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(Some Guy) Boobies Hyapatia Lee: Pocahontas come to life (not safe for work)   ( divider line 110
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2002-07-19 04:27:32 PM  
Cool areolas!
2002-07-19 04:29:22 PM  
Too funny, Hoohoodilly! Two walls of jiggling [image from too old to be available] tags! That oughta hypnotize ya!
2002-07-19 04:35:11 PM  
I hate to change the subject, but I have proof that the body of a redhead is a work of art.

2002-07-19 04:37:49 PM  
I used to date a redhead. best.. sex.. EVER!!

Something about that milky skin, pinkest of pink nipples, and that firey bush. MMMMM.
2002-07-19 04:38:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-19 04:39:39 PM  
Tigerzdad: That IS old school ... was one of the first porn mags I ever had access to ... sneaked it out of my old man's stash. Traci Lords and Hyapatia Lee ... correct me if I'm wrong, but that one had the reprint of Vanessa Williams' softcore lesbo stuff in it, right? I think the title of Traci Lords' pictorial was "Slip Slidin' Away ..." I obviously spent much quality time with that edition. ;)
2002-07-19 04:39:49 PM  
I think my desire to visit Ireland has to do with finding a hot redhead with long curly hair. I'll have to check that link when I get home.
2002-07-19 04:41:48 PM  
She is in no way a midget. Who cares if she's 4'9"? It's all aboot proportion, man. Now if she had those stubby little dwarf legs I'd be in total agreement, but damn man. Look at her body.
2002-07-19 04:43:10 PM  
Bring back Nikki Dial!! Has anybody heard from her?
2002-07-19 04:52:45 PM  
I too am Irish/cherokee (15/16 and 1/16 respectively). And yes, I drink like one too.
2002-07-19 04:52:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-19 04:53:17 PM  
Goda love the new [image from too old to be available] tag
2002-07-19 04:54:08 PM  
I met her in Indianapolis years ago at a "show" downtown. She was very funny and cool, and took questions from the audience afterwards.

My favorite "work" of hers has to be "Sleeping Beauty Aroused." Very funny low budget film with special effects and Tori Wells.

The "better get busy with a cock or two" Fat-Boys type rap was worth the rental alone. There was a great sense of humor in that one.
2002-07-19 05:05:28 PM  
umm, just how old *is* Guage? That skullfarkin stuff makes me wonder if she is some 13 yr old kidnapped by bikers....
2002-07-19 05:20:33 PM  
We could have a wonderful survey weekend like we had last week. First topic: Name your favorite pornstar and link to their pictures so that we can see.

I only know a few pornstars by name like Jenna Jameson and Bridget the Midget. Clue us in you porn aficionados!
2002-07-19 05:33:03 PM  
Tobychubacca... Nina Hartley was mentioned earlier. She always was and will always be my favorite starlet.

She's looking better now than ever, too.
2002-07-19 05:33:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-19 05:34:32 PM  
boobies, boobies, boobies are overrated. Sure, they have great form, are plyable, have great texture when those sweet nipples get hard, and are wonderful to be held, but don't you think we are getting carried away?

Don't you know what the most important part of a woman's body is? Your, ahem, her dresser is not filled with bras, but that closet that used to be yours is now filled with shoes. Yes, that's right, its feet. (SFW, I think, except for the last few...) Its a fact that shoes expand to fit the capacity of a closet. Then you, Mr. Handyman, have a home remodeling project to increase closet real estate or move up the ladder and go house shopping. Or she will find someone else who will. You could give a woman flowers and diamonds, but the truth is in the closet. Its size that matters here. More shoes, the happier the relationship will be. Its all about shoes to fit her feet.

We could talk about legs too (NSFW!), but take a look in that closet.
2002-07-19 05:36:49 PM  
Please don't make the weiners tag move... PLEASE!
2002-07-19 05:40:37 PM  
I believe the actual porn was named, "Pokahotass"

