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(Some Guy)   These are some pretty freaking bizarre creatures (taxidermy)   ( divider line
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24643 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Oct 2006 at 11:15 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-10-08 09:49:02 PM  
I call Shennanigans on the Turtle/Snake.
2006-10-08 10:39:49 PM  
When I was a kid I messed around in a taxidermy shop.

My coolest one was a rabbit with bobcat teeth and yellow reptile eyes.

Other than cape skinning trophy animals and salvaging the meat, I sucked at it. A lot of patience and skill is required to skin around the eyes, ears, toes, and other parts and then restore them to something that looks lifelike.

I'd like to be taxidermized after death, so people could see their god and worship him.
2006-10-08 10:41:08 PM  
the one where they sewed the cat's eyes shut and glued a marble in the middle is just so wrong. What kind of freak mutiliates the corpse of a little animal?
2006-10-08 11:04:52 PM  
I want a stuffed Luckdragon Fish!
2006-10-08 11:22:35 PM  
So, this is what people do before photoshop?
2006-10-08 11:25:02 PM  
What's with picture of the GT convertable at the bottom of the page? It's seems al little out of place, given the others.

/I've seen better, more believable taxidermy creatures, too. The the cat with the sewn shut eyes is just tacky.
2006-10-08 11:28:08 PM  
Oh great, now I'm going to have nightmares. That's just plain creepy.
2006-10-08 11:33:00 PM  

I submitted a link with most of the same pics a few months ago and didn't get a greenie.

2006-10-08 11:35:01 PM  
Bonanza Jellybean
but now its Halloween! and right in time to haunt my nightmares.
2006-10-08 11:36:19 PM  
There are two-headed animals. There are cyclops animals. The animals on the site are the creation of taxidermy, not nature. The real freaks of nature are far more disturbing.
2006-10-08 11:39:59 PM  
I don't know if any of you Farkers are good enough to dredge this up, but State Hospital #4 In the old Soviet Union in the area where they used to pop the most of their atomic bombs has some of the most grotesque HUMAN freaks pickled in formeldehyde you would never want to see in your life.

They conducted multiple nuclear tests inthis area, right next to where people lived, let the fallout rain down on them and see what happens.

It's gross.
2006-10-08 11:42:16 PM  
These are just sick

What kinda freak desecrates the bodies of dead animals by chopping up the bodies and sewing them back together in freakish configurations?

These people are sick and have no respect for G-d's creatures.
2006-10-08 11:42:32 PM  
Brought to you by the folks at Three Mile. Or the creators of Spore.
2006-10-08 11:44:02 PM  

the one where they sewed the cat's eyes shut and glued a marble in the middle is just so wrong. What kind of freak mutiliates the corpse of a little animal?

Some pervert like God. (pops)
2006-10-08 11:45:26 PM  
It's not so much taxidermy as it is stupid-ermy.
2006-10-08 11:46:23 PM  
That two headed rabbit looks like something out of the Evil Dead-Part 2
2006-10-08 11:47:02 PM  
Cyclops Kitty is watching you masturbate
2006-10-08 11:47:13 PM  
If the local taxidermist is on your speed dial, you might be a redneck.

/Jeff Foxworthy
2006-10-08 11:47:53 PM  
Custom Creature Taxidermy(pops)

Take a look if you really want to see what some sick bastards do with animals.
2006-10-08 11:50:09 PM  
Who the fark makes a hobby out of slicing up and sewing together animal corpses?
2006-10-08 11:51:50 PM  
The photoshoppers over at have been having fun with this concept. No skinning and stuffing needed!

and part 2
2006-10-08 11:54:10 PM  
*hears Dueling Banjos, the Deliverance song, playing in the background*
2006-10-08 11:55:09 PM  
Hell yeah.

It's not sick, I eat meat that is prepared a million different ways. This is making something beautiful from death.

/seriously want to buy one now
//got no taste
2006-10-08 11:56:52 PM  
2006-10-08 11:58:18 PM  
Nightmare juice.
2006-10-09 12:12:43 AM  
Fursecution FTW!
2006-10-09 12:18:32 AM  
i like the snake turtle shiat, pretty cool
2006-10-09 12:34:36 AM  
Sloppy work, Sarina Brewer's work at Custon Creature is way better.

/BF's a taxidermist.
2006-10-09 12:46:02 AM  
I would like the pictures to go away now, thank you.
2006-10-09 12:51:33 AM  
How is this worse than making animals into... say... snausages? or shoes? or purses?
2006-10-09 01:10:06 AM  
totally suckie, but I want a cat like dat.
2006-10-09 01:11:00 AM  
interestingly enough, if you put 'winged cats' into a search engine, you will get lots of people who swear they have seen them, even some blurry photos. the logical minds have decided the 'wings' are just flaps of matted fur, but some of those articles are very convincing!
2006-10-09 01:14:30 AM

Not impressed.
2006-10-09 01:15:01 AM  
These animals are some of the more bland ones found at Chernobyl and three mile island areas.
2006-10-09 01:20:25 AM  

Dammit, I wanted to say that...

/it'd be better with the pic, though
2006-10-09 01:28:11 AM  
This reminds me greatly of humorous "stuffed animal" / fantasy taxidermy done by an artist group called the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists.

A friend of a friend is one of them; he does taxidermy-like poses of plush stuffed animals. I find it utterly hysterical.
2006-10-09 01:50:10 AM  
What a creep.
2006-10-09 01:51:12 AM  
So THAT'S where they got the motion captures for the Shadow Hearts monsters from. Huh. I wonder if they have that dog-balanced-on-a-mailman-arm-sticking-out-of-its-mouth thing?

/been playing Shadow Hearts all evening
//WEIRD monsters in those games
2006-10-09 01:51:24 AM  
Wow, those rabbits looked super creepy.

/suck it PETA
2006-10-09 02:19:22 AM  
Best Taxidermic Animation EVAR!!!! Jan Svankmeyer's Alice. Movie buffs agree, he started it all.

/bold because its just that important and you will thank me.
2006-10-09 02:58:39 AM


/is what it would be thinking if it were alive
2006-10-09 04:06:27 AM  
The guy who made these (didnt see it mentioned) is "the Great Orbax" AKA jason thomas.
2006-10-09 09:16:09 AM  
Gross in a way that is totally icky. Freaky suckitude.
2006-10-09 09:46:32 AM  
Here's a link to go with Nerdlette's comment:
2006-10-09 09:54:33 AM  
These look like props from some wacked out horror movie.
2006-10-09 10:51:38 AM  
Kinda cool ^_^.
2006-10-09 11:07:53 AM  
OK for us somewhat normal people, that's known as "mutilation of a corpse".
2006-10-09 11:26:18 AM  
I guess these are graduates of the Norman Bates Taxidermy school.
2006-10-09 12:00:56 PM  
Impressive. Someone needs to tell that guy about Photoshop.
2006-10-09 04:45:02 PM  
Hoobers, did you see the snake with its organs developed outside the body? Wow, thats nasty. Kinda like inside out boy.
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