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(Yahoo)   Saturday Night Live fires token fat guy, token black guy and the rapping cupcake guy   ( divider line
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45065 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Sep 2006 at 6:31 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-09-20 04:29:19 PM  
Hehe @ submitter.

Although for the news itself, its about farkin' time.
2006-09-20 04:31:12 PM  
Mr. Parnell and Pink Slips?

Crazy pernicious!
2006-09-20 04:32:04 PM  
They got rid of Finesse Mitchell?

But who will play Mike Tyson?
2006-09-20 04:32:20 PM  
Glad Sanz is out of there, I'd cringe everytime I'd see him.

And time to trot out my little rant again before the haters come along, seems I need to dust this off every year or so...

SNL will always be hit-and-miss. It was in the early days. People romanticize about it, maybe because all we ever see now are the highlights or better sketches, but for anyone who sat through those original shows there were still some painfully unfunny skits, it's always been a struggle to fill 90 minutes a week. It's still a good venue for topical/political humor, and our leaders and lame celebrities will always provide them fodder. The format still works -- guest host, musical guest, news wrap-up, some recurring characters, etc. -- and the live element always keeps it a little edgy (how much fun did we have with Ashlee Simpson?). And like Lorne has said, if it weren't on the air, people would miss it. WTF else are they going to program on Saturday night at 11:30? What would be a better replacement? Challengers have come and gone, nobody's come along to slaughter it in the ratings. Certainly Howard Stern didn't. Most people are doing other stuff then anyway, it's not ruining anyone's life. It's an institution, I say keep it going.
2006-09-20 04:33:21 PM  
Horatio Sanz = Talentless hack who laughed at his own jokes
Finesse Williams = Never heard of her
Chris Parnell = Poor man's Phil Hartman
2006-09-20 04:54:39 PM  
peaceboy always...hit-and-miss. It was in the early days.

Indeed. The only difference is that in the early years the lame sketches were influenced by enough cocaine and whatever else the writers were ingesting that, while still horrible, they were at least memorably so ("Snake-Handling O'Sheas", I'm looking at you).
2006-09-20 04:58:33 PM  
losing Horatio Sanz creates a two token void!!! Give me some time, a case of HoHo's and I can fill both dammit!
2006-09-20 05:15:43 PM  
Peaceboy: SNL will always be hit-and-miss. It was in the early days

There were many many many bad skits in the early days - but as you said people see the 2hour best of DVD and think it was great.

Hit and miss............and with Fey gone even though she is hotter than a friggin Supernova....perhaps the writing will get better - she was head writer so she approved all the shiatty skits. For punishment she should do Playboy
2006-09-20 05:50:47 PM  
They need to get Russell Peters, so they can have a token Indian Canadian
2006-09-20 05:53:09 PM  
HaywoodJablonski: Finesse Williams = Never heard of her

Apparently never seen a picture of her either.
2006-09-20 06:08:09 PM  
HaywoodJablonski: Finesse Williams = Never heard of her
Chris Parnell = Poor man's Phil Hartman

She's a he, and that is incredibly insulting to Mr Hartman.
2006-09-20 06:08:42 PM  
How about firing Lorne Michaels? I hear that they haven't gotten any good writers in years because everything you write for the show automatically becomes his. Who would ever put forth the gold under that deal?

And as for the theory that early Belushi/Akroyd SNLs were hit or miss, while I totally agree that the last half hour was generally devoid of cutting edge material, the show itself did things that comedy writers can only dream of nowadays. It was certainly funnier, even on its off nights, than 90% of the cerebral vomit gushing forth from the screens during primetime.

Even when early SNL had a slow night, it was at least bizarre, and the actors were good enough to make you feel like it was worth sitting in front of a cathode tube for 90 minutes.
2006-09-20 06:33:58 PM  
Is Bill Murray still on SNL? I didn't know it was still on.
2006-09-20 06:34:30 PM  

is goodburger still around? his ass needs to go.
2006-09-20 06:34:48 PM  
I saw Horatio in a movie preview commercial, tho I don't recall the actual movie; but anyway... off to IMDB to look for it.
2006-09-20 06:36:35 PM  
dont let the door hit your boring ass on the way out SANZ!

too bad about Parnell, he was good.
2006-09-20 06:37:19 PM  
Well, the movie is 'Lucky You,' due for release next year, since it's 'completed,' and he's pretty far down on the list, and he plays... no one important enough to have a name.
2006-09-20 06:37:23 PM  
Man, I LIKE both Finesse Mitchell and Horatio Sanz. Depends on the skit, but generally they make me laugh.

I'm surprised they're getting rid of so many people without any new replacements yet, though, unless they're going to introduce them later?

/believe it or not, SNL is the only TV I see
//with beer
///at the neighbor's house
////could be, it's the beer
2006-09-20 06:38:12 PM  
people still watch that show? it's not just reruns?
2006-09-20 06:38:15 PM  
oh noes! not Horatio Sanz

/SNL sucks anyway
2006-09-20 06:39:04 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
: SNL quit being funny or worth watching in the 70's. That is all.

