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2002-07-15 01:16:32 AM  
SmegmaTronic: How many Farkers do you think were tea bagged in college? I'm going to go with 40%
2002-07-15 01:17:11 AM  
too many to count, but here's one that sticks out...
in spanish i was reading the chapter that was given as homework the night before. i came to the end and i couldn't figure out what the story meant. meanwhile, the rest of the class, (including the hot teacher, mrs yue) were giving this guy named joe a hard time cuz he was biatching about not having a girlfriend. so mrs yue, in all her hotness asked the class if anybody would be joe's girlfriend. this is the same time that i raised my hand to ask mrs yue what the story was supposed to mean. hilarity ensued. real bad timing.
2002-07-15 01:17:56 AM  
FifthColumn: I'm guessing around 50-60%. With or without pictures or cartoon drawings on the genitals??
2002-07-15 01:18:59 AM  
In 8th grade, we had a substitute English teacher for a day or so. Because of this, some farkwads decided to throw school supplies at us. Eventually, I started throwing stuff back (after keeping the good stuff). Then, came the open bottle of white-out. I threw it back, and missed.

Now, keep in mind, I'm in the back of the room - back left corner, assuming your at the door. From the door, which is opposite the corner I'm in - and to your left in front of the board is our substitute. I threw the bottle and it hit the desk next to the sub - splattering him with white-out.

My reaction was simply: Oh, shiat.

Oh, and I got a pink slip. Not my proudest moment.
2002-07-15 01:19:34 AM  
(shiate... forgot voting. Mods, delete older comment.)

In 8th grade, we had a substitute English teacher for a day or so. Because of this, some farkwads decided to throw school supplies at us. Eventually, I started throwing stuff back (after keeping the good stuff). Then, came the open bottle of white-out. I threw it back, and missed.

Now, keep in mind, I'm in the back of the room - back left corner, assuming your at the door. From the door, which is opposite the corner I'm in - and to your left in front of the board is our substitute. I threw the bottle and it hit the desk next to the sub - splattering him with white-out.

My reaction was simply: Oh, shiat.

Oh, and I got a pink slip. Not my proudest moment.
2002-07-15 01:19:54 AM  
I never really did anything TOO embarassing in High School. I mostly remember the times when I made a complete ass out of myself.
On the first day of High School:
Teacher: "I don't remember your name."
Me: "I prefer it that way"

In the first year sometime:
Senior Jock: "Which one of you fags called my girl a biatch?"
Me: "Who the hell are you?"

Then there were the countless times when I just messed with people...

One day a girl drove the car daddy bought her to school, and didn't know how to park (parked too close to the cars on BOTH sides of her) So a friend and I got our cars and moved them literally half an inch away from hers, on both sides so she couldn't leave until we left (We stayed after for sports!)

Anyway, back to the embarrassing....hmmm....I guess all I really did was crazy stuff like play Secret Agent in the halls and try to manipulate the entire female portion of my class to go out with me.
2002-07-15 01:21:20 AM  
>>>SURVEY: Who has trouble differentiating between >>>aprostrohes and single quotes?

2002-07-15 01:21:55 AM  
Hell, I'll get no votes, but again--

I set the farking school itself on FIRE... 'whoops!'

