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(WKRC)   Ninety years after WWI, mustard gas still being manufactured -- in a trailer park   ( divider line
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14370 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Oct 2006 at 2:38 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-10-30 11:29:07 PM  
I had beans & weenies for dinner tonight, I think I've "manufactured" quite a lot of mustard gas already.

/smirk! :-)
2006-10-30 11:40:00 PM  
Dude musta got a hold of the .txt files I had on my BBS back in the day.
2006-10-30 11:57:16 PM  
It was a tossup between scary & dumbass...

Updated link:​9394-06E 7D2FBE5B1

Personally I would have probably filed that info under the "good to know in case TEOTWAWKI arrives but not to be acted upon until then" tab

2006-10-31 02:46:14 AM  
Farked in record time.
2006-10-31 02:48:26 AM  
Jim Lahey unavailable for comment.
2006-10-31 02:51:09 AM  
bad link, and I tried the *updated* one
2006-10-31 02:51:33 AM  
WTF? Over.
2006-10-31 02:53:45 AM  
"Mustard gas? In MY trailer park? It's more likely than you think."

/someone please Photoshop this onto the "centipedes in my vagina?" image
2006-10-31 02:56:44 AM  
It's coming to light that trailer parks are hotbeds of terrorist activity. It's the best place for them to fit in.
2006-10-31 02:57:41 AM  
definitely busted.
2006-10-31 02:57:58 AM  
Oh, I wanted that to be "WKRP" so badly!
2006-10-31 02:58:26 AM  
link is completely farked
2006-10-31 02:58:55 AM  
Well, there goes Skyline Chili...

2006-10-31 02:59:54 AM  

Dude musta got a hold of the .txt files I had on my BBS back in the day.

Reading T-Files was a guilty pleasure of mine back when, I especially enjoyed the one by King Blotto about his mythical 'Blotto Box'.

/The Anarchist Cookbook was designed to kill the reader.
2006-10-31 03:01:29 AM  
Try this one clickypop
2006-10-31 03:04:26 AM  
Article text apparently fell through one of the Internet tubes, but one of the sidebar headlines made me laugh:

"Cincinnati Is Bigger Than We Thought"
2006-10-31 03:06:45 AM  
Time to invade the internet. It's a clear and present danger to national security.
2006-10-31 03:07:50 AM  
I wish there were words to look at.
2006-10-31 03:08:13 AM  

Homes Evacuated Because Of Chemical Scare
LAST UPDATE: 10/31/2006 1:25:32 AM


Part of a Brown County mobile home park was evacuated Monday night after a person claimed to have made chemical weapons.

A juvenile told 911 he had made mustard gas, using information from the Internet.

The Moler Trailer Park is on East Main Street in Mt. Orab.

A special Hazmat team from Columbus was called.

Police say that while it was unlikely the person made mustard gas, it is possible that he made something potentially dangerous.

Mt. Orab Police say they stress that they don't think this was a mass threat, and evacuations were limited to the six homes immediately surrounding the suspicious chemical.
2006-10-31 03:12:15 AM  
686 & it's farked
/rember to never click on a WKRC link
//Less Lessman agrees
2006-10-31 03:16:20 AM  
I clicked on that link and all I got was an ad for Microsoft Windows - like they need to advertise.
2006-10-31 03:18:50 AM  
Keep Texas Zombie Free: The Anarchist Cookbook was designed to kill the reader.

I followed a recipe to make potassium nitrate/sugar white powder out of that book.

I left the camp stove outside driving off the water from a large pot of potassium nitrate/sugar water mixture when the phone rang, so I went in the house.

Later I had to calm the neighbors so they wouldn't call the fire department. You see, it ignited while I was in the house and a large 40-foot wide mushroom cloud rose up from my back yard following a loud roaring sound.

Fortunately the powder was still damp when the edges ignited so it burned very quickly instead of exploding.

