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2002-07-15 05:49:56 AM  
I was on the math team in 8th grade.
2002-07-15 06:04:50 AM  
One day while I was in high school, I had a bad Reese's peanut butter cup. At any rate, I believed it was a bad peanut butter cup, because I had the most hideous gas pains and whenever I burped, I tasted rancid Reese's.

Anyway, I'd been in discomfort for three periods when the uncontrollable, loud and protracted farting began in JROTC. There were giggles at first, which gave way to looks of amazement and pity as the pooting continued. I could literally not fart fast enough to keep up with the gurgling tank that was my stomach. After about 20 minutes of disruptive explosions, I asked if I could be excused. I will never forget the look on the instructor's face when he gave me permission to leave the classroom.

Oddly enough, no one spoke of it to me after the fact.
2002-07-15 06:08:30 AM  
Left school early to smoke out, got into a car accident that busted my friend for skipping 49 days of school. Shhheeeeesh! Yeah, I still smoke.
2002-07-15 06:08:34 AM  
I remember in my Senior English class, with Mrs. Feasley ("The Wretched Banshee"), we had these stupid little vocab books with assignments we had to do every week.

Well, I did absolutely nothing in that class, EVER, including vocab, so every week she would screech "Why haven't you done your vocab, Ryan?"

One week I was bored with just saying "Because I didn't feel like it," so when she asked me again, I kinda smiled at her, picked up my vocab book, looked at her and said "you mean THIS vocab book?," and proceeded to dump it in the trash.

Her gasp was audible.

Guess you had to be there.
2002-07-15 06:21:36 AM  
i got 3 emails about the video so i guess i'l lgo to my friends house and get it in video format and i'll host it somewhere and post it as a link.
2002-07-15 06:33:10 AM  
I was cracking jokes and generally impressing a bevy of beauties one afternoon, when my best friend approached with a picture of me at age 10 sporting the finest mullet in the east.

One time I got in a fight at lunch and got hit in the nose pretty hard. Ten minutes later I had History class and was sitting next to a really hot chick. My nose itched a little, so I gave a it an internal scratch. Next thing I know, an unstoppable red river is flowing from my face and the chick is laughing at me because she thought I had picked my nose 'til it bled.

Finally, one that didn't happen to me: In the new school year, it was generally accepted practice to fill your empty Coke can with piss and set them on the ground in the hope that some new asshat would kick it and spray himself with piss. This would happen without fail, but the best was when some poor kid managed to kick the can in such a way that the spiralling shower missed him and instead hit some older guy who was built like a brick shiathouse. I've never seen a human run so fast - he nearly made it.
2002-07-15 06:33:50 AM  
is anyone really going to read this?
I tried vaulting over an 8ft wall but didn't quite make it. I smacked my head on the top of the wall, fell don and broke my wrists.
the kitten population doubled in the month i was in plaster.
2002-07-15 06:57:29 AM  
2002-07-15 07:14:04 AM  
No one is going to see this, so here goes -
I was taking an easy ass math class called Mathmatics of Consumer Economics - we called it Senior Math. It was first grade crap, the first day covered rounding numbers. Jesus. Anyway, I set the tone by telling this guy that no, I wasn't going to let him copy my work and that he was a farking idiot if he couldn't do it himself. Of course, this was the sort of class that required keeping a detailed folder (and yes, it was part of the grade). Newbie teacher, fresh from the country, too.
Naturally this guy ends up sitting behind me in class. Months of harrassment out of this guy... and then one day he is shaking the hell out of my desk and I'm doing my best to ignore him. He leaned forward and said "Does that feel like a dildo?" I was stunned, pissed and embarrassed. I turned around and stared at him for what must have been a good thirty seconds, then I shoved his books off his desk, grabbed his class folder and sailed it across the room into the chalkboard and THEN slapped the holy shiat out of him. It was extremely calculated. Our teacher was out in the hallway and came back in when he called me a farking biatch. Poor woman was mortified when I finally managed to tell her what had set me off. She turned a brighter shade of red than I did. He got sent to the office.

