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(Boston Globe)   Animal-rights freaks kill dozens of pets in protest of "exploitation." Yes, that is irony   ( divider line
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2006-09-29 05:19:27 PM  
I can see two possibilities which are much more likely than what the Boston Globe wrote:

1. Insurance fraud, as has been mentioned a number of times in this thread. Cui bono?

It doesn't even have to be the pet store owner, either -- that Meinecke next door is a franchise. If its owner was in financial trouble, he might think of starting a fire that he hopes will burn out his own business as well. He'd hope that the fact it started next door, with a hint given by that graffiti, would deflect all suspicion from him.

2. Someone with a grudge.

Most reptile hobbyists would probably run into a fire to save the critters. However, there are some asshats who have no concern for animals and just keep something like a big python to look "tough" ... and they also tend to be antisocial, just the kind of person who would make themself unwelcome in a store. The wouldn't care about the innocent animals they killed, or people either for that matter. Then there are always possible connections to crime such as protection rackets, angry loan sharks, etc., who might torch the place, and whom the owner might be too afraid of to identify to the cops.

In either case, the grafitti would be be intended to divert attention (as it seems to have done so successfully) from the real arsonist. This reminds me of A Study in Scarlet, the first Sherlock Holmes mystery, which featured a similarly deceptive sign ... and was published in the 1800's.

The chance of this being the fault of an actual animal rights activist is slim to none. There's nothing in it for them, or for their cause. You might not agree with their motives and reasoning, but they do have some, and this isn't consistant with either. Again, Cui bono?.
2006-09-29 05:20:06 PM  
Though, in all honesty, petanuts have killed animals before, so it's not entirely improbable.
2006-09-29 05:21:59 PM  

/whack 'em with your WEENERS!
2006-09-29 05:24:03 PM  
the fire was set "perhaps" by the graffiti person?
investigators are not focusing on any single motive
"I don't know if that has anything to do with the fire, if it's a coincidence."
"This case is peculiar, because there is no evidence any animals were freed, which is certainly contradictory to that message (No more exploitation of animals)"

this sounds like those u.f.o. nuts trying to explain visits or sightings when ALL THE EVIDENCE POINTS TO THE CONTRARY! gah...

in other news... you can melt a snake!?!?!?
2006-09-29 05:28:19 PM  
San Filippo said her manager had trouble with several people about two weeks ago. ``He had to tell a couple of people who came in to leave, after they started yelling at him and giving him a hard time about the feeder mice," she said, of the stock of mice the store keeps to feed some of the reptiles.

Uh, yeah, don't feed snakes mice becuase in nature they are actually vegans.

Give me a freggin break, anyone who puts the interests of an animal before that of a human is retarded.
2006-09-29 05:29:58 PM  

Very true. The same cat I was writing about LOVED nori strips. It was the only time he ever jumped on the table for something. Also, (most) cats seem to nosh on wheatgrass as well.

So, I guess they are carnivores who like a little green on the side occasionally.
2006-09-29 05:33:16 PM  
A cousin of mine worked in a research lab with mice. One nigth she was working late & went to the bathroom before leaving. While she was in there, some ALF idiots FIREBOMBED the lab.

She was unhurt.

5 years worth of research was destroyed, along with all the mice.

After that they started following her & so she quit to protect her kids.

ALF=ASSHATS. It can't be said often enough.
2006-09-29 05:34:31 PM  

"nuh uh, we tought a lion to eat tofu!"


"cough... wheeze...
2006-09-29 05:34:44 PM  
Apparently, nothing is completely free until you release the soul from its fleshy body...

...let's liberate PETA!
2006-09-29 05:35:53 PM  
My cat likes spaghetti, either with tomato sauce or just plain with lots of garlic. Oddly enough, if there's meat in the spaghetti sauce, he'll leave that behind. He also likes Craisins (dried cranberries), cranberry soda, and peas. Yeah, peas. He'll do tricks to get peas as a reward. He does not, on the other hand, like tunafish. Yes, I know my cat is weird.

