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(MSNBC)   In a stunning example of how well Iraq is going, gunmen kidnap 150 from the Higher Education Ministry   ( divider line
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2006-11-14 09:34:57 AM  
Figures. Someone shows up with a gun and all the employees cut and run.
2006-11-14 09:35:24 AM  
They don't need no book learnin'
2006-11-14 09:35:42 AM  
Suck it, libs.
2006-11-14 09:36:00 AM  
hooray for democracy!
2006-11-14 09:36:02 AM  
In a stunning 1,245th repeat of a boring ass fark Iraq flame war...
2006-11-14 09:36:09 AM  
get us the fark outta there. seriously.
2006-11-14 09:36:09 AM  
way to save us dems...
2006-11-14 09:36:11 AM  
Winning, we are.
2006-11-14 09:36:37 AM  
meh I guess the headline was too long. Oh well read the article. This is going to turn really strange I think.
2006-11-14 09:37:00 AM  
I love the smell of flamebait in the morning.
2006-11-14 09:37:09 AM  
This will not stop Laura Roslin.
2006-11-14 09:37:28 AM  
Looks like they're finally getting the concept of religious equality. They kidnapped Sunni's as well as Shiites.
2006-11-14 09:37:32 AM  
Oh this thread is gonna be awesome!

[image from too old to be available]
2006-11-14 09:37:44 AM  
This is just another sign that we're turning the corner. Victory is within sight!
2006-11-14 09:37:59 AM  
Stay The Course!!
2006-11-14 09:38:20 AM  
I'm sure the kidnappers aren't dangerous....and have really great home video production skills.....steady hands.
2006-11-14 09:38:49 AM  
what if it was just an unscheduled field trip?
2006-11-14 09:39:10 AM  
it's reassuring to know that we have a government that is dedicated to spending as much energy as it takes to make sure that nobody reports this event as part of a civil war.
2006-11-14 09:39:41 AM  
This never would have happened under Rumsfeld's watch.
2006-11-14 09:39:43 AM  
Thanks, Democrats.
2006-11-14 09:39:45 AM  
I'm sorry but they've come a long way and you never hear about that. A year ago they'd only be able to kidnap 20 people at a time.

You never hear about the progress.
2006-11-14 09:40:05 AM  
Well you know what they always say whenever 150 people get kidnapped... at least it wasn't 151.
2006-11-14 09:40:33 AM  

What is there to flame about, actually? Iraq is Ifarked.

Doesn't really make a difference what the US do anymore, since it seems there will be civil war with or without them.

OR maybe, thats not the point. PERHAPS the US govt actually doesn't give a chocolate log about civil war. Just keep the oil flowing, eh lads? Try not to catch too many bullets while you are over there.
2006-11-14 09:40:33 AM  
Thanks, cons.
2006-11-14 09:40:43 AM  
eko283: at least it wasn't 151.

True, chances are they didn't kidnap any rum.
2006-11-14 09:40:45 AM  
It'll be okay. With the change over to the Democrats, the US retreat is in the works. Oh, I'm sorry, it's "phased redeployment," isn't it?

2006-11-14 09:40:58 AM  
Why are all buildings in Iraq the same boring color?
2006-11-14 09:41:04 AM  
Quick, someone find a way to blame the gays.
2006-11-14 09:41:09 AM  
Five more years and Iraq's going to be back in the Dark Ages.
2006-11-14 09:41:10 AM  
priestrape: This never would have happened under Rumsfeld's watch.

Beautiful. Winner.
2006-11-14 09:41:20 AM  
Thanks, military-industrial-Congressional complex.
2006-11-14 09:41:37 AM  
OMG, the Dems said they would save us and now, look at this!?!??! Ohh Nooes, they lied to us, they were supposed to change everything!?!?!?

[image from too old to be available]
2006-11-14 09:42:03 AM  
priestrape: This never would have happened under Rumsfeld's watch.

I know you're just being snarky, but FTFA- "The kidnapping is the largest of any group since about 50 people taken from the offices of a private security company in March. Their fate remains unknown."

March???? 50 people???? geez what a clusterfark.
2006-11-14 09:42:06 AM  
2006-11-14 09:42:41 AM  
Is this the "Stronger At Home" part, or the "Respect In The World" part? Must be the world part.

Golly, all that goodwill President Bush "squandered" is just popping up again right in front of my eyes. Good to see.

2006-11-14 09:42:45 AM  
Thanks Martha Stewart!
2006-11-14 09:42:57 AM  
So Dems have been elected for a week and they are suppose to turn the war around that the republicriminals got us balls deep into 4 years ago...That's quite the standard to be held to.
2006-11-14 09:43:10 AM  
Thanks, ignorant Americans. Still enjoying their bread and circuses.
2006-11-14 09:43:15 AM  
Coolhaus: Five more years and Iraq's going to be back in the Dark Ages.

5 years? You are way too optimistic.
2006-11-14 09:43:16 AM  
When Iraqis go wild! See the hottest, sexiest Iraqi schoolgirls on their little break from school as they get kidnapped and murdered!

/stay the course 4E!
2006-11-14 09:43:24 AM  
priestrape: This never would have happened under Rumsfeld's watch.

Thanks, I appreciated the laugh
2006-11-14 09:43:29 AM  
"Quick, someone find a way to blame the gays."

It's not thier turn, we are still on Jews.
2006-11-14 09:43:42 AM  
*Pronounced in arab redneck drawl*

"Weeelll.... looks like we got ourselves a reader"
2006-11-14 09:43:53 AM  
Good thing this mess is in the final throes!
2006-11-14 09:44:00 AM  
Well, I hope you're happy america. You elected the democrats and emboldened our enemies, and now innocent people are suffering for it. This just goes to show what happens when you put a bunch of liberals in charge of national defense. They couldn't defend themselves from a littler of kittens.

Shame on you america, shame on you!
2006-11-14 09:44:06 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Jesus H Bush has a vision for Iraq okay? Everything will turn out well
2006-11-14 09:44:23 AM  
There's an American born every minute and the cons are P.T. Barnum.
2006-11-14 09:44:42 AM  
Gee. Surely, we should activate the draft and pour four times as much money per month into the hole until we WIN!

We can't fix this mess. The best we can do is GTFO and punish the sociopaths who tricked us into committing this crime.
2006-11-14 09:45:00 AM  
'Sir, this silent propulsion systemcould easily be mistaken for something...'

'The only way to get you that far north is to use a chopper turned into a flying gas can.'

Admiral, Yankee One
is on final.

Rescue personnel
are in place.

Pick up your left wing.

You're drifting left.

Power, power!

Wave off, wave off!

Eject, eject, eject!

Fire, fire!

Fire on the flight deck!

'This business will get out of control, and we'll be lucky to live through it.'

Fire on the flight deck.

All hands lend assistance.

/ an accurate synopsis of the situation
2006-11-14 09:45:10 AM  
2006-11-14 09:42:57 AM RHMolBio: So Dems have been elected for a week and they are suppose to turn the war around that the republicriminals got us balls deep into 4 years ago...That's quite the standard to be held to.

Oh, did they mention to you something they're actually going to DO? I hope you're allowed to tell us what it is.
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