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(ABC News)   Scientists build virus from scratch. Thanks a bunch, asshat scientists   ( divider line
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6716 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Jul 2002 at 9:58 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-11 04:49:23 PM  
Stop using the term asshat you unoriginal farkshoes.
2002-07-11 05:37:08 PM  
Yeah, you damn buttdrops.
2002-07-11 06:31:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-11 06:49:31 PM  
I think i might start using snoteater around here see if it catches on like asshat
2002-07-11 10:04:33 PM  
This deserves a cool tag.
2002-07-11 10:05:42 PM  
"Using only a genetic map as a guide, U.S. researchers said on Thursday they had built a polio virus from scratch and used it to infect and paralyze lab mice."

It's one thing if you put little helmets on lab mice, strap them on an "Evel Knievel" hand crancked motorcycle and paralyze them by 'crash-jumping' them over a bunch of hot wheels but a whole other ball game if you invent some virus and inject them with it.
2002-07-11 10:06:53 PM  
But God invented Ebola, AIDS and Herpes, which aforementioned scientists are fighting. Thanks a bunch, Asshat God!
2002-07-11 10:07:10 PM  
Love the headline
2002-07-11 10:07:22 PM  
Very shortly we will have a Newsflash tagged link to an article with the title "New mutant virus created in lab escapes and causes worldwide epidemic. Millions expected to die."
2002-07-11 10:07:43 PM  
The following compound words are funny:

...please feel free to add more to the list
2002-07-11 10:08:04 PM  
Vlad - You used to do that too?
2002-07-11 10:09:05 PM  
dick-weed is a pretty funny word too
2002-07-11 10:09:11 PM  
TriXXX You need to add, "Fb- is the father, doo dah, doo dah" to the end of that.
2002-07-11 10:09:46 PM  
Stop telling people to stop using asshat, asshat.
2002-07-11 10:09:51 PM  
2002-07-11 10:09:55 PM  
and the newly created virus gets loose and kills us all in...



2002-07-11 10:10:26 PM  
I KNEW there was a market for teeny tiny wheelchairs! Okay, asshat is out. I think needledick would be a suitable replacement, anyone? Or, nipplehead...
2002-07-11 10:10:34 PM  
Well, guess people can't say there's no such thing as a man-made virus anymore. Makes the AIDS virus being created by man sound more likely now...
2002-07-11 10:11:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
I must have caught some kind of bug!
2002-07-11 10:11:22 PM  
God didn't create AIDS, etc., there was a link saying the US government did.

And don't blame asshat scientists for being asshats, or for being scientists. What better way to learn how to deconstruct a virus than to construct one?
2002-07-11 10:11:39 PM  
Thats the first time I ever heard the term "asshat". I like it. Keep using it so other asshat noobs can enjoy the first time experience of acctually seeing the word "asshat".

Thank you.

That is all.
2002-07-11 10:11:43 PM  


Um... can't think of any more right now.
2002-07-11 10:11:54 PM  
The virus built itself. I think the virus has the scientists beat. I want to see an explanation of why a molecule can build a virus. This is just making a chemical, dipping it in some fluid, and watching a virus grow. It's like a scientist saying he created a plant, and you find out he only gene-sequenced a seed and planted it.
2002-07-11 10:12:30 PM  
ya know...the next thing will be....Scientists paralyze human subjects in lab with "homemade" polio....I mean sheesh why don't they just hollow out a cannon ball put about 2500 lab mice in it shoot it into a field of land the mine field with some cruise missles...then just napalm the whole damn field...god..I dont even see how this is any where close to being a positive thing....I just wonder if thats how some outbreaks of other diseases start....conspiracy theory? *smile* THEY ARE WATCHING YA!!! =)
2002-07-11 10:13:49 PM  
My roommate called me an ass-lorax once. So I called him a cock-grinch.
2002-07-11 10:13:55 PM  
Sounds like some sort of evil Betty Crocker.

