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(Some TV-Guy)   Hollywood is out of ideas: Will Smith to star in a Streisard remake   ( divider line
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4284 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Jul 2002 at 9:58 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-13 05:46:32 PM  
I take it that Will is gonna play the fading star husband of the actress?
Might be good but won't be universally liked just because of the 'music styling' that it will lean in.
2002-07-13 06:36:41 PM  
Ahhh...the beauty of a cliched headline criticizing someone for recycling an old idea.
2002-07-13 10:03:28 PM  
<I>The fact that filmmkaker Joel Schumacher is developing and may direct the update is a step in the right direction, Smith believes. "Joel doesn't make bad movies."</I>
I think I'll get in line now.
2002-07-13 10:03:43 PM  
I'm glad I read the article. I was thinking it was going to take more than some blush to make Will look like Babs. Of course, his hair is a different color than Kris Kristofferson's.
2002-07-13 10:08:38 PM  
Wasn't that Robert Redford , Michelle Pfiefer movie a couple years ago essentially a remake of A Star is Born? I forget what it was called.
2002-07-13 10:15:32 PM  
I love these people posting headlines without proofreading, makes for a better meaning of the asinine tag.
2002-07-13 10:15:34 PM  
Heh. Men in Black II... I want my money back, and I haven't even seen the bloody thing.
2002-07-13 10:17:34 PM  
Will there be nipples on Will's costume?
2002-07-13 10:20:04 PM  
Smith believes. "Joel doesn't make bad movies,"

2002-07-13 10:20:06 PM  
Remakes are ok, but when 90% of movies nowadays are remakes and sequels, i just feel the need for some originality. I mean, seriously, we don't need any more remakes. What's next, Casablanca? Gone with the Wind? Beau Geste? (I'll forgive you if you don't know that one). Animal House? I can imagine it now, Mathew Lillard taking Belushi's place...blah, gimme originality or give me death!

2002-07-13 10:20:51 PM  
Is that why I still haven't had anything posted? Do I need to slack off on the spelling?
2002-07-13 10:27:39 PM  
i smell a flaming bomb. good, i'm sick of will smith getting crazy recognition for mediocre movies.
2002-07-13 10:27:47 PM  
Farkers out of ideas: still using the lame old "Hollywood out of ideas" tag line.
2002-07-13 10:33:30 PM  
I was kind of hoping for the next installment of the Buckaroo Banzi series. "Buckaroo Banzai vs. The World Crime League".

And I'm still waiting for Mel Brooks to do "History of the World - Part 2". I wanna see the whole "Jews in Space" skit.
2002-07-13 10:35:30 PM  
Originality is apparently not a criterion for article selection. Banality, though, apparently is.
2002-07-13 10:37:45 PM  
" "Joel doesn't make bad movies," says the Oscar-nominated Ali thesp, apparently forgetting Schiatmaker's Batman & Robin misfire." ... as the author apparently is forgetting 'a time to kill', that seal video, 'the client', '8 mm', 'falling down', 'flatliners', 'dying young' and only remembering the 'lost boys'.
2002-07-13 10:41:35 PM  
I like the way [the editor] had to put so many words in [Will Smith's] mouth.
2002-07-13 10:44:17 PM  
I have respect for how much talent Will Smith has, so this could end up being good......Oh, and I know what you are going to say, but you name 1 other person besides Jack Black(most talented man in entertainment) that has made it big in music, tv and movies in the last 20 years, and william shatner doesn't count.....but I DID see Men in Black 2, and I want my money back.
2002-07-13 10:48:27 PM  
I was really hoping it would be Yentl.
2002-07-13 10:49:07 PM  
Just wait 30 years and they start making remakes of the crap movies we have now.

Tony Danza Jr playing all the roles that Freddie prize jr is doing now.

dammit I need a drink now.
2002-07-13 10:50:56 PM  
Whil Whaeaon got work???

Bring on Asis Carerra!!
2002-07-13 10:53:12 PM  
07-13-02 10:48:27 PM HeatherAngelic

best line yet !1
2002-07-13 11:08:06 PM  
MIB2 sucked
2002-07-13 11:14:45 PM  
Blah blah blah blah blah: Blah blah blah blah blah
2002-07-13 11:39:00 PM  
Fark posters out of ideas: continuing to post every Hollywood movie release
2002-07-13 11:49:28 PM  
The fact that filmmkaker Joel Schumacher is developing and may direct the update is a step in the right direction, Smith believes. "Joel doesn't make bad movies,"

Oh, please. I know Will Smith is just showing professional courtesy to Joel Shumacher, but has he even SEEN any of Joel's movies?

Of all the movies that Joel Schumacher made, the only one that had some redeeming qualities was Falling Down, and even that was stretching it. Just thinking about the rest turns my stomach. 8mm? What the Hell were you thinking Joel?

I mean, this is the man that took Batman from an amazingly dark and moody atmosphere that Tim Burton helped to create, and turned it into a freaking circus light show. Who cares about things like acting and plot line, when we can make a world of flashing neon lights, and big explosions, and wrap it around the next pretty boy actor that comes along?

So, with that said, you'll have to excuse me if I pass on this one.
2002-07-13 11:56:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-13 11:58:03 PM  
Did we FARK the TV guide site?

I agree about Shu-hack-er ....that guy couldn't direct a bunch of ants to a picnic!!!
2002-07-13 11:58:20 PM  
They're not really out of ideas until they fund a Wil Wheaton remake of a Will Smith remake of a Streisand film.
2002-07-14 12:36:54 AM  
Why don't they just make a hollywood is out of ideas tag?
2002-07-14 12:42:27 AM  
Yentl in Black II ? Mentl ?
2002-07-14 12:46:23 AM  

Where does it stop!!!!!!
2002-07-14 02:44:16 AM  
Smith believes. "Joel doesn't make bad movies,"

I'll only comment on the ones I've (unfortunately) seen.

*courtesy of IMDB*
# Batman & Robin (1997)
# Batman Forever (1995)
# St. Elmo's Fire (1985)
# D.C. Cab (1983)
# Incredible Shrinking Woman, The (1981)

At around 90 minutes a movie, I'd very much like for Joel to give me seven and one half hours of my life back.
2002-07-14 03:21:13 AM  
Jesus farking Christ

burn HollyWood burn
2002-07-14 03:49:49 AM  
"Old gray mare she ain't what she used to be!
ain't what she used to be!
ain't what she used to be!

And now, the old gray mare dancers!
"Old gray mare she ain't what she used to be!
ain't what she used to be!
ain't what she used to be!

(Courtesy of the Simpsons "Hans Moleman")
2002-07-14 03:58:32 AM  
-it's time for Johnny Quest..the Movie.

Sure to bring world peace.

Wil could be Hadji?

I wanted to be Race Bannon when I grew up.
2002-07-14 05:11:49 AM  
iF Hollywood did make a Johnny quest the Movie, Race and Dr. Quest would probably be lovers or something.

Probably be a comedy. And try too hard to be campy.

HOllywood shouldn't be allowed to remake any movies for a year, make those bastards work for once.
2002-07-14 09:25:10 AM  
2002-07-14 01:09:08 PM  
DocBubonic....that would give a whole new meaning to
"Once around the block, Race"-hadji

*Pictures of "Bandit" barking at "Race"* in my mind?
2002-07-14 01:13:01 PM  
-hollywood needs to take lessons from the poor.
-that's where real imagination lies.
-it is all we have.
2002-07-14 11:39:01 PM  
iF Hollywood did make a Johnny quest the Movie, Race and Dr. Quest would probably be lovers or something.

You mean they weren't? That always seemed fishy to me...
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