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(Kotaku)   Take-Two Interactive moves to have Jack Thompson held in contempt of court. Someone get this man some Ritalin   ( divider line
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2006-10-24 10:50:47 AM  

/aaaaaand I'm spent
2006-10-24 11:04:09 AM  
I hope they PWN this f00.
2006-10-24 11:49:45 AM  
We can hope, can't we.
2006-10-24 12:10:13 PM  
What did he ever do to anyone? His soundtrack to Curious George is just playful fun. C'mon. Leave him alone.
2006-10-24 12:10:39 PM  
What is it with Ritalin these days? Why not Ativan?

/pops a Lortab and goes back to sleep
2006-10-24 12:11:22 PM  
Missing from that article is why he should be held. Anyone know the story?
2006-10-24 12:12:35 PM  
Three words



2006-10-24 12:13:56 PM  
Ritalin = Cyanide right?

I hope.
2006-10-24 12:14:34 PM  
Judging from the adverts for grand theft auto, methinks that story was a bit biased.

/dude should DIAF regardless
//wtf is floida?
2006-10-24 12:15:29 PM  
Thought they were talking about Fred Thompson. I was going to say, he's not THAT bad on Law and Order...

is the link farked?
2006-10-24 12:15:30 PM  
link farked?
2006-10-24 12:16:04 PM  
2006-10-24 12:16:22 PM  
BEHOLD the Power of Fark!

Http/1.1 Service Unavailable
2006-10-24 12:16:49 PM  
PianoJosh: Missing from that article is why he should be held. Anyone know the story?

After the ruling, Thompson wrote this letter (MS Word Document - open at your own risk) to the judge.
2006-10-24 12:17:14 PM  
PianoJosh - "Missing from that article is why he should be held. Anyone know the story?"

Below the article, in the "Read More" box, click on "Jack Thompson". I believe a synopsis of the story is there but you may need to wait till it's unfarked. In short, Jack Thompson is a raving lunatic with delusions of importance.
2006-10-24 12:17:24 PM  

Can someone C/P if it works for them
2006-10-24 12:18:16 PM  
PianoJosh: Missing from that article is why he should be held. Anyone know the story?

I'm a legal dimwit, but my understanding was that you could were in contempt of court if you acted in a way that wasted the judge's or jury's time. There's also the very obvious barratry he's involved in.

Anyway, Jack Thompson is big enough an asshole to merit locking him up for the good of society. He's made himself an un-rehabitable menace, and should be put in prison simply to protect lawful citizens from his endless harassment.
2006-10-24 12:18:24 PM  
link is farked

\and he should diaf
2006-10-24 12:18:51 PM  
"Missing from that article is why he should be held. Anyone know the story?"

The guy is seriously deranged. Read up on him.

Did you ever see the video of the kid who freaks out while playing a game on his PC? That is what I imagine Jack Thompson does at night.

I'm sure that there are several valid reasons to throw him in the slammer... and I'm not a gamer.

While I somewhat agree video games as a whole are contributing to a slide in social morals, values and overall mindlessness of today's youth, I by no means share this man's opinion. LOL
2006-10-24 12:20:04 PM  
love the blank page, it was such a great read. It'd be nice if mods would de-greenlight this
2006-10-24 12:20:49 PM  
Try this link on for size​t
2006-10-24 12:21:52 PM  
2006-10-24 12:11:22 PM PianoJosh [TotalFark] Missing from that article is why he should be held. Anyone know the story?

It's too long a story to be told -- it's easier to google his name, or check out wikipedia.

In a nutshell: He's a batshiat insane anti-game crusader. He pushes for all kinds of insane laws on "murder simulators" (i.e. games), blah blah. He paints ALL games with the same brush -- violent, should be banned, protect the minors etc etc. He makes no exceptions for ANY type of games (like Tetris). That's pretty much why he's seen as such an insane dickwad.

In this case, he took Take-two/Rockstar to court to try to ban the sale of "Bully" their latest game, before kids all over the world are "assaulted" by this "vile piece of blah blah"

Except that Bully had zero blood in it, is actually a comedy, and you actually play the good guy protecting your fellow students from bullies.

