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29020 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Oct 2006 at 12:40 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-10-07 09:51:45 PM  
It IS a helluva drug.
2006-10-07 10:02:50 PM  
I'm farked then since that's my ambrosia and I can't quit. It has to be a in a can, chilled. If it's from a 2 Liter bottle, it doesn't taste the same. Too flat. It's not good in a plastic bottle. Lord forbid it be from a soda fountain; fountain coke and real coke are worlds apart.

The pleasure is thus: I see my coke in the fridge. The can is red and inviting. My fingers feel cool and moist when I grab the can. I pop the top and the hissing sound makes my mouth water. I get the first sniff of acidity right off the top of the can. The first sip is my favorite; The bubbles cause irritation of the front of my tongue just as the sweetness of the Coke is felt. Now I'm really thirsty. The rest of the gulps aren't as good as the first but are oh so tasty. I want more and more and find myself sucking it down to keep the elation of the drink going. The last 2 inches of Coke in the can aren't even worth drinking. May as well just toss it out.

Just sippin my Coke and waiting for my bones to dissolve. Who needs bones?
2006-10-07 10:31:39 PM  
I've used it to get all that white crap off my battery terminals and made cakes with it, but I won't drink it.

/yes it does clean your car's battery terminals.
2006-10-07 11:50:19 PM  
What about Code Red Diet Mountain Dew?

Huh? Huh?
2006-10-08 12:42:10 AM  
I agree with what I read in another thread: what, is the disabled tonight?
2006-10-08 12:44:04 AM  
sweet sweet cokey goodness....

//addicted to slashies
2006-10-08 12:44:08 AM  
Advertising and a lack of knowledge are far more powerful factors when it comes to being healthy for most people.
2006-10-08 12:44:42 AM  

What about Code Red Diet Mountain Dew?

Huh? Huh?

Screw that. What about BEER?
2006-10-08 12:44:56 AM  
OH MY GO...oh wait. Just women. Whew. Thought it was important there for a second.
2006-10-08 12:45:56 AM  
Women who drink cola may be increasing their risk for low bone mineral density linked to osteoporosis, researchers say.

Just women? Oh good - then I'm safe.

/goes off for several cokes
2006-10-08 12:47:25 AM  
Correlation =/= causation.
2006-10-08 12:47:26 AM  
Whew, for a minute I thought you were talking about cocaine.
2006-10-08 12:48:52 AM  
Women who drink cola may be increasing their risk for low bone mineral density

Well, they have two milk jugs hangin' right there in front of them 24x7. Why can't they just drink their own milk and boost their calcium levels, to make up for what Coke makes them lose?

See, ladies, boobs *are* good for something besides giving men a reason to like you.
2006-10-08 12:49:13 AM  
The more cola that women drank, the lower their bone mineral density

So the more shiat that you drink that has no nutritional value, the more unhealthy you'll be. Drink milk you damned hippies.
2006-10-08 12:49:35 AM  
Fark headline brought to you by Pepsi.
2006-10-08 12:50:19 AM  
gradatim - Their "milk" jugs start making milk only after they give birth. That's why I love girls till they get pregnant.
2006-10-08 12:52:41 AM  
Have any morons started in with the Coca Cola urban myths yet?
2006-10-08 12:52:42 AM  
They've known about this for years. I remember my mom telling me about this when I was in 3rd grade. That was in 1991.

/Mom and dad are pharmacists
2006-10-08 12:52:49 AM  
It's good for dissolving cocaine that comes up from South America. Sniffer dogs never check out Coke (heh) tankers.

The "War on Drugs" is rather the "War to Supply Drugs to the Debauched American 'elite'".

Rotten septums and bleeding noses, fat bellies and diabetes, but at least it's not marijuana!
2006-10-08 12:53:42 AM  

Man, I'm drunk, and I still think that what you are saying is crazy talk. I like the occasional soft drink but what you describe sounds like near orgasmatic bliss.

Methinks you need to take a breather, and perhaps a glass of water.
2006-10-08 12:55:14 AM  
Why is this suprising to people when the drink already needs a special lining within the can so it doesn't eat the aluminum?
2006-10-08 12:56:41 AM  
2006-10-08 12:50:19 AM Madheretic
Their "milk" jugs start making milk only after they give birth. That's why I love girls till they get pregnant.

Not true. Any woman (or a man if you're that kinky) can lactate if they're given proper ongoing stimulation.

/damn I know too much about kinks...
2006-10-08 12:57:56 AM  
Because practically anything eats aluminum?
2006-10-08 12:58:49 AM  
This explains why I have osteoporosis at 25
2006-10-08 12:59:57 AM  
It rots their bones because, of course, god knew that women are unfit for sex or making food in the kitchen past 40 or so, so he wanted us to get new models. Of course, males are superior and have at least a little morality, so how would we cope? Gradual degredation of the female, so we'd have to trade in for a new model.