more like "SHIAT!!" when I had to go to another school :(

also "SHIAT!" when I had community service...
2002-07-15 01:22:37 AM  
I went to school in my boxers thinking they were shorts. I didn't realise this until about third period. I was teased because of it. Needless to say I was so imbarrised that I dropped out of school.
2002-07-15 01:22:37 AM  
Not really embarrassing but it is pretty funny, or so I still think. It all started with building trades (class where we were taught different things about building houses). Well, we used to go on frequent field trips; we didn't have to use a bus because all of us drove, and had cars. Well, at the time I was a smoker and was smoking a cigarette in my car on the way to some construction site. This teachers sees that I'm smoking and when I arrive at the site, he informs me that even thou we are on a field trip and using our own cars, it's still considered school property and that he has to inform the principle that I was smoking on school grounds. Now he said all of this to me thou the open window of my car, while I still had said cigarette I'm my mouth, needless to say, I was pissed right off. Next thing I now, I take the smoke out of my mouth and flick it at him and nailed him right in the eye. By the time I got back to school the principle and security informed me that I was suspended for 5 days. That's not too bad; a whole week off of school wouldn't bother me a bit. Well, the week goes by and I go back to class. This whole time I'm thinking to myself that I'm going to get this teacher back. I go to school and back to trades class; this guy just looks at me and smirks, but never says a word to me. Well it just so happens that we will be working on these single room houses that we have built in this huge bay (been doing it all year, each of us have a minihouse to run pluming and electrical) well this teacher is inspecting the mast on the roof of each of these minihouses, using scaffolding. Mine is next, I yank open the breaker box and pull the 220 leads from the bus bar, then ground them to the hot and ground side. Well, he comes along and gets on the scaffolding on the side of my minihouse and reaches over to grab the mast. BANG one jackass shocked and fallen from scaffolding, and me expelled. Had to go to a diff school after that one.
2002-07-15 01:22:44 AM  
It was the first day of my sophomore year at my high school when this happened. We always had an assembly on the first day of school to get the year started. So the gym was set up with lots of metal folding chairs for all of the students. I was seated in the middle of the group towards the back, where my homeroom was assigned to sit. I started to feel a little queesy and sick, so I decided to get up and go to the bathroom. As embarassing as this is anyway, getting up in the middle of the principals speech, i knew that if i didnt, i would end up passing out before i got a chance to get to the bathroom. I got about halfway to the middle of the gym when i just threw up everything in my stomach into my hands. I blew chunks in front of the entire school. Everyone was watching because i was now in front of the gym, ready to get to the bathroom. So what did i do with the puke in my hands? The only natural thing, i threw it in the garbage can right in front of everyone. I cant say that i have done anything more embarassing again though.
2002-07-15 01:23:13 AM  
A+ to all the band related stories. I almost took a kids eye out with my trombone slide once, and in math this year, no one covered their math books, so my psychotic math teacher singled me out and I yelled "MAYBE ILL COVER MY BOOK WITH YOUR STILL WARM FLESH YOU DOUCHE BAG" she then proceeded to shut the hell up.
2002-07-15 01:23:21 AM  
This didn't happen to me, but I was right there up front witnessing it.

My highschool had a daily "news" thing that was actually a "TV/Radio" class. Students would give announcements in their best newscaster voices (right). Anyway, during my junior year, this one kid, a sorta "bad kid" named Justin was in that tv/radio class, and the teacher of that class was gone all week. He was also in my Trig class. This other kid, undeniably the biggest loser of the school, Josh, was in that Trig class as well. Anyway, Josh said something jokingly to Justin (a joking sort of insult), which obviously made Justin quite upset. Josh was the kind of kid who could get walked all over as long as thought that people thought he was cool. So, Justin had another kid, Brandon (who was also in the tv/radio class and had a cameracorder on him for some reason) start videotaping as Justin walked over to Josh. I should probably say now that Josh was quite overweight and pale. So Justin is standing behind Josh with his arm around him saying to the recording camera, "Josh is my dude, man. He's my dog" while Josh has a shiat-eating grin on his face. I was sitting there watching, knowing what was about to happen. Suddenly Justin grabbed the bottom of Josh's shirt and pulled it up, exposing his fat torso to the camera. He flipped out, and screamed "I'm gonna sue!"

Anyway, we all knew what the full intent was. It is also worth mentioning that they aired the student news during this Trig class as well. So One day a few days later, when it was rumored that the clip was going to be shown, we all watched the announcements with excited anticipation (and drea in Josh's case). Lo and behold, a few minutes after the announcements, there was Josh and Justin... and so on and so forth. These announcements were shown throughout the entire school, and we could hear people cracking up all throughout the halls in the other rooms. Josh got up and ran out of the room screaming. It was hilarious at the time, but I felt bad right afterwards.
2002-07-15 01:24:30 AM  
I would always go to school early in the morning so I could get into the computer lab and print up some stuff on how to create mischief etc.... it was like 1000 pages... everything was ok until my print job jammed the entire network and raised the ire of the computer teacher.... but i never got busted for it..... (this was way before columbine!)
2002-07-15 01:26:09 AM  
Beauty pageant..(not sure how I ended up there), freshman yr....was to play "memories" on the clarinet accompanied by a pianist...

