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(PopSugar)   All grown up and now a brunette, Allyson Hannigan still cuts a willowy figure (SFW)   ( ) divider line
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62094 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Nov 2006 at 1:18 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-10-31 07:27:58 PM  
No "Boobies" tag means images allowed, thanks Subby...
2006-10-31 07:34:30 PM  
Damn she's cute. I miss the redhead thing, but damn...
2006-10-31 07:36:22 PM  
I prefer her as a brunette.

Then again, I prefer every chick as a brunette.
2006-10-31 07:39:28 PM  
She's 834 different kinds of tasty.
2006-10-31 07:39:55 PM  
she should have stayed red.
2006-10-31 07:45:15 PM  
I'd fark her with my wang.
2006-10-31 07:47:05 PM  
No, I did not request "Downgrade to Jennifer Love Hewitt," thank you very much.
2006-10-31 07:48:01 PM  
god damn alexis denisof is one lucky son of a biatch.
2006-10-31 07:49:34 PM  
OTOH, I do love her husband's "I am STILL so hitting this every night and you aren't" expression.
2006-10-31 08:00:34 PM  
Brunette? I'm gonna have to call Allyson Hannigans.

Oh, wait...

/also prefers brunettes, but this is still a shame
2006-10-31 11:24:00 PM  
meh - looks too much like my sister now.

/I wasn't BORN in Kentucky
2006-11-01 01:07:08 AM  
Jeff: meh - looks too much like my sister now.

Dude! Your sister is HOT!

/Yeah... I went there.
2006-11-01 01:21:55 AM  
Wow. She's very good looking.
2006-11-01 01:23:14 AM  
2006-10-31 07:47:05 PM orrinbloquy [TotalFark]

No, I did not request "Downgrade to Jennifer Love Hewitt," thank you very much.


Yeah, yeah... sharp knees, way below standards, etc.

/would still hit it
2006-11-01 01:23:20 AM  
Allyson Hannigan, apply directly to my penis.
Allyson Hannigan, apply directly to my penis.
Allyson Hannigan, apply directly to my penis.
Allyson Hannigan, apply directly to my penis.

2006-11-01 01:25:01 AM  
nothing is obscure on fark
2006-11-01 01:26:44 AM  
I would make contact with that with sufficient velocity to cause minor pain.

/Just to be different.
//But yet, very much the same.
2006-11-01 01:27:15 AM  

Great usage of "obscure"
2006-11-01 01:28:13 AM  
All grown up? She's like 31 or 32 now I think. She's been grown up for a while.
2006-11-01 01:29:35 AM  
So much better as a red head.

\yes yes would still hit it
2006-11-01 01:33:19 AM  

No "Boobies" tag means images allowed, thanks Subby...

There is no boobies tag because she has no boobies.

If you wanna go fark a stick be my guest...but I prefer women that actually display secondary sex characteristics like BREASTS.
2006-11-01 01:33:20 AM  
She seems to have lost weight. I kind of liked her in her slightly bigger Buffy days.
2006-11-01 01:34:15 AM  
Agreed, much hotter as a redhead...but still darn cute and eminently hittable.

/someone drag out some hawt Michelle Trachtenberg pics now...
2006-11-01 01:34:37 AM  
I want to lie on top of her and move back and forth in that way humans find so appealing.
2006-11-01 01:35:19 AM  
That gal makes me feel like the wolf in a Tex Avery cartoon.
2006-11-01 01:40:01 AM  
Combat Medici

2006-11-01 01:40:31 AM  
Miss the red. But still looks good.
2006-11-01 01:40:55 AM  
I miss the red hair.
2006-11-01 01:42:29 AM  
2006-11-01 01:43:17 AM  
C'mon guys! More I'd hit it pics please!
2006-11-01 01:43:31 AM  
/moves Buffy season 4 to the top of Netflix queue.
2006-11-01 01:44:21 AM  
She deserves to be punched hard in the face for the atrocity that is DATE MOVIE.
2006-11-01 01:44:31 AM  
Eenie meenie miney mo
My wee weenie starts to grow
Giggity giggity giggity goo
What's a pervert gonna do?
Fiddlely dee fee fie fo fum
Fiddled with it till it comes
Humpty dumpty lil Miss Muffet
Sell my soul if I could stuff it
2006-11-01 01:44:52 AM  
I'd like to watch her do a beer bottle.
2006-11-01 01:45:50 AM  
She can jam her pointy knees into my back anytime she wants.
2006-11-01 01:47:30 AM  
I definitely liked the redhead look but she's still all kinds of hot.

And a stick? What the hell are you on? Skinny for sure but she looks to be in plenty good health. Some people are just naturally thin and she's one of them. Curvy chicks are great too but damn, why the hatin'?
2006-11-01 01:48:04 AM  
Yes ckellingc, your penis is incredibly obscure.

Now ask us about how we met your mother.

2006-11-01 01:48:16 AM  
2006-11-01 01:48:39 AM  
IlGreven: I would make contact with that with sufficient velocity to cause minor pain.

2006-11-01 01:49:19 AM
2006-11-01 01:49:48 AM  
Pretty typical looking celebrity. *yawn* Slim, yes, but there are no fat women in hollywood, so that's not really all that spectacular.

If you call her "too thin," you've been living in America (or Samoa) too long.
2006-11-01 01:50:14 AM  
-That's- Alyson Hannigan?

*Sigh* There goes another hot redhead.

Don't get me wrong, I love dark hair, but she actually looks pretty generic now. As someone else said, way too much like Jennifer Love Hewitt, who I hate.
2006-11-01 01:53:38 AM  
Geez why did she have to change, I mean, she looked so much better naked....
2006-11-01 01:53:44 AM  
orrinbloquy: No, I did not request "Downgrade to Jennifer Love Hewitt," thank you very much.

My first thought too.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'd be all over that in a heartbeat if I had a chance. But in the world of Fark, where we can all get the perfect woman, I preferred the red hair. This looks too typically Hollywood for me.
2006-11-01 01:54:21 AM  
I've never previously thought she was even remotely attractive, but after seeing those shots, wow! I'm not saying she's all that and a bag of chips, but compared to what she used to look like, it's major improvement in my opinion.

enkindle: *Sigh* There goes another hot redhead.

Relax. I'm sure she left the original carpet in. Unless the shaved that booga clean...hmm, sweet.
2006-11-01 02:02:00 AM  
dude i would have 'sex' with her in the 'butt' every day

are we being subtle?

/not obscure
2006-11-01 02:06:45 AM
2006-11-01 02:07:26 AM

I can fix it
2006-11-01 02:10:40 AM  
wow, I thought she was cute before but, damn, she's hot. I'd consider going gay for that.
2006-11-01 02:13:39 AM  
This is the deal with Allyson. It's not just that she's cute (and yes, she is). But more importantly, it's that she seems to have a brain in her head and a personality of her own. She is willing to take acting roles that allow her to poke fun at herself. She is willing to be a goofball when the role requires it, but she is willing to be serious as well. She is not pretentious. She seems to be genuinely likeable on her own terms. In short, she is the anti-Paris.

So to everyone who says "Meh," I ask this question: Are you suggesting that you prefer Paris? Fine if you do, but understand that these are the polar extremes on the spectrum of female celebrity.
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