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(Fayetteville Online)   Free Def Leppard show at Super Walmart Opening   ( divider line
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6820 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Jul 2002 at 2:32 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-17 02:34:55 PM  
I'll pass
2002-07-17 02:36:39 PM  
I'm holding out for the Firehouse show at the new Target.
2002-07-17 02:37:42 PM  
Q: What has 9 arms and sucks?
A: Def Leppard
2002-07-17 02:38:25 PM  
Wow! This would be fantastic...if it was 1978.
2002-07-17 02:38:35 PM  
What's got nine arms and sucks?
2002-07-17 02:39:47 PM  
sad... just so sad...
2002-07-17 02:40:55 PM  
It's bad enough that their carreers have sunk to the level of playing free shows at Wal-Mart, the SAD thing is that this isn't the first time!!!!

"The band -- of ''Love Bites" and ''Pour Some Sugar on Me" fame -- has played promotional shows at Wal-Mart before. In 1999, they played at a Wal-Mart in San Antonio, to promote their ''Euphoria" CD."

GIVE IT UP GUYS!!!!! The 80's called and they want their music back.
2002-07-17 02:41:04 PM  
Dammit Padraig. Beat me to it. :P
2002-07-17 02:41:20 PM  
If you also make it free Dale Earnhardt hat day.. I am sure the stores will be packed.
2002-07-17 02:41:26 PM  
I weep for these sadly misguided soles for this is sad on so many levels.
2002-07-17 02:41:26 PM  
2002-07-17 02:41:29 PM  
Site farked already.
What aisle are they playing in?
2002-07-17 02:41:43 PM  
Site is on the verge of being farked after only 233 hits? Someone's server admin should be fired.
2002-07-17 02:41:51 PM  
I'm just going to sit back and patiently wait for Skid Row to come to town.
2002-07-17 02:41:56 PM  
"Cleanup in aisle 6:crappy washed-up cock-rock band"
2002-07-17 02:42:26 PM  
Yeah, and only one of those arms is respectable (I understand his live drum solos are spectacular).

The rest of the band is just unspeakable. *hauls out Slayer*
2002-07-17 02:42:26 PM  
reminds me of that Discover credit card commercial where the band ends up playing at birthday parties...
2002-07-17 02:43:22 PM  
I'm not afraid to say I like Def Leppard.
2002-07-17 02:44:41 PM  
Man...I really like Leppard, too...honest!

I would rather see them just play small clubs to aging 80's people (like moi), than opening Wal-Mart Supercenters. How the mighty have fallen...

But then again, if you think about it, your average Camaro-driving Leppard fan is going to be at Wal-Mart anyhow...might as well go where the fanbase is.
2002-07-17 02:45:30 PM  
Def Leppard is absolutely a horrible horrible band.

I remember watching the VH-1 behind the music when they were talking about the drummer's rehabilitation after losing his arm.
His wife was being interviewed and she said "Rick has an incredible spirit. There is nothing a person with two arms can do that he can't do."

