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13847 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Oct 2006 at 7:10 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-10-03 07:33:25 PM  
"Manos: The Hands of Fate." Now there was a chiller.
2006-10-03 07:33:32 PM  
Jacob's Ladder.

And why is there no voting enabled?
2006-10-03 07:34:18 PM  
Session 9
2006-10-03 07:34:23 PM  
Plan 9 From Outer Space!!!
2006-10-03 07:34:30 PM  
Mars Attacks
"Do not run, we are your friends." Zzzzapp

Not scary but really funny, while buzzed.
2006-10-03 07:34:39 PM  
I'd go with Poltergeist and Event Horizon.
2006-10-03 07:34:51 PM  

The actual scariest goddamned movie ever.

Think about it.

Just too real.

People only like to joke about "squeel like a pig" and

"he sure got a pretty mouth".....etc.

but seriously,DELIVERANCE is a really terrifying film.
2006-10-03 07:35:03 PM  
I love watching horror movies but mostly they just make me laugh because they aren't really all that scary. As other people have mentioned, The Thing, Alien and Nosferatu are some goodies. Anyone who says The Shining needs their head examined because it is a ginormous turd and could be used as a sleep aid because it's simply that lame and boring.

When I was a kid I saw the original 13 Ghosts and Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte on TV and they scared the bejeesus out of me. I haven't watched either one since but just thinking about either one gives me the freakin' creeps.
2006-10-03 07:35:06 PM  
Wouldn't classify these as horror but they scared the shiat out of me. Chan-wook Park's Vengance Trilogy...

1. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
2. Oldboy
3. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

I believe horror doesn't always have to have vampires, zombies or aliens. Humans can be scary too.

/also blood simple
//silence of the lambs
2006-10-03 07:35:10 PM  
I find anything on Lifetime to be scary as hell.

/Do people actually find those movies entertaining?
//Besides my wife, of course.
2006-10-03 07:35:22 PM  
Session 9 made me SQUEAL! Second time I watched it wasn't nearly as good... but thats true with most horror.
2006-10-03 07:35:26 PM  
Rosemary's Baby is pretty scary when your mom takes you to see it when you are 9 years old. It is still the first movie I ever remembering seeing.

I like Alien, Predator, The Shining, and Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal.
2006-10-03 07:35:32 PM  

Mr. Hands Finally Gets Fulfilled

I hope you got some people to google that with that post.

That and "swap.avi".
2006-10-03 07:35:35 PM  
The Descent has been about the best recent scary movie (saw the UK version...I don't think the US ending would do the film much justice).

Someone said Brazil? Uh...'kay.

Audition is worth mentioning. For those who haven't seen it - don't look it up...just rent it without knowing anything more and find out the way I made my wife find out

/hates scary movies
//she cussed like a sailor and hit me afterwards
///it was worth it

////The rest of the J-horror pack owes a debt to Poltergiest - just to turn modern comforts (TV, VHS, suburbs) into hell-pits of spookiness.

(no more slashies) Blair Witch was good for a shock - it's always better to scare with what one can't quite see.

Alien. Saw it when I was seven on BETAMAX. Format and film were fitfully horrifying.

Repulsion. And I'm not even a chick.

2006-10-03 07:35:41 PM  
Bootysama: Confabulat: Funny Games

Woo, someone else has seen that supremely farked up movie! God that's a great movie.

Hell yeah it is. That scene where no one talks or moves for like five minutes stays with me. Pretty much because of what had just transpired, I wasn't talking or moving either.
2006-10-03 07:35:52 PM  
2006-10-03 07:36:34 PM  
Darkness Falls.

Something about turning the tooth fairy into a shadow dwelling demon just creeped me the fark out.
2006-10-03 07:36:35 PM  
Mark my words. "1408" is coming out in 2007. The short story is the best, and it stars Sam Jackson.
2006-10-03 07:36:50 PM  
Pet Sematary
2006-10-03 07:36:52 PM  
After Cannibal Holocaust, every scary/gore movie is like watching Teletubbies.
2006-10-03 07:37:07 PM  
Straw Dogs- Dustin Hoffman 1976?

I had to pull my curtains shut for weeks.
That movie freaked me out.
2006-10-03 07:37:28 PM  
Confabulat: Cannibal Holocaust suffered from the point that every character in the movie you hate, so it's a relief when they die.

Yeah but still,, its pretty brutal.

And then the fact they actually kill and eat live animals
2006-10-03 07:37:47 PM  
You guys are bringing up "Manos: Hands of Fate." Are you talking the orignal version or the MST3K version, which is horrible enough.

Another movie that scares me I've never seen it because I'm so scared to watch it: Titanic!
2006-10-03 07:37:50 PM  
Wait Until Dark.
2006-10-03 07:37:56 PM  
3Terror, Don't let the necklace fall off you cross-eyed scary biatch!!