Years ago, I had a cat who would mug you for cookies. I could not leave a batch of fresh-baked cookies to cool in the kitchen or they'd be in the cat. A friend had a cat who ate corn on the cob. I didn't believe it until one time when we boiled up too much corn for a cookout ... we came back from frisbee playing and the cat had stolen one of the leftover ears off the table and was gnawing the corn off of it.

I have a number of reptiles, including a half-dozen snakes. I'm constantly being told how horrible it is that I feed them rodents. (frozen rodents -- more convenient for all concerned -- but rodents nonetheless) I ask the complainer if they're a vegetarian. They say no. So my next question is "Why not? You have the option not to eat meat; a snake doesn't, he can't digest anything else. So why are you eating meat by choice but objecting to an obligate carnivore doing so out of necessity?" That shuts them up but good.
2006-09-29 05:39:54 PM  
I am going to protest masturbation by yanking off
2006-09-29 05:43:42 PM  
My cat's breath smells like cat food.
2006-09-29 05:44:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-09-29 05:44:50 PM  
I'd wager $15 it was Aimee Smith.

/just sayin
2006-09-29 05:45:14 PM  
Did anyone see the season premiere of Law & Order: SVU? It had to do with the FBI breaking into a secretive cell of ecoterrorists who did stuff like this. The best line was when the FBI agent saw Stabler throwing his coffee cup in the recycling bin:

"Don't recycle. If you do that, then the ecoterrorists win."

/card-carrying member of PETA
//The other PETA.
///People for the Eating of Tasty Animals.
2006-09-29 05:46:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

This is soon as he's big enough he'll be eating mice and possibly rats. as it is now he eats mealworms, waxworms...well, any worm I hand-feed him. The damned crickets escape the enclosure. He spends most of the day hanging out in his tree by the window, out of the enclosure. *sarcasm on*yeah, real farking exploited.*sarcasm off*
2006-09-29 05:46:35 PM  
good ole flopp: minus one point for real irony, unfortunately animal rights activists put animals at risk so often it's neither surprising, unexpected, nor contradictory.

Sorry, your cynicism does not cancel the validity of the irony in this case.

Look at what is being proposed in the headline and story: a (self-professed) animal loving human, in attempt to draw attention to (and ultimately end) the suffering of animals at the hands of humans, killed a number of animals.

Whoops! How ironic!

It's really no different from a "pro-lifer" murdering a doctor who performs abortions. Yeah, we may have jaded sunglasses on, but the intention and results are still contradictory on some level.
2006-09-29 05:49:35 PM  
I'm against picketing, but I don't know how to show it.

2006-09-29 05:52:23 PM  
I live in the area; this petshop was always pretty sketchy, and it's located in a shady part of town where all kinds of interesting.... let's just say, "dealings" go down. Animal rights and feeder mice aside, I wouldn't be at all suprised if there was far more to the story than an animal-related dispute, and the owner was involved in a lot more than just selling turtles.

/also heard they even rescued some of the crickets, and sent them to the nearby Petco.
2006-09-29 05:52:28 PM  
So sad... this is the worst thing I have read all week.

Umm... did you not hear about a little incident that happened in Colorado?

/ can't understand why some people value animals over humans
2006-09-29 05:53:36 PM  
Yeah, and we taught a lion how to eat tofu!
2006-09-29 06:01:25 PM  
Wytchone: Better Dead then Red!

You know, Goebbels coined that phrase during WW2.

Lieber tot als rot!
2006-09-29 06:10:04 PM  

This is soon as he's big enough he'll be eating mice and possibly rats.

