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(Australian)   Coup that was not a coup is now a coup again   ( ) divider line
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12872 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Sep 2006 at 12:39 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-09-19 12:41:25 PM  
this is almost as bad as nasa's launch then no launch
2006-09-19 12:41:27 PM  
It's on now!
2006-09-19 12:41:37 PM  
Game On
2006-09-19 12:42:02 PM  
Not to worry, I have a contingency in place for this in my own personal plan for world dominion.
2006-09-19 12:42:11 PM  
2006-09-19 12:42:24 PM  
getcha coup-on, getcha coup-on.
2006-09-19 12:42:29 PM  
Coup De Thai?
2006-09-19 12:42:54 PM  
2006-09-19 12:43:10 PM  
Fastest followup to a followup to a newsflash ever?
2006-09-19 12:43:51 PM  
I wanted to talk about the Thai Coup, because I think it was tragic at the time...

/ Props to Norm for inspiration
2006-09-19 12:44:04 PM  
broadcasting images of the royal family and songs associated in the past with military coups.

how many coups do you have where there are songs actually associated with them?

"oh...wait..listen! Ya! This is it! This is my favorite coup-song...[jammin]"
2006-09-19 12:44:09 PM  
There are more follow-ups regarding this story than a 600lb man follows-up trying to wipe his ass.
2006-09-19 12:44:10 PM
Coupe de Ville
2006-09-19 12:45:22 PM

See also George Bush talking about 9/11 and Thailand now.
2006-09-19 12:45:35 PM  
this is why i love fark.
2006-09-19 12:46:01 PM  
Can't anyone make up their minds about a coup anymore? I remember when the peasants would storm the castle and lynch the rulers with authority. None of this wishy-washy, on and off stuff!
2006-09-19 12:46:10 PM  
Mostly songs from Operation Mindcrime
2006-09-19 12:46:31 PM  
elle200 owes me a new keyboard.
2006-09-19 12:46:41 PM  
submitter: "Coup that was not a coup is now a coup again."


I went away, and I didn't even know it wasn't a coup at one point. I feel so fulfilled now that I know.
2006-09-19 12:46:59 PM  
Will this beat the Yasser Arafat "He's dead" "He's still Alive" "he's dead" "He's been upgraded to alive again" farce for number of follow-ups?
I can hardly keep my pants up with the excitement.
2006-09-19 12:47:09 PM  

I'm coco for Coup-Coup Puffs!

2006-09-19 12:47:14 PM  
Coup de grace:
2006-09-19 12:48:27 PM  
I Gogole imaged Thai Coup and this is one of the things that came up:
2006-09-19 12:48:28 PM  
first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is.
2006-09-19 12:48:42 PM  
Coups are fun! Wheee!

/been there, done that. Philippines, '72
2006-09-19 12:49:21 PM  
Unconfirmed reports said that the military was going to make an announcement during the night, but it is unknown what that announcement might be

So they haven't decided how the current Prime minister will choose to committ suicide in his cell yet? Or are the genrals still haggling over which one gets top billing?
2006-09-19 12:49:22 PM  
You can't handle the coup...
2006-09-19 12:49:24 PM  
The greedy farker Thaskin shouldn't have sold the telecommunications industry to singapore.
2006-09-19 12:49:25 PM  
I Gogole imaged Thai Coup and this is one of the things that came up...wonder what these guys are doing right now?
2006-09-19 12:49:27 PM  
//realizes this is a serious matter
///butters popcorn
2006-09-19 12:49:42 PM  
I hope King Adulyadej and his family will be safe at any rate. He always struck me as a tremendously principled and honorable man.
2006-09-19 12:49:51 PM  
What is the point to this text?
There is none really
At least it rhymes with "thai coup"
2006-09-19 12:50:00 PM  
The Prime Minister is currently in New York at the UN summit. That must've been embarassing!
2006-09-19 12:50:06 PM  
"Hangon I wasn't ready! Come and get me now shorty, come on are ya chicken?" "Boot to the head." "Ok now I'm ready try it now, ok?" "Boot to the head." "Mind if I just lie down here for a minute?"
2006-09-19 12:50:23 PM it is:
2006-09-19 12:50:41 PM  
It's like a light switch rave. Or not.
2006-09-19 12:51:27 PM  
Adulyadej is perfectly safe. He is probably responsible for this.
2006-09-19 12:51:28 PM  
The system, is down
2006-09-19 12:51:35 PM  
Coup Coup Ca Choo!
2006-09-19 12:51:52 PM  
elle200: it is:

