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(Some Guy)   Feeling as though a daytime tv show, various Food Network shows, books, magazines, etc. aren't enough to carry on her legacy, Rachael Ray plans to open a chain of burger joints. Get ready for too much evoo and onions with that burger   ( divider line
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6097 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Oct 2006 at 10:38 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-10-25 10:17:32 PM  
Newsflash!!! Hey Rachel Ray, go away, your obnoxiousless level grows each day, go back where you came from and this time stay, your voice annoys me heh heh heh please go drown yourself in the bay, your nothing special I'm forced to say,and when your time is through, 15 minutes was way to much of you.

2006-10-25 10:19:32 PM  
Id hit that with my spicy taco.

/had to be done.
2006-10-25 10:23:12 PM  
ForkTailedDevil: Newsflash!!!

How about you go away. I happen to love Rachael Ray.
Was it really necessary to post your rhymes in two different threads, two different times??
2006-10-25 10:24:48 PM  
"she should change the name of the show to 'how to get a really fat ass on $40-a-day'" - r&f
2006-10-25 10:25:55 PM  
She's had a few burgers over the years, and a few smaller pairs of jeans also.
2006-10-25 10:26:34 PM  
Kalos Gaia Tethys

If it pissed you off, hell yes.
2006-10-25 10:33:48 PM

just as long as the volume was on MUTE.

/a voice like a steel cafeteria table being dragged across a concrete floor.
2006-10-25 10:34:20 PM  
Let the gal make her money. If you don't like her, don't give her your money.

And remember, it's not "selling out"... it's "buying in".

ForkTailedDevil: , your nothing special

Oh, and the smart folks spell that word this way: "you're". 'Cause it's a contraction of the two words: "you are". Just thought I'd point that out to you.
2006-10-25 10:35:52 PM  
Giada > Rachael in style, talent, and presentation
2006-10-25 10:38:22 PM  
I look forward to the day when she DIAF.
2006-10-25 10:39:29 PM  
Oh. My. God. that was awesome, DarthBrooks.
2006-10-25 10:41:55 PM  
ForkTailedDevil: Giada > Rachael in style, talent, and presentation

/too many onions on a burger does not compute
2006-10-25 10:42:22 PM  
DarthBrooks, just a-peckin' on the surface?

//Stay on target...
2006-10-25 10:43:58 PM

"I will drive you to drinking!"
2006-10-25 10:44:01 PM  
Rachael Ray

Also known as Oprah jr.

/You go girl.
2006-10-25 10:44:07 PM  
DarthBrooks: just as long as the volume was on MUTE.

The louder, the better.

Go back to the sandbox, young padwan.
2006-10-25 10:44:35 PM  
I wish there was a way to make that image ( of Porkins 'hit it' ) play this audio when you moused over it.
2006-10-25 10:44:42 PM  
People, people, please!!!

Where are the hawt pics of Rachel Ray washing dishes in that sexy french maid outfit???

Let's do this right.
2006-10-25 10:45:23 PM  
Check her pics in FHM. I'd hit it like a backjack dealer on 16.
2006-10-25 10:46:30 PM  
I do believe that she is "over branding" herself. Too much media exposure = yawn
2006-10-25 10:47:02 PM  
Never claimed to be smart or a good speller but I was married to a Chef, and R.R. does'nt even make it to hack.
2006-10-25 10:47:22 PM  
Say what you will, she's got the $$ and you ain't.

/can't have too much evoo, garlic, or tumeric, by Allah!
2006-10-25 10:47:23 PM

That is one lucky-ass strawberry.
2006-10-25 10:48:20 PM  
2006-10-25 10:48:36 PM  
Hey, RR's burgers are creative and delish!! I get sooo tired of things "the same old way" - at least she's creative in combining classics with fast food. Sheesh - get out of Mom & Dad'sa basements more often - or at least turn Mom onto RR.
2006-10-25 10:50:04 PM  
the_gospel_of_thomas: You retiring from the political threads or something?
2006-10-25 10:50:13 PM  
I confess she doesn't annoy me nearly as much as Martha Stewart, whose empire she seems poised to eclipse. All she needs to do is know how to accessorize and how to select snappy decorations for the home.