When I got home and told my mom she might be getting a call from the school. All she said was "Honey, you should have told that dumb fark that dildos don't vibrate."
I love my mom!
2002-07-15 07:43:08 AM  
Damn farking educators!!! Got so sick of reading the words "self-esteem" I want to puke! That PC crap is all the shiat you all learned instead of the shiat you really need. You and your parents and the tax payers got stiffed and most of you got cheated out of an education.
2002-07-15 07:43:23 AM  
I tried a Van Halen kick during a talent show..fell off the stage.
2002-07-15 08:01:12 AM  
My sex-ed teacher was making us anwser some stupid questions, as she does occasionally. she never looked at them so i was doing things like:

Q: what occurs during the process of ovulation?
A: Ghengis Khan invaded poland in the year 2124.

Unfortunatly, she didnt bother to mention that this was the only test we'd have all year.... and that she was going to read our responses aloud to the class...
I really really failed that class.
2002-07-15 08:09:32 AM  
I got caught ditching class with the principal's daughter.
2002-07-15 08:31:05 AM  
Physics classes always went to Six Flags Great America to do some big year end report on the physics of roller coasters, me and my friend decided it'd be a good idea to bring as many rum & cokes in plastic Coke bottles as we could, which is when one of the seniors in the back found out and chugged 3 bottles (we brought, i think 9 for the whole day) of our stash with his buddies on the hour ride there, my friend wasnt much of a drinker so he had one bottle and ended up throwing it up all over my then girlfriend who then got pissed at me for drinking on a school trip, I was too tipped to take notes on the rides and ended up writing my entire report on the physics of one of the seniors who stole our booze barfing on a ride. 'Assuming the coefficient of the puke was x, one could reasonable estimate it was traveling at a speed of...'
2002-07-15 08:33:59 AM  
getting caught ditching school with "the unpopular/ugly" girl(she was really sexy in a wierd way)by her mother in the act of making out and possibly having my first sexual encounter(if given enugh time) then trying to concoct a story so the kids at school wouldn't rib me. The result was hurting said girls feelings so she never talked to me again.why is this embarasing????because of that I didnt loose my virginity for two more years but would have lost it within days if I stood up for her!
2002-07-15 08:43:54 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-15 09:09:51 AM  
My friends once Saran-wrapped my bike and put it in front of the school (everyone rides bikes in Holland). I laughed at one of them for walking around the school wet (it rains a lot in Holland) rather than just staying indoors while it rained. Then I walked outside, and laughed at the wrapped bike, remarking cruelly "That guy is farked." Then: "Hey, that kinda looks like my bike." Then: "That _better_ not be my bike!".
Also, I got stoned and pretended I was driving a digger crane (or whatever they're called) in class. Every now and then I'd make an alert noise and slap the imaginary "abort" button, accompanied by a cry of "ABORT!" and my restarting my vehicle.
2002-07-15 09:20:19 AM  
Our government class was taking a field trip to the Capitol, and I brought a flask of gin in my pocket. Of course, it was found at the METAL DETECTORS at the front door and confiscated. Not one of my most brilliant moments.
2002-07-15 09:23:12 AM  
In highschool I had no self-confidence and that kept me from having sex - which was offered a lot.

But in 6th grade I got caught jerking off outside and the school called my parents! - Now that was bad. Effected me for a long time. What an idiot I was!

2002-07-15 09:25:50 AM  
Let's see..
I worked the donut sales between 1st and second hour. Sang in the choir each year and sang a solo bit from "We Are The World" my senior year. Not to mention dressing as a leather fag and singing "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" with four other guys. No wonder I didn't get laid til college.

Proudest moment though: received a blue ribbon for "Biggest Belcher."
2002-07-15 09:48:18 AM  
Grade 10, variety show. I was sitting on the floor at the back of the theater talking to my boyfriend's best friend. We talked about all sorts of things, mostly dirty, and including how we'd christened his car the week before or something like that. Anyway towards the end of the night, I realize that we're sitting right next to the guy who is taping the whole show for the Entreprenureship class to watch on Monday. A weekend has never gone by so slowly...I was convinced the class would be able to hear every word, and would immediately know who I was. Fortunately, when they watched it I guess you couldn't really hear that well.
2002-07-15 10:10:59 AM  
Here are a few, some of which might be true...