/Saw Darwin driving away swearing that day
2006-10-31 03:34:18 AM  

Hell, at least you didn't do it inside. There was an incident just recently where a college student here in Houston blew himself up while making explosives in his apartment.
2006-10-31 03:51:07 AM  
Hell, at least you didn't do it inside. There was an incident just recently where a college student here in Houston blew himself up while making explosives in his apartment.

I don't think my freshman room-mate will ever forgive me for the smokebomb cooking off in the dorm room.

Funniest part was upon moving out the RA doing the room inspection commented on the big black ring of "mold" on the ceiling, and why didn't I complain about it. Ha...
2006-10-31 04:03:01 AM  
In high school I had a friend and I have an episode while making a smoke bomb inside. Fortunately this was back when you could play around like that without getting arrested. We also got all our chemicals ordered from the Revco pharmacy down the street(by the pharmacist no less).

We had a pound of pharmaceutical grade potassium nitrate and a pound of sugar mixed in a large pan. We placed on the stove to melt and being the impatient dumbasses we were, we decided to put it on high and then turn it down once it started to melt. Several minutes of nintendo later a large pink fireball shot up into the ceiling.

We got the kitchen fire put out quickly and managed to keep the neighbors from calling the FD as it filled the house and poured out both the front and back doors like a ranging inferno. The ceiling in the whole house is gray 15 years later.
2006-10-31 04:16:43 AM  
This just in: George W. Bush has declared war on trailer parks.

In a related story, the final 30-odd percent of people who still approve of the President have finally found a war they won't support.
2006-10-31 04:29:34 AM
2006-10-31 04:32:17 AM  
Bill MacGuire
It's Randy, that inflatable Elvis cheeseburger eatin' mah focker. All that relish and gravy and cola fizz coagulatin' in that gut creatin' all the mustard gas, nowhaimsayin'
2006-10-31 04:41:31 AM  

Sounds very familiar to my experience. We thought we had the right gear - a stainles steel beaker from chemlab and a butane burner. The first half-dozen went fine -- get it looking like peanut butter and mold it into a nice lump. Last time it just got a wee bit too hot.

Later I learned that when carmelizing sugar (which is essentially what you're doing) chefs tend to use double boilers to make sure they don't burn the sugar. Might be smart when making smoke bombs!

We got everything we needed from "lynch drugs" down the street. A few weeks later the pharmacist banned me from the store... but that's a different story.
2006-10-31 04:56:01 AM  

Reminds me of junior high and the "Fun with Chemistry" book from the library. Those 'snap'n'pop things you throw on the ground and they pop, well, the recipe was in that book. And it cautioned

"Do not allow to dry in large quantities!"

What else did teenagers need to see? We made a lump about the size of a football, carefully hauled it up to an old overpass and dropped it. Football-size yielded a 2-foot diameter hole in the concrete, and an unexpectedly loud boom.

Never tried that again.

2006-10-31 05:22:11 AM
2006-10-31 05:33:58 AM  
2006-10-31 05:34:39 AM  
Can't you use cabage to produce that gas?

//both internally and in lab
2006-10-31 05:37:07 AM
2006-10-31 06:30:37 AM  
Is there anything Trailor livin folks can't do..
2006-10-31 06:56:15 AM  
Somehow I'm not surprised.

God bless our "war enthusiasts."
2006-10-31 07:14:52 AM  
Pardon me, do you happen to have any Grey Poupon gas?

/Mustard snob
2006-10-31 07:57:13 AM  
Biggie Thang: Is there anything Trailor livin folks can't do..

Yeah......but com'on, is being able to use a Speak-&-Spell really that important?
2006-10-31 08:24:03 AM  
ummmm that isn't mustard gas they make in trailers. I think they call it "meth"... rofl

//didn't rtfa
2006-10-31 08:24:57 AM  
It's just bleach and window cleaner people.
2006-10-31 08:43:55 AM  
Anarchist Cookbook had a few recipes that were workable.. but gunpowder and smoke bombs are kinda easy. The "Improvised Munitions Handbooks" had much more valuable information.