To give you a taste of how twisted the history is: Ever seen that "Rockstar Table Tennis" game? That was created in a direct retailation against Jack Thompson proving that not all games are violent and bad.

Again google it. You'll be entertained.
2006-10-24 12:23:43 PM  
From wikipedia:
In sending documents to opponents, Thompson would frequently attach a photocopy of his driver's license, with a photo of Batman pasted over his own, just to make sure they knew who they were dealing with. Thompson said, "I have sent my opponents pictures of Batman to remind them I'm playing the role of Batman. Just like Bruce Wayne helped the police in the movie, I have had to assist the sheriff of Broward County." He also wore a Batman wristwatch

so, are batman videogames wrong? Now I'm really confused.
2006-10-24 12:23:46 PM  
rebelcommander, I would generally disadvise people to clicking links that start with "spong"
2006-10-24 12:25:06 PM  
That letter he wrote to the judge (and he sent the media a copy in true attention-whoring fashion) shows an obvious contempt for the judge and for the entire legal proceeding. He lost the case and then showed the world that he is not only a sore loser, but a single-minded fanatic who prefers to blame inanimate objects for evil in the world.

The judge still should have tossed the case out on free-speech grounds. I would have LOVED to see Freddie boy burst a vein over that one.
2006-10-24 12:26:06 PM  
Hahahh...I hope this grandstanding asshat gets thrown in jail.
2006-10-24 12:26:24 PM  
John B. Thompson, Attorney at Law

October 13, 2006

Judge Ronald Friedman
Dade County Courthouse
Miami, Florida 33130

Re: Bully

Dear Judge Friedman:

Now that you have consigned innumerable children to skull fractures, eye injuries from slingshots, and beatings with baseball bats, without a hearing as to the danger, let me tell you a few things, with all respect for your office and with no respect for the arbitrary way in which you handled this matter. I can handle an adverse ruling by a judge. I've had plenty of those in my lifetime, and that's fine. But the way you conducted yourself today helps explain why a great Dade County Judge, the late Rhea Pincus Grossman, could not abide you. She was not the only one:

1. Well into this case, you told Take-Two to produce "a tape of the game so you could watch it." Video games don't come on tapes, Judge, and you don't watch them. You interactively play them, which is why they are so behavior modifying. You, the player/protagonist, enter into the violence and do it, but you didn't even want to hear testimony about that. You are not an expert in bullying or virtual reality, and I had an expert in both, and you never heard from them because you did not want to hear from them. Dr. Provenzo could have explained why interactive consumption of this very violence is so dangerous, as opposed to passively consumed violence on television, but he was not allowed to testify because he was prevented from seeing the evidence.

You were very nice to my other expert, Miami Police Chief Ken Harms, and then made it certain that your courtroom would not be graced with his real expertise. I would have preferred less courtesy and more due process, and so would the victims that are on the way.

2. Take-Two's lawyer, Rebecca Ward, your courtroom when she told you that a "Teen" rating is an age restriction at the point of sale. That is an utter fabrication, and you are on notice that it is an utter fabrication. Ms. Ward is very good at fabricating things for a client that routinely engages in criminal conduct, and you bought all this hook, line, and sinker. Take-Two has been adjudicated by the federal government to have engaged in fraud and deception about game content, and you took their unchallenged word of these two video gamers in your chambers that the game was what they said it was.

3. You assured us, in your courtroom two days ago, that you would view the playing of Bully to its conclusion. That is what you promised on the record. You did not keep your promise. The transcript of that bizarre exercise will show that you asked Take-Two reps "How does the game end?" You never saw the ending. What you took was testimony from two employees of Take-Two/Rockstar, who were not under oath, and without affording me any opportunity to question them. This was an ex parte proceeding that I was forced to watch, nearly gagging on the denial of due process that it constituted. In thirty years of practicing law, it is the oddest thing I have ever seen, and the most judicially arbitrary thing I have ever seen.

But it is not the oddest thing Take-Two has done. They had these little contrived, controlled viewings of the game for people in the media, but even the BBC figured out how violent the game was, despite the sham.