Oh, and jail. A few months in the pokey would be ideal.

Well, that and a few salacious accounts of her behind-bars-lesbians-in-bondage encounters.

And me as the warden.

'Scuse me. I need to repair to the bathroom for a few minutes.
2006-10-25 10:50:50 PM  

Whoah...smuggling tic tacs!
2006-10-25 10:52:12 PM  

RR worked in many restaurtants and in specialty food marts - she knows her shiat. That's how she got where she is - knowing what was available - how to use it - how to make shortcuts for us working stiffs. We all like good food - she made it so we don't have to spend all night making dinner - or serving our families frozen dinners.
2006-10-25 10:53:03 PM  

Unusually large head. And her massive hands are featured too much chopping, munging and massaging vegetables.

What's with the cameraman?

Hate that show. Hate how she coos over whatever she's doing.
2006-10-25 10:53:18 PM  
The restaurant business has destroyed better.
2006-10-25 10:53:32 PM  
Anyone notice how when she started...oh 5 or 6 years ago, she was conservatively dressed, dark hair, and relaxed? There were no continous gesticulations (I am Italian and even we don't use our hands that much), hammy phrases and statements?

What is the point of saying eevo if every time you spell it out afterward?

Anyways, everyone knows Giada is way hotter- and a better cook
2006-10-25 10:53:33 PM  
I'm not your monkey, mrexcess. And kindly don't threadjack.
2006-10-25 10:53:47 PM  
ForkTailedDevil: but I was married to a Chef
We weren't actually "married".
2006-10-25 10:54:05 PM  
She has one hell of an ass on her. Thick and curvy I would hit it like a rented mule...
2006-10-25 10:54:34 PM  
Heathen Good post. Thanks. You ought to write letters to Penthouse Variations or something.
2006-10-25 10:54:36 PM  
I'll take a Rachel Ray over half the sack of antlers that are considered beautiful by today's standards any day of the week
2006-10-25 10:54:50 PM  


Unusually large head. And her massive hands are featured too much chopping, munging and massaging vegetables.

/you earned that one
2006-10-25 10:56:03 PM  
gonzoliga: "Giada"

Unusually large head. And her massive hands are featured too much chopping, munging and massaging vegetables.

What's with the cameraman?

Hate that show. Hate how she coos over whatever she's doing

*points at gonzoliga* .... blasphemer!!!!
2006-10-25 10:56:13 PM
2006-10-25 10:57:41 PM  
Dear jefe_gonzo,

Sir I do declare that the picture which you posted and the quote which you followed it with make me wonder if you were not, in fact, refering to milk.
2006-10-25 10:58:54 PM  
All I see are some hot women who love making money by cooking. Is there something about them I'm supposed to get pissed off about? I feel out of the loop....
2006-10-25 10:59:34 PM  
I would fark her hot taco with mrs. Gault trying to pull me off of it.

Would love to hear her gutteral fark noises.

Like Kim "Lassie" Cattral in Porky's is what I am thinkin. except no stuffin the mouth with jock straps necessary.
2006-10-25 11:01:16 PM  
Is it much of a challenge to eat well for under $40 a day?

That's $14,600 a year before tax and tip.

And those meals never include booze!
2006-10-25 11:01:30 PM  
now, now, no need to get graphic like that.
2006-10-25 11:02:01 PM  
I hope, for the sake of her future employees, that the customers in her restaurant tip better than she does. Her show could have been called "$40 a day if you're cheap, $55 if you've got any decency."
2006-10-25 11:03:09 PM  
I'm not your monkey, mrexcess. And kindly don't threadjack.

Now now, I just asked you a question! Jeez. Shall I summon the wahhhmbulance?
2006-10-25 11:03:16 PM  
sirjonnyinla: Is it much of a challenge to eat well for under $40 a day?

No kidding. A real show should be $4 a day.
2006-10-25 11:03:26 PM  
I'd hit it whilst pouring OVOO over my sauteed vegematables.
2006-10-25 11:04:01 PM

Turkey's ready!
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