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(Some Guy)   Need a costume idea for Halloween? How about being a working Transformer?   ( divider line
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25378 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Oct 2006 at 8:33 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-10-15 04:54:46 PM  
Welcome to the internet subby.
2006-10-15 06:44:11 PM  
Prices start at $3750. jebus!
2006-10-15 08:32:14 PM  
Only if you connect the stepped-up side to yer cawk.

2006-10-15 08:36:11 PM  
There's more to those then meets the eye!
2006-10-15 08:36:48 PM  
Dork tag needed
2006-10-15 08:39:05 PM  

I second that. There needs to be a dork tag.
2006-10-15 08:41:37 PM  
The "Transformers" were old hat by 1986, at the latest.
2006-10-15 08:43:07 PM  

Too expensive. I'd rather have someone build me a Tron suit.

2006-10-15 08:43:08 PM  
Oh, shiat, they have a Starscream? That sucks, I had plans for that $3750 and now I have to spend it on this.
2006-10-15 08:44:11 PM  
The price is high, but damn those are cool.
2006-10-15 08:45:01 PM  
Yes, I'm sure someone here would wear those suits proudly.
2006-10-15 08:46:52 PM  
Yes, I'm sure someone here would wear those suits proudly.

Wear it? Fark you, I plan on getting married in it!
2006-10-15 08:48:39 PM  
Article is useless without pics vids
2006-10-15 08:49:54 PM  

caMALE toe alert.

/just threw up a little in my mouth
2006-10-15 08:51:29 PM

Dear God, it's the dreaded Male Cameltoe!

(AKA the Mammaltoe.)
2006-10-15 08:52:41 PM  
Dear god, I think I just geek-gasmed....
2006-10-15 08:52:48 PM  
"Need a costume idea for Halloween? How about being a working Transformer?"

Yeah. That should help you get laid.
2006-10-15 08:55:56 PM  
Yeah. That should help you get laid.

If you transform into a cool car it will.
2006-10-15 08:58:23 PM  

If you transform into a cool car it will.

"hey baby, wanna hop into my Ferrari? Just a sec.... wait, gotta... get... my elbow around *pant pant*... almost there...wait, come back!"
2006-10-15 08:59:18 PM  
that guy has way to much time on his hands...but then again i am on fark :)
2006-10-15 09:02:40 PM  
subby caught teh "cool" from robots.
2006-10-15 09:02:53 PM  
Copyright lawsuit in 3...2...1...
2006-10-15 09:03:28 PM  
2006-10-15 09:03:37 PM  
2006-10-15 09:06:55 PM  
Step-up or Step-down?

Watch out for the PCBs!
2006-10-15 09:13:36 PM  
Robot Frank is not impressed.
2006-10-15 09:20:36 PM  
unless they have a motor in it and drive around then its not worth it at all
2006-10-15 09:24:11 PM  
Funzo: Copyright lawsuit in 3...2...1...

That's why the word "type" is in the description. It's of the same vein, but is not modeled exactly after.
2006-10-15 09:32:51 PM

/no need for the animated type
//surprised no one has posted it yet
2006-10-15 09:40:21 PM  
Transformers, morons in disguise!
2006-10-15 09:42:06 PM  
This link gets greenlighted on an annual basis
2006-10-15 09:44:15 PM

/Been There...
//Done That.
2006-10-15 10:20:22 PM  
If it takes 7 months to build, this should have been posted in March.

/Never been into Transformers.
2006-10-15 10:23:33 PM  
How about a working Mech?
2006-10-15 10:23:52 PM  
Yeah. That should help you get laid.

If you transform into a cool car it will.

You know how to drive a stick, baby?

/you gotta wiggle it a little to get it out of reverse
2006-10-15 10:26:30 PM  

Jebus, it looks like Optimus has had bit too much energon pie.
2006-10-15 10:32:47 PM  
"Since God created man, and man created the Transformers, the Transformers are like a gift from God, Randal!"
2006-10-15 10:35:07 PM  
I'd rather be an unemployed transformer. Being a working transformer sounds like it's too much trouble.
2006-10-15 10:45:44 PM  
I'll be going as Franklin/Roosevelt.

2006-10-15 11:36:14 PM

I'd rather have a Bender costume
2006-10-15 11:52:19 PM  
Bicycle safety tip

Male camel toe == Moose Knuckle

The more you know.
2006-10-16 12:40:08 AM  
More proof that transformer fans are the smartest fans in pop culture. They can make costumes that actually transform.
While Star Trek and Star Wars fans in thier costumes look and talk like deformed drunks.
2006-10-16 01:19:08 AM  
Welcome to thunderdome biatch!
2006-10-16 05:16:37 AM  
If you dress up like a working pole pig, I'll be impressed.
2006-10-16 12:35:43 PM  
How about transforming that shiatty page layout into one I can stand to look at for more than two seconds.
2006-10-16 01:29:29 PM  
Gee, maybe we'll have a re-greenlighted link involving a hot cocoa sample box for Christmas, even?
2006-10-16 03:09:05 PM  
Had to do it...
2006-10-17 07:12:45 AM  
I actually did this one year when I was younger and a bit of a contortionist. The transformation went from robot to stationary vehicle, and was constructed using cardboard and several strategically placed rubber bands.

Too bad I can't move even half as well as I used to back then. Lost the ability to contort myself after a series of spinal fusions. Been pretty much down hill ever since.
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