Fourth time's the charm? Or did your img tag run away?
2006-09-19 12:52:03 PM

Chicken Coup?
2006-09-19 12:52:04 PM  
Coup de authoritaw?
2006-09-19 12:52:13 PM  
Coup coup ca choo.
2006-09-19 12:52:31 PM  
inconnu: The Prime Minister is currently in New York at the UN summit. That must've been embarassing!

That's the best time for a coup: when the current leadership is out of the country.
2006-09-19 12:52:41 PM  
Very well done, toonz.
2006-09-19 12:53:05 PM  
Coup haiku

Rumor of a coup,
Bang bang boom! Bang bang boomboom!
I want burrito.
2006-09-19 12:53:08 PM  
Someone fetch claudius.
2006-09-19 12:53:13 PM  
This coup comes and goes more times than Shirley MacLaine.
2006-09-19 12:53:13 PM  
Bad html-fu day, elle200?
2006-09-19 12:53:52 PM  
2006-09-19 12:54:22 PM  
2006-09-19 12:54:26 PM  
'Tanks stop, block the road
on Fark I'm pondering it
Flame war, soon to come'

ooooh, Thai coup, not haiku
2006-09-19 12:54:34 PM  

Nah....they took the image tag.

So, instead, I decided to Google image: "sexy coup", and here's what came up....

/thinks all coups should be sexy
2006-09-19 12:55:13 PM  
inconnu: The Prime Minister is currently in New York at the UN summit. That must've been embarassing!


"Now, introducing the Prime Minister of Thailand. Er, hold on one moment. What was that? Oh. Now introducing the Former Prime Minister of Thailand.
2006-09-19 12:56:07 PM  
Coup de chaw
2006-09-19 12:56:37 PM  
The Prime Minister is currently in New York at the UN summit. That must've been embarassing!

So he flew the coup?
2006-09-19 12:56:39 PM  
This is the same article as the first link.
2006-09-19 12:56:47 PM  

That's the best time for a coup: when the current leadership is out of the country.

Yeah, but if you're at the UN all the other world leaders get to laugh at you.
2006-09-19 12:57:10 PM  
coup-nta kinte
2006-09-19 12:57:59 PM  
This is the same article as the first link.

Kill the unbeleiver!
2006-09-19 12:58:23 PM  
Tanks blocking the roads
Rousing military songs
Get your hookers now
2006-09-19 12:58:26 PM  
Can't George Clooney do ANYTHING?
2006-09-19 12:58:53 PM  
So, what's Gary Glitter think?
2006-09-19 12:58:56 PM  
The Prime Minister is currently in New York at the UN summit. That must've been embarassing!

Kofi Annan: "Ok, so now at this point in our program, we would like all of the world leaders to come on up to the stage......Not so fast Tailand...."
2006-09-19 12:58:57 PM  
coup la la!!
2006-09-19 12:59:09 PM  
Aahhh yes, tanks in the capital.
Sounds good, until some drunk jackass tries to set one on fire (just for fun, mind you) of course the men inside don't get the joke, and people start dying.
2006-09-19 12:59:11 PM  
Haiku can be fun.

Another fark thread
Reversing what was said last
Here we go again
2006-09-19 01:00:11 PM  
blink_183: coup-nta kinte

2006-09-19 01:00:16 PM  
I'm coupcoup for Cocoa Puffs!
2006-09-19 01:00:37 PM  
Ty Cobb?
2006-09-19 01:01:45 PM
Ewww, Coup-ties!
2006-09-19 01:02:43 PM  
Coup-coup ka-choup, coup-coup ka-choup...
2006-09-19 01:02:55 PM  
2006-09-19 01:03:34 PM
2006-09-19 01:03:54 PM  
What about the whores?!

