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(Fark)   How do I make my cubicle look more like a pirate ship? LGN DIT   ( divider line
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17212 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Sep 2006 at 11:05 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-09-28 11:13:29 PM  
three words:
Jar of Dirt
2006-09-28 11:14:19 PM  
sorry i got stupid fingers right now add tank after fish in what i posted
2006-09-28 11:14:56 PM napster bad.
2006-09-28 11:15:00 PM  
2006-09-28 11:15:43 PM  
Do you people even read these threads before suggesting what you've got?

I think something that would help to improve the feel of a piratey cube would be to get some Canvas Cloth and create a "mainsail" Perhaps right behind where your monitor sits.

What is it that you do anyways?
2006-09-28 11:17:29 PM  
GLove88mph: nail a gangplank to the top of one wall and have it leveled towards the water cooler. anyone who does not remeber to put headers on the TPS reports has to walk it.

Yeah, I was surprised no one had mentioned a plank yet. Do you have a compass and a wheel for navigation? How about a mast?

How about putting boards down on the floor, so it looks like a ship's deck?

I suppose you have a hook hand already and an eye patch...Peg leg?
2006-09-28 11:18:50 PM  

What are those monkeys called that usually sit on the shoulder of an organ grinder

What are monkeys alex?
2006-09-28 11:19:21 PM  
Call Keith Richards for a visit to your cubicle?
2006-09-28 11:21:26 PM  
organ grinder monkeys?
2006-09-28 11:21:28 PM  
i think you should forget the parrot and go with an owl.Dont be a follower, Be a leader!
2006-09-28 11:21:40 PM  
for the cannon - a couple pieces of PVC pipe from the local hardware store would do. Paint them black. If you're handy with carpentry, you could probably even whip up a base for them. for cannon balls, maybe the big styrafoam ones they sell at craft stores?

oh, and you have to put a "no ninjas allowed" sign on the outside.

lucky you having a fun boss. In the IT world, all the fun we get to have is naming our servers funny things...our current name scheme is Winnie the Pooh (I'm on my laptop, Heffalumps, right now).
2006-09-28 11:22:14 PM  
Start handling arrrrbitration?

I may have to shoot myself for that one.

With a cannon.
2006-09-28 11:23:32 PM  
oh man make a potato gun your cannon!
2006-09-28 11:23:40 PM  
You need more pirattitude I guess.
2006-09-28 11:27:21 PM  
mdalli: How this: Have you considered putting the time, money and effort of transforming your cube into a pirate ship into your job or your family instead?

Put another way, if you have all this free time, I'd bet your job isn't terribly important.

The work gets done before the decorating starts, always. And the Senior VP is very supportive of my department's zany, offbeat collective personality. Beyond that, what I choose to do as a hobby is my own business; if it entertains others in the process, then more's the joy of it.

Doesn't sound like you have much reckless laughter in your soul. Maybe you should try it before you criticize others for enjoying themselves.
2006-09-28 11:27:53 PM  
Use cardboard to build up your walls and make "portholes" through that.

Halfway burn a dozen candles and put them around the rim of that hanging light fixture you've got.

Buy a cheap but large-scale baby doll and dress it up as your cubical's figurehead (the carved figure on the prow). Attach this to the outside, next to your door.

Buy a cheap blank doormat and paint "Please Wipe Your Pegs" on it.

I also like the sail idea someone mentioned. Cheap sheets from IKEA.

And if you need a hand, I'm a GaTech student. ;)
2006-09-28 11:27:57 PM  
You should consider using Sailor on the PC.
2006-09-28 11:28:24 PM  
You need the smell of brine in your nostrils. Make some really strong salt-water, put a little bit of fish in it, and leave it for a week, adding more water as needed.
2006-09-28 11:28:27 PM
2006-09-28 11:28:27 PM  
ohhhhhhhhhh Burn!
2006-09-28 11:30:16 PM  
One of those portholes with a picture of the ocean. Treasure map or old nautical chart on the wall.

Yes, wooden plank flooring but with some seagull shiat for realistic detail.

Maybe a few coconuts hanging around.

Working cannon?
2006-09-28 11:30:50 PM  
/firing tubes 1 thru 4 at bisonman
//he needs tARRRRed and feathered for such a bad arrr
2006-09-28 11:31:10 PM

look for the pirate stuff, mayte!
2006-09-28 11:33:26 PM  
$20 in pennies and a small treasure chest might look pretty cool.

You need a plank... maybe mount it on your cubicle walls with one of those troll dolls (dressed as a pirate, of course) walking down it.

