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12090 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Jul 2002 at 5:08 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-07-08 05:12:22 PM  
Uh oh here comes Comrade Katchya Jakinov!
2002-07-08 05:12:42 PM  
Sukarno = hero
2002-07-08 05:15:40 PM  

I'm with TheOsiris. That President Ahmed Sukarno guy is officially my new hero. I wonder if he was bluffing?
2002-07-08 05:15:41 PM  
Sukarno said to flabbergasted agents that the people of Indonesia would be very proud of him, if they could see him doing the nasty with Russian girls.

Maybe the KGB sold him a copy of the video.
2002-07-08 05:16:57 PM  
Sometimes I laugh out 'laud' too. Their spell checker sucks.
2002-07-08 05:16:59 PM  
I think I saw this movie...
2002-07-08 05:21:13 PM  
Just goes to show: you can't blackmail an honest pervert.
2002-07-08 05:22:13 PM  
Male sex spies also had a course of education classes with seductive female teachers.

Ok, then. And where do I get an application for this gig?
2002-07-08 05:23:37 PM  
I have secrets!
2002-07-08 05:23:42 PM  
What a really poorly written article.
2002-07-08 05:24:48 PM  
could we get a russian boobies site just so i can(kill a kitty) visualize
2002-07-08 05:24:54 PM  
Next on FOX... KGB Call girls and the spies who loved them.
2002-07-08 05:25:52 PM  
I don't want to know what kind of bugs were in there ladies hooches!
2002-07-08 05:26:02 PM  
LANshark: Their spell checker sucks.

Try this then:

"Mu uëè u ãiòiâu ñiàòu ñ ëþui ÷åëiâåêii, åñëè uë òàêie càêàc iòiiñèòåëuii ýòiãi" - Âåðà ñêàcàëà.

Although my grammar and spelling are off a bit.
2002-07-08 05:26:47 PM  
russian hands and roman fingers
2002-07-08 05:26:59 PM  
I think I need to change jobs.
*where is that damn lesbian training application*
2002-07-08 05:28:04 PM  
Opps, sorry, obviously Fark does not support Cyrillic.
2002-07-08 05:29:00 PM  
LAN: 'Laud' is actually a perfectly good english word. They need more than just a dumb spellchecker, though.
2002-07-08 05:30:07 PM  
To think I'd pay for this and they were doing this for free. Damn it. I have company secrets any hot biatches want to extract them from me?
2002-07-08 05:31:44 PM  
"It was the USSR that established one of the most sophisticated special services in the world, which trained female spies to seduce men."

Ought to be a short training course.

Attractive Female Spy: Wanna have sex?
Any Male: Yes
2002-07-08 05:36:08 PM  
Of course, how do you think physicists reproduce?
2002-07-08 05:37:42 PM  
Eat More Possum

Cyrillic sucks anyway
2002-07-08 05:39:21 PM  
On the other hand, Scoop84, the Male spies probably had to learn 20 types of psychological tactics, sensitivity training, and hours of chick flicks.
2002-07-08 05:41:07 PM  
ok, who's little brother wrote this article?
2002-07-08 05:45:30 PM  
Russia makes it boring.
2002-07-08 05:48:56 PM  
This year's winner of the Humorously Bad Translation award.

"Kitty saloon entered the history of the Nazi intelligence, the brothel was in a very good demand for two years from 1940 to 1942...However, the saloon stopped its existence in a second, when a British bomb fell down on it."

All your brothels are belong to us!
2002-07-08 05:53:21 PM  
Nice, they lift's design, and it ends up looking better, spelling blunders aside.

Whataguy, that Sukarno. The Soviets couldn't even blackmail him. He probably showed more cojones than anyone else caught in that situation.

Wonder what his daughter thinks. She's running Indonesia now.
2002-07-08 05:53:46 PM  
Shouldn't that be "sexpionage"?
2002-07-08 06:02:47 PM  
There was an incident, when a KGB agent noticed that one of French diplomats had an eye on a guy from the governmental security. When KGB showed him kinky photographs of himself, the French delegate laughed out laud - it turned out that everybody in the embassy knew about his sexual orientation, and it was not a problem at all.
Yeah, this one is not bad either. The first thing to check when you want to blackmail someone with an information, is to be sure that this one is not already widely known.
2002-07-08 06:17:16 PM  
Everytime you masturbate, boris kills a kitten.
2002-07-08 06:19:12 PM  
Girls were supposed to be able to execute any task. A lesbian orgy was one of practical classes, teachers would join that orgy too, the whole event was filmed and then the tape was discussed in detail by the whole group of participants.

Where can one find this KGB training lesbian orgy video? :)
I don't think Kazaa has it.
Kiz [BareFark]
2002-07-08 06:19:58 PM  
I just wish to announce that even though I am privy to many, many highly sensitive secret US documents, I will not give them up to foreign intelligence services. Not even if they sent a platoon of gorgeous redheads to seduce it out of me.

And I dare them to try.
2002-07-08 06:20:23 PM  
When KGB showed him kinky photographs of himself, the French delegate laughed out laud - it turned out that everybody in the embassy knew about his sexual orientation, and it was not a problem at all.

"Non, non, zee, zat only works wif zee Ameerikens! Now bring zat ass over here, mon amour!"
2002-07-08 06:22:12 PM  
Also, how does one get a job reviewing said materials? Maybe the greatest job ever?
2002-07-08 06:29:37 PM  

Politicians & businessmen getting it on? Doesn't sound like a good job to me. Just imagine having to watch ol' Bush showin' his 'O' face...
2002-07-08 06:30:08 PM  
but after that platinumdragon, he still surrendered...
2002-07-08 06:33:41 PM  
Git ze mack on now katarina! ya ya!
2002-07-08 06:38:48 PM  
So the whole anna kornikova thing is one big invasion plan...
2002-07-08 06:47:01 PM  
The KGB lesbian orgy video is available from the Russian Govt. for the low, low price of one 'classified' secret. Upgrade to 'Top Secret' and get the bonus video "Russians Gone Wild"! You won't believe what these sexy KGB agents will do in front of a video camera during spring break, at mardi gras, or even ON AN ESPIONAGE MISSION! Call now!
2002-07-08 06:50:51 PM  
Wait just a damn minute... So all those Bond movies WERE based on real life! I just knew it!
2002-07-08 07:56:25 PM  
"KGB agents were expecting him to get really frightened, that he would agree to cooperate with them at once, but everything happened vice versa: Sukarno fondly decided that it was a gift from the Soviet government, so he asked for more copies to take them back to Indonesia and show them in movie theatres. Sukarno said to flabbergasted agents that the people of Indonesia would be very proud of him, if they could see him doing the nasty with Russian girls."

Sucks when your plan backfires doesn't it ;-)
2002-07-08 10:00:41 PM  
me wanna be interviewed by Commrade Jemma Jameson!!!

Ohh La La!
2002-07-08 11:36:17 PM  
websense strikes again...

Access to this web page is restricted at this time.

The Websense category "Tasteless" is filtered.
2002-07-09 04:41:35 AM  
It's been noted several times so far, but it must be mentioned again: Sukarno was the man!!!
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