/its true b/c i read it in the big book!
2006-10-08 01:00:11 AM  
Bones are bad mmmmmk?
2006-10-08 01:01:45 AM  

I call BS I have done the battery terminal trick, multiple times.
2006-10-08 01:05:49 AM  
outback rebel yep, the only thing to do is make sure your woman doesn't drink too much soda :P.

/I'd take pointy knees over bendy knees any day.
2006-10-08 01:06:29 AM  
Old news. The phosphate acts as an alternative to calcium in the bones, making them less dense.
2006-10-08 01:08:01 AM  
But calcium intake from all sources, including non-dairy sources such as dark, leafy greens and beans, was lower among women who drank the most cola.

Anyone else find it conceivable that the coke-drinking is simply a symptom of poor diet?
2006-10-08 01:08:44 AM  
Don't think milk will help. The Vitamin D overdose actually interferes with calcium absorption - not to mention the hormones that are fat soluble.

Yes, like the cola industry, the milk industry lies its collective ass off.
2006-10-08 01:10:29 AM  
I will make the sacrifice and drink the rest of the Coke in the house right now.
To protect my wife from the evils of rotten bones.
2006-10-08 01:11:26 AM  
yeah but what about COCAINE!
2006-10-08 01:12:39 AM  

You must mean Pre-Mix coke. Coke from an old-fashioned Soda Fountain is the REAL Coke.

Dr Pepper FTW!

Or Big Peach...
2006-10-08 01:12:55 AM  
who funded these researchers? they need to stop wasting their money on obvious shiat.

i got a question. has anybody ever heard of laundering money through "research". like give so and so a lot of money to do some research but not actually do it, say they did, come up with obvious results that show they probably did it, and then pocket the money?

ever heard of it? get back to me on it.

/not being sarcastic. really want to know.
2006-10-08 01:13:27 AM  
2006-10-08 01:15:40 AM  
/e throws some figures into his stats program.

2006-10-08 01:16:26 AM  
I had myself frozen back in the '80s when I was diagnosed with terminal boneitis.

/probably not obscure
2006-10-08 01:16:38 AM  
smitty is wrong, as others have pointed out. it does not rot MY bones, because i am male.

yay for something besides the ability to pee standing up!
2006-10-08 01:17:09 AM  
Ditto, Hal5423. This has been known for years. Yawn.
2006-10-08 01:17:27 AM  
Coming soon:

New! Coke with calcium!
2006-10-08 01:18:34 AM  
oh wait- it only happens to women
2006-10-08 01:20:41 AM  
I assumed they were talking about the peruvian flake until i RTFA.

Oh, Coca COLA. Yeah, it sucks. Too much sugar and junk. When i was a kid i drank alot of it. My uncle pulled me aside, and showed me a trick. He made a penny dissapear in a glass of coke. Of course it took a while for the soda to eat away at it, but afterwards my uncle told me something that ill never forget; "See what it did to the penny...Imagine what its doing to your body. Quit drinking that shiat ya little farker."
2006-10-08 01:21:59 AM  
why on earth would you clean your battery terminals with coke ? not only is it not that strong an acid, (certainly not stronger than battery acid, which is hydrochloric, it leaves a sticky residue which you have to clean off.

//wire brush and some elbow grease.
2006-10-08 01:22:38 AM  
i know it's cartilage - but the noses of advanced snorters
2006-10-08 01:26:49 AM  
Good thing I drink Pepsi.
2006-10-08 01:27:54 AM  
NobleHam: Correlation =/= causation.

Saying: Correlation =/= causation : =/= proving the article/study wrong.
2006-10-08 01:31:19 AM  

Saying "Saying: Correlation =/= causation : =/= proving the article/study wrong": =/= proving the article/study right.
2006-10-08 01:37:31 AM  
zekebullseye: It's not good in a plastic bottle.

It's best out of a glass bottle. Root beer is to die for out of a glass bottle.
2006-10-08 01:41:58 AM  
it also rots your teeth.

I'm not going to google it and I'm not a dentist but the carbonation in soft drinks (and I assume beer too) weakens the enamel on your teeth so if you drink a couple cans of soda and then brush your teeth, you're actually brushing the enamel off your teeth, and it leads to of course tooth decay and cavities.

Anyway, I used to drink soda all the time but now it's just wasted calories and everyone's metabolism slows when they reach about 25 so it was nice while it lasted, but now I drink non-carbonated stuff (except for beer).

Ok, i'm off to bed. Don't brush your teeth within a half-hour after drinking carbonated beverages. And google that because I'm sure you'll find the story I was talking about.

Oh yeah, there's also studies being done to find out exactly why sucrose has a tendency to deposit fat in the mid-region of your body.
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