High school - attended about 1/2 of senior year (someone up there's got me beat).
Slept through an assembly where they were giving me a plaque for my ACT score...
Was the only one with a grade too low to attend the Six Flags physics trip (someone up there mentioned it) and had to spend that day's physics class with the 'tards...
College: Spent a whole night in one room with 3 hot bisexual chicks and didn't realize until about a week later that they were dying to fark the virginity out of me...
Had rancid runs in an apartment where the bathroom is just off the living room while this Hottie was waiting for us to leave for our date... (ended up having to go to the hospital)
I dunno, I'm at work, I'm bored...
2002-07-15 10:15:49 AM  
Here you go...everyone has that one person that is special ed in their high school. This guy's name was Aaron and he was in a wheel chair and not only talked different, but had a southern draw. He would always wear a shirt that said "Aaron" on it with iron on letters. You would say, "Hey, Aaron" and he was amazed you knew his name. He always talked about "goin' home and playin' wit my puppydog".

There's the one day I was in the class that you just walk around the halls, I think they call it study hall, when I decided to use my study hall to read the sports page in the handicap bathroom. We weren't supposed to use it but it was the cleanest and the only place you would even consider any #2 action. Anyway, I walked in and I heard Aaron from the stall sayin, "Heyelp me, heyelp me" (Help me...southern draw is key). "Heyelp me, heyelp me bad, when nobody helps me it makes me sad." He said his little rhyme/song a couple of times, so I thought he really needed help. I asked if he was okay and he told me to open the stall door. Relectantly, I opened it. First of all, it smelled like a sulfer bomb went off...horrible!! Then, he turned around and asked me to wipe his arse and started roll over and stick his ass up. I freaked and ran out of the bathroom with the screams of...."Noooo, heyelp me!!" behind me.
2002-07-15 10:24:36 AM  
I've done alot of embarrasing things during highschool, but this sort of tops it

I ninth grade, me and a couple of friends drank vodka before our religion test for the semester.
During the test i started feeling kind of sick...
Luckily I sat right next to the window, so i openep it and threw up, out of the window.
My teacher didn't see me, but some kids outside school had seen me throwing my guts up, and when our religion test was over, everyone in school knew what I had eaten for breakfast ;)
2002-07-15 10:32:55 AM  
This one time, at band camp....
2002-07-15 10:42:20 AM  
Where to begin ??? I was shooting the shiat with a couple of friends during an award ceremony thing.. I knew I was getting one for athletics & thought I heard my name being called.. So I jaunt up to the front to have the teacher look awkward & say that he never called my name.. I had to return to my seat & looked like a doorknob. I also feel asleep in a class & when I awoke I jumped up & had this huge hard-on & I was wearing those gray track pants..
2002-07-15 10:42:43 AM  
There are SO many (I was a pretty big dork in school), but these are the most memorable:

1) Fell down twice in one day on the same spot on the stairs, both times in front of the guy named Andy that I had a serious case of the hots for. And yes he noticed -- I heard him make a comment about it to his buddy who was with him.

2) Fell asleep in English class and my foot went to sleep as well. Woke up when the bell rang, got up, and promptly fell on my face. My books went flying and the teacher, isntead of asking if I was alright, laughed along with the rest of the class. I'll never forgive that hag for that.
2002-07-15 10:48:19 AM  
After school, first week Freshman year, hanging out with some buddies, I slide down a banister in the public area. 3 girls (I know 2 of them) walk by. The one I don't know walks over and says "what's your name?" I reply "why should I tell you?"
"Because I am going to report you for breaking school rules."
"Well, I don't have to tell you anything. Everyone else here knows me, ask them."
The other 2 girls are mortified. My friends are snickering behind my back.

The girl walks over, gets my name from someone else, and returns saying "see you in detention tomorrow".
My brother walks by and says "what was that all about?"
I tell him. He cracks up. "That's Ms. Mohlmann, our new physics teacher."
I walked over, quickly and humbly apologized and was forgiven. I think when she heard my explanation that I thought she was just another student, she was more flattered than pissed. I never got worse than a B+ from her when I wound up getting her class.
2002-07-15 10:50:40 AM  
Went skinny-dipping quite a bit in high school with the guys and gals of the drumline in band. One time late at night a friend and I decided to run around the parking lot buck naked after the swim. Got to the end of the lot and found a scary looking dude on a bike just staring at us.

