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(ESPN)   One man's proposals on how to fix baseball   ( divider line
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5526 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Jul 2002 at 7:10 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-11 07:00:25 PM  
Stop watching it. That is one way.
2002-07-11 07:18:09 PM  
I agree with SLAYERSWINE
2002-07-11 07:19:38 PM  
I agree with Squidfartz.
2002-07-11 07:20:47 PM  
MatthewCole: I agree
2002-07-11 07:23:38 PM  
I agree with SLAYER....the rest of you are just dead wrong. Morons.
2002-07-11 07:29:35 PM  
Sorry, I am too indecisive to choose one person to agree with.
2002-07-11 07:30:14 PM  
Saulsa makes a good point...can I change my affiliation?
2002-07-11 07:32:31 PM  
I'm going to Wrigley Field Saturday for the Cubs game. The Cubs suck, baseball is pissing me off. However it's the world's largest beer garden. Only reason I'm going.
2002-07-11 07:33:27 PM  
BASEBALL SUCKS Nothing more to say.
2002-07-11 07:35:38 PM  
I agree with purtnear everyone on this.
2002-07-11 07:39:24 PM  
I disagree with everyone of you. Except the people who think we should just not watch baseball.
2002-07-11 07:39:54 PM  
I agree with everyone except for that one
2002-07-11 07:45:26 PM  
That's the only guy whom I agree with.
2002-07-11 07:50:20 PM  
When does football season start?
2002-07-11 07:52:53 PM  
Lets all agree to disagree, huh?
2002-07-11 07:56:27 PM  
This is the sort of thing that could drive a person to watching curling.
2002-07-11 08:01:05 PM  
07-11-02 07:52:53 PM Bokkasrealm
Lets all agree to disagree, huh?

*Principal Skinner voice* I don't agree to that.
2002-07-11 08:05:15 PM  
Well that was stupid.
2002-07-11 08:09:47 PM  
Can I just disagree with the voices? My shrink says that they will go away in a week, so I need to get some good quality time in with them.

2002-07-11 08:15:04 PM  
This guy missed the most obvious answer: contract the yankees.

no, seriously. Firstly, with the yanks gone, all their fans would have to redistribute to other teams. Heck, most of 'em don't live in New York, so they might actually pick a 'hometown' team. Secondly, it would cause great contraversy. People still wouldn't care about baseball, but they wouldn't stop talking about it.

Or maybe I just hate the yankees.
2002-07-11 08:22:58 PM  
Nunya, I'm with you! Lets kill the Yankees!
2002-07-11 08:26:15 PM  
Ever since I was a kid -- and, research tells me, long before that -- baseball has been on the brink of a catastrophic ruin of Biblical proportions.
Funny how this has always semed to be true.. Seems like it's in the owners' best interests to appear on the brink of bankruptcy, too.. wonder if there's a connection.

All that revenue sharing in football is disgraceful, downright communist if you ask me. I'd like to sick the McArthy squad on anyone who calls it the true American sport. That'll learn 'em :)

2002-07-11 09:07:25 PM  
or stop paying them millions to play a game........
2002-07-11 09:29:05 PM  
I'll tell you how to make baseball exciting to watch...every pro team HAS to draw a player from the stands EVERY game. That player MUST bat and field. Man you want some sweet reality tv!
2002-07-11 09:55:35 PM  
Contract every team that hasn't yet won a World Series, and those that haven't won one in say 80 years or so. Immediately that improves the overall level of talent on the field, as well as in ownership/management.
2002-07-11 10:04:42 PM  
Unclefenders, Yeah...pretty sure the Devil Rays do that already.

Vaxhacker, so, you're saying that teams that haven't won a title in 80 years don't have talented players? And that today's general managers are responsible for things that happened before they were born? Dipshiat.
2002-07-11 10:42:36 PM  
Chill out. I guess I did need to add a smiley to that post, for all of the the {Red,White} Sox and Cubs fans.
2002-07-11 10:50:19 PM  
"Major League Baseball can assure itself the perception of a high quality product by continuing to raise prices across the board. Remember: the more something costs, the better it is."

Hell, that theory worked for Swathmore...
2002-07-11 11:08:11 PM  
Treat baseball like a business. If a business cannot stay in business it goes out of business. Simple! Fark the new stadiums funded by tax payer money. Farking Twins...Fark them.

Also, I think I should be able to have my own casino.
2002-07-12 12:19:32 AM  
F baseball mgmt. If you know what your revenues are going to be (and they can estimite them pretty damn close), logic would dictate that you would know how much money you have for expenses.

Why the hell can't these teams spend within their means? If they are dumb enough to bankrupt themselves, why is it the players' union's fault?

Don't spend more than you can fuggin' afford to spend on salaries. No one is forcing you to give a player $15 million+ a year. Simple economics, people.

Or sell your teams to people that understand how to run a business.
2002-07-12 09:19:21 AM  
because it denied them one of the few pleasures afforded those who are alone. (I assumed from this reasoning that all shut-ins had broken hands.)

This is the funniest thing I have read/heard from ESPN ever. This can never be topped.
2002-07-12 03:49:48 PM  
I don't know. Last week Bill Simmons in his Page 2 column wrote:

The best part about MTV's new "Sorority Life" series is that you have to pound a few beers before the girls start to look even remotely attractive ... it's just like being back in college!

That made me laugh.

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