she never showed. I still performed. Mom slid into seat. Boyfriend quietly left. :(

Got shiat-faced immediately after to drown the pain.
2002-07-15 01:26:32 AM  
FifthColumn: I'm guessing around 50-60%. With or without pictures or cartoon drawings on the genitals??

I... I can't answer that! Don't make me choose, home wrecker.

2002-07-15 01:27:27 AM  
One of my friends got so stoned he passed out in class, stopped breathing, fell over and bonked his head REALLY hard on the floor, woke up, puked. The cops and paramedics showed up, arrested him and he got suspended for 2 weeks. It was pretty damned funny after I thought about it for awhile.
2002-07-15 01:29:24 AM  
Slipped on ice and fell on my ass in front of the entire school.

Got into a fight with a friend's friend, ended up getting choked and pinned up against the wall, just had to pick on a dude that's stronger and taller.

Went to play softball in gym after cooking class without washing my hands, the grease made me threw my bat on every swing, nobody would believe me and laughed their ass off.

Was leaning against the wall in a plastic chair, somehow it scratched the wall and make a big farting like sound, everyone turned around and looked at me.
2002-07-15 01:32:18 AM  
OK, I was going out with this guy who was kind of weird, but cool nonetheless. Anyway, I let it slip to a few friends of They let this slip and a rumor spread and it got back to him and he got kind of mad at me, but he was willing to forgive me... or so I thought.

Well about a couple of months later on our French trip to Quebec, with about 100 kids in the hotel, we wanted to have sex but there were some guys in his room. My room being vacant, we went up to it in the next floor, and I undressed and we began to get at it. Then he began to tie my right arm to the bed (there was no bedpost so he tied it to the support leg, beneath me.) I was thinking, OK, it's getting a little kinky but that's fun, right? I let him tie down my arms and legs but then I got worried when he went and took a camera out of his pants pocket, lying on the floor. He then stood up on the bed, butt right in my face, and laid a big turd right onto my face that kind of slid down onto my breasts. He took a picture, peed on my face, took a few more pictures, and left. I was in SHOCK, having been completely defiled right there. Pretty soon some girls came into the room and carefully untied me, with horrified looks on their faces. Needless to say, by that night everyone knew about it, except they didn;t know who had done it, because I refused to talk about it.

Then I got back to school to find the photos circulating around. The kid got busted and they just suspended him, but I was mortified and violated beyond belief. I could have killed that bastard, and I regret that I didn't to this day.
2002-07-15 01:33:47 AM  
Doctechnical - holy shiat! what the hell happened to that kid?! did he recover?!
2002-07-15 01:35:21 AM  
Did a physics experiment on calculating vectors.

Now that's not embarassing... but after making an A on the project [I put three waterbaloons using a slingshot made out of steel rods and rubber medical tubing inside a one foot wide circle], I took it elsewhere, and proceeded to trick my prick principal into standing in just the right spot at just the right time... then launched the mother of all grossness onto him. And got caught.

Mother of all grossness: A soiled diaper, wrapped around the remains of rotten chicken that had been in the nawth carolina May heat in a garbage can for a week, mixed with sulfur oxide in a liquid form.

It almost cost me my walk across the stage. But I scored him right on top of his head.

Knocked off his tupee to boot. That was just an added bonus... nobody had a clue, it was a really good one.
2002-07-15 01:35:51 AM  
Rear-ended a 65 Mustang that the owner had just gotten finished up to sell. Smashed the gas tank, farked up my little car.

