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2002-07-19 02:48:34 PM
I laughed out loud at this oh-so-non-PC comment: the Cherokee/Irish actress (man how's that combo for being genetically predisposed to alcoholism?).

Since when did the tag bounce? Or have I just been that out of it?
2002-07-19 03:03:25 PM
is it just me or is that my mom.
2002-07-19 03:04:31 PM
old ....but still nice. :)
2002-07-19 03:05:32 PM
The first nudie book I ever had (stolen from my cousin) had a Hypatia Lee pictorial. I believe it was Cheri.
2002-07-19 03:05:59 PM
Saucydwarf you must be my son.
2002-07-19 03:06:07 PM
Its your mom, shes a bunch of peoples mom. You are the sibling of many whore-children.
2002-07-19 03:06:58 PM
ahhh the good old pr0n.
2002-07-19 03:07:26 PM
What's the difference between and Irish wake and an Irish wedding?

One less drunk

-- I'm a irishen drunkman. Take your PC shiat and stuff it up yer ass.
2002-07-19 03:07:36 PM
ah yes I remember her movies well
2002-07-19 03:07:50 PM
My eyes, the goggles do nothing!
2002-07-19 03:07:55 PM
This isnt so good, if any of you remember the playboy mother, now that was a good article.
2002-07-19 03:08:47 PM
I'd poca her hontas
2002-07-19 03:10:34 PM
I was wondering about the boobies tag too. Maybe I just didn't pay attention before. To the tag that is.

Barbara Dare was my fav back in the day. Lee was up there.
2002-07-19 03:11:54 PM
Coming soon to a theater near you Poking Pocahontas. The Sequel to the Disney film many years in the making (this film is not yet rated)

Several kittens have died bringing you this information.
2002-07-19 03:12:44 PM
Is Pocahontas a Nava-HOE?
FNG [TotalFark]
2002-07-19 03:13:18 PM
woohoo! b(.Y.)bies that jiggle!
2002-07-19 03:13:56 PM
Hyapatia Lee had herself a rock band when she lived in Elletsville, Indiana several years ago. They sucked. My boss, at the time, got to interview her on the radio though, but I don't think he's into girls.
2002-07-19 03:18:35 PM
Blocked from work.

2002-07-19 03:19:05 PM
And don't forget..ahh...Nina Hartley.
2002-07-19 03:19:37 PM
The description of this tag is: "Hyapatia Lee: Pocahontas come to life (not safe for work)". Doesn't anyone consider it strange that Pocahontas was alive at one time? Is this a link to Zombie porn?
2002-07-19 03:20:43 PM

Can't view pics 'til I get home, but I have some fond memories of Hyapatia Lee, and this new tag has me HYPNOTIZED!!
2002-07-19 03:21:53 PM
I'm 1/4 Irish, and I drink about 1/4 of the time. So, that's half a fair shot.
2002-07-19 03:22:07 PM
Thank goodness for porn of today!
2002-07-19 03:24:45 PM
call me captain john smith
2002-07-19 03:25:21 PM

Just can't get enough...
2002-07-19 03:26:46 PM
Too much bouncy-bouncy, too little Jesus.
2002-07-19 03:29:57 PM
I am actually from Bloomington IN, and I actually talked to her a few times. She and her husband used to come into the Office Supply place (Staples) that I worked at to try and get color copies of her Video covers for promotions. Of course our Manager wouldn't copy them for the happy couple.. so they were forced to use the self service copiers. This was 1995, and she looked pretty damn good then for an older p0rn queen. She was REALLY nice though. Very friendly, and down to earth. I couldn't tell you what we talked about because I kept tyhinking what it would be like to bend her over one of the desks in the furniture section. She looked better in real life than she does in some of her pics.
2002-07-19 03:30:54 PM
Barbara Dare was a big turn on for me. Her moans "Uh-huh, Uh-huh, Uh-huh" and the fact she was a real firecracker in bed.
Nina Hartley is another great, that gets finer with age.

