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(BBC)   Even Moderate Beer Drinking can be bad for you. Who cares time for another beer   ( divider line
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6181 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Jul 2002 at 6:05 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-15 06:06:36 PM  
2002-07-15 06:07:24 PM  
That's why I only drink tequilla.
2002-07-15 06:07:41 PM  
have one of these, it will cure what ALEs ya.
2002-07-15 06:08:13 PM  
2002-07-15 06:08:13 PM  
Weren't they just saying drinking beer can fight heart disease and strengthen bones?

Maybe we're drinking the wrong stuff, and we should be getting hammered off cows.
2002-07-15 06:08:21 PM  
I quit paying attention to nutrition stuff a long time ago. Last week, beer prevented heart attacks. This week it is bad for you. Who cares. This stuff changes every few months.
2002-07-15 06:08:33 PM  
What's sadder is that I missed no less than 4 photoshops today alone. With no more schedules either. It's going to be a long day.
2002-07-15 06:09:28 PM  
Well, there weren't any scheduled when I posted just a second ago. I swear, officer.
2002-07-15 06:09:30 PM  
"No such added risk was noted in women in the study"

heh heh heh. me thinks i'm going to drink to that.
2002-07-15 06:09:31 PM  
Ya know, this is really turning to crap. One week, you read that beer is good for you, the next week it's gonna kill you, the week after, it's so good it'll raise the dead.

I prefer to think of beer as a cure all. I drink it for purely medicinal purposes.
2002-07-15 06:10:50 PM  
Inverted cause and effect? Maybe the men who drink daily need to drink daily because of their high-pressure lives, and hence the high blood pressure?
2002-07-15 06:11:19 PM  
Die BBC. Just die.
2002-07-15 06:11:21 PM  
sigh* I miss Canadia.
2002-07-15 06:11:25 PM  
This just in: 3 out of 4 people make up 75% of the population.
2002-07-15 06:12:36 PM  
Breathing, even in moderation, can be hazardous to your health
2002-07-15 06:14:14 PM  
I don't read any of these stupid ass studies anymore. Everything is good for you, and bad for you at the same time. I've even heard that too much water can be bad for you. I read that coffee elevates your heart rate, and caffeine isn't good for you, then I read that coffee cuts down your chances of getting alzheimers. Too much of anything is bad for you.. I eat/drink a little of everything in moderation.
2002-07-15 06:16:07 PM  
i can't believe that people actually drink beer... that stuff tastes horrible. stop getting drunk and smoke more pot.

peace out
2002-07-15 06:16:25 PM  
what do they know about partyin, or anything else!!
2002-07-15 06:18:10 PM  
Hehehe, "Japanese men" in a drinking study.

They don't have the enzyme!!!
2002-07-15 06:19:54 PM  
What a pile of crap. No other factors taken into consideration.

I'm not sure if this is a myth or not, but a Japanese friend of mine told me that a significant percentage of Japanese men are allergic to alchohol. She worked in a sushi bar in Seattle and told me that big groups of businessmen would come in, get trashed, and walk around with bright red faces.
2002-07-15 06:20:59 PM  
Ya'll need ta read the article. It is directed specifically at Japanese males and additionally it states....."about 50% of Japanese people have a genetic mutation" (read da bomb).....which means whatever you want it ta mean in the context of this here board.
This study don't apply ta Pollock Americans from Milwaukee or Irish Mics from Chicago. We can still drink all we want to and remain popular and drive and all that stuff.......
2002-07-15 06:26:27 PM  
A very large part of the population in Japan lacks aldehyde dehydrogenase-2. Without this enzyme, you get the vasodilation (flushing).
2002-07-15 06:30:52 PM  
sweeet. I'm not overweight and I don't have high BP. I think I'll tip one back as soon as possible.
2002-07-15 06:31:33 PM  
"about 50% of Japanese people have a genetic mutation"

There's your frickin problem, cook that damn fish!!
2002-07-15 06:34:29 PM  
one minute - good for ya
next minute - bad for ya
i say fark off and leave me and my beloved beer alone. breathing, drinking water, eating meat, masturbating with household objects....its all bad for you at one point or another. i say just live life and have fun.
2002-07-15 06:44:28 PM  
You people can't take these studies at face value. You also have to pay attention to the many genetic variables that are also becoming increasingly apparent.

