get banned after their Boobies.

Better keep that $10. Forget I ever said anything.
2002-07-21 09:55:15 AM  
So many rules...will to live fading...
2002-07-21 09:56:35 AM  
After reading all "The Rules" that SA has...FARK THEM and their elitest BS attitudes. Sounds like you catch a mod with a wild hair across their ass and you get banned, oh but you can 'donate' anothe 9.95, but they will probably ban ya again. FARK THEM!!!
2002-07-21 09:58:40 AM  
The SA forums are by far the funniest on the web. They destroy the FARK forums. Believe me or don't, your loss.
2002-07-21 10:00:14 AM  
Charging to use the forum is understandable.

Charging to see the forum is stupid. You don't have any way to judge the forum, and if you want to be a part of it. For all you know, the forum members are a bunch of cretins you don't want to talk to. Since the keep themselves hidden until they get your money, chances are they are a bunch of assholes.

Not that Fark isn't full of trolls, it is. But you don't have to pay money to find that out.

Oh, and vote for me!!!
2002-07-21 10:02:22 AM  
I voted for Loverboy....I will take his word on Dead sexy
2002-07-21 10:09:14 AM  

Demotivate said:

The SA forums are by far the funniest on the web. They destroy the FARK forums. Believe me or don't, your loss.

So how much of the $9.95 are you getting? lol

2002-07-21 10:09:39 AM  
I see nothing wrong with their rules.
2002-07-21 10:14:27 AM  

Linkz to pay sites make baby Jesus cry.

2002-07-21 10:17:58 AM  
I don't pay for websites because there is always another one which offers the same thing for free. Or better free alternatives.

Somthingawful is funny and is great but I could live without it. Besides forums are not exactly my thing, I prefer talking with friends rather than typing with strangers.

And in forums nothing is ever settled and all your content filters away, I'm not much for talking with strangers.

The only thing I pay for online is my website domain name thingy which I will need to make sometime, but is a nice place to store my pics and stuff.
2002-07-21 10:24:41 AM  
Wow, nice rules. They've let the few ruin it for the many.

Here's a picture of Alf.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-21 10:29:07 AM  
Remember Alf? He's back. In POG form!
2002-07-21 10:35:44 AM  
X-E was almost as bad for a while, what with people being banned from the board for stuff they said in IRC or at Davese.... BOO. I think Matt woke up from his thousand year slumber and did something about it. Still, IT'S FREE.
2002-07-21 10:37:10 AM  
The internet is a cold place. Maybe you should join a support group if you want people to care about you Vesuvius.

2002-07-21 10:37:18 AM  
SA forums are funny, i will say that.. but I wouldn't pay.. a friend showed me a couple of the things on em once
2002-07-21 10:37:35 AM  
I believe Jay Phat Budz said it best when he said....

Umm... snoochie boochies?
2002-07-21 10:50:20 AM  
Oh yeah, one of the bannable offenses at XE last week?

Having an "UNBAN (insert name of banned member here)!" image, or a BANHAMMER LIBERATION FRONT image in your signature.
2002-07-21 11:07:31 AM  
Pff. I used to read the SA boards long before they were made subscriber-only. There is absolutely NOTHING that you can find there that you can't find anywhere else.

You have to pay $10 for the privilege of viewing funny stuff? Sounds to me more like, if you don't pay $10 to post on SA, your stuff will never be as funny as the stuff on SA.
2002-07-21 11:10:36 AM  
The photoshops, the best thing on SA forums, are up every friday or whenever for free.

Vote for me!
2002-07-21 11:32:29 AM  
You don't get banned for being honest, you get banned when you deserve it. We make jokes about Lowtax beating his fiance all the time in FYAD, but they're in good humor. However, stuff like "Lowtax is an asshole the rules are stupid fark rules france surrenders" is bannable. The rules are what keeps the assholes out and keeps it funny.

Also, about the rules, I can't think of a single one that makes the forums less enjoyable.
"If you're caught doing one of the above, don't whine about free speech and how this forum infringes upon your rights as an American / human being / jackass. This is a private forum and these rules are limits on what can be done by its participants. If you've broken a rule and are banned, you are obviously not wanted here."
2002-07-21 11:40:44 AM  
That may be so, but I'm not going to take your word for it. And rules 19 and 25 make it seem to me that I won't be welcome unless I kiss some ass. I don't want to gamble my money to find out if that's the case or not, especially when there's such a preponderance of evidence FOR it.

So, you make jokes about Lowtax beating his wife. So what? That's not what I'm talking about at all. I'm talking about airing legitimate criticisms, not joking around. Like I said, if I see something wrong, I WILL talk about it, rules or no rules. Might as well just save my money, because I probably will be banned. I'm not a jackass, or an asshole (well, sometimes I'm an asshole, but only when I'm having a bad day), I'm just honest and outspoken, and take me for what I am.
2002-07-21 11:42:37 AM  
That's a total lie, about the banning.... LowTax bans far too easily.

You do one thing stupid and he's earned another $10.
2002-07-21 11:45:10 AM  
BorkingChikpa: There are tons other photoshop threads that don't show up on photoshop phriday, and all of them are funny.

HeartBurnKid: If you don't get in the mods way and act like a retarded 12 year old, you won't get banned. KaneOfNod hit it on the head, not one of those rules makes the forums less enjoyable. If it comes to something serious, the mods are (usually) civil if there's something legitimately wrong.

Also, the $10 does 2 things:

1.) Helps pay for the incredible amount of bandwidth that the forums alone pull
2.) Keeps out your every-day 13 year old troll who thinks he's cool because hes "l33t liek jeffk"
2002-07-21 11:51:57 AM  
i say only charge to post on the forums, not to look at them
2002-07-21 11:53:20 AM  
As long as the link is up here, can someone with access at least do a little cut and paste so the rest of us can see what's so funny?
2002-07-21 12:07:53 PM  
After reading the rules at SA, all I can say is I'm glad I kept my $10.

I think Lowtax and his pals are just a little power-mad.

I understand that all forums have Mods that get a little bit of power and all the sudden feel god-like, but the twats over at SA take it to a whole new level.

Lowtax can kindly kiss my ass.
2002-07-21 12:08:58 PM  
For the first time, I just read the "Rules"...What a bunch of sanctimonious assholes! I used to think SA's PShops were entertaining, and for the most they were...But after reading that self-serving crock of s.h.i.t. I shall NEVER visit that pathetic site again. Lowtax, I once thought you were somewhat I realize you are a pathetic, whining, spoiled brat of a bastard. Oh, and the rules remind me of the movie "Cool Hand Luke" when the warden is explaining everything that gets you put in the "Hole"; (a long exasperating list) every other phrase is "That'll get you the hole." In these asinine "Rules" of SA substitute the word "Banned" for "Hole" and you get the point. With asshole-laden leadership like this SA will soon be a (much-deserved) thing of the past.
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