They better be young rats. Chinese water dragons like yours (Physignathus cocincinus) only get to be 3ft or so, including tail. Having worked at an exotic pet store like the one in the article for a number of years, I've never actually seen a water dragon eat a mouse, even a pinkie... but that doesn't mean that they don't/won't.
2006-09-29 06:15:09 PM  

he's already eaten pinkies
2006-09-29 06:16:56 PM  
"The Animal Rescue League of Boston took the rats."
To feed to the exploited reptiles?
/Applying human values to an animal is perhaps not the best use of the frontal lobe...
2006-09-29 06:20:21 PM  
If 'god' didn't want man to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat.
2006-09-29 06:29:52 PM  

I've fed him pinkies a couple of times...he doesn't really care for them all that much because they don't move much, or at least not enough to get his attention.

one question for you since you worked in an exotic pet there something particular about the yellow mealworm beetles that harms reps if they eat them? I find them sometimes in his enclosure and I remove and flush them immediately because he seems to not like them. Are they dangerous for him to eat?

these things
2006-09-29 06:31:41 PM  
cerberus9: can't understand why some people value animals over humans

"The more people I meet the more I like my dog." or in my case, my water dragon. ;)

people suck.
2006-09-29 06:32:19 PM  
josephstalin: Letting the animals die in there doesn't sound like a PETA protest or the like.

PETA are maniacs, I would not put it past them. They paid this arsonist and self-proclaimed terrorist over $70,000, who just happened to firebomb a research lab. (tax records showing proof)
2006-09-29 06:42:38 PM  
These are NOT "animal rights" activists by any means. They are simply murderers of animals.

What is this, the Peta version of ELF? (another group who is NO friend of the environment)

Misguided, small brained inverted dick oedipal morons.
2006-09-29 06:53:56 PM  
As Drew Carey says: "They don't want to save all the animals - just the cute ones".
2006-09-29 07:01:58 PM  
So if you fight for animal rights and kill pets for it, you can still be seen as a person fighting for animal rights.
But if you don't fight for animal rights and kill pets then you are not a fighter for animal rights.
But they kill pets and are not evil, but others who do are evil, but they are fine because the ends justify the means,, soooo..BOOM!

/Head, along with irony tag, assploded......
2006-09-29 07:03:19 PM  
Angry kitten sez:

"you try to set me on fire and...
[image from too old to be available]
2006-09-29 07:16:59 PM  

sorry, the only thing approaching irony here is that ignorant, destructive freaks choose the label of "animal rights activists", and even that level of contradiction has become commonplace nowadays, not surprising, unexpected, nor ironic.

nope, i hear "animal rights activist" and i expect the person endangers and harms animals on a regular basis.
2006-09-29 07:43:42 PM  
How can they protest feeding mice to a snake? Do these activists think that wild snakes don't eat living creatures, or that wild mice don't get eaten?
2006-09-29 08:03:44 PM  
I know this is Fark and all, but I'm still amazed at the number of people who are just accepting the assumption that some spray-painted grafitti (which might not even have been written by the arsonist) "proves" that the fire was started by some self-proclaimed animal rights activist, and that further "proves" that anyone who gives a damn about animals is a hypocritical, violent freak. The handful of people saying there are other possible, and probable, explanations are voices in the wilderness.

By the way, spleef420, you seriously need to research the proper care for your water dragon, with particular attention to his calcium requirements. Dick Bartlett has a book out on them, and so does Advanced Vivarium Systems.

Also, feeding live should be avoided if at all possible, and never leave a live rodent in a reptile cage unattended. It only takes one lucky bite from a rodent who doesn't want to be lunch and you have a blind, crippled, or dead reptile. A pet reptile, which is usually eating much better than its wild counterparts, becomes very complacent. It knows that food is always going to be around. So, if it's not feeling particularly hungry at the moment, it won't kill the rodent right away ... but the rodent has no such qualms. I've seen the results (never any of mine) and they're not pretty. Nearly all rodent-eating reptiles, even wild-caught ones, will eat pre-killed prey. Besides, it's much more convenient: no cages of mice to tend, or trips to Petco for an overpriced feeder that gets loose in your car; just a bag of micicles in the freezer.
2006-09-29 08:04:39 PM  
If anyone is exploited it's us, not the animals. My cats have 2 human slaves who feed them, pick up their poop, pet and brush them on demand and spend silly amounts of money on cat toys!
2006-09-29 08:21:29 PM  
I live in Communist Berkeley, where animal activists run freely on the streets. We have a reptile store (owned by a reptile vet) and a regular pet store (owned by some Turks). Neither store has been targeted for any reason by anybody.