Of course Sharon Mitchell is a fav of mine. I'm definitely old school.
2002-07-19 03:31:00 PM
Proof that brunettes have more fun, or that I have more fun with brunettes. Ms Lee is perhaps the hottest prOn star of all time.

I think I need a blood transfusion from this massive energy expendature :O)
2002-07-19 03:32:53 PM
Bah. Too much makeup to be Pocahontas. Native American (and most) women look much better with less makeup.
2002-07-19 03:34:22 PM
She is much better looking in real life. She looks even hotter without all of the damn makeup they put on her. She actually has a natural beauty to her... she also looked even more Indian (Native American) in real life.
2002-07-19 03:35:12 PM
I have never heard of this Hyapatia chick before.
Maybe because I never watched porn waaaaaay back in the 80's.
2002-07-19 03:36:20 PM
Hyapatia Lee is my favorite flick star; however, she has ruined her body by adding in some damn silicon. Granted, she wears her silicon well, but, dahmmit, her body was just perfect before. Silicon sucks.
2002-07-19 03:37:40 PM
i dunno if this chick is attractive or not. She doesn't seem super hot, which is what it pretty much takes. Otherwise you are just a regular chick. Not that I don't fvck regular chicks on a regular basis.
2002-07-19 03:38:35 PM
jiggly boobies!
2002-07-19 03:43:27 PM
first porno I ever saw was Body Girls it actually had a plot! and here's her bio from IMDB
Hyapatia Lee
2002-07-19 03:46:12 PM
MX_rider: Really? I live right nextdoor to the Staples in Bloomington! Weird. Maybe I should pay more attention to the customers next time I'm in there...
2002-07-19 03:54:40 PM
Mike_M_33 I dunno man. Somethin' aboot Stephanie Swift, gets me goin. Her and Gauge too.
2002-07-19 03:57:54 PM
and taking 3 years off to have children

it would suck to be a porn star's kid.
2002-07-19 04:02:25 PM
I still have the Penthouse mag that those pix came from -- it features Traci Lords as the Pet of the Month -- and yes, Traci was still underage....
2002-07-19 04:03:23 PM
I don't like retro boobies, but I'd hit that.
2002-07-19 04:14:39 PM
I know it's already been said.
But dammit, I'd like to give her hontas a good poking.
2002-07-19 04:15:19 PM
ooh ... oooh ... hata ... hata ... hata ... oooh ... haaataaaa ...
2002-07-19 04:18:17 PM
I'm pretty old school too...although I guess i'm more of a Tori Welles fan than that of Miss Lee's. And there was something about Alicyn Sterling's obviously-fake torpedo-boobies that.........

Oh yeah. I was typing.
2002-07-19 04:18:23 PM
2002-07-19 04:19:39 PM

You do the math.
2002-07-19 04:20:52 PM
2002-07-19 04:21:17 PM
07-19-02 03:54:40 PM AburKadabur
Mike_M_33 I dunno man. Somethin' aboot Stephanie Swift, gets me goin. Her and Gauge too.

I recently learned that gauge is 4'9". That just ruins it for me. Too close to midget porn for my liking.
2002-07-19 04:21:20 PM
In place of the red "x" ^

2002-07-19 04:22:26 PM
Nat5an Living by the Putt Putt are ya? Yeah but like I said this was back in 95'. I know she used to live there. I worked there for two years, and moved on. I saw her like 20 times. over the course of the two years. She was pretty damn hot though. I keep saying that. I remember one time that she came in she had on a loose fitting yellow tank top type of shirt that kept showing her jubblies everytime she bent over... MMMM That is a fond memory of her that I will always have. There are actually a few famous people in Bloomington. John Mellencamp's wife used to come in. She left her purse one time, and our Manager called, and left them a message stating that she had left her purse. She came in, and was really snotty about it... that Biatch.
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