/sill miss Phil Hartman, though.
2006-09-20 06:39:32 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


Sanz could never fill that guys shoes.
2006-09-20 06:39:38 PM  
Good night, funny man.

Would be "funny men" if Mitchell or Sanz were funny.
2006-09-20 06:39:56 PM  
"Y'know the only thing crazier than a flying cupcake? A flying cupcake that spits tobacco!"

/probably not obscure
//can hope anyway...
2006-09-20 06:41:03 PM  
never was impressed with Mitchell, Sanz was decent obviously since he was 8 years committed.

Parnell tho was awesome every time I saw him.
2006-09-20 06:41:40 PM  
Did anyone catch the pilot episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip? The opening 10 minutes of the show pretty much summed it up about the state of SNL and TV in general.

Awesome show, add it to your favorite DVR subscription list today!
2006-09-20 06:41:54 PM  
That's enough out of you, Lorne Michaels. Cease and desist.
2006-09-20 06:42:30 PM  
I've waited three years for them to dump Finesse Mitchell. The amount of "Who's he?" I see posted regarding him shows just how much he adds to the show.

/Hey Lorne, hire ACTORS first, stand-ups second!
2006-09-20 06:42:53 PM  
I only watch the british version of the office.

oh wait, wrong tv comedy self-righteousness thread. let me try again:

I only watch the british version of whose line is it anyway, drew carey is so not funny.

ah, screw it.
2006-09-20 06:43:22 PM  
Anyone who laughs at their own jokes, ruining the skit in question, NEEDS TO GO. It's called professionalism. That goes for actors as well. SNL needs to be buried already, it's barely hanging on by a thread.
2006-09-20 06:43:22 PM  
You know I've watched South Park since the beginning and it just recently clicked one day that the only black kid on the show is named "Token".

2006-09-20 06:43:29 PM  
Garrett Morris is spinning in his grave.
2006-09-20 06:43:42 PM  
was crap, has been crap, and is crap.

seriously, am I the only person who thinks its success was directly related to cocaine use in America??
2006-09-20 06:44:05 PM  
Too bad they never had a token comedian or actor.
2006-09-20 06:44:30 PM  
I guess Horatio Sanz is going to have to get by on his royalties from Boat Trip now...
2006-09-20 06:48:11 PM  
sorry - I haven't watched SNL in about 10 years.
2006-09-20 06:48:49 PM  
They all sucked. Bring back the early-mid 90s cast. It's the only way to salvage that train wreck, not to mention some fading careers.
2006-09-20 06:49:10 PM  
BTW, Chris Parnell was in the famous "Cowbell" skit, so whatever else he may have done badly has been redeemed solely by his participation in that skit.

He played the lead singer, IIRC.
2006-09-20 06:50:56 PM  
BTW, Chris Parnell was in the famous "Cowbell" skit, so whatever else he may have done badly has been redeemed solely by his participation in that skit.

So was Sanz. Jimmy Fallon was too, and nothing can redeem him.
2006-09-20 06:51:09 PM  
TWX, would you like to buy a monkey?

[image from too old to be available]
2006-09-20 06:51:34 PM  
The best part of that article was the last sentence. Dane Cook and The Killers. I'm there.
2006-09-20 06:52:36 PM  
riceguy7: You know I've watched South Park since the beginning and it just recently clicked one day that the only black kid on the show is named "Token".


Not just Token, but Token Black. I didn't get it right away, either, though.
2006-09-20 06:52:49 PM  
I made a drinking game out of SNL last season. One of the most frequent cues to drink was Horatio Sanz breaking character. I just got a lot more sober.

/Glad he's gone, though
2006-09-20 06:54:30 PM  
Chris Parnell? I'm embarrased I even know that guys name.
Man he just SUCKED!
People that find that idiot funny clearly don't share the same sense of humour as a good sense of humour.
If I have to see Hiratio and the other guy go to finally get rid of that moron, then I'm ok with paying that fine.

\seriously hope I never see him again.
2006-09-20 06:54:40 PM  
so are they taking applications?

2006-09-20 06:54:44 PM  

You mean, just standing next to Christopher Walken is not enough to cleanse one of all mortal sins and bring about transcendant enlightenment and admiration from all humanity? Damn!

/stops stalking Walken
2006-09-20 06:54:59 PM  
I tried watching SNL a couple months ago. I really, really tried. I had to turn it off.

2006-09-20 06:55:03 PM  
They need to ditch Fatty mcGoodburger.

/That guy sucks
2006-09-20 06:55:04 PM  
You mean I'm going to get to meet John Belushi and Gilda Radner and Phil Hartman and Chris Farley and Horatio Sanz?

Huh, I guess not.

Parnell = Decent, nothing special
Mitchell = Who?
Sanz = AWFUL
2006-09-20 06:56:03 PM  
SNL has been going downhill lately, and without Chris and Horatio, it's going to be that much worse.

Don't care much about Finesse though, he was terrible.
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