What you conducted in your chambers, Judge, was the equivalent of Iran leading UN weapons inspectors around the country taking them to places where the illegal activity was not occurring.

You would not abide argument today, because the Miami Herald was there, that Take-Two had in fact released this game to the mass media, which waived its privilege as to producing it to me. You did not allow a hearing to occur because the media there would have seen how you railroaded this entire matter-at the expense of children's safety.

4. You said after being shown what Take-Two wanted you to see that "I've seen worse." Judge, that is not the issue. The issue is whether this game, played by ten-year-olds, whom the FTC says can still walk into Wal-Mart and other retail establishments and buy "Mature" games, will harm them and innocent third parties who get in their way. You are not the measure of the harm. It was your job to let me try to prove the harm. But you didn't want to hear it.

5. How dare you, Judge, promise a hearing today and then prevent that hearing from occurring. How dare you, Judge, petulantly order the production of the game after it is released on Tuesday morning. I didn't even ask for that. You did that out of spite, and you were smiling when you did that. You really enjoyed that one, didn't you, Judge?

6. Finally, Judge, when the reports start coming in from across the country as to the harm that Bully is causing, I want you to think of the parents who rely upon judges to grant due process, apply the laws evenly, and keep their word. The Republicans in the Congress of the United States apparently can't protect pages, and the Miami-Dade judicial system can't even protect children, let alone its own reputation.

You broke every promise made me. Disagree with me if you like, but don't refuse to hold a hearing you promised to have. Don't promise to view an entire game and then cut out after an hour.

I couldn't care less what you did to me. What I care is that you, through judicial arrogance, have hung countless kids out to dry in school that will now be meaner and more dangerous.

Next time you promise a "hearing," I'll bring a parent with me whose kid is in the ground because of a kid who trained to kill him or her on a violent video game. Try mocking that person, I dare you.

Regards, Jack Thompson

Copies: Defendants' counsel
Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission
2006-10-24 12:26:41 PM  
From teh spong article: "In an hilarious email to GamePolitics, Thompson also added, "You want to play hardball...? You want to try to throw me in jail? You have no idea what you are unleashing in doing this. You're at the brink...""

Bwahahaha! What the hell is he going to do? Unleash his demon minions?

BTW, this sounds downright violent.
2006-10-24 12:27:02 PM  
I wonder how much he would freak if they ever made a real Pirate Baby Cabana Battle Street Fight game.
2006-10-24 12:28:04 PM
What is all this "first amendment" nonsense?! What is this "free speech" poppycock you're blathering on about?! SILENCE, FOR I AM JACK THOMPSON, AND I WANT YOUR BRRRRAAAAAIIIIIIINNNNNSSSSS (since I lack them!)
2006-10-24 12:28:35 PM  
If you fark with Jack Thompson, you call down the thunder.
2006-10-24 12:28:42 PM  
If that letter to the judge is real then Thompson slit his own throat for contempt. Take Two can sit back and watch him boil in the judge's oil.

Thompson just realized that his little nitch practice of going after video game makers isn't even playing in Florida.

Thompson is not Batman. Maybe the 'Diddler' but not Batman.
2006-10-24 12:28:52 PM  
I actually emailed that loser and he replied. What a buttfraker.
2006-10-24 12:29:35 PM  
2006-10-24 12:29:37 PM  
Heh, the ratings aren't a fabrication - especially at Wal Mart (a place he cites).

I'm a 21 year old college student, and I got carded when buying Company of Heroes.
2006-10-24 12:29:53 PM  
innereardistortion: Anyway, Jack Thompson is big enough an asshole to merit locking him up for the good of society.

Unfortunatly, an imprisoned Jack Thompson would have nothing *but* time for lawsuits. Suing someone means you get to go to court and get out of your cell for a day, after all.