2006-09-19 01:04:25 PM

Marilyn McCoup?

/oldschool, biatch.
2006-09-19 01:04:52 PM  
Thai Coup:

Tanks are in Bangkok
No, it was just rotation
Or war, I don't know
2006-09-19 01:05:37 PM  
I guess thailand's got a case of the coup-ties

/gots nothin
2006-09-19 01:05:39 PM  
Omigod, that article is from the future!
2006-09-19 01:05:50 PM  
Someone should send them some Koupl Aid if they get thirsty.
2006-09-19 01:06:07 PM

Coup Coup da-shoop
Coup ba-doop
Coup ba-doop ba-doop ba-coup
Coup ba-doop
Coup ba-doop
Coup ba-doop ba-doop ba-coup

2006-09-19 01:06:21 PM  
Somebody pray for Coumarian!
2006-09-19 01:06:32 PM  
Ok...last one...

Google-Imaged "coup", "Britney"
/whattya mean it's not relevant??
2006-09-19 01:06:50 PM  

Come for the teenage hookers!

Stay for the coup!

/Magua count coup in teenage hookers
2006-09-19 01:07:22 PM  
thai coup:

tanks surround palace.
pad thai supports terrorists.
eat general gau.
2006-09-19 01:09:46 PM  
Coup D'Etat,
Give me a bomb.
A Molotov.
2006-09-19 01:09:46 PM
Hot coup-coup sampler?

//just awful
2006-09-19 01:09:51 PM  
Maybe they ordered take out at the PM's place?

Thai Tank:
2006-09-19 01:10:12 PM  
2006-09-19 01:10:25 PM  
Hangin' With Mr. Coup-per?
2006-09-19 01:11:40 PM
2006-09-19 01:12:12 PM  
so like, am i suppossed to steal a double album now?
2006-09-19 01:13:06 PM  
all this talk about coup makes me want to eat soup
2006-09-19 01:13:12 PM  
Coup crew? LOL
2006-09-19 01:13:20 PM  
elle200: I Gogole imaged

did you mean Gogol image?
2006-09-19 01:13:37 PM  
Who's God should we pray to on this one?

/poor,poor, Bangcockyian's about to be tanked.
2006-09-19 01:14:01 PM
What's that you say?
Coop in Bangkok?
No! He's in Twin Peaks working on the Palmer case.
2006-09-19 01:14:09 PM  
as long as everybody else is posting them:

Southeast asian coup
Tanks roll into Bangkok's streets
Rumours fly around
2006-09-19 01:14:41 PM  
They have so many coups over there that they can tell by the music on the radio?

Coup theme songs.
Not available is stores, send check or money order to...
2006-09-19 01:14:44 PM  

Yeah, that's it.

/all typos due to line noise.
2006-09-19 01:14:47 PM  
I'm cuckoo for cocoa coups!
2006-09-19 01:15:09 PM  
Tanks for nothin?
2006-09-19 01:15:11 PM  
Whose *ahem* as you were.
2006-09-19 01:15:26 PM

Coup de 'Grace'!
2006-09-19 01:17:15 PM  
Real tanks in Thailand

/scary stuff
2006-09-19 01:17:48 PM  
Ok - update from bangkok - military is blocking local tv. Armed soldiers on corners with orders not to shoot. My company told me to leave asap as a precauton. Oh well. Not a panic but just uncertainty. I'm still drinking but not have to pack.
2006-09-19 01:18:23 PM  
One Flew Over The Coupcoup's Nest
2006-09-19 01:19:28 PM  

Be careful.

Hey, can you get laid before you leave?
2006-09-19 01:20:26 PM  
marzipanic: I'm still drinking

Cheers! Man, I wish I could be somewhere where a potential historic event was taking place. Stay safe!
2006-09-19 01:20:42 PM
2006-09-19 01:21:59 PM  
Coup D Grace
2006-09-19 01:22:18 PM  
Juicy fruit...
2006-09-19 01:24:04 PM  
bring it
2006-09-19 01:24:27 PM  
Real tanks in Thailand
we would like all of the world
"I'll poke you in the eye with a stick, Honus!"