It's really too bad my friend isn't on here. He wrote an article in our school newspaper about his fantasy of having sex with our female vice principal, which resulted in the school destroying all of the papers, my friend getting suspended, his teacher getting demoted, and a blurb in USA today.
2002-07-15 10:51:41 AM  
I once stepped a pile of dog shiat, my foot went sliding, and I fell backwards, hitting my back in the shiat. Embarassing indeed...
2002-07-15 11:02:54 AM  
um well for me it wasn't the event wasn't exactly embarassing, but im not exactly proud of it. It was senior year so basically every senior was trying to get by classwork by doing the least amount possible. So me and the other people in our spanish class were basically goofing off, taking as little amiunt of notes as possible, and only answering as few questions as possible. Well this pissed off the new teacher, caused her to flip out a few times, and nearly flunk us all in the process. But this isn't the thing in the end we got her fired ro made her quit because of this. Now from what I've been reading this is nothing, but i can say i took part in getting a new teacher from wokring again at my school.
2002-07-15 11:20:48 AM  
Scuze me for complaining, but this is the worst thread I've ever seen. I was expecting y'all to pass on some humiliating but still funny stories in the name of Fark comradery. Instead all I see is bragging about your exploits -- likely made up. I find it hard to believe that so many people who spend so much time on their computers, and who were likely nerds in school like me, don't have enbarrassing tales to pass on.

And I didn't put voting on mine. That's all I need -- for something embarrassing that happened to me to be voted the MOST Embarrassing.
2002-07-15 11:52:13 AM  
Let me take this survey to show off what a stud/scholastic-giant-among-men I am!!!! :)
2002-07-15 11:58:15 AM  
A girlfriend and I had taken some Polaroids of each other and one of my good 'friends' found them. In the middle of lunch he flung one of mine onto a table full of fellow students.

Later in the day, I got called into the principal's office...he was my step-brother-in-law.

2002-07-15 12:05:55 PM  
DOH! Enabled for voting now.

A girlfriend and I had taken some Polaroids of each other and one of my good 'friends' found them. In the middle of lunch he flung one of mine onto a table full of fellow students.

Later in the day, I got called into the principal's office...he was my step-brother-in-law.

2002-07-15 12:19:55 PM  
OK. I was at an away game with the marching band which for some reason at this game just stayed in the stands and played as a pep band. Since we didn't march, we just came to the game in shorts and t-shirts. At some point during the evening I got the oddest feeling in the back of my mind that there was something not quite right, possibly with me, and people were talking or laughing about it (me) behind my back. I couldn't put my finger on it. When I got home and got undressed for be I saw that on the left ass-cheek of my cutoff jean shorts was stuck a rather large and bright red flat lollypop! I wonder if they remembered this when I later became the Drum Major...
As the drum major, I sported a rather snappy looking mullet.
I found out after graduating from College that several cute girls had had a crush on me while we were in high-school together. I found this out when they told me this to my face, and then left. (but in a reminiscing about high-school way...)
2002-07-15 12:30:23 PM  
Webalina - Great minds think alike!!! :)
2002-07-15 12:37:34 PM  
Got caught on 40 counts of Plagiarism that was back dated through out my entire high school career.
2002-07-15 12:40:21 PM  
freshman year: got my water jug mixed up with a senior girl's (looked the same) it was at a cross country meet and she had thrown up in her jug before she ran a race because she was nervous. Needless to say I was pretty thirsty and had swallowed several times before being able to stop. Nothin like drinking a little puke to make your day
2002-07-15 12:57:20 PM  
1984, sophomore year, field trip to a state prison ala "scared straight" i asked one of the cons if their parents stopped loving them because of the crimes they committed. He gets all pissed and starts screaming ( I guess I hit a nerve) then he gets up and tries to come at me. guards had to restrain him, the other cons get upset because of con #1's restraint... they literally put the prison in lock down as we were escorted out to the busses. anywat, that was the last year our highschool ever took a trip to a prison, and all because of my one little question. I think thos cons needed some "self-esteem" training. bwah ha ha
2002-07-15 01:28:42 PM  
rev.eric.. where in minnesota?
2002-07-15 01:31:36 PM  
Student of the month! April 2002 (Senior Year) Of course, that was too late to be worth anything on college applications, so I was just an officailly reognized nerd. If you want, I can even post the picture from the newspaper and my certificate. :)
2002-07-15 01:32:10 PM  
Kyp, thats nothing, my freshman year i actively campained for homecoming queen, i too am a male and i could easily beat the shiat out of anyone since all i did was get in fights in middle school, anyways all my friends nominated me for homecoming queen, and i was going to win, but the snotty senior bihatches complained to the principal that "he's not even a senior!" i was gonna win too.