2 weeks later, to the day, pulled out in front of a car (I swear it wasn't there when I looked) and the other car tore off the front 1/3 of my car, to w/in $100 of being totaled. The car that hit me contained 3 assholes, one of which had been determined since we met in Jr High to make my life a living hell.
2002-07-15 01:40:15 AM  
I actually went to an optional pre AP test study session on a Tuesday night. There were two teachers lecturing, and I happened to be in the class with my regular teacher with a bunch of stuck-up asshats who were in the other teacher's class.

Well, my teacher started going on and on about how none of us appreciated our teachers. She said, "We teachers put our fingers in the dyke every day..." Well, being the mature kid I was, I started cracking up. Nobody else seemed to find any humor in it. I started trying to act like I was coughing, not laughing. Fooled no one.

Had fits of the giggles the rest of the night. Well fark them-- I passed and many of them didn't.
2002-07-15 01:40:20 AM  
Our school also had a television news program. Ours found out this teacher no one liked bounced a check at a coffee house and did 20/20-Dateline-Dailyshow type coverage that lasted 5 minutes. "... the sign says 'Yes, We're open.' To most people that means 'Yes. We are open,' but to Shakti Davis ..." Pretty farking hilarious.
2002-07-15 01:40:40 AM  
My humanities teacher scheduled a field trip so that we could see a museum in Tampa. Unfortunately, she asked the art teacher to come along as well (whom I hated)

So, we were in front of our dorms, gathering next to the school van (boarding school) when I thought I heard said art teacher (who shall remain nameless) laughingly telling a gathering group of senior boys that she wasn't wearing any panties. Now, I'm a female, and I can understand that if an ATTRACTIVE teacher were to tell the boys this, it might pique their interest. However, this was not the case. This woman *shudders* was about 4'3, very skinny, wrinkled, and had a mop of hair that resembled Michael Bolton's. On top of this, she was in her fourties *shudders again*

Unfortunately, I was able to verify her statement about being sans underwear for when we were having a leisurly picnic by the water, the wind blew up her skirt. I'm not sure how many people saw, but I know I did and a couple of boys. Believe me, lunch was not foremost on our minds after that.

I was very glad to hear that she got fired from the school that summer when someone told the school that she had seduced two of the older boys in my senior class, no wonder they were straight "A" students.

All I can say is.... "Yuck!"
2002-07-15 01:40:53 AM  
I was really sick...(It was that time of the month and I was dealing with bad cramps) in my Non-Western Philosophy class. I started turning pale, I knew that if I stood up I would pass out. So there I was, sweating and feeling like shiat learning about Buddha not knowing what to do...I finally raised my hand and the teacher called on me like I had a question....I said that I wasn't feeling good and that maybe someone could help me to the nurse's office...Instead, she had someone call 911!

Two firetrucks and an ambulance drove up to the classroom. The whole lecture class of about 50+ people was evacuated to "Give us more room" I was hooked up with those sticky patches that they stick to your chest and a pulse monitor thing was put on my finger. I was then taken to the emergency room where I threw-up...They gave me some IB Profin and two hours later I was fine.

Pretty embarrassing, especially when I had to go back to the class the next week.
2002-07-15 01:43:33 AM  
Um... holy shiat, BipartisanMirror... I'm disgusted but also turned on.

Uh... must be my German side talking.
2002-07-15 01:47:45 AM  
In 10th grade at private school I was sitting in the cafeteria having lunch with some friends and other classmates when the principal comes to talk to me. I was just about to take a sip from a glass when the principal arrived and asked me to show the school around to a new student.

I had never really spoken to the principal before so I was a little scared when he started talking to me. Half way through the conversation he starts looking at me funny as do all of the rest of the students sitting around me. Turns out that while I had not put the glass I was about to drink from to my mouth, I had still continued with the pouring action. Suffice it to say, my shirt, tie, and pants were soaked with the contents of my glass. I looked like a complete farking retard in front of the school principal who had just asked me to represent the school to a new student. The rest of the students found it amusing as well, to say the least...
2002-07-15 01:49:25 AM  
Misspudding: IIRC he was taken away in an ambulance, but the next day he was doing better than the wall he hit with his head.