/my tribute to Ty "Coup" Cobb
//Thanks to those who contributed
2006-09-19 01:25:49 PM
2006-09-19 01:27:34 PM

There are no tanks in the capital, there is no coup
2006-09-19 01:28:03 PM  
Anybody else reminded of the old Junta boardgame?
2006-09-19 01:29:40 PM  
2006-09-19 01:30:27 PM  
2006-09-19 01:24:04 PM acronym

beat me to it!
2006-09-19 01:31:31 PM  
Would there be anyone out there that would be willing to trade some poker cash on Everest Poker for a TF membership? I'm willing to trade 2-for-1.
2006-09-19 01:34:59 PM  
ekdikeo4: Would there be anyone out there that would be willing to trade some poker cash on Everest Poker for a TF membership? I'm willing to trade 2-for-1.

Ban Him!!! *picks up stone* Ban Him!!!!
2006-09-19 01:35:05 PM
2006-09-19 01:35:29 PM  
Coup Fourré!
2006-09-19 01:36:02 PM  
Ban Him!!!!

Please don't, an admin suggested that I submit a headline, but I didn't want to do that until after I'd tried in a thread that had some TFers in it first.
2006-09-19 01:36:03 PM  
Horsebolt McStabledoor: beat me to it!

What a coup for him.
2006-09-19 01:36:32 PM  
A Coup? For real??? That is sooooo 80's.
2006-09-19 01:38:02 PM  
The haikus, they are awesome. Tanks much.
2006-09-19 01:38:11 PM  
They do this every few years, get their asses chewed out by the King, pick a new PM and reopen the LadyBoy bars.
2006-09-19 01:40:11 PM  
Looking for a place to crash tonight:
2006-09-19 01:42:09 PM

"The Thai military launched a coup against Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra on Tuesday night, circling his offices with tanks, seizing control of TV stations and declaring a provisional authority pledging loyalty to the king. The army commander took over the government and declared martial law."
2006-09-19 01:43:49 PM
2006-09-19 01:44:09 PM
Coup Girl
2006-09-19 01:44:14 PM

I hear trains work great...
2006-09-19 01:44:47 PM  
careful guys... this could become our seven-ump-teenth front in the war or torrah... wait.

War on torrah, no
tribbles? no
trix? no

gimme a minute

Tehran? hmm.. no

yes... the war on terricloth!
2006-09-19 01:45:36 PM  
John Mark Karr...he knew something! Why else would he be so eager to leave before losing his cock?

...forgive me if this has already been mentioned in the umpteen other threads.
2006-09-19 01:46:32 PM  
2006-09-19 01:48:57 PM  
elle200: I Gogole imaged Thai Coup and this is one of the things that came up:

I Gogole imaged Thai Coup and this is one of the things that came up...wonder what these guys are doing right now? it is:

So, instead, I decided to Google image: "sexy coup", and here's what came up....

Image that wasn't an image, then still wasn't an image, then continued not being an image, now an image again
2006-09-19 01:50:08 PM

2006-09-19 01:50:10 PM  

2006-09-19 01:50:53 PM
Coach Coop?
2006-09-19 01:51:36 PM  

This from the NY Times:

Army-owned TV channel 5 interrupted regular broadcasts with patriotic music and showed pictures of the king.

I wonder what's on the Army-owned TV? Old re-runs of Combat! and recruiting ads?
2006-09-19 01:54:25 PM  
LL Coup J?
2006-09-19 01:55:14 PM  
Just took a cab ride here in central bangkok, did not see a single soldier or tank. I guess they are just in a few places near government buildings or maybe I just missed them by a few minutes. Was hoping to get some good pics but no luck. I dont think there will be violence, people in Bkk will mostly be glad to see the prime minister go, but if another faction of the army decides to act there could be blood. No need to worry if you have friends here now though, they will completely ignore foriegners.
2006-09-19 01:55:47 PM  
local tv is playing karaoke songs in english for the king!
2006-09-19 01:57:42 PM  
played on repeat. . .

