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(BBC)   Prominent Beirut Christian cabinet minister gunned down by Lebanonynmous gunman   ( divider line
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2006-11-21 05:45:18 PM  
Wild Bluebonnet:

[The writer's husband] also supports Israel and wants Hezbollah out of the country of his birth. He considers them terrorists, as do all Lebanese Christians [emphasis supplied].

O, RLY? From the Pew Research Center:

Despite widespread sectarian violence during their country's 1975-1990 civil war, today Lebanese Muslims and Christians generally have positive attitudes toward one another. Fully 86% of Muslims have a favorable opinion of Christians, by far the highest rating of Christians by any Muslim public. At the same time, 82% of Christians have a positive view of Muslims.

Attitudes toward Jews, however, are quite another matter. Even before the current conflict, negative sentiments about Jews and Israel were widespread in Lebanon, and they were not confined to the Muslim community. Indeed, no one in our Lebanese sample, Muslim, Christian, Druze, or otherwise, said they had a favorable view of Jews. Of course, negative attitudes towards Jews are not uncommon in the region -- in neighboring Jordan, zero respondents had a favorable view of Jews, and Morocco and Pakistan also posted favorable ratings for Jews in the single digits.

Despite the Lebanese Christians' antipathy toward Israel, however, it should be noted that a bare majority of Lebanese Christians - nowhere near "all," however, as Wild Bluebonnet would have it - are troubled by Hezbollah:

Another issue on which Muslims and Christians disagree is the threat posed to their country by Islamic extremism. Despite the dominant position of Iranian-backed Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, in last year's survey only 4% of Lebanese Muslims considered Islamic extremism a very or fairly great threat to the country, the lowest percentage of the six Muslim publics. Meanwhile, Lebanon's Christian minority sees this issue quite differently: 53% say Islamic extremism poses a very or fairly great threat.

One more interesting point - even though the fairly secular Lebanese Muslim community has the very highest level of support among the Islamic nations in which thise survey was conducted for suicide bombers in general, only 4% have a favorable opinion of Osama bin Laden. Curious, no?
2006-11-21 05:56:20 PM  
More schooling for those of you who would like to make this a Muslim vs. Christian thing:

Hezbollah's strongest ally in its push to topple the government is ... Christian. It's the Free Patriotic Movement headed by Maronite politician Michel Aoun, a man who's so obsessed with being President that he will ally with the people who work for his old enemy: Syria.

And the Free Patriotic Movement is supported by - by some estimates - up to 70 percent of Lebanon's Christians. The rest fall mainly into Samir Geagea's camp, the Lebanese Forces, a party/militia that owes traces it its pedegree to the Hitler Youth of the 1930s. (No wonder the LGF ogres like it.)

This current political fight here has very little to do with Christian vs. Muslims. Instead, it's a fight between a pro-Syrian bloc (Hezbollah, Amal, FPM and a few smaller parties) and an anti-Syrian bloc (Future Movement, Lebanese Forces and Progressive Socialist Party). And this split in the Lebanese political society mirrors the greater struggle for the Middle East: the contest for influence between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

2006-11-21 07:24:21 PM  
This sh*t is going to go on over there til the end of time ... or, until we simply get right out of the way and let them decide it amongst themselves.

Then, we work with whoever's left.
2006-11-21 09:40:39 PM  
2006-11-21 11:15:51 PM  
You know what'd be awesome? We stop buying their oil in the middle east. They'd crack like a deck of cards. Checkmate.
2006-11-21 11:25:19 PM  
pretty sad some people blame Islam for 9/11 ... great evidence of the complete superficiality of their 'knowledge' of world affairs. if only things were that simple...
some people just like to join in a crowd and feel like they can yell louder if they repeat what the crowd is screaming.
2006-11-22 12:50:01 AM  
Something tells me czarangelus doesn't get laid much (if at all).

Also, it seems logic and reasoned thought aren't part of the Philosophy syllabus at Stetson.

what a total clown. If he believed a word of the bullshiat he spews, he'd already be strapping on a bomb vest to his little brother or sister and sending them off to SteinMart.

2006-11-22 12:04:19 PM  

We've got our very own terrorism supporter here on fark, how very quaint.

I doubt he's really ready to go out and blow himself to farking bits so he can kill old jewish women and school kids like a real terrorist, he's probably just a trust fund kid in school who poses (alpha jihadi delta house?)this way hoping to bone some muslim chicks.
2006-11-22 03:34:19 PM  
czarangelus reaps the benefits of his nations democratic institutions while supporting anti-democratic armed militias in other people's nations.

*clap clap*

I admit, I get really pissed off watching him support a group that is aiming at starting a civil war in Lebanon from his privileged position in the United States, but then i remember he's just an uninformed and inexperienced philosophy student, and I try to cut him some slack.

But still. For somebody who has never known real violence to support militias that use it in other nations makes my blood boil.

He's lucky, he's never known civil war, and probably never will. I wish I could say the same about the Lebanese people....
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