The article says itself that 50% of the japanese have a genetic mutation that keeps them from metabolizing alcohol correctly. This is not small stump in the study.

I'd venture to say that if the majority of western studies suggest that drinking moderately has health benefits, then it's cool.

I know this doesn't apply to everyone, but my grandfather was an avid beer drinker / lover who also did his best to keep in shape (without being a fanatic). He's still alive, kicking and drinkin beer at 89. No health issues or blood pressure issues.

Again, genetics. I love beer just as much as the next guy (even brew it!) - so hopefully i got the 'beer is good for the body' gene.

MMmmmMmmm... think I'll kick back a Newcastle when I get home.
2002-07-15 06:47:31 PM  
Hell if it's going to cause harm after just moderate drinking, you might as well just continue...
2002-07-15 06:48:59 PM  
drink up--eventually everything will be linked to cancer or some kind of crappy disease or early death and all that will be safe to consume will be tree bark.
2002-07-15 06:54:41 PM  
I have an alcoholic friend who has the missing enzyme. Funny as hell. Middle of the day in December, no sun and this guy looks like a lobster.
2002-07-15 06:55:18 PM  
I'd kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer.
2002-07-15 06:57:45 PM  
Beer is good AND good for you. Honey of the gods. Or something.
2002-07-15 06:58:57 PM  
Except malt liquor. That stuff is bad bad BAD.
2002-07-15 07:11:37 PM  
Thank god I'm not Japanese, and apparently don't lack the mysterious enzyme since I don't flush when I drink the golden nectar. I also agree with Beastylawyer, it seems that the only way for most of these types of studies to recieve funding to be performed is to condemn everything as bad for you and probably cause cancer, and then turn around and be stated as beneficial, which leads to another study to ensure that it is in fact beneficial, only to be linkied with cancer again, and then....wait a minute, I'm getting a headache. It's a vicious circle none the less.
2002-07-15 07:15:13 PM  
Ok it's Monday so let's see.. Wine and beer is bad for you, coffee is good.. Cholesterol is good and bad for you and carbs are bad, fat is good or is it fat is bad carbs are good.. ARGH good grief!
2002-07-15 07:36:10 PM  
It's not just the Japanese that have the genetic "alcohol flush" gene. I have seen Korean and Chinese guys get really red faces at beer parties. At first I thought there was something medically wrong since they were so red, but they seemed to feel fine, perhaps a bit more wasted.
2002-07-15 07:46:26 PM  
Beastylawyer: you mean you haven't heard about the tree bark study results yet?
2002-07-15 07:47:13 PM  
To add to what Whizzo stated,

I recall hearing from a medical researcher that people of Asian ancestry (be it Japan, Korea, or China) are more likely to be missing the necessary enzyme to handle alcohol properly.

This researcher also said that most Native Americans are also missing the enzyme, and as a result, Native American alcoholics tend to die much more rapidly from the disease than their Anglo counterparts.

(NB: in NM, "Anglo" means all white people regardless of origin, not necessarily those of English origin.)
2002-07-15 07:51:05 PM  
I have a chinese friend who looks like he has been paddled across the face when he drinks. Pretty amusing, I can usually gauge the time by how red he has gotten.
2002-07-15 09:40:15 PM  
Being british is bad for your teeth!!
2002-07-15 10:26:44 PM  
Testing is the leading cause of cancer in lab rats.
2002-07-15 10:40:34 PM  
Wait a minute...
One day its good for you and the next day its bad?
What a bunch of crap. I'm gonna go have a drink now.
2002-07-15 11:08:04 PM  
Don't drink alcohol . . . toke up with some chronic.
2002-07-15 11:33:04 PM  

Awe, fark it. *Pours down beer* I'm gonna die anyway -- watch, next beer will be the sole reason for CANCER!

*Smacks the Japs* Idiots.

2002-07-16 01:15:08 AM  
i´ve been to the states, maaaan/woooman: you sure do not know how to drink....yet you are so fat?! how do you do it?! it must be in your skulls... dementia... & absolute world domination! do not fight it, it is a fact: we all know about it...
2002-07-16 02:44:36 AM  
US men, for example, are far more likely to be obese or overweight - which would reduce the blood alcohol level produced by each unit of drink.

can you say OBVIOUS ?
2002-07-16 03:12:51 AM  
Come on, everything is bad for you ... bees, stairs, coconuts, the list goes on and on.
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