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(   Dear Abby: My drunken-ass girlfriend got us thrown out of a rock concert that I paid $300 to get us into. What should I do?   ( divider line
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38736 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Nov 2006 at 12:35 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-11-18 10:52:24 PM  
2006-11-18 10:53:11 PM  
or how about make her pay for her drinks. That should cut down on her drinking, and should straighter her act up a bit.
2006-11-18 10:57:04 PM  
Who is touring now that would command $150 a pop for tickets?

That's the real question here.
2006-11-18 10:59:03 PM  
Get her drunk and leave her in the parking lot to fend for herself.
2006-11-18 11:00:33 PM  
Surely she could have earned the $300+ in the parking lot after the concert.
2006-11-18 11:00:45 PM  
Her best friend.
2006-11-18 11:02:22 PM  
2006-11-18 11:04:19 PM  
Get her hooked on coke instead...
2006-11-18 11:06:32 PM  
Norad: Who is touring now and would command $150 a pop for tickets.

Fixed it for you.

/it's probably either them or the Rolling Stones
2006-11-18 11:06:34 PM  

That woman is freakin crazy
2006-11-18 11:17:43 PM  
A nice little Dirty Sanchez? Or tell her she gets nothing
from you any more, until she pays for your wasted tickets.
2006-11-18 11:18:03 PM  
2006-11-18 11:18:38 PM  
Rolling Stones, or mebbe Barbara Streisand.
2006-11-18 11:25:08 PM  
Madonna. Definitely Madonna.

/or U2
2006-11-18 11:35:39 PM  
I bet this dumbass rides a brand new Harley.
2006-11-18 11:38:35 PM  
Slip her a roofie and leave her on the band's tour bus.
2006-11-19 12:07:35 AM  
Hot kinky drunken revenge sex.
2006-11-19 12:36:39 AM  
Beat her. Then buttseckz.
2006-11-19 12:38:13 AM  
2006-11-19 12:39:07 AM  
silly reader, how can abby judge without seeing her tits?
2006-11-19 12:39:45 AM  
Wow. I just lost a lot of respect for Abby for recommending AA to the guy.
2006-11-19 12:40:00 AM  
She doesn't have a drinking problem, she has a BIATCH problem.

Let her buy her OWN farkin tickets so she appreciates what it takes. As a freeloader off the backs of guys she's obviously never learned, just like so many others.

50 years of feminism down the sewer pipe.
2006-11-19 12:40:39 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

'nuff said
2006-11-19 12:40:39 AM  
It's time to face the fact that your lady has a drinking problem. Of course, she needs help for it. (Alcoholics Anonymous would be an excellent place to start. It's listed in your local phone book.) And while you're at it, consider curbing your own drinking so it won't encourage her to continue.

Worst. Advice. Ever.
2006-11-19 12:40:49 AM  
Best thing to do? Easy. Jumbo Anal Dildo.
2006-11-19 12:41:54 AM  
This thread is above a thread concerning an article about whiskey.

//It's good for you
2006-11-19 12:41:59 AM  
Just because she got really hammerred doesn't mean she needs help as an alcoholic...
2006-11-19 12:42:28 AM  
I doubt that it was even a 'rock' concert. This dumbass probably got his cousin drunk and then took her to barbara streisand and hoped to get lucky.

Quit biatching just because you 'decided' not to do her when she was passed out. Next time, just get a hooker and blow.
2006-11-19 12:42:40 AM  
Give her an Angry Pirate?

A Strawberry Shortcake?

A Donkey Punch?

Seriously though, if I were this chick, I'd apologize and then take him to see this group making sure we got equivalent seats. On my dime of course.
2006-11-19 12:42:42 AM  
we got thrown out of a rock concert because she forced her way to the front of the stage in a wild, drunken state.

Isn't fighting your way to the front of the crowd why you go to a rock concert?
2006-11-19 12:43:00 AM  
punch her in the face and play sir mix-a-lot.

