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(Some Guy)   Not news: A couple have an argument. News: The woman assaults her boyfriend. The weapon used? Her four-week-old baby   ( divider line
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13149 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Oct 2006 at 11:45 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-10-09 10:25:36 AM  
This sounds like a terrible SNL sketch from the 80s or something...
2006-10-09 10:30:25 AM  
Hey, it could've been worse. At least the baby wasn't loaded.
2006-10-09 11:48:45 AM  
Never bring a son to a wife fight.
2006-10-09 11:49:15 AM  
NOW can we start issuing licenses for children?
2006-10-09 11:50:15 AM  
I see the 'Pennsylvania' Tag acomin'.
2006-10-09 11:50:17 AM  
Chytoria Graham

Hmm... I wonder...
2006-10-09 11:50:43 AM  
holy sh*t is that funny...

ok i know its sad and dumb and all that but the visual made me laugh
2006-10-09 11:51:05 AM  
Babies are dangerous. I would know.
2006-10-09 11:51:09 AM  
This is a whole new meaning to the words "baby batter."

/first class, please.
2006-10-09 11:51:12 AM  
Chytoria, who is 27, with presumably 5 kids.
/cue the kid, you know the one.
2006-10-09 11:51:48 AM  
This may actually beat Michael Jackson for worst (read best) child abuse ever.
2006-10-09 11:52:29 AM  
Not news: Annoying fark cliche headline in progress
News: Annoying cliche submitted for approval Annoying cliche hated by many hits main page
2006-10-09 11:52:58 AM  
Sick tag?
2006-10-09 11:53:19 AM  
"It was not immediately clear if the man Ms. Graham allegedly attacked was the baby's father"

Well knock me over with a feather
2006-10-09 11:53:25 AM  
I just picture Cynthia McKinly beating the crap outta some white guy with a baby for some reason.
2006-10-09 11:54:30 AM  
When they outlaw babies, only outlaws will have babies?
2006-10-09 11:54:43 AM  
Thread over, SherKhan wins.

2006-10-09 11:55:58 AM  
I disagree,

MadAfro wins.
2006-10-09 11:56:52 AM  
TKPMM5 gave me wood.
2006-10-09 11:57:11 AM  
Shouldn't this be a rallying cry for 'Child control' (like gun control)
2006-10-09 11:58:08 AM  
How much damage can a baby actually do? Come on. She might as well been swinging a small sack of potatos or something. 4 week old baby? Sheesh - that thing couldn't have weighed more than 10 lbs or so. That guy she was fighting with must really be a wimp.
2006-10-09 11:58:48 AM  

TKPMM5 gave me wood.

Seek help.
2006-10-09 11:59:41 AM  
When we outlaw babies only outlaws will have babies?
2006-10-09 11:59:41 AM  
Villain: Chytoria Graham

Hmm... I wonder...

I see what you did there.

Don't make me pull out the angry kid with the yellow tee shirt.
2006-10-09 11:59:49 AM  
Not to threadjack or anything, but if I hear the buzz phrase "baby daddy" one more time I think I'm going to lose it.
2006-10-09 11:59:56 AM  
binnster: Hey, it could've been worse. At least the baby wasn't loaded.

It was. The walls and ceiling are now brown.
2006-10-09 11:59:56 AM  
MadAfro wins.

Agreed. However, if it's anything like the requirements for getting a drivers license, not much will change.
2006-10-09 12:02:17 PM  
"Baby daddy"

/ducks and runs for cover
2006-10-09 12:02:30 PM  

Never bring a son to a wife fight.

That's just so wrong on so many levels...

/why then, did I laff my arse off
2006-10-09 12:05:02 PM  
I wish I'd never RTA....

I hope they take that poor child away from her. This is just SICK.
2006-10-09 12:05:04 PM  
the baby was critically injured. what a farkin selfish whore-biatch. that makes me kinda mad...just a lil

/put baby down
//hit boyfriend
///try not to kill the only innocent thing in the room
2006-10-09 12:06:39 PM  
i'd hit it.

/with a baby
2006-10-09 12:07:43 PM  
Seymour's Fat Lady

I agree. It annoys me to no end. No end.

Maybe next time that woman should throw a cat or a rat or something. That could really do some damage...

/I know all too well
//I still have the scars
2006-10-09 12:07:53 PM  
Great. A version of this story FINALLY got greenlit. Now can people stop submitting it? I'm sick of seeing 10+ varients on TF, each with an uninspired headline.

Oh yeah, sterilize the biatch. Prevent it from ever happening again.
2006-10-09 12:08:09 PM  
Heartless dose of reality:

With parents like this that kid was destined to be a pathetic, lifelong loser. An early death should be seen as mercy.
2006-10-09 12:10:09 PM  
vanity: With parents like this that kid was destined to be a pathetic, lifelong loser. An early death should be seen as mercy.

because, you know, there's never been any success stories about unfortunates overcoming all odds.
2006-10-09 12:12:33 PM  
Maybe she was just cleaning it and it went off.
2006-10-09 12:13:10 PM  

Sick tag?

2006-10-09 12:13:56 PM  
Seek help.

That's so like a Texan, being intimidated because a strong black woman turns me on.
2006-10-09 12:14:27 PM

Something like this?
2006-10-09 12:14:45 PM  
Chytoria?? Whatinthehell is that? It sounds like the name of a car.

(Cue references to the Nosmo King joke.)

I strongly suspect that folks are loosing the battle against stupid in many areas and moving on up to absolute moron. This is a prime example. She needs not only to stay in jail for many years, but should be required to have her tubes tied.

BTW. I agree with a previous poster. If I hear the term 'babydaddy' much more, I might explode.
2006-10-09 12:15:14 PM  
Saborlas Oh yeah, sterilize the biatch. Prevent it from ever happening again.

Personally I say they sew her pussy shut tight with metal wire.

And then solder the wire pieces together.

Without anesthesia.

Right in the middle of her trailer park, for all to see.

/this story made me sick.
//8 mo old at home.
2006-10-09 12:15:57 PM  

I remember now why I search for your posts. I needed teh funnay on this Monday morning.
2006-10-09 12:16:33 PM  
Unless you're scared of babies, what reffect could it have? It's not like those things have really hard heads or anything. Awful choice for a weapon. Gotta go for something a bit older, some more heft, maybe a 1 or 2 year old.

No thought there. Seems like she'd be easy to beat in a fight.
2006-10-09 12:16:39 PM  
Would you prefer that little snots' sperm donor?
2006-10-09 12:17:05 PM  
I think this sets a healthy precedent for owning a weapon.

Henceforth, you can only inflict damage on someone with an object that you yourself have contained within any of your various body cavities for at least 8 months.

Like a watch.

I bet if that law gets passed, there are going to be a lot less gun sales.

Or, for that matter, swords or shurikens.

/Unless you're into that sorta thing
2006-10-09 12:19:06 PM  
Chytoria? Chytoria????

Why is it that even though the article doesn't have a picture, I somehow know exactly what she looks like?
2006-10-09 12:20:24 PM  
The updide is it that it will take her nine months to reload.
2006-10-09 12:21:33 PM  
I laughed. A lot.
2006-10-09 12:22:22 PM  

Maybe she was just cleaning it and it went off.

You owe me a new keyboard.

/I could totally see myself doing something like this....which is why I don't plan on having kids.
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