Now go get some iodine crystals and some ammonia, kiddies, and lets make up some contact explosive! It's good for lots of laughs :)
2006-10-31 08:53:25 AM  
See, I used to write my own VGA drivers and game engines for kicks when I was that age. Kid's these days...
2006-10-31 09:19:36 AM  

It's just bleach and window cleaner people.


orly? That explains a few things, like, when I was a teenager, I saw "DO NOT MIX WITH BLEACH" on the bottle of Windex.

Of course, being a teenager (living in a trailer park no less--imagine that), I still did it. But I kept a safe distance (poured through a hose). And only did a little. Hence why I'm still here (I guess).
2006-10-31 09:20:57 AM  
I too did the potassium nitrate/sugar smoke bomb thing. I would make them in soup cans on my mom's gas grill on low heat. Worked like a charm! Lots of fun! Then the grill ran out of gas, so I got the bright idea to make it on the gas stove. Needless to say, it was about 20 mins until my mom got home from work and the whole house was completely filled with thick smoke. Luckily when my mom bought the house, she put in an air conditioner that was more than the house needed so I opened all the windows and pumped all the smoke out. When she got home, all she noticed was the burn marks on the carpet from the molten can drippings and I blamed one of my errant cigarette ashes. About ten years later I told her the real story. She didn't laugh.

/kitchen chemistry is fun!
2006-10-31 09:52:59 AM  
YCCG i wonder how many people here had identical experiences. though i usually stuck to an old pop can and a camp stove in the back yard, i had a friend who made the gas stove mistake.

i had to check your location to make sure you weren't him. heh.
2006-10-31 12:40:34 PM  
Lucky me, I never liked loud noises, and that probably saved my life plenty of times.

I did run nitrogen tri-iodide a number of times, but iodine is a (cue Dragnet theme) DRUG PRECURSOR, so good luck getting it now. I'm waiting for them to outlaw lithium batteries for the same reason.

Wonder how long it'll take them to get around to banning calcium carbide and/or copper sulfate?
2006-10-31 01:53:25 PM  
I am a professional pyrotechnician so I am getting a kick out of your replies.

No, really.

There is no reason to melt together saltpeter and sugar to produce a smoke mix. The ONLY reason that was ever done was to make it castable as a rocket propellant and, as mentioned above, that was done in a double boiler to prevent ignition. Dry homogenous 50/50 W/W mix works just fine and produces far more smoke but the flame envelope is huge. Press to 3 tons for a more predictable burn and less flame.

They recently pulled this stove-cooking stunt on Mythbusters and had it go up in flames and all. I cringed and wondered how many farking morans would be dialing 911 in the subsequent days for a fully involved structure fire. They also did dry ice bombs which was another bad idea. Wonder if the BATFE saw the show and charged them for manufacturing a Destructive Device without an FFL/SOT (which, FYI, dry ice bombs are classified as).
2006-10-31 08:45:28 PM  
I love my mustard gas
I love it so
But there's things of mustard gas
you ought to know

She keeps some in the bedroom
she keeps some by the phone
A cloud hangs in the bathroom
when she is all alone

She sees the yellow-grey cloud
It brings its sickness near
She doesn't know quite what it is
She's getting the heck outta here

Seeps through her polyester
burns in the third degree
Her skin is turning black
it's getting cold
it's getting tough
it's getting leathery.

I love my mustard gas
It's so much fun
And you'll love mustard gas
by the time we're done.

Mustard gas is pretty bad for you
so keep some in the office
and the playground too

It buckles skin
and it ruins sight
It intrudes in my nostrils
but it feels alright.

If you've got blisters
and their filled with goo
and there's a blood-tinged fluid
seeping outta your nose

Feeling nauseous
and your throat burns too
Then it's mustard wreaking havoc over you
2006-11-01 01:19:17 AM  
I keep thinking of the opening scene from the movie "Things To Come"...
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