One would hope that we became a wiser man because of the experience. But then life is full of disapointments, no?
2002-07-15 01:55:32 AM  
heres something i witnessed in highschool
i was in STOP (student time out place), which was basically a room painted all in black and with stalls of desks separated from each other where the teachers sent you if they werent cool enough to just make you sit outside of the classroom,
well one day freshman year i was in STOP and the star football player ,Daniel D. or should i call him D. Davis, whatever, well he was in there too and in the stall next to him was this girl and they were sliding notes back and forth behind the partition, i was across the way,
well the monitor walked outside to go to the loo or something and as soon as the door is shut this girl is on her knees and suckin this guys mule.
i just sat there and watched, he looked down at me once she had swallowed and said "want her to suck you off big guy?" , i was 6'3" my freshman year, i said sure, and the girl started to make her way over, i stood up and had my fingers on my zipper and at that second the monitor walked in and said that we werent allowed to exit our stalls so everyone sat down, when the period was over we all left the room and no one said a word to each other.
that is the first story that comes to mind about highschool for me. but it certainly aint the best
2002-07-15 01:56:28 AM  
Not really embarassing moments, but I remember when my Earth Science teacher picked up his ibook and just threw the motherfarker across the room as hard as he could into a wall. Those things (the classic design) can really go far if you want them to. After it hit the wall and bounced off, it fell to a counter and knocked over a preserved dog fetus in a jar. The formaldehyde in the jar spilled all over some kid who was sitting next to the counter. You can guess where this is going....

Needless to say, I never saw him on school grounds again. It's a shame, too, because he was probably the best teacher I had. If you lived through his violent assaults, valence electron quizes didn't stand a chance.

The formaldehyde in the jar spilled all over some kid who was sitting next to the counter.
2002-07-15 01:57:12 AM  
There was one incident I would consider embarrassing. A kid two rows over got punched in the face by a kid sitting in front of him for no reason. Really, I heard the brief discussion "what did you say to me?" "nothing". Anyway, the kid who got punched in the face was bleeding out of, I don't know, every possible place on his face. So, a cheerleader (in her outfit and all) pretending she's a paramedic gets in the seat next to me to help this kid out, bending over the whole time. Meanwhile, I'm just staring at the huge fireworks display of blood coming out of this kids face. Finally, the kid next to me goes "Yea, I know what you're really looking at". I turn back to the mayhem to realize the previously mentioned cheerleaders ass and hu-ha are on display, just for me and the kid next to me. I had nice cheerleader tang right in my face and I didn't even notice it until it was pointed out.

How embarrassing!
2002-07-15 01:57:47 AM  
We were in school using Microsoft exel making graphs and charts. Well I decided to drag my mouse as far as it would go. For anyone who has tryed this, it doesn't stop. The teacher then instructed us to Print our work. I forgot that I had expanded mine. So I print it, and I notice there's about 500 pages priting after it. So I grab my first sheet with my name on it, and leave the one below it, which was some French kid, who could barely speek english.
The teacher's look was priceless she said 'Who is the dumbass who did this?'. She was mainly mad because of budget cuts, and here I am printing 500 pages. Then when she found the sheet that said it was the Stupid French Kid who spoke no English she couldn't do anything about it.
I guess I should feel guilty....
2002-07-15 01:58:44 AM  
Most embarassing was also disappointing...

Walking into the girl's restroom and finding "<insert my name> is the biggest slut in <insert my state>" scrawled on every stall, on my first day of school. Word travels fast, I guess, 'cause I never even dated anyone at that school. Big boobs aren't all fun and games, kids.

