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(   Detective Jose Poirot surmises that the two corpseless heads might go with the two headless corpses they found   ( divider line
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2006-10-19 07:48:40 AM  
It was the little grey cells, non?
2006-10-19 07:55:34 AM  
If this was CSI there would be 15 minutes of fake science filler before they lined the heads up with the bodies.
Only then would they make a wry comment about heads and bodies going together.

Of course, being Mexico, we should just be glad there are cops investigating a crime.
2006-10-19 08:00:02 AM  
Well, at least they weren't serial-crushed by some huge friggin' guy.
2006-10-19 08:09:12 AM
2006-10-19 08:10:20 AM  
There can be only one!

/had to be said
2006-10-19 08:20:07 AM  
Non, non, Hastings......
2006-10-19 08:38:26 AM  
Whamdangler: Non, non, Hastings......
2006-10-19 08:44:50 AM
2006-10-19 10:36:54 AM

/Wish I could PS
2006-10-19 10:55:39 AM  
At least we hope so.

2006-10-19 10:57:10 AM  
Yeah....would be some shiat if they didn't go together...
2006-10-19 10:58:28 AM  
Where's the Ric Romero report?
2006-10-19 10:59:39 AM  
The heads separated from the body, it is not neat!
2006-10-19 10:59:54 AM  
MegaUltraChicken WINS.
2006-10-19 11:02:08 AM  
Remind me why I shouldn't hate Mexicans, again?
2006-10-19 11:02:13 AM

wonder how they knew there were heads in there.... hmmm
2006-10-19 11:02:16 AM  
Already Disturbed: Where's the Ric Romero report?

You mean Ricardo Romero, don't you?
2006-10-19 11:02:36 AM  
That's beautiful, CheekyMunky.
2006-10-19 11:02:45 AM  
Yea, but which head goes with which body, smartguy?
2006-10-19 11:03:18 AM  
Simple enough, but can they figure out this?
2006-10-19 11:03:27 AM  
Already Disturbed,

You beat me to the Ric Romero punch. :(

/was gonna' post "Detective Jose Poirot = Ric Romero's Mexican cousin"
//who knew headless bodies and bodyless heads went together?
2006-10-19 11:04:46 AM  
Yeah, but you know the minute you make an assumption like that another damn headless corpse appears and you've gotta go back dig up the corpses and try sort it all out. It's a common tale.
2006-10-19 11:08:21 AM  
BizarroHulk: Remind me why I shouldn't hate Mexicans, again?

That's why. And not being a racist doodiehead, of course.
2006-10-19 11:09:05 AM  
Were they:

2006-10-19 11:10:02 AM
2006-10-19 11:10:06 AM  

I tip my hat to you good, sir. Well played.
2006-10-19 11:11:29 AM  
Margie agrees with his detective work.
2006-10-19 11:12:05 AM  
unavailable for comment
2006-10-19 11:13:34 AM  
I dunno. Essay from an African immigrant the U.S. :
My favorite African story actually happened after I left the country. An American executive took a job over there, and on his very first day, the newspaper headlines read: "Three Headless Bodies Found".
The next day: "Three Heads Found".
The third day: "Heads Don't Match Bodies".

2006-10-19 11:14:14 AM  
Next up......cure for cancer
2006-10-19 11:26:44 AM  
You'd all look pretty stupid if they DIDN'T match.
2006-10-19 11:28:21 AM

I say!
2006-10-19 11:40:18 AM  

150 million of her can storm my borders any day.
2006-10-19 11:45:41 AM
2006-10-19 11:58:55 AM  
There can be only one!

/had to be said

"This Fasil was so upset over the lousy wrestling, he went downstairs and in a fit of depression cut his own head off."
2006-10-19 12:39:54 PM  
Bob Down, vous gagnez le thread, monsieur!

J'aime le petit détective belge avec les moustaches.
2006-10-19 01:54:29 PM  
costermonger I get it. well done. :D

/even though this has nothing to do with crushings
//And shepherds we shall be, for thee my Lord for thee
2006-10-19 01:58:06 PM  
MegaUltraChicken: Whamdangler: Non, non, Hastings......

I'll call your David Suchet and raise you a Peter Ustinov.
2006-10-19 02:31:00 PM  

Damn, that's about the worst pic of Salma Hayek I've
ever seen. At least, in the face.

But, even still: I'd hit it like a nekkid Staten Island
crunk wannabe.

/Salma Hayek......
//Typing with one hand, but you don't want to know anymore....
2006-10-19 02:50:27 PM  

That was my first thought when I saw the headline.
2006-10-19 07:37:59 PM  
Sought for questioning:

/yeah, yeah, I know
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