2006-09-28 11:35:05 PM  
I liked the idea of no fluorescent lights. Can you cover the lights with black paper and hang some other lights around somehow?
2006-09-28 11:36:44 PM  
Lose wieght, it will give the appearence of a larger vessel.
2006-09-28 11:37:20 PM  
/weight for iiiiit
2006-09-28 11:38:49 PM  
You can use cardboard boxes to simulate the side of a ship and use black mailing tubes as cannon sticking out of the side. I suggest lining the outside of your cube with them. At the enterance way have a plank of wood sloping up as if they were walking onto a ship. A cargo net somewhere would be nice (a cheap hammock would work). You can hand treasure maps out to the kids that show where all the cubes with candy are.You could play sea sounds on your computer and cover the monitor with you "rum" waste basket.
2006-09-28 11:38:53 PM  
farkin_idiot: I liked the idea of no fluorescent lights. Can you cover the lights with black paper and hang some other lights around somehow?

I have the feeling that might get vetoed by upper management. I'll find out if I can turn out the lights in my section without blacking out the whole area, though.
2006-09-28 11:40:33 PM  
On Halloween when the kids come, do the following:

Get a strongish light source that can be shown up from your desk. A 40 watt bulb in a garage work fixture (plastic enclosure) would stay nice and relatively cool, and be directional. Place this facing upwards, and stack some books or something all around it, holding it into place, and allowing you to place a glass casserole above it, such that the light shines upwards. Color this water blue with food coloring, and point a small fan at the surface.

If this works like I think it will, there will be a blue water-effect on your ceiling.
2006-09-28 11:41:25 PM

I for one welcome our new corporate overlords.

/always room for more Python
2006-09-28 11:42:13 PM  
You definitely need some rigging. A ship without ratlines is like a day without booty.
2006-09-28 11:42:24 PM  
I left out the part where you put water in the casserole. I'll leave this as an exercise for the reader.
2006-09-28 11:42:52 PM  

someone poop on ye poop deck?

/you should totally get a buncha plastic skeletons and dress em up to be yer crew
2006-09-28 11:43:14 PM  
ohhhhhhh Burn By Arch Duke!
2006-09-28 11:43:22 PM  
Biscuits. With bugs in 'em.
2006-09-28 11:43:37 PM


///Got nuthin'
2006-09-28 11:43:45 PM  
charlesmartel11235: /you should totally get a buncha plastic skeletons and dress em up to be yer crew

I'm pretty sure I can get the rest of the dept. to dress as pirates along with me. :)
2006-09-28 11:43:59 PM  
First off get an old wooden desk with blood, semen, and alcohol stains. This desk must also have many knife markings in it, and a jar filled with the eyes of all your defeated enemies set on top.

Get an ink/quill set as well and a large cabinet filled with half drunk bottles of booze. And just for kicks, keep a dehydrated voodoo head hanging from the light fixture above your cubicle.
2006-09-28 11:46:33 PM  
just get totally hammered of captain morgans rum! That brings out the pirate in everyone!
2006-09-28 11:47:50 PM  
Walk around with a round ships tiller on your belt, when people ask whats it's for say "arr it's drivin me nuts"
2006-09-28 11:48:24 PM  
Scrimshaw your office supplies.
2006-09-28 11:51:52 PM  
great idea you got!

A wooden mast going up to the ceiling with big fat rope rigging coming down from it. Use a rug tube with wood grain contact paper (see above) for the mast and maybe a marine store for the rope?
2006-09-28 11:57:27 PM  
I would make a crow's nest that overlooks the rest of the office. Then I'd climb up there, drink rum, and yell obscenities at my coworkers.
2006-09-29 12:00:00 AM  
a couple big coffee cans spraypainted black and taped together can make a decent looking cannon.
2006-09-29 12:00:37 AM  
I think it'd be funny to make a "treasure map" with a floor plan of your office. Use an old-timey font and give silly names to people's offices/areas (obviously, the restroom is the "poop deck"). Print it out on a large-sized paper, then do some fake aging technique to make it look authentic (many easy techniques involve staining with coffee grounds or tea bags and tearing or burning the edges). A nice touch might be a prop stiletto or knife stuck into the corner of the map.
2006-09-29 12:01:21 AM  
thats a good idea lehk
2006-09-29 12:04:37 AM  
I haven't built one (yet), but the Pirate Cubicle Cannon looks like fun. Especially fun if everyone has one!
2006-09-29 12:06:25 AM  
speaking of pirates
2006-09-29 12:12:53 AM  
Needs more swag! And a black spot of course, to hand out to those ye don't well cotten to.
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