The disappointment was that it was in the GIRLS' restroom, where it did me no good whatsoever.
2002-07-15 02:01:28 AM  
When I was in 1st grade I had a bit of a problem getting to the bathroom on time. Happened about 4 times right in the middle of class, but that's not the embarassing part of this story. Nine years later, I'm in high school. One of the kids who was witness to my accidents was one of the schools best loved assholes. Anyways, he, this girl I had a crush on, and I are in the same health class. I hear him telling this girl about how he thought my pissing myself when I was 6 was one of the funniest things he'd ever seen. I'm sitting there about ready to cry and I hear her say, "Dude, he was 6. Don't make fun of him." It's nice to know not everybody in the world is an asshat.
2002-07-15 02:06:32 AM  
This is probably one of the most hilarious threads I've ever read, other than the ones of people bi-atching about hos stupid surveys are. Alright, here are a few of mine:

5. I was running the light board in the audieria (cafeteria during the day, auditorium for plays and concerts) for the annual Yultide Festival band concert. I thought I'd figured out how to run things, so I started flipping switches for the hell of it, thinking all would be good. Whoops. Lights out for a few seconds during "Joy to the World." My best friend comes in, lights a few matches to create some smoke and says: "If anyone comes up here, say the light board caught on fire!"

4. Spanish class: all the desks were in a circle, facing in, we were all supposed to sit on top of them so we could all look face to face and do something. I was gonna be cool and spin, jump, and land on mine. Well, when I did that, I knocked the desk backwards (tile floors), and I there was no desk there for me to land on. I ended up right on my tailbone, walked funny for a couple weeks.

3. Hmm, first grade: The whole school finds out I had a crush on Katie Divelbiss. Enough said. She was a hottie though, don't know if she still is.

2. In high school, every Valentines Day, the school paper would allow you to buy a little add in the paper to say something to your sweetheart. A "friend" put in an ad addressed to me saying: "Had a great time, love you always" and had it signed "Rosie Palm."

1. Took my best friend's sister to prom.
2002-07-15 02:06:34 AM  
"The Ox" or "The Oaf" was some incredibly intelligent, dork outcast that, when standing straight up, was probably about 6'6" tall, but had a hunchback and was always slackjawed like it was built sideways and a little crooked; when hunched over he was 'average' height. All this made him even more freakish and more of an outcast.

One day in biology class when they are teaching you about the human anatomy, up flashes the picture of the naked female form and the teacher starts pointing out the 'parts'... all the guys sit there gawking at the picture, but trying not to look like idiots, except the oaf... he's all about the picture practically drooling on himself. Anyway, he apparently forgot to zip his pants up and apparently didn't wear underwear (or they had a hole in them?? who knows)... shortly into the teacher's triage of the female anatomy, up comes his buddy, peeking out of the window!! "I want some of THAT!"
2002-07-15 02:09:59 AM  
Once, after football practice it was raining pretty hard. Well, my quarterback bet me that I wouldn't run around the track nekkid in the rain. It was raining really hard so I didn't have to worry about anyone seeing me. Well about 250yds in, I am extremely tired from sprinting and I slow does the rain, completly. Here I am, 150 yards from home, sausage flapping like a sheet in the wind and my whole team laughing at me. There were others there too. Coaches, parents, booster club members...the girls cross country team. Not only did they see the luggage, coach screamed at me for a few minutes whilst I was nekkid. I hate shrinkage...I really do.
2002-07-15 02:10:13 AM  
I watched cows fark from my science window instead of learning about wait that was a cool thing

Embarrssing Moment would be getting caught looking at a my Art Teachers ass
2002-07-15 02:10:28 AM  
My stepmom let me take her car to school a couple times?

Sounds innocent enough, right? Wrong.

The car was a Yugo.

After school, some friends picked it up and turned it sideways in its parking space, sandwiched between 2 other cars. I had to do a thirty-point turn to get it out of there.
2002-07-15 02:11:17 AM  
Several people were victim: the drivers ed teacher had one of those HUGE full size metal stop signs in his class (he said some of his students a few years back 'found' it). If you were caught sleeping he'd walk up next to your desk and drop it, flat on the gound. *WHAM* those things make alot of noise on tile floors. Mr Curtis... he was a riot.
2002-07-15 02:11:57 AM  
I know it's late, but here it goes...