I'm thinking castration, lobotimization, and deportation. To North Korea.
2006-10-24 12:30:20 PM  
Wow that letter he sent was really showing how off his rocker he really has gone. Nothing but lies and crap he just pulled out of thin air. I sense his emotional drive for these reasons has to be coming from somewhere other then just "Won't someone please think of the children!!" In fact it is more evident that his motivation comes from some sort of own personal hate for video games. Or he is just on rockstar's payroll, which makes him a massive tool.
2006-10-24 12:31:08 PM  
2. Take-Two's lawyer, Rebecca Ward, your courtroom when she told you that a "Teen" rating is an age restriction at the point of sale. That is an utter fabrication, and you are on notice that it is an utter fabrication. Ms. Ward is very good at fabricating things for a client that routinely engages in criminal conduct, and you bought all this hook, line, and sinker.

My God. I have a hunch this Rebecca Ward is the sexiest woman alive.
2006-10-24 12:31:09 PM  
The realy cool part will be when he gets to prison and gets raped buy a bunch of guys who play GTA on their PS2. That will realy kick ass.
2006-10-24 12:31:22 PM  
HotWingConspiracy: Bwahahaha! What the hell is he going to do? Unleash his demon minions?

BTW, this sounds downright violent.

We didn't see the ending. He could have said "You are at the brink of a hot fudge sundae!" :D
2006-10-24 12:35:40 PM  
"My God. I have a hunch this Rebecca Ward is the sexiest woman alive."

Hmmmm, not so much.

But I'd hit it for fighting the good fight!
2006-10-24 12:36:28 PM  
OMG.. OMG .. Ritaltrific .. maybe Ritalintrifecta.. maybe OMG .. WOW!
2006-10-24 12:40:39 PM  
2006-10-24 12:41:53 PM  
From the Wikipedia entry for Jack Thompson - BACKGROUND section

Thompson grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and attended Denison University, receiving media attention when he hosted his own political talk show on the college radio station.[2] He went to law school at Vanderbilt University, where he met his wife, Patricia.[3] In 1976 they moved to Florida, where Thompson, working as a lawyer and then a fundraiser for a Christian ministry,[3] began attending the Key Biscayne Presbyterian Church and became a born-again Christian.[2] Thompson admits to having a "colorful disciplinary history" as an attorney. He is also a little fairy princess.[4]

/I laughed, I cried.
//but mostly I laughed
2006-10-24 12:41:56 PM  
The arrogance that this man shows by sending the judge this letter is stunning. However, he does, in fact, have the right under the First Amendmnent to say these things, as un-american an foolish as they are. I feel conflicted here, in that he is obviously gone on this subject, and I myself get gone on subjects all the time, but his goneness here is way beyond the pale. He does have the right to express his opinion, but not at the expense of others right to put out their expression, the game in question. So overall, asshat of the highest order, yeah, but ironic as it is, he has rights too.
2006-10-24 12:45:24 PM  
iostream.h: That is an utter fabrication, and you are on notice that it is an utter fabrication.

I guess Jack has one of these?
2006-10-24 12:48:05 PM  
He threatened the judge? What a

I hope the judge calls his bluff and hauls him into court.
2006-10-24 12:48:49 PM  
I don't agree with Thompson at all, but I fail to see how this letter qualifies as contempt of court.

I'm pretty sure you have to actually be in court to be charged with contempt, since the judge's power do so ends at the door of his courtroom.

As much as it pains me to say so, Jack Thompson has every right to send a letter to this judge, saying whatever he wants. The First Amendment which makes him so very wrong all the time is the same First Amendment that lets him say whatever he wants to the judge.

Unless there was more going on than I saw in TFA, the letter alone is not grounds for contempt.

I am not a legal expert, and freely admit that I could be wrong. If someone has a better or more correct interpretation, I welcome it.
2006-10-24 12:50:51 PM

Like father, like son.
2006-10-24 12:52:48 PM  
"If this court in any fashion proceeds toward issuing a show cause order, given its utter baselessness and the bad faith goo in which it slithers, then Thompson will add whatever judge should do so as a defendant in the aforementioned federal civil rights action..."

Oh yeah, threaten the judge. What a brilliant idea. And why hasn't this guy been disbarred?

And did he really just say "bad faith goo"?
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