Oh yes, and the FOG with Adrien Barbouaea (big tits)
Those Pirates with teh RED Laser Eyes....
2006-10-03 07:38:14 PM  
You_mean_Im_gonna_stay_this_color: And then the fact they actually kill and eat live animals

Yeah, that pisses me off.
2006-10-03 07:38:26 PM  
Poltergeist (I'm 39 and still get creeped out when the mom turns around and all the chairs are balanced precariously on the table, not having been so a moment earlier)
The Shining
2006-10-03 07:39:00 PM  

2006-10-03 07:39:11 PM  
Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

(The one with Donald Sutherland, only because I saw that one as a kid, in the theatre, and didn't see that ending coming....)
2006-10-03 07:39:19 PM  
I think the only movie i thought was scary was "The Gate" although i was a child at the time when i saw it and yet to see it again. Not out of fear but lack of time. I do want to see it again though.
2006-10-03 07:39:26 PM  
2006-10-03 07:39:34 PM  
They only time I've been shiat-my-pants frightened by any film was when that farking girl crawled out of the TV in "The Ring" and teleported really fast toward the guy. I don't really have a favorite scary movie, but the most disturbing movie I've ever seen was "Audition".
2006-10-03 07:39:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-10-03 07:39:53 PM  
Confabulat: Hell yeah it is. That scene where no one talks or moves for like five minutes stays with me. Pretty much because of what had just transpired, I wasn't talking or moving either.

God yeah, when a movie can be completely idle for so long, and keep you both entertained and just shocked is an amazing accomplishment.
2006-10-03 07:39:55 PM  
The Hills Have Eyes (the original) I think I was 6 when I saw that and I loved it. Texas Chainsaw Massacre I saw when I was 8-9 and I kept asking my parents if we could go find that house. I was a sick kid.
2006-10-03 07:40:07 PM  
The Hills Have Eyes is pretty scary. Ditto for Deliverance and Alien.
2006-10-03 07:40:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Chuck Conner's best role
2006-10-03 07:40:29 PM  
craigdamage is correct. Deliverance is a "real" scary, unlike any "horror" movie ever achieved. The jokes are funny to those (mostly) who've never seen it. I like to show it to people who know only the "squeal" thing and the deuling banjo thing. Their faces turn white. Even the dated pace has zero effect. Deliverance is terror. And Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. That one made me prepare our house for the zombie possibility. Alien (as opposed to Deliverance) is still, to me, the measure. But the pacing is lost on today's audience. Pity. It's brilliant.
2006-10-03 07:40:43 PM  
The screech sex tape.
2006-10-03 07:40:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-10-03 07:41:58 PM  
Audition was pretty hard to watch. But Evil Dead was... well, awesome. So was Carrie.

However, Cannibal Holocaust takes the cake.
2006-10-03 07:42:20 PM  
You know, a few of you have said 'Alien' and you're damned right.

I'm old enough to remember seeing it at a theatre, by myself, when it first came out. Let me tell you something; seeing it like that as a kid was INTENSE.

What an incredible thing that was. With all those close-ups on the big screen and you know something is creeping up behind them (or above them)...

Yeah, now that I think about it, I have to put Alien at no# 1. What a classic. It was really terrifying.

In the same kind of category, Jaws would run a close second.
2006-10-03 07:42:27 PM  
Jaws... Event Horizon... Rose Red...

I don't watch many actually scary movies. I prefer the cheesy flops, where they tried to be scary and failed miserably. Asshat Edition of Dracula, anyone?
2006-10-03 07:42:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-10-03 07:43:08 PM  
Forgot to add these:

Zombi (or Zombi II if your from Italy)

Someone mentioned Suspiria already.

Of course as I mentioned before Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2

If some one says scream I want first in line for the cock punching. ok?
2006-10-03 07:43:34 PM  
Bo 'n Luke

Plan 9 From Outer Space!!!

Hah. I'll second that.. for laughs and all.

Cannibal Holocaust has some merit, but not so much as a "scary movie".

Rosemary's Baby overall.
2006-10-03 07:43:34 PM  

Nosferatu, agreed with. That movie scared the bejeeezus out of me.
2006-10-03 07:44:16 PM  
In this order:

Prince of Darkness
Exorcist 3
2006-10-03 07:44:17 PM  

Might be "Alien"; there's also "The Vanishing" (1988 version).

The latter has some awfully sense of forboding without needing to be lurid.

2006-10-03 07:44:33 PM  
Funny - just saw Gingerdead Man with G Busey. funny - better than expected

Scary as hell - Wolf Creek

Damn! I had to look away several times
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