/Most obscure reference I think I've posted yet.
2006-11-19 12:43:50 AM  
Here's an idea: Don't date alcoholics? Or inconsiderate people, for that matter. That's a shiatty thing to do to your boyfriend.
2006-11-19 12:46:45 AM  

Sounds like someone needs to grow the hell up.
2006-11-19 12:47:34 AM  
Any guy that would write to Dear Abby about this doesn't deserve a girlfriend.
2006-11-19 12:47:53 AM  
To be thrown out of a rock concert you have to be a major asshole. And shes 38? Dump that pig.
2006-11-19 12:48:15 AM  
Abby recommended AA because of one, very minor, excess?

If we were all referred to AA because of doing something stupid while drunk ONCE we would all be there at some point.

Abby needs to get back in touch with life.
2006-11-19 12:48:19 AM  
Please post her picture on Fark. After we've seen her we'll be able to give better advice.
2006-11-19 12:49:31 AM  
Sell her to a roadie.
2006-11-19 12:53:52 AM  
You can't call someone an alcoholic based off of one story about being drunk. Me, I have lots of drunken stories. I'm not an was college/tuesday morning/new job/got fired from job.

If you're a guy and whining to Dear Abby...grow a set!

As for the chick, if you don't want to party with her, send her my way. She sounds like fun.
2006-11-19 12:54:37 AM  
Consult your clergyman.

Make sure the body's blessed.

And everything will be just fine.

Just fine.
2006-11-19 12:55:29 AM  
Whoops! Forgot to add the slashies as follows:

/nothing is obscure on!
2006-11-19 12:56:55 AM  
try dating someone with teeth
2006-11-19 01:04:05 AM  
DEAR ROSE: I would regift her gift back to HER. Another thought: When you open her regift, smile and say, "Oh, honey. I can't keep this. You're too generous - and it looked too nice on your shelf."

I'm not a Dear Abby reader, so I didn't know until just now her advice took the form of 'be a sarcastic biatch to your friends.'
2006-11-19 01:04:49 AM  
DEAR ABBY: How do I get a person to stop regifting me? Often it's her used clothes, used decor and knickknacks that she no longer wants. I find it insulting when I get it in the form of a gift. It is always wrapped beautifully and presented as though I should be so grateful.

How do I tactfully get this to stop?

Secondhand Rose

DEAR ROSE: I would regift her gift back to HER. Another thought: When you open her regift, smile and say, "Oh, honey. I can't keep this. You're too generous - and it looked too nice on your shelf."

Because women need advice on how to be passive-aggressive.
2006-11-19 01:07:41 AM  
send her off to uncle wiggily. he'll fix her up good.

[image from too old to be available]
2006-11-19 01:08:56 AM  
I'm at a really cool concert (the night before Thanksgiving)in the early 90's. Henry Rollins opening, then Cypress Hill and finally the Beastie Boys. I'm body surfin' the crowd with ease ('cause I'm light and aerodynamic) and I get thrown onto the stage (even past the barrier gate). Mike D comes up and kicks me in the chest and I fall back into the stage barrier knocking my eye on the gate, resulting in a nice purple-ish and gray- black eye

Bouncer picks me up and is literally slamming me against the stage and barrier gate on the way out of the arena.

I got ejected because they thought I tried to get on stage. I explained to them that I was tossed.

This has nothing to do with this drunk chick, just a concert story. When asked by my family the next day what the FARK happened to me I replied, "what a great concert".
2006-11-19 01:14:51 AM  
Yeah about the regifting story, how does Abby know that this person who is giving out her own stuff as gifts isnt doing that not because shes an inconsiderate biatch, but because she has no money to be able to afford gifts to people?
/probably is just a cheap biatch though.
2006-11-19 01:15:42 AM  

Any guy that would write to Dear Abby about this doesn't deserve a girlfriend.

2006-11-19 01:17:41 AM  
1) Of COURSE you're gonna get kicked out for being drunk at a concert that costs over $100/ticket. That's not young people prices, ya know. Last concert I went to, Black Label Society, cost $20 and everyone was drunk and happy.

2) All Dear Abby ever says is to go get counseling, whatever the problem is. How that used-up old skank gets paid to write that column is beyond me; her usefulness is on the same level as Joan Rivers.
2006-11-19 01:18:27 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
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