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(TV Guide)   Official "Lost" 3.4 discussion thread. LGT super major ginormous spoiler for next week's episode   ( divider line
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2115 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 25 Oct 2006 at 11:28 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-10-25 09:01:03 PM  
W00t it's Desmond!
2006-10-25 09:01:08 PM  
They're setting it up, Danny's gonna f-up sawyer for colleen dying
2006-10-25 09:01:11 PM  
Benry reminds me of evil Charlie brown.
2006-10-25 09:01:54 PM  
Oh well - there went that theory - Desmond isn't a ghost only Hugo sees
2006-10-25 09:02:34 PM  
Prisoner 39

I am still trying to figure out where Sayed got those lasers, any idea?

Dude, ain't it obvious? The Republican Guard was building a prototype in the flashback! Sayid just completed it with a few rocks and a mirror dropped from the boat.

By the way, (spoilers, highlight to read): I totally guessed that Sawyer was going to play the weak inmate for the 10 mil and bribe to get out of jail right at the beginning of the flashback. That look he gave to the warden right off the bat said everything.
2006-10-25 09:02:43 PM  
Charlie vs. Desmond in the throwdown of the century! Place your bets folks, place your bets!
2006-10-25 09:03:11 PM  
Have fun watching, Americans. :D
2006-10-25 09:04:02 PM  
2006-10-25 09:05:51 PM  
Go Sun!
2006-10-25 09:08:01 PM  
I watched Saw on TV last week and Benry was in it. Having seen Lost, I already knew he was evil.
2006-10-25 09:08:54 PM  
Does anyone watch the nine?
2006-10-25 09:09:18 PM  
Where is everyone?
2006-10-25 09:11:14 PM  
Doh! Prison boxing?
2006-10-25 09:11:21 PM  
2006-10-25 09:11:29 PM  

Does anyone watch the nine?

2006-10-25 09:11:58 PM  
perv, the TFers are here.
2006-10-25 09:13:27 PM  
I wondered why it got all quiet over here. Welcome to the Official Poverty Fark Lost Thread.
2006-10-25 09:14:19 PM  
Because we're Liters...
2006-10-25 09:16:44 PM  
2006-10-25 09:16:52 PM  
Then the "official" thread ain't the official thread, is it?
2006-10-25 09:17:00 PM  
there goes sawyer's heart.

we'll miss you :(
2006-10-25 09:17:05 PM  
what did i miss in the opening scene? before the LOST title? i must know..any help?
2006-10-25 09:17:12 PM  
Seriously sucks to be Sawyer.
2006-10-25 09:17:20 PM  
Also this thread was submitted 12 hours ago.

I'm sure most liters, let alone tfers, aren't going to see it buried under all the other articles.
2006-10-25 09:17:44 PM  
Hey Doran, can you give me a quick spoilery summary of the episode, using the magic "highlight here" option? I'm stuck at work and dying to know. Hook up a fellow canuck.
2006-10-25 09:20:02 PM  
MojoFraggle: Does anyone watch the nine?

Yeah. Egan's a great character, but I'm still not sold on the rest of the show.
2006-10-25 09:20:15 PM  
Was it me, or was that needle scene very familiar to the needle scene in Pulp Fiction? They even said "like in the movies"

lol, the others have watched pulp fiction.
2006-10-25 09:21:52 PM  
Bunny abuse
2006-10-25 09:22:32 PM  
How are we supposed to believe the Others are the good guys when they torture bunnies?
2006-10-25 09:22:41 PM  
While the rest of us kill kittens....Ben-ry kills bunnies.
2006-10-25 09:22:51 PM  
holy hell...exploding heart...awesome.
2006-10-25 09:23:57 PM  
Jesus Christ...methinks these Others are quite the bastards...Ben is creepy...
2006-10-25 09:25:41 PM  
I sense a screenshot coming...
2006-10-25 09:26:27 PM  
Can't say I blame him...she'd make my heart explode...amongst other things...
2006-10-25 09:26:32 PM  
nakey kate and heart asplode...I think it'd be worth it.
2006-10-25 09:26:50 PM  
Maybe in the TF only version, i have a feeling it wont be posted here...
2006-10-25 09:27:06 PM  
anyone with details on what went on for the opening scenes should post them...

/because i missed it
//im a scrub
///stfu and give em
2006-10-25 09:28:07 PM  
Wouldn't that pace maker require a biger entry wound? I think its fake. Freckles is hot
2006-10-25 09:28:14 PM  
I came to this thread expecting a screenshot.
What's taking so long? :(
2006-10-25 09:29:09 PM  
My guess is, desmond or hurley dies.
2006-10-25 09:29:15 PM  
They used Sawyer for a blood transfusion and are just messing with him now. Did you really think they would be so inept at giving him an injection, then be able to put a pacemaker in him?
2006-10-25 09:30:12 PM  
How much would it tick people off if us Canadians who saw the episode at 8 started blabbing about the episode?
2006-10-25 09:31:51 PM  
loafgoat: Maybe in the TF only version, i have a feeling it wont be posted here...

Screw them.

[image from too old to be available]
2006-10-25 09:32:26 PM  
I would just stop coming here.
2006-10-25 09:33:32 PM  
So what is the difference between Daybreak the show and Deja Vu the movie?
2006-10-25 09:33:58 PM  
Why would they need Jack to do surgery when they just had a surgeon do the heart thing on Sawyer??? I think the heart thing is FAKE
2006-10-25 09:34:50 PM  
hot damn shes hot!!!
2006-10-25 09:35:11 PM  

About $9.00 for the movie ticket
2006-10-25 09:35:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-10-25 09:37:09 PM  

About $9.00 for the movie ticket

Good one, they just had both of them back to back commercials and I can not belive that the producers of the two thought it was a good idea to do that.
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