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(Some Ghoul)   How to carve the absolute coolest pumpkin ever   ( divider line
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39199 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Oct 2006 at 11:04 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-10-11 04:48:09 AM  
Damn, that's awesome. Wish I had a fraction of that talent.
2006-10-11 07:52:28 AM  

I don't care how many pumpkins I had to practice friggin way I could do that.

Props to those that can.
2006-10-11 08:05:48 AM  
I don't even want to know what mind would like if I tried it.

The guy's like the Bob Ross of the pumpkin world.
2006-10-11 09:29:42 AM  
What O-Face said
2006-10-11 10:12:41 AM  
my dad used to carve pumpkins like this for money. i inherited some of the talent. my best ever pumpkin was a dan deirdorf.
2006-10-11 10:51:29 AM  
seems like a great idea but when you have the artistic skills of a monkey you are up the creek
2006-10-11 11:08:30 AM  
meh i'll just buy one that he carves...
2006-10-11 11:09:51 AM  
Farked already? Or is it just me?
2006-10-11 11:09:56 AM  
"Sorry, Unable to process request at this time -- error 999."

Already farked lol
2006-10-11 11:10:08 AM  
its already been farked
2006-10-11 11:10:16 AM  
How to kill a link
2006-10-11 11:10:28 AM  
Carve this biatches
2006-10-11 11:11:09 AM  
what, it doesn't hurt anybody. Fark farkety fark fark fark.
/it's farked
2006-10-11 11:11:44 AM  
wtFark is a 999 error?
2006-10-11 11:11:54 AM  
Any Preservatives used on the carved areas Broadcastdave?
2006-10-11 11:11:57 AM  
Fark this link biatches:
2006-10-11 11:13:06 AM  
cue the barfing pumpkins
2006-10-11 11:13:13 AM  
Farked already?

2006-10-11 11:13:58 AM  
2006-10-11 11:14:23 AM  
2006-10-11 11:14:53 AM  

I should have heeded your User Name....that's messed up.
2006-10-11 11:16:03 AM  
The site says use all the carving tools

and end up with
2006-10-11 11:16:20 AM  

I just spilled coffee all down the front of me. And it WASN'T because I was laughing.
2006-10-11 11:18:37 AM  
Is there anything Google Image Search can't do?
2006-10-11 11:19:46 AM  
They might have well drawn up a tutorial for how to make the Mona Lisa, for as much use as that was. Amazing artwork though.
2006-10-11 11:20:15 AM  

Look for music ?
2006-10-11 11:20:18 AM  
Don't you just hate it when some incredibly skilled person describes how to do what they do in just a few short paragraphs as though it's the easiest thing in the world.
2006-10-11 11:23:20 AM  
Oh that's easy. Like these:

How to play the flute: "Well, you blow in one end and run your fingers up and down the outside"

How to cure the world of all known diseases: "You become a doctor and discover a marvelous cure for something to make the world take notice. Then you can go ahead, and cure the world of all known diseases."
2006-10-11 11:27:32 AM  
Need instructions on how to carve a pumpkin to look like George W. Bush. Talk about scary!
2006-10-11 11:28:09 AM  
meshman: "Well, you blow in one end and run your fingers up and down the outside"

I've found that to be the answer for many of life's problems.
2006-10-11 11:32:34 AM  
I'll take the classic "triangle eyes" pumpkins over elaborate works any day. Give me a pumpkin and a drywall saw, and I'm off...

/and anyone that pronounces them "punkins" needs a cock punch, and/or shoved and kicked in the box.
2006-10-11 11:33:56 AM  
2006-10-11 11:43:27 AM  
bongmiester - Did you say barfing pumpkins?

Oh. I'll be on my way, then...
2006-10-11 11:52:05 AM  
groininjury: farked

Works fine for me.
2006-10-11 11:55:18 AM  
Do_Not: That is funny as hell -- I'm still laughing. I just want to know how people actually decide to do these things! First off, who even thinks of painting their hindquarters?
2006-10-11 11:56:10 AM  
meshman: How to play the flute: "Well, you blow in one end and run your fingers up and down the outside"

Some people learn things very quickly.

My girlfriend did the flute thing right the first time.

Oh wait, maybe she's lying and studied quite a lot in elementary school.

/window seat please
2006-10-11 12:04:10 PM
2006-10-11 12:13:12 PM  
I carved a tiki for a company pumpkin ended up looking like my coworker.

I won.
2006-10-11 12:14:48 PM  
That Guy...From That Show!: "My girlfriend did the flute thing right the first time."

Really? It took her a few times with me, but I can be demanding.
2006-10-11 12:15:41 PM  
Reminds me of an Asian calculus TA I had once. She led the non-lecture section for the class (like study hall or group tutoring). she could barely speak english.
Some guy: how did you go from step X to step Y? I don't understand how you did that.
TA: You must do that to continue.
some guy: Ya, but I don't understand. What did you do there?
TA: You must do this to continue to the solution.

Man that class was crappy. That was almost as good as the study session she led for one of the midterms. We weren't allowed to use any notes or the book on the test. But the TA had to constantly look through the book to help us solve the problems on the study guide.
2006-10-11 12:17:30 PM  
This tutorial goes from "Hey. even I could do that"... "Screw it, I give up" so incredibly fast.

It's like those "How to Draw" books for kids where it starts with a bunch of ovals and lines, and the next step is a perfect drawing of a cheetah, with no in-between, and my 8-year-old brain is supposed to figure out the rest on my own.
2006-10-11 12:17:43 PM  
DrForrester: Need instructions on how to carve a pumpkin to look like George W. Bush. Talk about scary!

I'm sure someone has a chimpanzee template you could modify....maybe add some bigger ears etc.

\yeah that's right.
2006-10-11 12:21:57 PM  
Donkey-B0ng: I'm sure someone has a chimpanzee template you could modify....maybe add some bigger ears etc.

True, and considering it's a pumpkin it would have the correct IQ as well.
2006-10-11 12:23:01 PM  
"maybe add some bigger ears"

Glue on 2 more pumpkins!
2006-10-11 12:28:32 PM  
2006-10-11 12:34:15 PM  

2006-10-11 12:44:10 PM  
Of course, it also helps if you're a master sculptor.
2006-10-11 01:00:24 PM  
Yup, farked.
2006-10-11 01:12:19 PM

knife and sign 'chopped for clarity but had real world twins
2006-10-11 01:23:05 PM  
I tried to get a pumpkin pattern photoshop contest greenlit but I forgot to bribe the mods with booze and hookers.
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