My initial thought was "Oh yeah? Lets see him clap."
2002-07-17 02:45:36 PM  
Wooooooooo hooooooooooooooooo....Super WalMart!!!! Now they know they've made it.
2002-07-17 02:45:42 PM  
2002-07-17 02:46:29 PM  
2002-07-17 02:47:07 PM  
Once in St. Louis I got stuck going to a stadium football game. I think the team was called Stampede. Anyway, it was free towel night so I pretty much HAD to go. The band that made it big with the hit song "Eye of the Tiger" played after the game. The stadium was empty except for about 15 kids under the age of 10 and their parents and me and my drunk friends. The band played on. I wept for them---on the way home in my car. I wasn't going to stick around for their lame assed show.
2002-07-17 02:47:07 PM  
Bastard.. Wasn't that Danger Kitty playing a bar mitzvah? hahha that commercial rocked.. Actually thats prolly less pathetic than a walmart grand opening
2002-07-17 02:48:18 PM  
Super Monkey
Didn't he get busted for beating his wife up too? WITH ONE ARM!!!!
2002-07-17 02:48:21 PM  
This...Def Leppard concert you speak of? Are they the opening act or the headliners? Wal-Mart. Gotta big parking lot.
2002-07-17 02:48:32 PM  
That's just sad. Funny as hell, but sad at the same time(but really just very funny).
2002-07-17 02:50:54 PM  
Two words:Mullets Galore!
2002-07-17 02:51:05 PM  
El Cerdo Loco:
My understanding is he has triggers located all over the house that he can tap on with his feet and his wife gets smacked.
2002-07-17 02:52:25 PM  
Holy shieat! I'm stationed right next to fayetteville.. I might get to live out my lifelong dream of laughing at a bunch of washed up middle aged losers! I mean... really enjoy their crappy music.. yeah...
2002-07-17 02:54:44 PM  
I thought Wal-Mart was all about "MADE IN THE USA" marketing. Hey, Wal-Mart executives: Winger needs gigs, too, dammit!!
2002-07-17 02:54:59 PM  
Somehow I didn't doubt that you'd go see them SLAYERSWINE. Call it ESP.
2002-07-17 02:55:03 PM  
Somewhere out there, Tiffany laughs at Def Leppard's career.
2002-07-17 02:55:22 PM  
...and they're still laughing all the way to the bank
2002-07-17 02:55:46 PM  
Look for Smash mouth in about 5 years to play there.
2002-07-17 02:55:55 PM  
Here's something scary. There's actually a Def Leppard tribute band. That's a Google-cached Geocities site, BTW.
2002-07-17 02:58:46 PM  
w00t!! I'm not ashamed to admit, I am going to make the hour and a half drive to see that. How can you go wrong? Come on, people, it's Def Leppard! All these negative comments, you guys must either be 14 or 40.
2002-07-17 03:00:38 PM  
I saw def Leppard many years ago.

then i realized their last good album was Pyromania. Ugh.

And yes, I have the British flag t-shirt just like the one he wore in "Photograph".
2002-07-17 03:00:40 PM  
SuperMonkey, etc.: Now that was funny!

Badger: Eeep!
2002-07-17 03:01:35 PM  
Once in St. Louis I got stuck going to a stadium football game. I think the team was called Stampede. Anyway, it was free towel night so I pretty much HAD to go.

You must really dig towells ;-)
2002-07-17 03:01:54 PM  
This story is 100% pure f*cking gold
2002-07-17 03:03:19 PM  
My dad dragged my brother and I to the Def Leppard concert here in San Antonio.

He screamed,"BRING OUT NIGHT RANGER!" afterwards. No lie.
2002-07-17 03:03:19 PM  
The true need here is a tagline of SAD
2002-07-17 03:03:31 PM  
I would love to see that show!
2002-07-17 03:05:27 PM  
Def Leppard: pretty much out of ideas after "Pyromania" (which is one of the definitive albums of the early 80's IMO).

The Leppard must have stock in Wal-Mart or something. Only explanation.
2002-07-17 03:06:34 PM  
I live 10 minutes away from this place. Biggest thing to come to these parts since indoor plumbing.
I feel bad for the def leppard guys, a free concert in the parking lot of the walmart..but do they know their demographic or what!
2002-07-17 03:07:51 PM  
I'm planning on roadie-ing for them.
They probably need a hand.
2002-07-17 03:09:38 PM  
I think we should have a "PATHETIC" tag.
2002-07-17 03:09:38 PM  
I think the really sad thing here is to realize that (especially since the 80s) recording artists will ALWAYS owe money back to the record labels, repeat ALWAYS, so they will always have to work until they become shells of their former selves

Don't believe major label musicians are paid monkeys, told what genre to play, what to wear, etc., etc.?

Think again.
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