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(BBC)   Cablevision busted for giving stock options to dead man. Executives insist they thought he was just watching another "Lost" recap episode   ( divider line
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2314 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Sep 2006 at 3:22 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-09-28 03:25:16 PM  
Tap tap this thing on?
2006-09-28 03:28:21 PM  
I don't get the headline...does submitter have a problem with Peter Coyote saying mysterious things while clips from Lost play? It's like a summer full of re-runs, but concentrated into 43 minutes.
2006-09-28 03:29:35 PM  
What's a "Lost" recap episode? Should I have been watching them if I'm a fan of the show?
2006-09-28 03:33:32 PM  
If you're a fan of the show you've seen everything already, but it was a nice refresher for next week's season premier.

/Lost fan
2006-09-28 03:39:17 PM  
You can't blame them for sweetening his deal - they were afraid they were going to lose him to UPN...
2006-09-28 03:42:43 PM  
N. S. Radieaux

What's a "Lost" recap episode? Should I have been watching them if I'm a fan of the show?

No, you shouldn't. Those recaps are great if you've missed half a season or more.

and subby, STFU. You've been tomato'd.
2006-09-28 03:43:47 PM  
I'm no fan of Lost but my partner is. We thought it started last night so instead of going out we stayed in so that he could watch the premiere, only to be "treated" to a recap episode.

/should have known
//should have checked
///doesn't get to do anything again next Wednesday
///walk, don't run, when slashing
2006-09-28 03:47:42 PM  
Was he dead or did he fall asleep on a customer's couch?
2006-09-28 03:48:50 PM  
"Bring out yer dead!"
2006-09-28 03:50:19 PM  

TiVO. Don't let TV keep you from doing something outside. You and your partner should set the VCR, if you don't have a DVR, and specifically go out next Wednesday.
2006-09-28 04:23:36 PM  

You and your partner should set the VCR, if you don't have a DVR, and specifically go out next Wednesday.

This is fantastic advice - particularly since there's only about 30 minutes of actual episode in the hour that Lost is "on".
2006-09-28 04:24:30 PM  
Please god, let TIVO stay in business. I'm over a year into 'free service' on my lifetime suvscription. Cable company DVRs suck after you've used a TIVO.
2006-09-28 04:43:22 PM  
Didn't Cabelvision offer bonds not too long ago to pay out dividends to shareholders. Of course its me the customer who will end up paying for that.
2006-09-28 05:18:36 PM  
He's not dead, he's ... resting
2006-09-28 05:32:22 PM  
I don't mind the recaps. Reminds you of stuff you forgot - unless you watched all the reruns and the DVD's. And remember, one reason for farscape's demise was that people felt it was inaccessible unless they were in from the start.

Besides, I don't usually watch anything while it's on. With ReplayTV and auto commercial skip, i can watch an hour show in 45 min. So usually I'm a day or two behind the actual schedule, watching old stuff while the new stuff records.
2006-09-28 05:34:54 PM  
that headline is scrapin' a little.
2006-09-28 06:01:20 PM  
Everything the Dolan family touches turns to shiat. Look at the Knicks and until recently, the Rangers.
2006-09-28 11:29:32 PM  
I have never seen an episode of Lost before, but I watched a bit of the smmary last night and found the first twenty minutes or so very entertaining. shiat seemed to get a little farfetched after that, but at least I can sort of empathize with those who are obsessive. Oh, and about the article, ...
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