Or maybe that was a more modern Kobe Tai flick...don't remember...
2002-07-19 05:41:38 PM  
I'd poke her haunches.
2002-07-19 05:45:23 PM  
Kobe Tai, there’s a pedophiles dream. I don’t like women who weigh under 120lbs. Still fake boobs means she wouldn’t get kicked out of my bed. Like she would ever be there…Shut Up! That’s Why!
2002-07-19 05:58:46 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-19 06:00:54 PM  
So has anyone else noticed that porn queen, Asia Carrera, writes reviews for MaximumPC magazine? At least we know the editor's getting laid.
2002-07-19 06:03:34 PM  
You know Pocahontas was a real person
2002-07-19 06:08:40 PM  
Yes, if she came to life now she would be clawing desperately at the inside of her grave.
2002-07-19 06:10:15 PM  
2002-07-19 06:10:39 PM  
Not only was pocahontas a real person, she looked like an ugly man and died lonely and sad in england.

and she didn't have a wacky raccoon friend, either.
2002-07-19 06:12:26 PM  
Acidjazz She's 20.
2002-07-19 06:22:59 PM  
OLD SCHOOL once again..
her in Canterbury Tales.. YEEHAW!

she is one hot piece of arse!
2002-07-19 06:36:28 PM  
Asia Carrera is a self-described geek. She even did her whole website by herself, and it is a pretty good looking website, if you know what I mean.
2002-07-19 06:45:56 PM  
Does anybody remember 80's porn queen Raquel Darrian too? Or Diedre Holland? Those two make my weenus hurt...dear god...
2002-07-19 07:04:30 PM  
I remember them, Weenus. Good 'ol 80's porn -- all hairy and untrimmed, but at least you could pop in your betamax and didn't have to wheel out the projector.
2002-07-19 07:35:31 PM  
Yes, Pocahontas was a real, live person, but I think that Hyapatia Lee died a couple of years ago.
2002-07-19 07:41:37 PM  
Raquel Darrian is sooooo hot, get her "Deep Inside" DVD its awesome!
2002-07-19 07:49:18 PM  
Lee, Kay Parker, Jennifer Welles, Lisa De Leeuw, Georgina Spelvin, Sharon Mitchell, Trinity Loren, Linda Lovelace, Gloria Leonard and Ginger Lynn

The Queens of Porn in the Golden Era (35mm). Where's their Presidential Medals of Freedom?, you sexist bastards.
2002-07-19 08:01:04 PM  
it's good to be back at FARK, I love how the BOOBIES jiggle
2002-07-19 08:01:59 PM  
You forgot Marilyn Chambers, JWest.
2002-07-19 08:14:56 PM  
ChuckThis: I had completely forgotten that name. I saw her live at The Million Dollar Saloon (Big D) back in college like 10 years ago. I'll never forget my friend, pulling his face out of her boobies, reaching over to me without looking, screaming "GIMMIE ANOTHER DOLLAR!"... hehe.. ahhhh. good times, good times.
2002-07-19 08:21:52 PM  
Can you say Pokeanhota$$...
2002-07-19 08:25:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-19 08:25:43 PM  
JWest: I seem to recall Lisa De Leeuw being a bit on the heavy side ... like a lot.

Sharon Mitchell looked too much like a man.

My favs from back then are: Hartley, Tracey Adams, Taija Rae, Raven ... and there was this redhead chick who had a seriously large clit ... damn, I can't remember her name.

Of the "next" era, my favs are Raquel Darrian and Ashlyn Gere.
2002-07-19 08:26:23 PM  
It's that Bettie Page appeal . .
2002-07-19 08:42:39 PM  
Raquel? LOVE HER!!

Tori Wells is worth a mention as well.
2002-07-19 08:58:28 PM  
Raquel was nice, but Selena Steele was the one who did it for me.

What does Gauge look like?
2002-07-19 09:07:55 PM  
Midian: Like Jerry Springer material, except hotter.

NSFW Gauge link
2002-07-19 09:29:12 PM  

Hyapatia didn't die. She faked her own death a few years back. If you read her IMDB profile, it says that very clearly. It also says that as of 2002, she is living in Indiana with her second husband and children, and that she's now the lead singer of a rock band.
2002-07-19 09:41:48 PM  
Hypatia, along with Tori Welles and Amber Lynn were probably my 3 favorite spankin' material girls throughout my teen years.
2002-07-19 09:54:53 PM  
how does it feel to be a husband of a pornstar? some stranger dude blow his wad on her face and you go home kissing her..hmm....
2002-07-19 10:22:10 PM  
omfg asia carreas site counter, which is like hidden ALL THE WAY IN THE SITE, has hit 2 million...... thats amazing for porn actrist has a site with that many hits......
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