Animal rights groups don't go after mom n' pop pet stores. They do go after chains and it is usually in the form of political or legal action. All of the big chains in town just sell supplies. The ones with decent sized parking lots allow animal rescue groups to set up displays offering pets for adoption.

I think it is insurance fraud, a grudge, or vandalism.

BTW - there were no cats or dogs in the fire. It was fish, reptiles and rodents. Wretched way to die.

Agree with wordwalker abt. feeding reptiles dead prey. A bite or scratch can really put your reptiles under. I'm a rabbit owner and was unhappy to see a dead rabbit in a display with a snake at the San Diego Zoo. However, having someone swiftly kill the rabbit is kinder to the rabbit and safer for the python that had it for dinner.
2006-09-29 08:40:09 PM  
Okay, I want all you freepers and other righties here to listen to me and listen to me good:

Most lefties do not agree with these people. Most lefties don't even like these people. They are a cross between poseur hippies and skinheads with rabies, and they are batshiat insane and have no respect for human life. The main difference between an ecoterrorist and a suicidal goth kid is that when the ecoterrorist goes down, he wants to take each and every one of us along with him. This is incompatible with human dignity no matter which side of the aisle you sit on.
2006-09-29 09:38:06 PM  
What? No 'Ironic Trifecta Complete!' post yet?
Well, then...
2006-09-29 10:22:06 PM  
Yep... looks like insurance fraud. IMHO. People are so ready to believe PETA and Co. would do something like this that they aren't taking the time to think about it logically. Not just farkers, either. I hope they figure this out soon and fry the owner or whoever set the fire for him.

/Using animals as pawns pisses me off
//not a PETA & Co. fan either
2006-09-29 11:02:07 PM  
Purple Cow:

Actually, there are people who would do this -- Earth Liberation Front, those kind of groups. PETA is right on the bubble -- I don't think they sanction this, though they'd probably turn a blind eye if one of their prominent members was caught being involved in something like this.

But hey, could be insurance fraud too -- details to follow, we hope?
2006-09-30 01:29:09 AM  
As far as the mice go, peolpe often get upset abou feeder mice. Not because they are food for snakes, but because the pet stores will keep the mice in horrible conditions because they are feeder mice. I have seen some pretty gross overcrowding and very dirty cages for feeder mice.
2006-09-30 04:27:09 AM  

I've done tons of research before and after I got Lebowski. I'm not talking about feeding him mice right now, he's too small (only a foot snout to tail) once he's about twice the size he is now I can feed him fuzzies. I'll never feed him a full grown mouse as he could possibly choke on it and he doesn't eat pre-killed anything...I tried that with a pinky, I never knew dragons could spit in disgust. ;)

please don't assume that someone hasn't done the homework before getting one of these guys as a pet, I know it's not a dog or cat and requires rather specialized treatment. I spent a month researching and getting everything I'd need before I got Lebowski I've had the environments for all my reptiles and amphibians looked at by a herpetologist friend of mine and I'm currently working on a much larger enclosure than I currently have for Lebowski...although what he's in now is fine for at least two years.

believe me, I know how to care for reptiles and amphibians...I've got 2 anoles, a Texas toad, a bronze frog, a box turtle, 2 leopard geckos (one albino), a White's treefrog and a green treefrog.

and only a moron would leave a carnivorous rodent unattended in a cage with any reptile...did you think I was going to breed mice in the dragon tank? I don't leave any food in his tank, he's hand-fed.
2006-09-30 09:41:43 AM  
I've always heard that cats eat greens because it helps with digestion. Almost every cat I've ever known has occasionally eaten some kind of green vegetable, though.
2006-09-30 11:12:13 PM  
haikupoet We hope....
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