My two cents. I would like to see goober smooch used more often.
2002-07-11 10:15:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-07-11 10:16:07 PM  
How about Tardfark?
2002-07-11 10:16:10 PM  
Talk about a waste of time. We have weapons of mass destruction and viruses out there that kill people already, and they add one more. Why not try and cure AIDS Cancer and other diseases so they dont exsist anymore.. Maybe its just me but i think thats more important than making a friggin virus from friggin scratch.
2002-07-11 10:16:53 PM  
Ass + pretty much any noun makes a good compound word.
2002-07-11 10:17:38 PM  
BFD, just go to a hacking site and you can get a Virus SDK...

Ohhhhh....that kind of virus...

2002-07-11 10:17:56 PM  
That's an asstastic idea.
2002-07-11 10:19:22 PM  
Talk about a waste of time. We have weapons of mass destruction and viruses out there that kill people already, and they add one more. Why not try and cure AIDS Cancer and other diseases so they dont exsist anymore.. Maybe its just me but i think thats more important than making a friggin virus from friggin scratch.

Try reading the article, brainiac.

The virus acted like polio in the test tube and also paralyzed mice genetically engineered to be susceptible to polio -- which in nature prefers to infect human beings. Polio once paralyzed tens of thousands of children a year, before vaccination made it a rare disease.

The process did cause some mutation in the genetic code which seemed to weaken the effects of the virus, Wimmer said.

There are two good vaccines for polio, but Wimmer hopes his team's process might be used to create genetically weakened versions of other viruses for use as vaccines. His team is also working with the hepatitis C virus.
2002-07-11 10:19:24 PM  
they should design virus that can only attack arabs.. that would solve oil problems, terrorists and middle east wars.
2002-07-11 10:19:57 PM  
"In the 14th and 15th centuries, little was known about how germs cause disease. But according to medieval medical lore, the stench of rotting bodies was known to transmit infections. So when corpses were used as ammunition, they were no doubt intended as biological weapons."

We've been farking with viruses for years. I imagine we are getting damn good at it! Good job Scientific America!
2002-07-11 10:19:58 PM  
Oops, missed the next sentence:

This is a standard vaccine technique -- using a non-dangerous form of a virus to stimulate the immune system without causing disease.
2002-07-11 10:20:19 PM  
M O O N.

That spells SuperFlu.
2002-07-11 10:20:29 PM  
i can see the military watching closely
hmmmm a polio bomb?!
2002-07-11 10:23:21 PM  
2002-07-11 10:25:52 PM  
Yeah sue me i misread the article, i only got about 3 hours sleep so my brain aint working at its peak.
2002-07-11 10:25:57 PM  
Oh yeah:

corkbreath (the third letter is actually the same as the first but I don't think I can get away with typing that here)

If I get bored I'll try to remember some more.
2002-07-11 10:26:05 PM  
How long before this degrades into yet another evolution vs. creation thread and somone 'Summons Bevets'?
2002-07-11 10:28:28 PM  
Use it as much as you like
2002-07-11 10:28:50 PM  
Nice, Pudding7! I think that I'll be moving eastward from Las Vegas now....
2002-07-11 10:28:51 PM  
Pudding7's got it. Cpatain Trips coming to a town near you.
2002-07-11 10:29:48 PM  
Fark it. Go ahead, creat Captain Tripps. Break a test tube and summon The Walking Man in the faded blue jeans to go kick ass in Vegas. This works farking sucks, let's just get it over with.
2002-07-11 10:29:53 PM  
I always called idiots "penis breath " as in get outta my face penis breath.

Oh yeah anything that can have a potential curing effect on virus based diseases is okay in my book.
2002-07-11 10:30:57 PM  
shiat for brains
2002-07-11 10:31:34 PM  
Sometimes i wonder how many people just read the post and not the article so they can be the first one to comment on it?

Scientists didn't build any virus from scratch or design one on their own; they used a *known* gene sequence to put genetic bases in the right order to create virus RNA. For people that never took biology in high school, that means they just copied the instructions for an existing virus, polio.
2002-07-11 10:32:26 PM  
TriXXX cockbreath ...

Now we know...

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