In high school, I was rather shy and quiet. Through music though, I was able to open up a bit. One night the band had a banquet for all the band students and their parents. The director gave out several awards that night and our letters. Anyways, he goes on talking about a girl saxaphone player, which I knew was me because I was the only femme saxe lol. My director says "She's quite and player and.. she's really come out of the closet". My band teacher said I cam out of the closet!! At that point I was supposed to come up and accept my award but I was too shocked to move! People were laughing and clapping at the same time. How embarassing!
2002-07-15 02:12:53 AM  
Korb, that reminds me of something that happend in second grade. Not to me, but to this really sweet girl I had known since first grade until sixth (when she went to a private catholic school).

It was shortly after lunch and we were doing some busy work from a book when she got permission to use the bathroom. Never had a problem before. Anyway, she stands up and walks towards the in-class bathroom door, and doesn't realize she is leaving a trail of piss until she gets slightly past the center of the room. At which point she starts to cry and some asshole (Ben something) son of a lunch lady for the school, stood up and yelled "look everybody, I'm jumping over the mississippi!" He lept into the air, and fell right into a puddle of the piss on the tile floor, splashing it all over himself. At that point he started to cry and everybody laughed at him.

Ah, good times.
2002-07-15 02:14:27 AM  
I have everyone beat and can back this one up to.....It was 2 weeks into my junior year, i was cross countain captain and there was a girl who tranferred in and was running, she didnt show up for practice for a week so at lunch time i went over and tried joking around with her a bit becouse she was a little bit of an outcast, so i walked up and asked her why she wasnt at practice, the responce was " i am sick". Me being the dumbass that i am said the following " miss a whole week of practice, what do you have cancer or something" well as you can alreadt tell, the girl did inf act have cancer and ran off crying ( she had to have 3 inches of her small intestine removed ). I later went on to date this girl and she slept with my best friend in the back of his mother's minivan
2002-07-15 02:16:04 AM  
Doctechnical - one would really hope so.
2002-07-15 02:20:56 AM  
Jerkychew, that is one of the most hilarious stories on this thread. :)
2002-07-15 02:24:24 AM  
I do not come here to answer farkING surveys.

anything with this farkING tag will be ignored!

people pay me to answer surveys.. I might do it for a FREE TotalFark membership, on second thought no.. nevermind.
2002-07-15 02:27:22 AM  
The year was 1982 at Jamaica High School, NYC. I was a junior and still a big D&D geek. I chose in true geek fashion to join the AV squad. So were hanging out backstage and I gotta take a leak. Everyone else just goes in the old sink as the school is HUGE (i.e., my graduating class was 827) and just getting to the bathroom takes a forever. So anyways I there peeing away when this the door right by the sink that is normally locked bursts open. I'm midstream and can't stop. This very soon to be loud black female sophmore opens the door and asks me where the Dean's office is. I can see like the main hall behind her full of people coming and going to class. I AM DYING but can't stop peeing. She then looks at me like I'm an idiot because I'm not saying anything. She then repeats her question because she now assumes I don't speak english (I'm Asian). Now I see the security guard and the NYPD cop on duty at the school starting to walk up behind her because this door is SUPPOSED to be locked. I'm still peeing and can't do a damn thing. Well to make a long and very embarrassing story short, she screamed like an air raid siren and slammed the door shut, I bolt like Bambi looking down the barrel of a 12 gauge with pee stains on my jeans, the security guard and the cop are running to get to another door (as she locked it when she slammed it shut), the AntiChrist of all NYC Deans is looking for a Chinese flasher and I cut the rest of the day so I can run home and change/hide. Needless to say I was sick and was unable to make to class for therest of the week. I really do not miss high school :-)
2002-07-15 02:29:10 AM  
I typo'ed a link that I submitted to fark, that was pretty embarrasing :P


2002-07-15 02:30:20 AM  
Humm let's see.... well I wrote a computer program to ask a girl out showed it to her she ran off crying...(yeah great for self estem) I busted a kids head open on a locker so bad he had to have stiches on accident, I also rammed his friends head into the floor so hard he forgot who he was til lunch was over all while just farking so pissed I actually attacked a guy with a full trash can no so embarrasing for me but all that mil over him was fun, 3 special ed girls decided I was the bomb and all came after me at the same time.Ohh and last but not least got forced to change to a different english class for doing my home work.
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