the greatest king of kings
in all our times
history beholds his reign
heasvnely gift to all mankind
as his fame forever will remain
he's the sun and moon and stars
t his people near and far
millions of other cannot compare
our greating king our greatest king
King Bhumipol!
2006-09-19 02:01:39 PM  
Coup, that's coup.
2006-09-19 02:02:58 PM

A coup-er hard at work
2006-09-19 02:03:38 PM  
2006-09-19 02:07:47 PM  
"What we have here, little yellow sister, is a magnificent specimen of pure Alabama Blacksnake. But it ain't too goddamned beau coup."

/hope no one did that one yet
//yeah wrong country.
2006-09-19 02:08:46 PM  
GIS for Thai Coup
2006-09-19 02:08:46 PM  
It's like deja-coup all over again
2006-09-19 02:11:02 PM  
GIS for Thai Coup
2006-09-19 02:11:35 PM  
Chicken... gave me a bad coup-on...
2006-09-19 02:14:31 PM  
That's coup coup yo.
2006-09-19 02:15:04 PM

Did someone say Coop?

/Doing the happy dance
//Not really
2006-09-19 02:15:12 PM  
trobb23 - How dare you sully this thread with He Who Could Not Win Big Games?

There, that's better.
2006-09-19 02:16:08 PM  
Free Radical: Best one - loves me some devil girls!
2006-09-19 02:16:48 PM  
I am the walrus, coup coup ka-choo
2006-09-19 02:18:08 PM  
Little tan third world people in a "coup"????? No shiyatt! Third worlders are always in the streets....look at the arabs.
2006-09-19 02:23:08 PM  
docsigma. good idea. They need to recreate the music video for Ah Ha's 'Take on me' using punctuation animation. You're brilliant.

2006-09-19 02:27:36 PM  
Hey Coup-laid...
2006-09-19 02:27:53 PM  
Kitschy kitschy coup?
2006-09-19 02:34:12 PM  
Good ol' Coup.
2006-09-19 02:34:49 PM  
thought this was kind of funny:

"The army will not get involved in the political conflict. Political troubles should be resolved by politicians. Military coups are a thing of the past."

-Gen. Sondhi Boonyaratkalin
(the general who is responsible for the current coup in Thailand)
2006-09-19 02:35:28 PM

/Coup coup ca choo Mrs. Robinson?
2006-09-19 02:39:14 PM  
Thanks for the update Opti, my cousin just moved to Thailand last year to work at the U.S. embassy. Glad to hear she should be relatively safe.

/Calvin Coup-lidge, the 30th president, would approve
2006-09-19 02:41:47 PM

2006-09-19 02:42:34 PM  
2006-09-19 02:44:08 PM  

nobody got it right... Cecil Coup-er for the win. I remember as a kid when county stadium would echo with the sound of 'coup.... coup'

// that is all
2006-09-19 02:44:14 PM  
Little deuce coup?

You don't know what Thai's got.

2006-09-19 02:44:23 PM
Alice Coup-er
2006-09-19 02:45:37 PM  
For anyone who's actually interested in the events and not making lame puns on the word "coup"....
here's the WIKI on the situation.

Seems pretty interesting.
2006-09-19 02:47:29 PM  
Sunny the Cuckoo Bird approves of this thread!

He's coup coup for Cocoa Puffs!
2006-09-19 02:50:41 PM  
PedroWonStopVoting, what about those that are interested in the evants "and" are making lame puns on the word "coup"? Is there a site for us?
2006-09-19 02:52:55 PM  
The Coup!
2006-09-19 02:54:22 PM  
well played, Stavr0... curse my metal fingers.
2006-09-19 02:54:24 PM  
2006-09-19 02:45:37 PM PedroWonStopVoting [TotalFark]
For anyone who's actually interested in the events and not making lame puns on the word "coup"....