another great story: senior year i rigged the school election to get one of my friends to win, i was counting the votes and i threw out 200 votes for the other guys. my friend clearly won even without my tampering, the teacher who was sponsering the election took the results to the principal, and my mexican friend was an office aid and he said he saw the principal freak out and say that it was too close too call, and that she didnt want an "anarchistic communist" to run the sca (we werent anarchists nor communists, we were just very informed conservatives), so we had a revote and i wasnt allowed to count votes the second time cause of the rumours. so one of the other asshats won.

oooh i got some great stories from gwbush's inauguration, but ill hold those until someone asks, just remember "who loves dick?!? WE DO!!"
2002-07-15 01:34:40 PM  
I got busted getting a blowjob from a girl in the womens bathroom, and got expelled 3 days before I to get out of school. My mom was so pissed at me, my dad just laughed, but, I think it was worth it. I still got my diploma.
2002-07-15 01:51:37 PM  
I was on the high school swim team and started snapping a towel at some guy when he was changing after our swim practice. The guy eventually chased me away. Then I went into the bathroom and started snapping the towel at another guy (i think his name was Sam or something like that)who was sitting on the pot taking a crap. That really pissed him off, and he was yelling that he was going to give me a swirly with his crap still in the toilet when he was done taking a crap. I ran out of the bathroom but the other guy I had been snapping my towel at chased me back into the bathroom and then he and that Sam guy grabbed me and almost got my head in the toilet, but I managed to flush it before they could get my head in the toilet. After much struggle they got my head in the toilet and the swirly had been accomplished, but without the crap. The next day at practice our coach was really pissed cause he heard about what happened, but our coach knew that I probably deserved every bit of it because I had been such an idiot. That was my most embarassing moment.
2002-07-15 01:54:41 PM  
Getting my Pre-calculus teacher addicted to Fark
2002-07-15 02:20:47 PM  
Earning 3 detentions and one suspension on the same day.
2002-07-15 02:22:32 PM  
This year was my sophmore year - Nothing TOO embarrasing happened (I usually get suspended about once a year for stupid shiat, but what I did was more cool than stupid, so I won't talk about it), but when I staggered in to take the PSATs, I was totally, completely gone. Toasted. God knows I don't know what the heck I'd been drinking, but I had this wicked hangover, and was just really out of it.

Now, come test day, everyone was to report to a room which would coorespond with the first letter of your last name, so it was some bullshiat like, 101 is "A", 102 is "B"...

So I go to the "T" section, and wait in line. But then, a lightbulb goes off. My name isn't on the list.

Someone goes, "doesn't your last name start with an F?"

I'm like, dude, and stumble my way to the right room.

I got a 1390. My fellow classmates and the teachers who were on duty that day wanted to lynch me.
2002-07-15 02:30:03 PM  
Either getting kicked out freshman year for selling acid


Getting kicked out Junior year for selling meth.
2002-07-15 03:35:49 PM  
freshman year of high school i got shipped off to military school for the entire second semester.. i was a pretty small guy in 9th grade.. during my turn for 'hall duty' (read: mop hall before class) one of the seniors came up in full march uniform with his saber and shiat.. whacks my broom with his saber and tells me to mop his room when i'm done with the hall..

i immediately retort with 'why don't you get your mom to do it' which i thought was pretty damn funny.. everyone around let out a resounding 'oooooohhhhhhh...' but that wasn't nearly as loud as the sound my skull made when he picked me up and thunked it against the wall. hard.

i started bawling as the lump on my head swelled to the size of a golf ball.. he got hella scared after that and was apologizing, etc.. for a week i had to perch my cap on my head cuz they already fit tight and no way could i pull it over that lump.

hehe... ahh, the memories.
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