Oh I have plenty of real news sites for that. FARK is my favorite lame pun aggregator.
2006-09-19 02:58:45 PM  
I'm glad John Mark Karr got out of there before this crap started.
2006-09-19 02:59:54 PM

Everybody coups?
2006-09-19 03:01:02 PM
Coupcoup clock?
2006-09-19 03:01:07 PM  
not impressed : The Heeland Coo of Scotland
2006-09-19 03:01:20 PM

Mini Coup-er with a painted coup-le?

/Low hanging fruit (again)
//wishes he held a pair
///of low hanging fruit
////I have a pair
//no not of those...
//I fold.
2006-09-19 03:04:41 PM  

Wait - apples poop?
2006-09-19 03:05:16 PM  
Please Farkers, enough of this foolishness. Is Omarion ok?
2006-09-19 03:06:00 PM  
Shame they didn't use trains. Because then we could have a railroad thai coup.
2006-09-19 03:06:24 PM  
I'm thinking this story won't be covered on CNN or Fox because Anderson Cooper and Shepard Smith don't like coup. Allegedly. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
2006-09-19 03:06:29 PM  
anyone else selling thai bhat right now?

/aisle seat
2006-09-19 03:14:25 PM  
I loves me a nice coup thread.

Coup, or No coup? New game show hosted by L. L. Coup J.
2006-09-19 03:15:18 PM  
Geez they had tanks in the streets. How could it not be a coup?

/could have been a tank parade, I guess
2006-09-19 03:15:58 PM  
Is this how they deal with things in Bangkok... some nutty commander felt like having a coup today?

This is very old school... Thailand seems like a really lame place.
2006-09-19 03:21:23 PM

2006-09-19 03:22:14 PM  
PedroWonStopVoting: For anyone who's actually interested in the events and not making lame puns on the word "coup"....
here's the WIKI on the situation.

Tanks for the link.
2006-09-19 03:25:38 PM

Pigeons plot evil things...
2006-09-19 03:27:28 PM
2006-09-19 03:28:47 PM  
Tank Coup?

/not me.
// GIS "tank coup"
/// don't tank me
2006-09-19 03:32:16 PM  
Did you coup or did you flew?
2006-09-19 03:39:48 PM  
The thais are a bunch of coups-coups birds.
2006-09-19 03:43:42 PM  
well, the coup is now official

martial law

suspension of constitution

Commander-in-Chief Gen. Sondhi Boonyaratkalin is now acting prime minister.
2006-09-19 03:59:58 PM  
So if they don't declare a winner, does this mean it's a Thai?

2006-09-19 04:03:54 PM  
Sid Meier's Bangkok Thai Coup.

/not that obscure is it?
2006-09-19 04:12:10 PM  
Stavr0 Oh I have plenty of real news sites for that. FARK is my favorite lame pun aggregator.

Hah! you win!
2006-09-19 04:23:54 PM

Coup and the Gang
2006-09-19 04:35:58 PM  

Railroad Thai-coon is never obscure...look up a couple dozen posts from yours to my similar pun.
2006-09-19 04:55:30 PM
quick and dirty, no voting
2006-09-19 04:58:26 PM  
Chakat and Sasha_CT
didn't see your posts, ask Mods to disable voting if too similar
2006-09-19 05:02:11 PM  
Chakat Darn. I didn't do the refreshy thing...sorry!

CJ It's cool. No votey for me thanks...I do not like to be encouraged!
2006-09-19 05:04:10 PM

Thaksin has been loudly criticized for calling for parliamentary elections. In an editorial, The Nation noted that the election "fails to take into consideration a major fallacy of the concept, particularly in a less-developed democracy like ours, in which the impoverished, poorly informed masses are easily manipulated by people of his ilk. And Thaksin's manipulation has been well documented. It includes an ingenious use of populist policies that pander to the unprincipled wants and needs of the people[76]."

Interesting. What would those unprincipled wants and needs of the people be? Free speech? Food? Vaccines?
2006-09-19 05:24:28 PM

And tank tread
2006-09-19 05:47:01 PM  
I have a touch of the croup.
2006-09-20 02:28:57 AM

Anderson Coup-per?
2006-09-20 02:42:16 PM  
A coupe

that was not a coupe

is now a coupe again?
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